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2 ‘@A/9C PROCEDURE (80UT TIGHTENING PROCEDURE) DOCUMENT No: P-15095-9AQc.009 [=APRROVED ay= | POLYSIUS Rep . ‘ORIEF OF REVISION TABLE OF CONTENT covER PAGE ‘TABLE OF CONTENT SCoPE PURPOSE RESPONSIBILITIES REFERENCE DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURES 5.1 Contact Surface 2 Bolt Tightening Using Turn of Nut Method 5:3 Bolt Tightening Using Shug Tight Method INSPECTION AFTER TIGHTENING | BOLT TIGHTENING INSPECTION REPORT ‘TABLE ~1 ATTACHMENT ~ 1° TORQUE VALUE™ ATTACHMENT ~ 2" INSPECTION REPORT Lots 2065 dors Bors 30f5 305 305 Bars. ors 405 aot Sars 4.0. SCOPE This procedure 's general guidance for the bolt tightening inspection of High Strenglh Bolt use Tum of Nut Mathod and Shug Tightening Mothoe. 2.0. PURPOSE This procedure fs prepared in order to give guidance ane! acceptance sitetia of Bolt Tightening Inspection Where an ambiguity is detected in this procedure, the most strat requirement shall be apple. 3.0. RESPONSIBILITIES 3.1. ‘The QNQC personnel shalt be responsibie for the inspection and reporting the bolt tightening inspection properly 3.2, “The Supervisor shall be responsible to preparation for the bolt Lightening test property. 33, The QAQC Engineer oF Inspector shall make sure this procecare shall be done properly. 4.0. REFERENCES 4.4, NOL, TE Qualty Manual 42) AISC' American insite of Soe! Siucture Construction 43, Project specification 444, Contract Dacument 5.0. DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURES Fightening boi are offen tightening by applying tome to heal OF rk Torque is relatively easy to measure with a torque wend, 30 ® fs Uhe most Froguenty use indleator for bolt terion, The friction depends on bolt, nit ane! washer material, an surface smoothness, machining accuracy, leqree of lubrication ancl numberof tine ‘ole has been installed 84. Contact Surface 181.1. Contac surface including ler plates and splice pales tial be roe pans, see. i. reas. loose AL anders Lie Maller except ght mil seas, 51.2. Where gape exist ~ stool section sto be Dresser to st tight possible ~ plate usd! as shims are to be biased ant prime! 81.3 Bolts are to have washer on nut side I ft is ight Plate waters to be used i holes over sized 5.2, Bolt Tightening Using Turn of Nut Method 6.2.4, The bolt tightening shall be prainary Ughtening. marking and fu lightening at every group of connections 52.2. ‘The Ral tightening shall be dane by rotating ruts with washers place Under the bolt head and nts, affer conforming the sovmidnss of hot