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Our name is the amalgamation

Scientific Technology – A tech
oriented supply chain company
“Solving Logistics challenges for a better tomorrow”

Mission statement :
To build long term relationships with our customers and
clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing
business through innovation and advanced technology.
• We value our customer and customer is at
the centre of all our everything we do
• We deliver value to our network though
our people – people are our asset & core
to us
• We drive excellence through sustainable
financial performance
• We integrate honesty, integrity and
business ethics into all aspects of our
business functioning.
Product Profile

Warehousing & Distribution

Transportation Solution

Returnable Packaging & Packaging Solutions

I2M & Production logistics

Supply Chain Consulting

Industry Solution

Automotive & Industrial

Engineering, Manufacturing & Energy

Life science & Healthcare

Omni Channel & Retail

Consumer, Electronics & FMCG

Warehouse network

Refer WH Racked to Spec Bonded WH Fulfilment centre

• 12 major warehouse strategically

located dedicated warehouses
• 5,00,000(+) square feet of closed
warehousing facility
5 Million Sq.ft
• 45,00,000 square feet of open warehouse
By 2022
• Bonded warehouse •NCR
• Temperature controlled warehouse •Ahmedabad
• Omni channel / E-com fulfilment centre •Mumbai
• Warehouses built to international standards •Pune
& compliance •Bengaluru
• Standalone and multi-user facilities •Chennai
Transport Solutions

First Mile/ Milk run Line/Long haul (Inter city) Last mile – Small vehicle and biker

Transport Technology : 20 core branch

• Shipment visibility : Track & Trace, Real time &
information flow 65 service location thru
• Vehicle monitoring & Driver monitoring agent network
: GPS enabled trucks & driver monitoring
• Digital POD: Real time delivery information
updates and POD acknowledgement thru RF
enabled features
Transport Services
• Milk Run :/ First Mile
• Line/Long haul (Inter city)
• Last Mile : (intra-city)
• Small parcel / time-bound – Biker model
• Large parcel / time-bound – LCV model
• Dedicated trucking
Returnable Packaging Solutions

Returnable trolleys Collapsible pallet Plastic Pallets Boxes

Range for all applications

• Steel Racks and Carts
• Sleeve Packs & Totes
• Bag and Curtain Systems
• Trays, Tubs
• Boxes, Containers
• Plastic Pallets Boxes
• Flexible or Rigid internal Divider Dunnage

• Reduction in Carbon Footprints
• Decrease Resource Consumption
• Lesser Scrap Generation
• Reduction in Fire Hazards
• Reduction in Reverse Logistics Cost
• Safer Packaging Options
I2M & Production Logistics

Our Production Logistics Services: Benefits:

• Material consolidation at origin • Reduced Logistics Costs: Avoid rush shipments and
low/surplus inventory
• Order management
• Streamlined Procurement: Get control and
• Inbound transportation transparency with a sequenced, faster flow of inbound
• VMI services goods
• Supplier Park Solutions • Real-time Data: See real-time inventory level to help
• Line-side feeding make smart reordering decisions
• Cut Distribution Cost: Our Value-added and Quality
• Order sequencing
• Control/Assurance services allow you to reduce the risk
• Quality assurance of shipping unsuitable stock.
• Kitting and pre-production preparation • Supervise Outsourced Production:
• Un-packaging/packaging services • Manage your production and flow of goods with JIT
Marque clients

to name a few..................
Company & Group Profile

Group Profile
– 2 decades of rich experience in specialized logistics & handling ODC/Super ODC
– Largest specialised fleet; 11th largest in the world
– Over 1000 employees on roll and over 2000 off-role
– No 1 in energy logistics company in India & amongst top 3 in ODC logistics
– Present in over 250 locations across globe
– Investment in excess of 500cr (+) on movable assets for operations mgmt
Company Profile
– 15(+) Warehouses across the country & 500 k Sq.ft of warehousing
– Line-feeding & Plant logistics operations for auto major & Engineering major
– Milk-run and last mile delivery for furniture & telecom
– 24x7x365 control tower for vehicle monitoring and real time deliver monitoring
– Industry specialist part of leadership team offering customized solutions
Skill Development & CSR Initiative

• Training Academy
• Institute of Driver Training and Research (IDTR)
• Academy provides special certificate course in
logistics skills
• IDTR trains new drivers; provides upgradation &
Refresher training to Captains
• Set in 4 strategic locations with aim of helping socially
and financially backward people to gain Employable
Our Team

Balaji.V Venkatesh Independent

Director -
CEO Strategy CFO Compliance

Solutions desk Regional Head

Auto & Life science &

West North & East
Industrial Pharma

Retail & Ecom South

Head Head IT & Biz

Operations App

Head Packing
Our Technology – WMS & TMS
Principles underpinning Ramco Logistics Suite…. Our partners

With Improved Visibility Value proposition to your Other Features

beyond track & trace customers • Customer Portal – Improved
• Enhance OTIF performance Customer Experience
• Revenue from the order • Power of One – Eco &
• Provide End to End
request till it hits the System Integration
execution including billing Capabilities
• Improves Order mgmt.
• Multi faceted Profitability • Mobile enabled & with BOT
• Reduce Cost of Operations
• Order failures and converse on the move
• Achieve operational
Unserviceable Orders • Customer specific service &
Revenue Leakages utilization dashboard
• Improve responsiveness
• Control monitoring of not • Facilitates real time Dynamic
• Boost On time Delivery
just inventory of products Planning
• Serve Omni channel
stored – visibility of • Supports cross dock ,Wave
• Improves inventory
consumables too mgmt
Our Technology – Infra & Automation Solutions

Put to Light Conveyor & Sorter Voice directed picking Mini load

“Adapting to latest technologies based on customer specific requirements,

Scinntc core team has worked on similar technologies and adapted them to Indian
requirements . Though the years, the core team has rolled out such technology for various
large & medium organisation for deriving productivity , cost efficiency , scalability , asset
optimization , reliability and consistency”

Orbitor Automated Truck ASRS Product screening

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