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The Government Must Care about Corruption

Do you know abaut Corruption? Why is Corruption happen? What is the relationship to search
the rich? Well, Corruption is famous everywhere in the world. Nowadays, corruption is very
common to happen For example, Indonesia. Corruption is happen in many field in Indonesia,
such as in education, health, sport, politics, government, etc. Well, corruption in Indonesia is the
hottest topic for our country. We see, every news program, at least once, showed some news
about corruption. But, what is corruption? In economic aspects corruption is the misuse of public
office for private gain. Corruption is also damage finance of country. So, what is the govermant
do? What is government care abaut Corruption?

Some people think that the government don’t care about it. Do you think so? Well, in our
opinion our government actually care about corruption in Indonesia but until now corruption in
Indonesia is still rooted. We know that corruption is a serious problem that must be solve
quickly. Because corruption brings many disadvantages. So, what are disadvantages of
corruption? First, corruption also hurts the poor indirectly because corruption is an impediment
to economic growth, reinforces inequality, and distorts public expenditure allocation. Second,
corruption affects society as a whole it is the poor who suffer from it. Corruption eats into an
already tight budget and extra expenditures mean cuts in other basic needs areas. Moreover, the
effects of corruption are not merely financial. They may also be profoundly economic, moral,
and social.

So, what is the government doing to handle corruption? The government of Indonesia makes
Indonesian’s Corruption Eradication Commission (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi/ KPK). It is a
government agency established to fight corruption. The KPK vision is to eradicate Indonesian
from corruption. But, what can we do? Corruption won’t stop unless we choose to stop it. That’s
way, we must care and prevent opportunity of corruption to happen and don’t do it. We can also
encourage our government to changes the current system and to create firm laws for corruptor,
quickly inform KPK if we know or see corruption happen, we can also join campaigns to fight
corruption and can also help KPK to overcome corruptor of many field in indonesian .And So,
we can prevent the younger generations from bad mentality. So, Let’s we are also follow to fight
the corruptor and we can save Indonesian free from corruption to build good governance around
the world.