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Larry Frye From: Jeremy Young Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2019 3:57 PM To: ‘Andy Skidmore; Ron Foster; STEPHEN A ANDES ce: Larry Frye Subject: FW: Appointment of Will Jordan- Chief Deputy Commissioners, Please see the request from Sheriff Deweese below to promote Will Jordan to chief deputy. Larry will he in the office tomorrow and | will have him research to see if having 2 chief deputies is permitted, Thank you, Jeremy Young Putnam County Commission 304.586.0201 From: Steve Deweese : Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2019 3:40 PM To: Jeremy Young Subject: Appointment of Will Jordan- Chief Deputy Gentlemen, As per our conversations the last 45 days with my intent to appoint Will Jordan as Chief Deputy, The below is my proposal and further explanation for approval. Effective 1 July 2019 the appointment of Will Jordan-Chief Deputy. Chief Jordan will assume the duties and responsibilities as Supervisor- non-chvil service members of the Putnam County Sheriff's Department with approximately twenty (20) employees. Chief Jordan will oversee ALL security and bailiff employees, with the pending retirement of Nyle Whittington, at the Judicial Annex along with Civil Process Servers, Home Confinement and all Putnam County Board Of Education duties to include but not limited to: truancy officer, Juvenile Drug Court Member and Prevention Resource Officer duties at Buffalo High School, ‘As you know, Chief Jordan has received three (3) major surgery's in the last 24 months along with losing his Mother/Father and this will allow the employee to continue health insurance coverage and pay off current debt for hospital visits. Secondly, Chief Jordan will be able to increase his retirement with current contract jobs within the county. With additional duties described above, | hereby request a pay incréase from Corporal pay $20.83 per hour or 43,326.40 yearly to Sergeant pay $22.30 per hour or $46,384.00 yearly. Chief Jordan will be on 40 hour shifts with no overtime granted so the 12 hour salary differential will not apply to him. Total cost of salary increase is $3057.60. NOTE: Ifthe Commissioners does not approve the pay raise, | will pay Chief Jordan from one of my discretionary funds within my office. If Chief Jordan is defeated during the primary or general election, the member will retire from the Putnam County Sheriff's Department with over 22 years of service. Lastly, this written correspondence serves as my written notice to appoint Corporal W.P. Jordan to Chief Deputy W.P. Jordan on 1 July 2019 at 0800 hrs, Ifyou should have any questions, fee! free to contact me at (304)593-3878 or email sdeweese@putnamwv.org. ‘Thanking you in advance, Steve Deweese Sheriff of Putnam County