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3 March 2019

Justin Haydes
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Puru Shotham
Bangalore, India

Dear Mr. Shotham,

It occured to me that our friendship (hereinafter referred to as niggership, niggerhood and/or niggerity) is
failing horrendously.

I struggle to understand the issues that caused the problem but I am confident that the weight is on you to
maintain the quality and strengths of this niggerity, you have become a non-contributor to our friendship
that has endured a plight.

In 2014, I had interacted with you on the Mark Zuckerberg-created platform, Facebook. Since then our
niggerity, has taken a deep plunge. Our niggerhood has often been an on-and-off relationship with replies
lacking from you. While I have significantly done my part in attempting to keep this niggership strong
and healthy, you, on the other hand, have been entirely negative in contrast to how we were.

Issues that possibly initiated the problem include, but not limited to: (1) fallout after our dispute
regarding the Neymar Jr Facebook page, (2) some insults I’ve made some time ago before last year or the
year before, (3) disinterest on your behalf to pursue the niggerity, (4) disinterest on your behalf to resolve
the problem, (5) some other issues that I may not have already known.

While our niggerhood is still ongoing but produces non-fruitful results, it has come to the decision that I
will be pursuing a subtle, but non-ardent, approach to the niggerity due to my difficulty in time and task
management. Unless the problems that caused the niggership’s failure are resolved on your behalf, I will
be less responsive and enthusiastic.

I acknowledge the problems to be:

1. Lack of immediate response from the time a message is sent to you by me. “Immediate response”
in this context is defined as “before 3 minutes.” “Response” in this context is defined as
“meaningful and carefully worded reply in return to the sender”.
2. Lack of enthusiasm, which asserts the indication of disinterest on your behalf and that
meaningless texts sent for the sake of attempting to appear interested in being enthusiastic.
3. Dishonesty.
4. Differences in perspectives and values

This agreement proposes to increase the activity in interactions in conversations between the individuals
named Haydes and Shotham, in which intensive and progressive discussions that are meaningful and
comprehensive are conducted on a regular if not daily schedule. Below are the terms and conditions:

● The language or writing method should be used are either English Language or Lejen Languaj.
● Both of which, can be used interchangeably and/or separately, as long the comprehension exists
in a manner both parties are clearly aware.
● This agreement also requires that after one party sends a text, response is delivered before, and
no longer than, 48 hours.
● Shall there be a moment of requiring immediate response, either party should mention the
agreement, to which the other should respond in an hour.
● Shall there be repeated violations of this rule, for more than three (3) times, the agreement will
require the offender to reveal their identity.
● Failure to do so will result in the ​nullification of niggerity​.

I will await your response to this document in the form of quoting this document which will be sent to
you by me via the Facebook-owned platform, Whatsapp. By ​nullification of niggerity​, it is asserted that I
will no longer interact with you knowingly on any platforms and would immediately terminate the access
you have to interact with me if that is possible on legal grounds and if I am capable.

The deadline is 7th of March 2019 at 03:00am (GMT +8). Shall you provide me with either no response
or disagreement before the deadline, our niggership would officially be terminated and I would proceed
to take the appropriate actions in regard to complying with the terms listed in this document.


Justin Haydes
Admin of Liverpool Groups on Whatsapp


Acceptance of agreement
Please sign in the appropriate place and send a copy of the document to the parties involved in the
agreement and a third party as a witness of the signing.

Party 1
Signature of Party 1:

Party 2
Signature of Party 2: