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H Document Type Header Note Requisition Date

Item No. Account Assignment Internal Order

L Category Number


L 1 F 000004005821

2 F 000004005829
Requestor Material
Asset Number Asset Custodian [SURNAME.INITIALS] Description Plant
from Email Add


WONG.JMM 76861 G002
3/8", 0.7-10MM

WONG.JMM 107301 Heavy Duty Mallet Hammer 6" G002

Old Plant Unit of Tracking Delivery Additional Item Item Notes
Quantity Unit Price
(SLOC) Measure Number Date Text

310B 3 PC 7/27/2019 1,378.00

This should be
310B 2 PC 7/27/2019 726.00 heavy duty
Plastic Mallet
Outline Outline
Docushare CCA/Variation
Currency Agreement Agreement Line Kissflow Number
Links Order Number
Number Item Number


H Document Type Header Note Requisition Date
(Header Column Title)
L Item No. Assignment
(Line Item Column Title) Category
(Header Input Fields)
L 1
(Line Item Input Fields)
L 2 F
(Line Item Input Fields)
L 3 A
(Line Item Input Fields)

No need for inputs (header)
No need for inputs Dowload the file and fill-up te
For Future Use Add rows next to L (Line Item
Required fields Do not delete any columns
Required Field; with dependencies The uploadable template in W
Optional When saving the file, limit file
System Generated upon upload Close the file and upload the
Internal Requestor
Asset Asset Material Old Plant
Order [SURNAME.INITIALS] Description Plant
Number Custodian Number/Code (SLOC)
Number from Email Add

load the file and fill-up template.

rows next to L (Line Item Input Field) for additional line items
ot delete any columns
uploadable template in Worksheet1 should be the active worksheet
n saving the file, limit file name to 20 characters only
e the file and upload the template
Tcode ZMMPRUPLOAD > Then select PR for Goods
Unit of Tracking Number Delivery Valuation Price Additional Item Docushare
Quantity Measure Date (Amount per 1 Unit) Item Text Notes Links
Agreement Outline Agreement Kissflow CCA/Variation
Currency Line Item Number Number Order Number
Account Assignment Item Category
Code Description Code Description
A Asset Standard
B MTS prod./sales ord. K Consignment
C Sales order L Subcontracting
D Indiv.cust./project S Third-party
E Ind. cust. w. KD-CO U Stock transfer
F Order D Service
G MTS prod./project
K Cost center
M Ind. cust. w/o KD-CO
N Network
P Project
Q Proj. make-to-order
T All new aux.acc.ass.
U Unknown
X All aux.acct.assgts.
New PLANT Old Plant Company code
B001 320A 3200
E001 100A 1000
100D 0001 1000
100E 0001 1000
100F 0001 1000
100G 0001 1000
100H 0001 1000
100I 0001 1000
310A 0001 3200
310B 0001 3100
100J 0001 1000
100K 0001 1000
100L 0001 1000
100M 0001 1000
100N 0001 1000
Issue Log (Purchase Requisition)
Per PR

Field Issue
1 Requisition Date For Document Type MB, this field must not be empty
2 Delivery Date No value
3 Item Category Invalid Item Category, please check your inputs
4 Kissflow Number Enter Kissflow Number

5 Material Number/Code Blocked for Procurement

6 Material Number/Code Material not maintained in plant

7 Valuation Price Enter Valuation Price

8 Item Notes Must not be blank

9 Internal Order Number Item ___Order _______ budget exceeded

No instance of object type PurchaseRequisition has been created.
Internal Order Number External reference: #
Profit Center of cost center 0000101010 and IO 0000102040 are
10 not equal

Additional Notes:
Trial 1
Solutions Count Percentage Count Percentage
Use Original Requisition Date
Use Original Delivery Date
For PR Goods, leave it blank. For PR Service input "D"
Enter Kissflow Number or old PR number
Removed from upload file or change X Plant Matl' status in Material
Master Basic 1 view
Extend material to Plant
For Planned PR (Doc Type PB) replace valuation price 0 with 1
Indicate PR Line Item No. (Since program overwrites the Item No
Close Old Purchase Requisition

Lift PR Budget

Warning only can still proceed with loading

Total Errors 0 0.00% 0 0.00%

Total PR items
Phase 2
Trial 2 Pre-Production Final Migration
Count Percentage Count Percentage Count Percentage Count Percentage Count Percentage

0 0.00% 0 0.00% 0 0.00% 0 0.00% 0 0.00%

Final Migration
Count Percentage

0 0.00%

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