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Marie Helene Magalie Tancrel

NIC: T1707933017153
Age: 24 years old
Date of Birth: 17th July 1993

Contact Details:


5937 6190 / 238 4891


First of all, I would define myself as a friendly, responsible, extrovert and well organised person.
I have the ability to work with people in order to achieve my organisation’s objectives, to work
under pressure and to meet deadlines. Besides, I am an energetic and ambitious individual who
has developed a mature and responsible approach to my tasks. Being an HR student, I would
like to apply my knowledge in an HR department-thus allowing me to develop my full potential.
I have acquired an important skill during these past four years; which is the human touch due to
my current assignment in the Customer Service department at the MCB. I think that I fit the
required profile to give you satisfaction by joining your human resources management team. I
firmly believe that Human Resource Management is to have the right people with the right
abilities in the right place and at the right time.
Customer Service Representative at The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd.

June 2016 – Present

As a Customer Service Representative (CSR), I have the key responsibilities of guiding customers
with all their enquiries throughout their journey. These comprise the following:

 To make follow-ups on tasks like loan applications and eligibility, account openings and
other various administrative tasks.
 To communicate with local and foreign customers.
 To handle customer complaints.
 To report my sales activities to my manager.
 To escalate issues to my operations supervisor.
 To gather various information from different systems in order to provide requested
information to customers during my interaction with them.
 To give presentations about MCB products to my team.

Bank Teller at The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd

June 2013 – June 2016

My responsibility was to handle money of MCB customers and to respond to their various
requests. I also provided account services to customers like receiving deposits, loan payments,
cashing cheques and cash withdrawals. I also interact with customers in order to do cross-
selling; that is to check customers’ eligibility for various products and services.
Administrative Officer at EAL Man Hin (Honda)

January 2013 - June 2013

 Responsibility to perform all administrative tasks including quotations for purchasing

motor vehicles and repair/servicing.
 Initiate AR Invoice - Work on Excel - Raise credit notes - Work on SAP Business One
 Prepare quotations - Work on daily Sales Analysis.
 Provide customer service to existing customers via telephone.
 Assist the managers in their daily duties - Work on secure reports.

Skills and Expertise

 Ranked 7th in Spanish Language in HSC

 Microsoft office
 Human focused
 Well organised
 Proactive
 The sense of Responsibility
 Attentiveness
 Fluent in English and French
 Good communication skills
 Team Spirit
 Quick learner
 Adapt easily to any situation
 Coping with pressure

Open University of Mauritius (January 2015 – Now)

Degree in Human Resources Management and Development (January 2017 – February 2017)
Diploma in Human Resources Management and Development (January 2015 – December 2016)

Loreto College of Quatre Bornes (2005 – 2011)

(Higher School Certificate November 2011)

Literature in English – (D)
French – (A)
Sociology – (C)

General Paper – (d)
Spanish Language – (b)

(School Certificate November 2009)

French – One (A)
French literature – Two (A)
English Language - Three (B) - (Oral 2 (TWO)
Literature in English – Three (B)
Sociology – Three (B)
Business studies – Six (C)
Mathematics – Seven (D)
Chemistry – Seven (D)

Good oral and written communication skills in:

 English
 French
 Spanish

Additional Information:

 Holder of a Driving Licence