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Hamza R.

Ali FPE101-Vv3
Presidential Communications Operations Office Presidential News Desk


[Delivered at Fort Gen. Gregorio H. Del Pilar, Baguio City | 26 May 2019]

Kindly sit down.

Commander could you give the tikas pahinga for the troops? Thank you.
Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo, ma’am… Bakit noon ma’am naga-smile ka sa akin ngayon
hindi na? [laughter] Ikaw
ha. [laughter] The National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and the other members of the Cabinet;
AFP Chief of Staff General Benjamin Madrigal and the major service commanders; PMA Superintendent
Lieutenant General Ronnie Evangelista; Police General Oscar Albayalde; Mayor Mauricio Domogan and
other local government officials; officials, faculties and members and staff of the Philippine [Military
Academy] led by the Mabalasik graduating Class of [2019]; other distinguished guests; mga mahal kong

It is an honor for me to stand before you, the Philippine Military Academy Mabalasik Class of 2019, as
you celebrate the successful culmination of your training in this esteemed academy.

As you march today with pride, remember that thousands of other individuals dared to join your ranks
and take part in the journey towards the noble profession of arms. In the end, only 261 out of the 350
cadets, have emerged triumphant.

This special day marks the beginning of a lifelong path that you will take as military officers. This is only
the start of an even bigger challenge as you enter your chosen branch of service and assume leadership
roles in our armed forces.

As your Commander-in-Chief, I lay down these vital points that I will ask you to instill within yourselves
as [junior officers] of the AFP:

Be humble. Nothing beats humility. Always remember that the rank, authority, and trust of your
subordinates and the people that you serve are borne out of respect for the office that you carry.

Be teachable. In all definitions of disciplines and endeavors, the way to success requires order and

Next, always be grateful. Honor your

seniors, your officers, your professors, enlisted personnel and other civilians who have taught you,
prayed for you, and believed in you.

Lastly, always look at each other’s backs. In the field, nobody wins alone. Where many old mindsets are
fading fast and new ones are coming from the unprecedented sources.

Our security is not anymore just about arms and equipment. At this time, complex and irrational state
and non-state actors may even pose danger to our country.

Given this reality, I ask you to always remain faithful to your mission: Be a good soldier who will serve
the Constitution, protect the people, secure our sovereignty, and preserve the integrity of our national

I urge you always embody courage and loyalty as you pursue your noble careers in the military. Let
these values be your beacon until your last taps are sung and your perpetual memory would be to see
your country truly free.

As you leave the halls of this great and noble institution that is the Philippine Military Academy, may
you, young idealistic graduates, strengthen your dedication and lasting peace that will be enjoyed by the
future generation --- of generations.
With you behind me, I am confident that we can build the foundations of a better, safer, and more
peaceful life for all Filipinos.

Maraming salamat po. [applause]

This is just a letter, a correspondence. But with it also is the warning that --- you know a military man
wears a uniform constrictively and even paggalaw ninyo. Pero ‘yung nagkasala ngayon I would like to
read something for you.

When I’m no longer the President to all of those --- meron kayo sa akin taon-taon. Bilib ako sa inyo.
[cheers] Ikaw pati ako pareha ang swerte sa buhay, 75. Marami tayo hanging.

And I therefore say: I, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, President of the Republic of the Philippines and
Commander-in-Chief Armed Forces of the Philippines… Ano bang kasalanan ninyo? [laughter] Okay lang
--- mga kasalanan ninyo okay lang.

Hereby pardon all outstanding punishments for the underclassmen 2CL, 3CL, and 4CL of the Cadet Corps
Armed Forces of the Philippines as recommended by the Superintendent PMA effective today. Granted
this 26th day of May in the year of the Lord 2019 at PMA Fort Gen. Gregorio del Pilar barangay --- ah
barangay --- Baguio City. [laughter and applause]

Pirmahan ko na? [laughter] Eh… God… Sino ang nagkasala? Taas kamay. [laughter] Ah hindi ako pipirma
nito. [laughter] You have to be... Show to me your face. Who are to be pardoned? [laughter]

Pari ring pulis ha. Natuto na kayo sa pulis ayaw mag-

admita. [laughter] Well, anyway I’ll pass you this time because I need good and capable soldiers and I
know that one or two is bound to happen. Pero patawarin ko kayo. [applause]

The number one is for rape. [laughter] P***** i**. Ang number two is drugs with rape with robbery.
[laughter] Para sa Muntinlupa ito. [laughter] Pangatlo multiple rape of the women of Baguio, the
beautiful ones. Sino ‘yan?

