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EDDY LEAL, ESQ.: “PASSIONATE” ABOUT THE BABYLON Leal's Interest: Vulcan Equities NOT the City of Miami Eddy Leal, Esq. (‘Leal, Esq,”), as an individual, does not own any property in the City of Miami, Leal, Esq. serves as President of Bayshore Place Condominium and Vice President of the Point View Association based on his purported interest in 1420 Brickell Bay Drive, Unit PH-4B. This unit was purchased in 2004 by Eddy Leal, a married man, and Jose Leal, a single man. In 2004, Leal, Esq. was an undergraduate student at Duke University; the married man named in the deed is likely to be Leat's father who lives at Condo Park Boulevard, Laure! Street 2305, PH 1009 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 2009, the Leals sold their half interests to Vulcan Equities, LC. Vulcan Equities, LC owns a total of seven units in Bayshore Place Condo and one unit in Brickell Bay Tower. Refer to Composite Exhibit 1 (A. Warranty Deeds; B. Miami-Dade Property Appraiser Summary Reports). Leal, Esq., is the Registered Agent for Vulcan Equities LC. Vulcan Equities is managed by Copin Properties, Inc., which is an inactive corporate entity. Eddy Leal (Sr.) was the President of Copin Properties, Inc., while Jose Leal was the Registered Agent. Refer to Composite Exhibit 1 (C. Florida Department of State SunBiz Records). Becoming a “Suit” at City Hall: Leal, Esq. Reinstates the Point View Association At the December 13, 2018, Miami City Commission meeting, the Miami City Attomey had scheduled a discussion item on the ministerial release of a moot 1983 covenant encumbering the Babylon property. Due in part to Leal, Esq,’s opposition, this discussion item appeared on six Commission agendas prior to its final disposition on March 28, 2019, in favor of the Babylon. On February 21, 2019, the Babylon team first met with Leal, Esq., in his dual roles representing the Bayshore Place Condominium and the Point View Association. On February 28, 2019, Leal, Esq. reinstated the Point View Association as the Registered Agent and listed himself as Vice President. Refer to Composite Exhibit 2 (A. Point View Associated Inc. Restatement; B. Bayshore Place Condominium, Inc.). The Point View Association is a fictitious group of individuals interested in the Brickell Bay Drive neighborhood that was previously inactive for decades. Leal, Esq. represented the Point View Association at two City Commission Hearings, March 14, 2019 (00:86:54) and March 28, 2019 (12:03:53). Leal, Esq., did not register as a lobbyist for these representations. Leal, Esq., Lands Dream Job: Counsel for the Mayor On April 26, 2019, the Crespo Gram News posted that the City of Miami Mayor had employed Leal, Esq. as Counsel for the Mayor for an annual gross salary of $110,000, in 1 addition to full benefits. Refer to Exhibit 3 (A. Crespo Program News, Post No. 68). The employment offer was presented in a letter dated April 17, 2019, and Leal, Esq, accepted the employment offer on April 18, 2019. Leal, Esq. officially began his employment at the City of Miami on April 22, 2019. Refer to Exhibit 3 (B. Leal, Esq’s Employment Agreement with the City of Miami) Leal, Esq.: Unregistered Lobbyist with a Conflict of Interest On May 1, 2019, the City of Miami Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board held a quasi- Judicial hearing to consider the rezoning of the Babylon property. During the public comment portion of the agenda (01:37:53), Leal, Esq. introduced himself as President of the Bayshore Place Condominium Association, stated that the request to rezone the Babylon property brings him a lot of “passion,” and asked dozens of neighbors in atiendance to stand while he spoke on their behalf. Leal, Esq., did not register as a lobbyist for this representation, nor did he mention his recent employment with the City of Miami. After the Vice Chair of the Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board made a motion to recommend in favor of the Babylon rezoning application, Leal, Esq. forcibly approached the dais and engaged in an off the record, ex parte discussion with the Assistant City Attorney and the Deputy Planning Director. The Assistant City Attorney, with Leal, Esq. in her ear, parroted Leal, Esq.’s public discussion arguments and then counseled the Vices Chair that her motion was improper. On the advice of the Assistant City Attomey, the Viee Chair withdrew her motion. Counsel for Babylon argued against Leal, Esq.'s position and asked the Vice Chair to reconsider the withdrawal of her previous motion. The Vice Chair reinstated her motion to recommend in favor of the application. The Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board voted 6 to 3 in favor of the Babylon rezoning application. Refer to Composite Exhibit 4 (A. PZAB Resolution PZAB-R-19-014: B. PZAB May 1, 2019 Minutes). Leal, Esq.: Mouthpiece for Mayoral Veto At the May 23, 2019 (3:01:00) City Commission meeting, Leal, Esq, represented the Mayor during the Coconut Grove Playhouse quasi judicial hearing and made public remarks in support of the Mayor's veto of the City Commission approval of Miami-Dade County's appeal of a Historic Environmental Preservation Board decision, On the record, Leal, Esq, stated that he is a staff member of the Mayor's Office, and his official title is (Counsel for the Mayor.” Leal, Esq. boasted about his education and accolades, including being a licensed attomey in three states (Florida, New York, and North Carolina), is AV. fated by Martindale-Hubbell, and is “certified” as a Rising Star by Super Lawyer. Leal, Esq.’s scope of work for the Office of the Mayor includes drafting and arguing mayoral vetoes in quasi judicial matters, such as the Babylon rezoning scheduled for City Commission on June 27, 2019, Leal, Esq.,: Unethical Unregistered Lobbyist with a Conflict of interest Leal, Esq, blatantly violated the following “Lobbyists” and “Conflict of Interest” Provisions of the City of Miami Code of Ordinances and Miami-Dade County Ethics Ordinance: 1. City Code Sections 2.653 and 2-654(i)(2) (referring to County Code Section 2-11.1(s)(1)(b) and (s)): Lobbyists are defined as all persons who seek to encourage the passage, defeat, or modification of an ordinance, resolution, action or decision of the City Commission, and any action, decision, or recommendation Of the any board or committee, including the principal of a company. Leal, Esq.’s actions as the registered agent of Vulcan Equities LC, President of Bayshore Place Condominium, and Vice President of the Point View Association, fo encourage the defeat the relief of the covenant at City Commission at two public hearings and defeat of the rezoning at the Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board fall squarely within the City’s definition of lobbyist. Leal, Esq. is for all effects a lobbyist for Vulcan Equities, LC, Bayshore Place Condominium, and Vice President of the Point View Association. To date, Leal, Esq. has not registered with the City of Miami as a lobbyist. Penalty for each convicted violation is a $500 fine, and imprisonment for up to 60 days. 2. City Code Section 2-654(a): A person may not lobby a city official, a city board member, city manager, or city staff, until such person has registered as a lobbyist with the City Clerk and submit a certificate of completion of an ethics course. teal, Esq., openly lobbied the City Commission, the City Administration including the Department of Planning staff, the City Attomey, and the Assistant City Atfomey and has never registered as a lobbyist. Penalty for each convicted violation is a $500 fine, and imprisonment for up to 60 days. 3. City Code Section 2-654(d): Every lobbyist registrant shall be required to state under oath the existence of any direct or indirect business association, partnership, or financial relationship with the Mayor, any member of the City Commission, any member if a City board, the City Manager, or a member of the city staff before whom he or she lobbies, or intends to lobby. Leal, Esq. failed to register as a lobbyist, and also failed to disclose his direct business association and financial relationship with the Mayor. Specifically, Leal, Esq. failed to disclose that as the Mayor's Counsel he is under the Mayor's direct employment and