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LPO1: Mindful, Self-directed LEARNERS and ROLE MODELS
I am a mindful, self-directed learner and role model, consciously expressing my Faith.
LPO2: Courageous, Resourceful EXPLORERS & PROBLEM SOLVERS
I am a courageous, resourceful explorer and problem solver, demonstrating my creativity and charism.
I am a credible, responsive communicator ad team player, building harmonious community through active collaboration.
LPO4: Conscientious, Adept PERFORMERS & ACHIEVERS
I am a conscientious, adept performer and achiever, competently pursuing my mission in life.
LPO5: Caring, Committed ADVOCATES for Peace and Universal Well-Being
I am a caring, committed advocate for peace and universal well-being, impelled by compassion and charity for all.
All SPCEM Graduates can:
Accurately and idiomatically use globally understood English to express and write the ideas, principles, and events that influence their worldview and enhance their lives
and career opportunities;

Explain and illustrate how literary works in English have given meaning to their lives and shaped their values, aspirations, and actions.
1. Reading Academic Texts
EPO3: Describe and explain the The learners describe a. Identifying text structure Reader’s digest 1. Determining the academic competence of 12 hrs.
new abilities they have developed and explain the new b. Determining language Various worksheets the learners through various tasks
as the result of self-initiated ideas they have used a) Vocabulary
learning experiences and projects developed in producing c. Gleaning information Mortini, D. (2018, May 10). b) Use and usage
an abstract of d. Summarizing ereadingworksheets.co c) Roleplaying
information gathered e. Paraphrasing m. Retrieved from 2. Use of multimodal support, resources,
(CS_EN11/12A-EAPP-Ia-c-1 to from various academic f. Outlining https://www.ereadingw tools to accommodate the learners
CS_EN11/12A-EAPP-Ia-c-10) texts as a result of self- g. Writing thesis statement orksheets.com/text- needs
initiated learning h. Writing precis, abstract, structure/text-structure- 3. Provides varied choices in content,
and summary of texts worksheets/: process, and product
experiences and https://www.ereadingw 4. Use varied ways to determine the
projects. orksheets.com/e- different structure of academic texts into
reading- gleaning information, summarizing,
worksheets/about/ paraphrasing, outlining, and making
EPO4: Seek out issues, Each of the learners thesis statement.
possibilities, and sources of seek out issues, 5. Ensure flexible pace to accommodate
related information willingly for possibilities, and varied rates of reading and learning
further investigation and sources of related
development (E1); information willingly for
further investigation
(CS_EN11/12A-EAPP-Ia-c-1 to and development of an
CS_EN11/12A-EAPP-Ia-c-10) abstract of information