Way moangkon. Okay. [applause] Better luck next time. You are all pardoned. Congratulations.

Serve your country well. [Cadets: Yes sir!] Die for your country if it needs be. [Cadets: Yes sir!]
Remember the young Filipinos yet to come, the children and those who are now studying. Huwag mong
kalimutan ninyo ‘yan. And if you think that the country is not run the way it is and if it will destroy your
country, you should know what to do. Do you understand me? [Cadets: Yes, sir!] Good. [applause]

--- END ---

Presidential Communications Operations Office

Presidential News Desk



[Delivered at Rizal Hall, Malacañan Palace | 27 May 2019]

Kindly sit down for a few words, only for a few words.

No more extemporaneous speeches because it takes a lot of my time and a lot of talkaties are already
redundant I think during our time.

To our newly appointed officials and to the different government agencies, and corporations, owned
and controlled by the government, other distinguished guests, mga kababayan ko. [Just remind me
Today, I am elated to welcome you --- to our new government officials who have selflessly answered the
call of service to our country and people.

I am confident that as you take your oath, you will also espouse our collective hopes and dreams and
advance this administration’s programs and initiatives to realize a prosperous future for all Filipinos.

Let us be reminded that public office is a public trust and for the nth time as echoed by the rest of the
humanity of Filipinos, that public office is a public trust.

I trust that you will perform your duties to the best of your
[abilities], uphold transparency and good governance, and fight corruption in your respective offices.

Today marks the start of daunting challenges ahead as you assume your respective duties. May all ---
may all of you lead by example and inspire your colleagues to embody honesty, humility, simplicity
befitting of a civil servant.

In fulfilling your mandate, I urge you to use your resources wisely, develop policies and social programs
conscientiously, and treat everyone equally regardless of ethnicity, status, religious belief and political

With competent civil servants at the reins of our government offices, I am confident that we will
maintain the program of government that you all desire and the public morale to the highest of
expectations from our people. I pray you may leave behind a legacy of real and tangible change in
fulfillment [of] our mandate to serve the people.

Let us look forward to the future with optimism as we do our best in building a more secure, equitable,
prosperous future for all Filipinos.

Congratulations and I wish everyone the best in all your endeavors.

That was the last sentence. [applause]

I do not want to talk about this at any other time again. Let me talk about the speakership as honestly as
can I ever be.

Before the elections, ang nag-covet ng speakership --- wanted to be the speaker during the campaign
was Alan Peter Cayetano and almost thrice si Lord Velasco, congressman of Marinduque. ‘Yun lang ang
dalawang kausap ko.

At hindi ako nagbigay ng commitment dahil sabi ko, I will not because there is no way of telling you will
win. Eh anong pag-usapan natin dito na gusto mo kung hindi ka naman manalo?

So sabi, we’ll put it at some other time. After the elections, ayaw ko kasi ng intriga, ayaw ko ng brickbat,
ayaw ko ng duda ng lahat, ayaw ko.

Ako sabi ko, sabi na --- you know, I do not have an obligation to [unclear]. Ba’t ako magsisinungaling for
somebody and anybody? So pagkatapos ng election, ang kumausap sa akin si Alvarez, though not
directly, pa-slide lang. Something like, might be good to be there, parang ganun.

But it was spoken in dialect sa Visayan. Palingo-lingo lang rin ako because I do not have really the

Tapos si Romualdez, Martin and nagparinig ‘yung iba through intermediaries. ‘Yun ‘yung mga tao na
nakausap ko after the election.

So before the election, dalawa lang, Cayetano and Velasco. Ngayon, puro ko sila kilala, puro ko sila
kaibigan. I have nothing against them. Fine guys. We nurtured the best of friendship.

