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Break Tank Specifications Park Environmental

Multiple Compartment Fire/Domestic Service- Thick Film Coating
PART 1 - GENERAL assure against the possibility of contamination from
previous usage.
C. The Break-Tank™ shall be equipped with steel
A. Drawings and general provisions of contract, 24”x24” gasketed and bolted manway. The tank shall
including General and Supplementary Conditions, be provided with an overflow piped to the overflow pit.
Division 1 Specification section, and Section 15, shall The overflow shall include a return bend vent top, the
apply to work of this section. same size as the overflow. The vent opening and
overflow riser shall be covered with a stainless steel
B. Work of other sections include - Finish painting as screen of not less than one-hundred (100) mesh. To
specified in Division 9; Electrical connections for high provide an air gap, the top at the overflow riser shall
and low level alarms as specified in Division 16. be not less than two (2) inches below the fill
D. The Break-Tank™ shall include the following and
A. Furnish and install plumbing vessels as shown, such other items detailed on the plans.
scheduled, listed, and specified in this Section
including, but not limited to: Surge and Break Tanks, 1. Top - 3/16” steel plate minimum.
Water Break Tank Fill Valves, and Water Break Tank
Level Management System. 2. Shell or sides - 1/4” plate minimum.

PART 2 - PRODUCTS 3. Bottom - 1/4” plate minimum.

2.1 BREAK TANK CONSTRUCTION 4. 150 PSI ANSI flanged carbon steel nozzles and
3000 PSI steel half couplings (as required for
A. The Break-Tank™ shall be of the size and tank connections).
configuration as shown on the plans as manufactured
by Park Equipment Company (800-256-8041) or 5. 24”x24” manway with cover, flange, gasket, and
equal. Tank shall be constructed in accordance with stainless steel bolts on top of tank.
American Welding Society Specifications, with
structural design in accordance with AISC latest 6. Interior and exterior ladders shall be galvanized
issue, and shall comply with NFPA-22-1984 and be in steel & bolted to tank with stainless steel bolts.
accordance with the Uniform Building Code as
amended by the City of Houston. 7. Stilling wells for make-up valve floats and for
tank alarm electrodes.
B. The Break-Tank™ shall be divided with a partition
with one compartment for Fire Protection Water and 8. Water-level sight glass consisting of two one-half
the other for Potable Water (Only Where Domestic inch angle valves with ball checks, 1/4” needle
Storage is Utilized). The partition shall be of the drain valve, and 5/8” clear sight glass with brass
double wall type extending to the top of the tank, protection rods.
each wall of the partition shall be sealed with a
continuous weld between the wall and four sides of 9. Pump suction elbows and connections shall be
the tank. There shall be an air space between the adequately sized for fire pumps and domestic
walls of the partition of not less than four (4) inches pumps. Vortex plates shall be 48”x48” for fire
for tanks with a height of ten (10 ) feet or less. For suction on tank.
tanks over ten (10) feet in height, the space between
the walls of the partition shall be not less than six (6) 10. Split flange float access openings for fill valve
inches. A non-threaded opening shall be provided at floats.
the bottom of the partition to give visual evidence of
loss of integrity of the wall of the partition. The air 2.2 TANK PROTECTIVE COATINGS
space between the partition walls shall be given a one
(1) psi air test with all welds soaped to assure no A. Application procedures shall conform to the standards
leaks in the partition chamber. The tank fabricator of Craftsmanship in the Steel Structures Painting
shall furnish a notarized certificate of compliance with Manual, Volume 1, Good Painting Practice. These
this test. A metal nameplate indicating the name of techniques include, but are not limited to, multiple
manufacturer, date of manufacture and serial number passes of the spray gun, with each pass overlapped
of the tank shall be permanently affixed to the tank. 50%, and “cross hatching” successive coats of paint.
The manufacturer of the tank shall have no less than
five (5) years experience building 3,500 gallon or B. Materials shall be thinned only with the
larger potable water tanks. No subcontracting of tank manufacturer’s recommended thinners, and shall be
will be permitted. A list of installations of such tanks thinned only the amount required to adjust the
shall be furnished as required by the engineer. The viscosity for temperature variations, proper
tanks shall be constructed entirely of new materials to atomization and flow-out.
Break Tank Specifications – Multiple Compartment – TF Coating spec-BTC-TF-U.doc

