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Observation Points

Customer MOM Points.

Sl. No. Observation Responsibility Remarks

1 Danieli Equipment Tag missing (RM02E50+DRA02). NA
GA & IGA drawings have various changes and needs to be
2 ABB Design
Nameplate needs to be changed or provided in different The Same to Be Fixed at
locations. ABB
Rear door louvre is damaged and needs to be changed (6.4
4 MPP NEPL to Ensure the Same
of RM02E50+DRA02).
Double earthing provided at same point of chokes. Hence,
needs to be changed.
A0-Q20 MCCB has been wired by 1.5sq.mm. cable. This Confirm for all MCCB &
needs to be changed (RM02E50+DRA02). MPCB
Called in BOM but Wiring
Not Come M/s NEPL to
7 PL11 is missing in some verticals. ABB / NEPL
Ensure whether Called in
Documents or Not.
Necessary Gap to be
Cables are directly above the drive exhaust which may get
provided for Cable and the
8 damaged due to continuous operation. This needs to be NEPL
same to be routed
relocated. Properly
9 Stickers are missing in some components. NEPL
Networking diagram not present in drawing hence, could not
10 ABB Design
be checked.
11 Bus bars are to be provided with identification. NEPL
12 Phase identifications to be provided for power cables. NEPL
NEPL to Ensure all CT
13 CT terminals are to be placed in front base plate only. NEPL Terminals mounting
NEPL to Ensure all Socket
14 Socket outlets should not be fixed in doors. NEPL
mounting Position.
Terminals for external cables should be extended in the
lower section for cable termination.
16 All panels should have similar IGA. ABB / NEPL
17 Dedicated duct to be provided for communication cable. NEPL He Same to Be Ensure
Drawing indicates earthing point for motors which is
18 ABB Design
physically not present.
19 CTs are to be fixed with necessary supports. NEPL
Bolts are tightened but only 1 thread is exposed. Minimum
2.5 threads should be exposed.
Tapping taken from the bus bars are without any holes. A
21 ABB
portion of lugs is only in contact with the bus bars.
22 Some terminal markers are missing. NEPL
Power cables for drives are heavily stressed due to reduced
bending radius. This needs to be changed.
24 Gromets are to be provided for every holes for cable entry. NEPL
25 Ferrules are missing in some cables. NEPL
26 Chopper connections are present but DBRs absent. ABB
27 Beckoff components are missing.
Encoder cables are colour coded but different drives have
different connections.
29 Drive canopies are to be provided for movement of hot air.
Fuses are near door and needs to be relocated
Codesys has to be uploaded and backup to be
32 All Multi Function Meters to be programmed.
Nameplates for Drive 1 / Drive 2 selection are to be
changed to Drive 2 / Drive 1 (RM02E50+DRA03).
Extra plate provided in front of contactor should be
34 removed to provide accessibility (RM02E50+DRA03).
All shortages should be rectified which includes auxiliary
35 blocks, network switches, Profinet communication modules,
emergency relays, beckoff components, profinet cables etc.