Pero ako at maitanong mo man, they just pre --- presumed at that time. Though I was happy that
Alvarez got it. But all --- lahat ng mga congressman at maitanong ninyo ‘yung congressman ninyo, I
never, never called anybody or approached anybody about this stupid s***.
They just assumed kasi na PDP nanalo, presidente nanalo, and Bebot was there. And he was coming in
very strong. And he was supported by Floirendo, Tonyboy. But the irony of it all is that magka --- they
have become bitter as talagang…

So ‘yun lang ang ano ko doon. This will be my --- media might be put on notice that this will also be
the… I [unclear] the answer of Panelo for he speaks for me in my behalf.

Sa speakership, wala akong kinakampihan. I am on my last three terms. Gusto ko lang to do good and if
that good is not good for everybody, well I’m sorry. ‘Yan lang ang makaya ko.

But of late, I have fired several high-ranking officials of government. Eh pagka ganun, walang iba. If you
are performing well, if you are not sick, if you are not imbecile, eh bakit mawala ka? So it has something
to do with corruption.

Kaya sana huwag naman kasi… Tulungan na lang ninyo ako. Tutal three years lang naman ‘to. Why don’t
you just spend the time [unclear] --- and work for the welfare of the country. Wala rin eh.

Kung sabihin ninyo magnanakaw si --- ilan lang ang manakaw natin? And what will we do with the
money? The average, tatanda na natin. I am sure ‘yung iba…

Ako ang lahat na ng sakit na ano tinatapon na sa akin. Colon, sa ano.

Sabi ko nga sa --- tinanong ko ‘yung Diyos eh. Sabi ko, “God, ano ba itong presidente? Patagalan sa
mundo o patrabaho tayo dito and by the time we become unproductive, we should go out of this

Speakership, neutral ako. My son Paolo, he’s being rooted to run. I will tell my son publicly now, we
would have a talk. For the life of me, whether you believe it or not, Inday and I, my daughter, we have
not talked about politics. About the only time when I asked her to be my running mate because I was ---
my running mate because I was positioning her kasi nakathree terms limit na ako.

At nahinayang ako sa Davao pagka hindi na-maintain. But that --- that’s all about it. And you can --- you
have been there, you have seen the city. ‘Yun lang ang ano ko. Promised law and order and that you
have to bring back to the people the streets, the roads, the alleys or wherever they want to go.

And parang nakuha ko na. Bahala na ‘yung susunod. I cannot be forever --- ‘yung to be pretending the
guardian of whatever.

Itong si Paolo, sabihin ko sa kanya, if you run for speakership, let me know. Kasi kung tatakbo ka, magre-
resign ako. Kasi marami na tayo. Diyan ‘yung kapatid mo mayor, tapos quite really for someone who’s so
uneasy about these things. Though I think it’s a democratic practice. Hayaan mo ‘yang tao kung sino
gusto nila.

But then again, with the vice mayor, anak ko, ‘yung youngest son ko si Baste and Pulong as Speaker, ako
ang Presidente, hindi na maganda tingnan.

So if you will insist --- he does not listen to me. He has their own life to live. Good. And I’m putting the
issue now where…

If he insists on running, maniwala siya sa mga advisers niya, go ahead. Let me know three days in
advance before you make the announcement and I will tender my resignation. ‘Yan lang po.

Maraming salamat. [applause]

--- END ---

Presidential Communications Operations Office

Presidential News Desk




[Delivered in Barangay Bus-Bus, Jolo Sulu | 09 April 2019]

Sit down.

Social Welfare and Development Secretary Rolando Bautista; National Defense Undersecretary Ricardo
David Jr.; General Benjamin Madrigal, Chief of Staff Armed Forces of the Philippines; Sulu Governor
Abdusakur Tan [Are you around? Ah yes, sir.]; Jolo Municipal Mayor Kerkhar Tan [Nice to see you] and
other elected officials; major service commanders; enlisted men, personnel and civilian employees of
the Armed Forces of the Philippines

I am pleased to join the men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines as we celebrate this
year's Araw ng Kagitingan here in Jolo.

This is truly a momentous and meaningful occasion as we gather to honor the valor of those who, more
than seven decades ago, willingly sacrificed their lives to defend liberty and preserve our democratic
way of life.

As the entire country commemorates the gallant stand of the thousands of Filipino who defended
Bataan in 1942,
we also honor and acknowledge our troops today for their relentless efforts against lawless elements
that continue to threaten the security of our nation.

I am especially pleased with our military's recent accomplishments against the Abu Sayyaf Group. Your
have brought us even closer to our ultimate objective of totally crushing the violent extremism at its
roots. With this,
I can confidently declare that ISIS will never gain foothold anywhere in the Philippines.

As your Commander-in-Chief, I salute you and give you honor to the valiant soldiers who were injured or
who gave their lives during the recent military operations here in Sulu. Let me assure you that you have
--- the government continue to prioritize your welfare and that of your families.

You know I will just interject something, that during my time you will be rewarded with a good pay and
service, and everything that you would need after.

In Marawi, I released 500 right away for those who would need further medical attention. And we --- I
will continue to release 500 more and 500 more millions to my soldiers [applause] who do something
for their country. Do not worry I have three years. I will see to it that you will have funds when you
retire and that your school --- ah your children and their schooling will be assured even if we are no
longer there either by natural or by any other means of saying goodbye to this world. Huwag kayong
ma-ano, sagot --- I have your back covered. [applause]

And I purposely --- dito ako pumunta sa Araw ng Kagitingan. Lahat ng Pilipino deserves the title
“kagitingan”. But here in Jolo, ‘yung pinaka --- ang pinaka nandito. Kaya to the gallant men of Jolo, you
have my everlasting gratitude for what you are doing to our country.

We are doing everything to ensure that our military personnel will be able to perform their mandate
efficiently and to the
best of their ability. We will therefore continue to implement the AFP Modernization Program even as
we remain committed in looking after the welfare of our men and women in uniform.

To our troops, please know that the Filipino people are eternally indebted to you --- utang na loob ‘yan,
and you know gratitude is a trait, it’s a virtue of every Filipino… Of a grateful nation,
I thank you for your enduring patriotism in the face of adversity.

May we all be inspired by our forebears’ shining example as we do our best to triumph against the ills of
terrorism, corruption,
illegal drugs and criminality that have hampered our country’s growth for so long.
And while we may no longer face the same enemy that the heroes of Bataan faced 77 years ago, we
must nonetheless be as strong
as they were able in facing overwhelming odds.

Ngayon before I end, I’m sure you’d be surprised that most of the Cabinet members now are military
guys. It’s not because I am up to something, as a matter of fact, during the command conference last
night in Malacañan I told them something of an eye-opener.

Hindi ako sabihin na pinapalakas ko ang sarili ko sa military because I do not need that. The people
elected me. But ako I have a special fondness for the military for being fundamentally honest at
industrious. Ano lang ako sa bureaucracy because I have met several failures pati hindi mo mautusan
nang matino. Puro corruption. Kaya as you would see, ‘yung unang --- the next few officials coming in
would be military guys.

The very best and the very brightest of you na tumulong sa akin magpadala ng bayan natin. Hindi ko
man kaya kung ako lang mag-isa. There are so many things to do and I function through Cabinet

But most of the Cabinet members now, sila dito halos --- the latest addition is si General Bautista. Siya
‘yung DSWD. Kasi nung --- no you know, huwag kayong magalit sa akin na I tried makipag-areglo sa mga

One of the things is confidence building na pwede tayong magtrabaho, pwede tayong mag-usap. I tried
my best to --- in-accommodate ko ‘yung dalawa, tatlong mga komunista. Eh akala ko naman that they
would perform ‘yung aming pinag-usapan na para sa bayan lang ito. Walang iba, walang partido, walang
rebelde, walang Lumad, walang Christian, walang Moro. Basta trabaho lang tayo for the good of the

Eh itong mga ‘to, may mga tulong tayo at dinadala naman doon sa komunista. At pumalag ‘yung kayo,
military, na sometimes nakikita ninyong ‘yung pang-luwang, pang --- ano ‘yung nasa gobyerno, tulong ---
at napupunta sa NPA.

So para sa lahat, to the people of the Philippines, alam ninyo ang damdamin ko, tayo dito, tayo sa
Executive department.