Break Tank Specifications Park Environmental

Multiple Compartment Fire/Domestic Service- Thick Film Coating

C. All coats of paint on the interior surfaces shall be from

the same manufacturers and shall be listed under 2.5 BREAK TANK LEVEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
ANSI/NFS Standard 61 Listing for Drinking Water
Systems. Coating shall be applied per manufacturer’s A. General Requirements: Contractor shall furnish a UL
recommendations. listed Level Management System for tank level
control. The level management system shall be
2.3 PROTECTIVE COATING SYSTEMS designed to operate with the break tank and be
provided by the tank vendor. The panel shall be
A. INTERIOR SURFACES completely wired and tested prior to shipment. All
1. Surface Preparation: per SSPC-SP10 near equipment shall be new. Complete electrical
white blast clean with 3-4 mil/ 100 micron diagrams, dimensional drawing and functional
dense, sharp anchor profile free of peening, systems description shall be provided to the Engineer
as measured by ASTM D 4417. for approval.

2. Thick-Film Coating: Carboline – Plasite 140- B. Level Management System: Provide a Break-Tank™
S 100% Solids Flake Filled, Premium Epoxy Model BTU annunciation panel for the break tank.
Coating with 30-40 mil/ 1 mm dry film The panel shall be microprocessor based and
thickness. Do not exceed 60 mils. include; continuous water level readout (0 to 100%),
touch-screen controls, audible/visual alarms, silence
B. EXTERIOR SURFACES pushbutton, and indicators for low and high water
1. Surface Preparation: Per SSPC-SP10 near level in each compartment, a dry contact to shut-
white blast clean, with 1.5-2.0 mil/ 50 micron down the domestic water pump in the event of a low
dense, sharp anchor profile free of peening, water level condition, a dry contact to close a
as measured by ASTM D 4417. solenoid block valve in the event of high level.
Nameplates shall be affixed for the silence
2. Prime Coat: Devoe - Bar-Ox P-50 Universal pushbutton and the indicator lights. A common 120V
Heavy Duty Alkyd Primer (red oxide) with 2- alarm bell with a silencing pushbutton shall be
2-3 mil dry film thickness. included in the panel and activated for high and low
water levels. The high/low level alarms and can be
3. Finish Coat: Specified and furnished under interfaced and monitored by the Building Control and
Division 9. Automation System (BCAS). Provide auxiliary
contacts for BCAS interface.
1. Film thickness shall be checked with a C. Transmitter Controls: Each tank compartment shall
nondestructive, magnetic pull-off gauge such have an ultrasonic transmitter for water level
as a Mikrotest Model DFG-100 or electronic monitoring. The transmitter shall have NEMA-4X
thickness gauge. The national Bureau of housing, automatic temperature compensation, 3”
standards certified thickness calibration beam width, and accuracy of 0.2%.
plates shall be used to verify accuracy of the
thickness gauge. D. Control System Instruction: A manufacturer’s
representative shall be present for a minimum of one
2. Holiday Test: Interior surfaces shall be day to supervise the final adjustment of the control
holiday tested using a 67 1/2 volt DC, system after installation is complete and to instruct
80,000 ohm Tinker-Rasor wet sponge the operating personnel in the use of the equipment.
holiday detector, or equal. The manufacturer shall maintain a local service
organization and spare parts available from local
3. Warranty: The manufacturer of the tank shall stock.
warrant the interior protective coating
system for a period of 5 years from the date PART 3 - INSTALLATION
of application. Warranty information shall be
submitted for the engineer’s review. A. Pipe and install the break tank as shown on the
drawings and per manufacturer’s recommendations.
The break tank shall be installed on an equipment
2.4 WATER SUPPLY FILL VALVES (housekeeping) pad, set the bottom of the tank in a
1/8” thick Carboline Bitumastic that covers the area of
A. Fill valves, sized on the plans, shall be Cla-Val #124 the equipment pad.
pilot operated diaphragm type float valves with flow-
clean strainer, pvc float rods of required length, B. Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the tank
polypropylene floats and closing speed control for 6” and verify that all vermin screens and other required
or larger. trims are installed prior to filling tank. Adjust level
alarms and fill valves for proper operation and secure
manway cover prior to operating tank.

Break Tank Specifications – Multiple Compartment – TF Coating spec-BTC-TF-U.doc

Break Tank Specifications Park Environmental

Multiple Compartment Fire/Domestic Service- Thick Film Coating


Break Tank Specifications – Multiple Compartment – TF Coating spec-BTC-TF-U.doc

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