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Part I: The Longest Night el A.D20 System Adventure for PCe * = Of Levels 1-3 § # By Matt Staroscike Art by Brian Snoddy & Matt Wilvon : Cover by Matt Wilson % é Production Manager Etien Staroscik ‘oer by he the tons of the 20 Sytem Tanda Liem Did rsd ll at Fad wt and ow Ua ele Ip. 020 Sy Lene wen 1.0 DByemary me acs gage ae ace tig he Cran Can Peet eae Pe aes i oe cong Tara ‘ewe th Cont ar he an wri oP 02 Sy Pasar co Se seman a oer copra wo Yana rea) Wee ‘Cont he Oa Wm Cout S29 yer twa ogo Glen 1 oop re yn ‘ovus hry etait roviarsoatie rove, mtr nates owe he 120 Sym indore aos, O20 Sue rary etn Sr rasan ‘depp cwredy Vash Comm srs ihe conor sas Inite Ona Wz ha Cas 02 pum Taso Lap Gus arson. the 2 igeorentrts Cott yma a ar derbarg raw ueg ne C2 Sri Tacoma use ‘weet Lene teuagee tle art amas a he srt esses int eet You ae came ho os eh Leas Yu cones teimtrarana Lene, ts be Gat mtr you ego cn Faget rs nen ed fon Caan ay ‘Sat tine sds en ttn fe nsce ow aoe pet eee he was scent Wc the Coa pene uel rade pal sos ean hs wi estoy ‘yar nr roan as gomnsen ane Spe Ysera pa Yu nironn ny net 0 On Spey ncaa tony asta. ‘sbotn irene che Ue You retranictancneany se a {ncrtecee tn duet pounce of ay rasan seo y You bere ‘te 20pm sma ops say foe mews. 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