Pero ‘yung lahat doon na hindi naman konektado sa gobyerno, nasa pribado, we tried our best to show
to the world that we wanted to have peace.

Eh ngayon, ipinakita nila na ayaw nila at kung ganun lang, bastusan lang rin, eh ‘di --- tapos na tayo mag-
usap. Ngayon, gusto ninyo patayan na lang. I am not ready to talk to any communist guy. Tapos na ‘yan.
Sabi ko, karami kong sundalo, karami kong eroplano, karami kong matatapang na sundalo. Bakit ako
matakot sa inyo?

Why should I ah… You cannot even hang on to a barangay 24 hours. Hitand-run lang kayo. Why should I
be scared of you? Well of course, there is the ISIS that we have to worry here in --- well in this part of
Sulu, up and down Basilan. We’ll just have to fight and fight. Kaya ako naman sinasabi ko, when you
fight, I will protect you, the utmost. And lahat ng hiningi ninyo ibinigay ko halos.

Last night, we were talking of fastcrafts. Sabi ko sa kanila na --- mga generals na, “Give me enough time
and I will get the money for you.” Pero lahat ng hiningi ninyo, ibinigay ko and we have some acquisitions
na atin lang at hindi naman tayo na sabihin mo dependent ang ibang bayan. Kung ibigay okay, ‘pag
hindi, ‘di hindi tayo aasa diyan.

But anyway, ang foremost --- ang trabaho ko is to protect also my soldiers and you will have it.
Maniwala kayo. Even diyan noon sa ano, sa injured --- noon ay plastic cast na ano. Ngayon, ‘yung mga
sundalo na maski wala ng paa, tumatakbo na because gusto ko talaga titanium. It’s titanium, isang paa
niyan is 70,000. At hanapin ko lahat ang 70,000 at ang kamay mo --- ang kamay mo gagalaw pero hindi
na masyado --- wala ng feeling. Mata na lang ang gamitin mo.

‘Pag may ginalaw kang masarap, medyo kulang na. Bunganga na lang.
Diretso na kasi… Eh titanium na. Pero nagaganun mo, makakapag-baril ka. Well, it’s good enough but
you have the best medical care.
Sabihin ko sa inyo, sa inyong ospital sa AFP 50 mil… [50 million, Bong?] Fifty million a month. Sa V. Luna,
50 million a month. Ang PAGCOR noon --- ay ang PGH, 64 million a year. Ngayon, 100 million a month.

So saan man kayo gustong pumunta magpagamot, ready. I’m ready to…
Kapag nawala sa inyo ‘yung kabit mo, ah hindi ko na maibigay sa iyo ‘yan. Sarili mo na ‘yan kung bakit.
Baka humina ka siguro sa kakakain ng sardinas dito. You eat protein.

So I’m very happy. I’d like to embrace you. I really love you as a human being. Talagang mahal ko kayo.
[applause] At every time na may nabasa ako, minsan alam ng mga aide ko, ‘yung mga pulis na babae,
itinatapon ko ‘yung --- ‘yung mga umabot sa akin na briefer.

When I see na merong casualties ganun. P***** i** nasisira ang araw ko. Pero even then, that’s part of
my job to worry about you. All you have to do is just to worry about your personal safety.

With that, I say again that ako bilib sa sundalong Pilipino at kaya ko ginagawa lahat para at least you can
protect yourself and you will see through in this conflict of ours.

Maraming salamat sa inyo and in behalf of the Filipino people, the entire population, maraming salamat
sa kagitingan ninyo.
Presidential Communications Operations Office
Presidential News Desk

[Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex, BARMM Compound, Cotabato City | 29 March 2019]

Kindly sit down. Thank you.

Excellencies of the diplomatic corps; Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol; Interior and Local
Government Secretary Eduardo Año; Presidential Adviser on Peace, Reconciliation, and Unity Carlito
Galvez Jr.; Interim Chief Minister of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, his honor, Al
Haj Murad Ebrahim; other distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen.

Before I would start reading my prepared speech, may I just express in front of you my extreme
happiness that… [applause] It gives me the high that we were able to realize at least a part --- maybe not
all, but a part of what the entire country would have wished for the Moro people of Mindanao.

I cannot express my sense of gratitude to you for understanding, for giving us the time to craft the law,
to make it legal, and a promise a new dawn for the Moro, the Bangsamoro area or territory.

So, ganun na lang po. Accept my --- talagang totoong kaligayahan ko that... [applause] Maybe in due
time with the prayers to our Allah that we’d able to fix also the western part and I hope to talk to our
brother Nur Misuari on the western side. I pray for success and the guidance of Allah in our endeavors.

Today, we proudly open a new chapter in our history as we inaugurate the Bangsamoro Autonomous
Region in Muslim Mindanao, the new autonomous entity that we had envisioned to address the
injustices of the past and plot the new course towards a more promising future for Mindanao and the
rest of the country.

Earlier this year, an overwhelming majority of registered voters from the proposed Bangsamoro region
expressed their desire to end more than half a century of armed struggle that affected tens of
thousands of lives.

Our victory in this plebiscite is proof of our determination to bring genuine

peace and development in Muslim Mindanao through a responsive government that truly reflects the
identity of its people.

We owe this victory to the fruitful collaboration between the Moro Islamic
Liberation Front, the Moro National Liberation Front, the Commission on Elections, the Armed Forces of
the Philippines, the Philippine National Police, and the local government units of the provinces and cities
and municipalities that participated in the plebiscite.
We likewise owe the success of this plebiscite to the hardworking teachers, canvassers, and voters who
courageously played their respective roles in this electoral exercise and our nation owes them dearly.

This momentous event brings us a step closer to the realization of our decades-old dream of a peaceful
region that is governed by the autonomous government that serves all Muslims, Christians, lumads, and
other indigenous peoples, and every Filipino who also call Mindanao their home.

We entrust this responsibility to the distinguished members of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority
under the able leadership and through the vision of Chief Minister Al Haj Murad Ebrahim. [applause] Sir,
sumasaludo ako sa inyo.

It is my sincere hope that the new Bangsamoro regional government will not just live up to its
aspirations and principles embodied in the past peace agreements with different Moro fronts, but also
promote good governance, transparency, accountability, and inclusive political empowerment.

To my dear Bangsamoro sisters and brothers in the BTA, the power to chart the course of your region’s
future is now in your hands. [applause]

I trust that you will wield this power with utmost care, the future of succeeding generations of the
Filipinos, especially the Moro of Mindanao, depends on it.

As we enter the transition period, I ask everyone to work towards building lasting peace and inclusive
progress that will benefit all Mindanaoans and the entire country as well. We do this ensuring the
smooth and effective implementation of the Annex on Normalization, which includes the
decommissioning of former MILF combatants.

As we mark a new chapter in our history, I call upon Bangsamoro to take advantage of this opportunity
and finally correct the historical injustices and forget the bitterness of the past so that we may embrace
each other as Filipinos. [applause]

Before I end, let me repeat and reiterate my solemn promise to you, a sacred one which I promised also
to Allah [applause] for his blessings, that in my term and for the next three years, we will all work and
truly work for the benefit of the Bangsamoro people. [applause]
Salamat po.
--- END ---

Presidential Communications Operations Office

Presidential News Desk
[Delivered at UP Sports Complex in Mintal, Davao City | 28 April 2019]
Education Secretary Leonor Briones and the other members of the Cabinet;
Davao City Mayor Sara Carpio represented by Davao City Administrator
Zuleika Lopez --- kaya pala tawag nang tawag itong mama na sigurado akong
magpunta dito kasi wala siya. [laughter] Ngayon naintindihan ko na. Nagbeach doon sa… There was a ---
almost an order for me to be here at gusto
niya sigurado nandito ako. Well…
Ilocos Sur Governor Ryan Luis Singson, welcome, sir; officials, coaches and
athletes of Palarong Pambansa 2019 led by its Secretary General William
Before I just give you the last sentence I’d like to acknowledge the presence
of former governo --- congressman ah Ungab of the 3rd district. Sa kanya pong
funding ito together with the --- well of course the father of Karlo.
Pinagtutulungan-tulungan na ito so that this structure here would be erected
and used by the Filipino people. Mga kababayan ko, mga anak.
I congratulate the local government and the people of Davao for hosting this
annual sports event for the second time since 1950.
I am proud that after so many years, my home city will once again have the
honor to welcome promising young athletes from all over the country.
I am confident that with the construction of the Davao City Sports Complex
and the development of other sports infrastructure in the city, we could host
other athletic events in the future.
Indeed, this sports complex that features a football field, a stadium and a
rubberized track oval, among others, is a truly fitting venue for this occasion
that will showcase the best that the city can offer.

