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Minutes of 1st Steering Committee Meeting held on 21.09.16

Stage-4 NTPC Unchahar

Members present:

CC(OS),CC (Engg) and NRHQ

 Shri Janhvi Shanker , GM ( OS-Comm )

 Shri Pravin Chaturvedi, GM (OS-NRHQ)
 Shri S .Chakrabarty, GM ( PE - Mech)
 Smt S Padampriya, AGM (PE- Mech)
 Shri Vivek Guru ,AGM (OS-Comm)


 Shri Vinod Choudhary ,GGM(Unchahar)

 Shri Malay Mukherjee, GM ( O&M )
 Shri Kanchan Nath ,GM ( FM)
 Shri P Khare , AGM(Maint)
 Shri MishreeRam, AGM (Opn & Chem. I/c)
 Shri Ravi Prakash Singh, AGM (Opn & Comm.)
 Shri R.K. Aash , AGM ( EMD & Comm)
 Shri Gautam Deb , AGM ( Mech Erection)
 Shri Daddan Singh, AGM ( Electrical Erection )
 Shri Mukesh Agarwal, AGM (Civil Erection )
 Shri G.P.Saxena AGM ( C& I Erection)
 Shri S.K.Soni , AGM ( HR)
 Shri K.K. Dutta, AGM ( Mech Erection)
 Shri S.N.Jha , AGM ( Mech Erection)
 Shri O.N.Mishra ,AGM ( Elect erection)
 Shri Sanjeev Sharma AGM ( BMD )
 Shri Madhur kumar AGM ( TMD )
 Shri D.K. Agarwal AGM ( OFFSITE )
 Shri Sanjay Asati AGM( C&I )
 Shri S.K.Mandal AGM (P&S)
 Shri A.K. Panja AGM ( Chem)
 Shri Rahul Sharma , DGM (HR)
 Shri S.N.Mishra Manager ( Safety)
 Shri Amit Gautam Sr.Manager (Comm)
 Shri Ritesh Agarwal Manager (Comm)
 Shri Arun Singh,Dy Manager (Chem)

Unchahar Agencies:

 Shri R.B.Verma , M/s NBPPL representative

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1.) AGM (Commg.) welcomed the distinguished members and started the proceedings
with the permission of chair

2.)In his opening address GGM (U) stressed that entire O&M group has to work in a
coordinated manner for the safe and smooth commissioning of unit .He urged the
various sectional heads to visit Stage-IV and use their experience to point out the
defects in their respective areas in erection stage itself so that they can be rectified.

3.) Commissioning group gave a brief outlook of status of safety issues, various safety
measures taken and project safety statistics. The developed commissioning website
equipped with various technical documents, animations, commissioning das board,
checklists, procedures was demonstrated. Forum discussed the readiness for boiler
light up activity with aid of network diagram. Excel based sheet was displayed by
commissioning team in which various critical activities for light up can be monitored date
wise effectively .OMPI score was also reviewed.

4.) GM (OS) discussed that ORT is to be held on regular basis after first boiler light up.
Each trip after first boiler light up will be analyzed by station trip committee. In OS
presentation it was stated that present average number of days from 1 st synchronization
to COD is 212 days. This figure is on higher side and appropriate actions need to be
taken to minimize this tenure.

6.) GM (O&M) expressed his concern about the manpower requirement for O&M of
stage- IV. He was confident that O&M team will successfully meet the challenges during
commissioning of Stage–IV in coordination with project department.

7.) GM (PE) pointed out the experience of KUDGI where RO system was charged with
raw water leading to choking of membranes. He emphasized that RO system should be
charged only after UF (ultra filter) is taken into service

8.) GGM (U) emphasized for readiness of maintenance contracts for different areas
well in advance. Planning for necessary spares, tools for maintenance should be done
by sectional heads well in advance.

9.) AGM (Chemistry) expressed his concern over high ionic load in Dalmau canal water
during Sharda Sahayak Canal closure. In view of upcoming RO system, he was also
concerned about the chemical requirements during various stages of commissioning
and later on.

10.) An engineering issue which was discussed was Stage-4 LDO Tank (1x500 kL)
should have interconnection from existing LDO rake unloading pumps discharge So that
the Stage-4 tank can be filled by unloading oil rake. By doing this arrangement the
Stage-4 LDO Tank can be filled from existing COFD LDO Tank-2 (4000 kL).
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11) GM (OS) suggested that WhatsApp group for safety & commissioning activities to
be formed for faster exchange of information. He also emphasized gap analysis by
chemistry department in association with OS Chemistry specialist.

12.) At the end GGM (Unchahar), GM (OS-CC) expressed confidence in Unchahar

team. GGM (Unchahar) assured forum that team Unchahar achieves all targets set by
management in best manner.

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