1. EPO1: Assess their unique Each group of students Writing the Reaction 16 hrs.
personal qualities, thinking assesses their unique Paper/Review/ Critique English for Academic 1. Lectures
processes, and talents, and personal qualities, a. Forms opinions based and Professional 2. Audio- visual presentation (powerpoint,
explain how strengthening thinking processes, and on facts Purposes book video)
them can open doors to talents, and explain how b. Cites sources to support 3. Process knowledge to create
continued learning and strengthening them can claim using MLA and Powerpoint presentation appropriate language used in their
personal fulfillment (L2); open doors to APA format on citing sources and analysis.
continued learning and c. Use appropriate in-text citation 4. Presents views based on different
(CS_EN11/12A-EAPP-Id-f-11 to personal fulfillment in language for a specific claims to support statements.
CS_EN11/12A-EAPP-Id-f-18) writing a reaction paper, discipline Various reading 5. Uses varied set of criteria in order to
review, and critique d. Raises legitimate and materials for the topics create a balanced point in writing.
contrary views in assigned to them (e.g. 6. Ensure flexible pacing in writing different
The learners explain the appropriate manner online, books, papers.
factors that generally e. Use literary theories in periodicals, etc.) 7. Peer and personal evaluation of the
2. EPO2: Explain the factors affect their decisions presenting a critique topics presented
that generally affect their and reactions and f. Writing a balanced Different movies for film
decisions and actions, and assess the review or critique reviews and critique
assess the consequences consequences to using different literary
they produce (L3); produce an objective theories
assessment; produce
(CS_EN11/12A-EAPP-Id-f-11 to comprehensive review
CS_EN11/12A-EAPP-Id-f-18) or report; critiques
design based on set
criteria; and critiques
various resources.
+ 10 hrs.
EPO9: Devote focused time to The learners devote Writing Concept Paper English for Academic 1. Utilization of multimodal support to
developing the competencies focused time to develop a. Definition of a concept and Professional get used to their chosen topic
required for sound achievement the competencies paper Purposes book 2. Use of different sources to create a
in a chosen field and for required for sound b. Clarify concept by Documents related to novel concept or ideas
functioning achievement in a definition, exemplification, their chosen concept 3. Conducting interview to varied
chosen field and for and clarification resource groups for further
(CS_EN11/12A-EAPP-Ig-j-19 to functioning to construct c. Identify situations in which Audio-visual and information
CS_EN11/12A-EAPP-Ig-j-24) a well-balanced concept a concept paper may be graphic aides 4. Conduct of a mini community-based
paper in a specific effectively used to improve research for their ideas
discipline society Multimodal support for 5. Presentation of ideas with the use of
d. Comprehension of various their ideas and concepts visual and graphic aides
Each group of students concept papers 6. Conceptualization and presentation
EPO10: Continually set and reset continually set and e. Explains and clarifies Manuscripts from local of concept paper through
challenging improvement goals reset challenging concepts in various and and national brainstorming
for themselves that require improvement goals for specific fields government
persistence, self-motivation, and each and everyone in f. Present a novel concept or
self-regulation which others can the group that require project with visual/ graphic
monitor and validate persistence, self- aides
motivation, and self-
CS_EN11/12A-EAPP-Ig-j-19 to regulation which
CS_EN11/12A-EAPP-Ig-j-24) everyone can monitor
and validate in putting
together their ideas in
creating a concept
First Quarter Examination
Quarter II
Writing the Position Paper 1. Analyze various position papers 12 hrs
EPO7: Consistently seek The learners a. Definition Audio- video and based on context and content
feedback from informed, credible consistently seek b. Use and usage graphical presentations 2. Evaluate information as part of data
individuals on the accuracy, feedback from c. Gathering of manifestoes gathering
clarity, authenticity, and tone of informed, credible and analyze arguments Search engines for 3. Elucidate information to strongly
their communications and individuals on the used by writers support present point
practice revising and restating accuracy, clarity, d. Defend a stand by 4. Defend an argument with valid and
them until they are well received authenticity, and presenting reasonable Lectures properly supported evidences
arguments supported by
tone of their
properly cited factual Periodicals, books,
communications and
evidences databases, online
practice revising and
e. Writing various kinds of sources for data
restating them until position papers gathering
they are well
received as they
present a convincing
position paper based
on properly cited
factual evidence and
produce an insightful
statement of
principles and reasons
for establishing a
student organization,
coming up with a group
exhibit of creative works,

Each group of student

willingly shares
EPO8: Willingly share responsibilities and
responsibilities and participate participate actively in
actively in fostering group fostering group
collegiality, cohesion, and collegiality, cohesion,
effectiveness and effectiveness in
creating a position paper

EPO5: Search voluntarily beyond Each group of learners Writing the Report Survey/ Field 28 hrs.
readily available sources of search voluntarily Report Laboratory/ Scientific Varied resource Lectures
information, resources, and beyond readily available Technical Report materials for research
standard techniques, to generate sources of information, a. Objectives and structures Conducting of survey questionnaires
new understandings towards resources, and standard of various kinds of Video and graphical
workable solutions to existing techniques to generate reports presentation of chosen Graphical presentation of data
problems new understandings b. designs, tests and revises topics
towards workable survey questionnaires Presentation of reports
solutions to existing c. conducts surveys, Questionnaires
problems in producing a experiments or
well-written report for observations Survey questionnaires
various disciplines d. gathers information from
surveys, experiments, or
e. disseminates written forms
of information from surveys,
experiments or
EPO6: Take time before speaking Each the students from
or writing to assess the accuracy, each group takes time
authenticity, and clarity of what before speaking or writing
they are about to share, its tone, to assess the accuracy,
and how it is likely to be received authenticity, and clarity of
and interpreted by others what they are about to
share, its tone, and how it
is likely to be received
and interpreted by others
in writing a survey report
1. Contribute their time, heartfelt attention, and resources in directly assisting those who live with little hope of improving their lives (A5).