On behalf of Davao City and the rest of the nation, I welcome our elementary
and secondary students from public and private schools all over the country
who will participate in 36 sports events and competitions.
I also wish all the best to the participants in the side events that include the
Larong Pinoy or the Philippine Indigenous Games, which seeks to revive
traditional Filipino games, as well as the Sports Heroes Day, which will provide
our athletes the opportunity to interact with renowned sports personalities.
Sports is truly an effective avenue to instill among the youth essential
characteristics for nation-building such as discipline, teamwork, perseverance
and all.
Putulin ko muna dito. Kaya po ako naman ay talagang ginagawa ko lahat to
protect the next generation. Itong lahat ng ito especially dito sa law and order
remember I will not stay forever, in three years I will be gone. I will retire,
you will forget me and that is good.
Look towards and not backwards. But leave me the --- a --- I asked leave a -
-- to say these things to you.
‘Pag ang Pilipino hindi makaabot ng law and order enough for our civilization
to survive maski ilang taon ang ibigay mo sa isang presidente walang
mangyari. At kung ang Pilipino ayaw huminto sa graft and corruption, ganun
Even if you give anybody, for as long as there is no law and order in this
country and for as long as there is corruption in government, you can never
expect development and progress to take place. Kaya kami you are just ---
on the way is waiting. I’ll leave it up to you to decide someday what you intend
to do about your country. Inyo na ‘yan.
You have so many options in a democracy. And maybe piliin lang ninyo ‘yung
tao na --- who has the heart. It could be a Muslim, it could be Maguindanao,
it could be a Tausug, it could be an Ilocano. I studied in Manila and I stayed
in a dormitory and I have met all of the tribes in the Philippines. And I am
proud to be a Filipino.
Thus, I encourage parents to support their children to engage in sports and
inspire them to always do their best in balancing sports and academics.
Sports is truly an effective avenue to instill among the youth essential
characteristics. Sports plays an important role in encouraging the youth to live
a healthy lifestyle and keep away from illegal drugs.


Given this reality, I ask you to always remain faithful to your mission: Be
a good soldier who will serve the Constitution, protect the people, secure
our sovereignty, and preserve the integrity of our national territory.
I urge you always embody courage and loyalty as you pursue your noble
careers in the military. Let these values be your beacon until your last
taps are sung and your perpetual memory would be to see your country



Today marks the start of daunting challenges ahead as you assume

your respective duties. May all --- may all of you lead by example and
inspire your colleagues to embody honesty, humility, simplicity befitting of a
civil servant.
In fulfilling your mandate, I urge you to use your resources wisely, develop
policies and social programs conscientiously, and treat everyone
equally regardless of ethnicity, status, religious belief and political affiliation.

I am pleased to join the men and women of the Armed Forces of the
Philippines as we celebrate this year's Araw ng Kagitingan here in Jolo.
This is truly a momentous and meaningful occasion as we gather to honor
the valor of those who, more than seven decades ago,
willingly sacrificed their lives to defend liberty and preserve
our democratic way of life.
As the entire country commemorates the gallant stand of the
thousands of Filipino who defended Bataan in 1942,
we also honor and acknowledge our troops today for their relentless efforts
against lawless elements that continue
to threaten the security of our nation.
I am especially pleased with our military's recent accomplishments against
the Abu Sayyaf Group. Your efforts
have brought us even closer to our ultimate objective of totally
crushing the violent extremism at its roots. With this,
I can confidently declare that ISIS will never gain foothold anywhere in the

