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Radio Station WEAA: Leading in a Challenging Situation

Kotter’s eight step model of Organisational change:

Stage Situation Actions needed

Establish a  It has been 9 years since  Identify the shows playing
sense of WEAA has started its in the station and obtain
urgency operations. the rights for them
 Though it is a Non-Profit  Prepare guidelines about
organisation, it cannot be what to talk and what not
neglected that the company is to talk on the radio
running in negative returns stations
 The immediate need for  Move faster on the NPR
change can be attributed to guidelines
Razan’s resignation along  As the mailing system is
with her taking away the showing positive
Women today program; and response, post the above
Zeigler’s menace guidelines via mail for
everyone’s notice
Form a  Sharyn Johnson has been in  Identify the strategic
powerful the company for 8 years, partners like Johnson
guiding which makes her the most (viz., Ettifaq) and
coalition senior staff convince them that why
 It is very obvious that given their mutual cooperation
the publicity Johnson is is necessary
getting, she has no intension
of leaving the company
Create a vision  The Company’s vision is to  Breakdown the vision into
become self-sufficient by 5 short-term and long-term
years goals for a better
assessment on the
Communicate  The company has 30  As it was done in her
the vision volunteers working in it previous company, Fiske
 All of them are not should hold a host-
completely aware of the appreciation meeting and
company’s vision communicate the vision
Empower  As of now, there are only 5  Empower the strategic
others to act employees and the volunteers partners to guide the fresh
on the vision who cannot be relied on volunteers. After-all who
can communicate better
than the one who is from
the beginning of the
Plan for and  The table no. 2 of the case  Prioritise the goals and
create short clearly communicates the implement them
term wins short term wins that Fiske is accordingly
aiming for
Consolidate  Not available in the case  Identify the scope for
improvements improvements in the
and produce above process and come
more changes up with solution to cater it
Institutionalize  Not available in the case  As the changes are
new implemented, document
approaches the process and make
them the company’s
operating principles

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