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Republic of the Philippines

Manaoag National High School

Bautista St. Manaoag, Pangasinan

June 10, 2019


We, Edwin B. Sison, MI, active teacher of Manaoag National High School, 30 years in
service and Divina A. Mangonon, 64 years of age, retired MII of Manaoag National High School,
purposely, voluntarily joined our hands in preparing this undertaking under oath to contest
point by point all the malicious, unfounded allegations against Jerome S. Paras, ED.D. assigned
as OIC Principal of Manaoag National High School.

1. That we know for the fact, Jerome Paras is honest, transparent and no projects (i.e.
buildings etc.) are implemented or constructed without following legal procedures and
2. That we know by experience through his gestures of consulting the teachers,
employee, parents, stake-holders, in general public assembly called for such purposes;
3. That his democratic leadership maybe misinterpreted by the author of the unsigned
petition which is vivid act of cowardice;
4. That Jerome S. Paras possesses an approachable, understanding, fatherly character,
a man of values, that a normal teacher or employee could voice out his/her sentiments personal
or work related;
5. That based from history, our radical, bold fighting, contesting oppressive corrupt
administrators of the past not to mention who they are in particular, we are thankful that
Jerome Paras, accepted the challenge to reconstruct, restore put into order, place in its proper
perspective, all that is in shamble, the remnants of the undesirable past administrators;
6. That we declare our foundest thanks and gratitude to the Honorable office of the
Superintendent, Atty. Donato Balderas, the Hon. Mayor of Manaoag, who appointed and
confirmed Jerome Paras assigned at Manaoag National High School;
7. That in any case such petition or false allegation be pursued by the nameless author,
we are willing to face them squarely in proper forum to defend the victim of such false,
baseless allegations,
8. that we reiterate our strong manifestation that Jerome Paras is one of the best if not
the best Principal of Manaoag National High School. He deserves to stay in our school, thus our
sincere support, trust, confidence, cooperation in continuing his programs/projects for the
honor and glory of MNHS and DepEd in general.
God bless Manaoag National High School.
We set our hands this _______ day of June 2019 at _____________________.

Edwin B. Sison

Divina A. Mangonon

Subscribed and sworn to this _____________ day of June 2019.