Before I would start reading my prepared speech, may I just express in front
of you my extreme happiness that… [applause] It gives me the high that we
were able to realize at least a part --- maybe not all, but a part of what the
entire country would have wished for the Moro people of Mindanao.
I cannot express my sense of gratitude to you for understanding, for giving
us the time to craft the law, to make it legal, and a promise a new dawn for
the Moro, the Bangsamoro area or territory.
So, ganun na lang po. Accept my --- talagang totoong kaligayahan ko
that... [applause] Maybe in due time with the prayers to our Allah that we’d
able to fix also the western part and I hope to talk to our brother Nur Misuari
on the western side. I pray for success and the guidance of Allah in our
Today, we proudly open a new chapter in our history as we inaugurate the
Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, the new autonomous
entity that we had envisioned to address the injustices of the past and plot


I also wish all the best to the participants in the side events that include the
Larong Pinoy or the Philippine Indigenous Games, which seeks to revive
traditional Filipino games, as well as the Sports Heroes Day, which will provide
our athletes the opportunity to interact with renowned sports personalities.
Sports is truly an effective avenue to instill among the youth essential
characteristics for nation-building such as discipline, teamwork, perseverance
and all.
Putulin ko muna dito. Kaya po ako naman ay talagang ginagawa ko lahat to
protect the next generation. Itong lahat ng ito especially dito sa law and order
remember I will not stay forever, in three years I will be gone. I will retire,
you will forget me and that is good.
Look towards and not backwards. But leave me the --- a --- I asked leave a -
-- to say these things to you.
‘Pag ang Pilipino hindi makaabot ng law and order enough for our civilization
to survive maski ilang taon ang ibigay mo sa isang presidente walang
mangyari. At kung ang Pilipino ayaw huminto sa graft and corruption, ganun
Even if you give anybody, for as long as there is no law and order in this
country and for as long as there is corruption in government, you can never
expect development and progress to take place. Kaya kami you are just ---
on the way is waiting. I’ll leave it up to you to decide someday what you intend
to do about your country. Inyo na ‘yan.
You have so many options in a democracy. And maybe piliin lang ninyo ‘yung
tao na --- who has the heart. It could be a Muslim, it could be Maguindanao,
it could be a Tausug, it could be an Ilocano. I studied in Manila and I stayed
in a dormitory and I have met all of the tribes in the Philippines. And I am
proud to be a Filipino.
Thus, I encourage parents to support their children to engage in sports and
inspire them to always do their best in balancing sports and academics.
Sports is truly an effective avenue to instill among the youth essential
characteristics. Sports plays an important role in encouraging the youth to live
a healthy lifestyle and keep away from illegal drugs.

Presidential Communications Operations Office

Presidential News Desk



[Delivered at Auditorium, China National Convention Centre, Beijing, China | 26 April 2019]

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen:

I join my colleagues in thanking and congratulating my dear friend, President

Xi Jinping, for hosting the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

I reaffirm my country’s commitment to the collective vision of common prosperity through cooperation
on the basis of mutual respect and as equal sovereign states.

In the past, belts and roads established lines of commerce, contact and connections. Humanity’s
experience, however, has been mixed. Some networks spurred progress; other networks ushered

While some societies benefitted; others paid a heavy toll. We should learn from the lessons of history.

We built the current rules-based order because nobody wins in a zero-sum game. This brought us
sustained peace and [unparalleled] prosperity. From building a global free trade regime to laying down
the rules that govern the use of oceans, multilateralism allowed us to undertake global governance
through cooperation.

This part of the model is truly to transform our world for the better. Yet even before multilateralism and
the new globalization matured, we in Southeast Asia already envisioned a community that promotes
shared prosperity and mutual respect.

Through ASEAN, we have achieved regional peace and common development. We have become the
fulcrum of the regional architecture, respected by all powers for the leadership that only we – nations
with no strategic design but that only of peace – can provide.

ASEAN centrality has been a positive force in Asia’s rise and continue to be so as the region’s
architecture evolves.

This is the premise of the Philippines’ engagement with the world. In pursuit to our independent foreign
policy, we will uphold and defend the open and rules-based international order.
To the extent the Belt and Road Forum complements ASEAN and our national development initiatives,
including the Master Plan for ASEAN Connectivity, and creates an environment conducive to productive
bilateral undertakings, the Philippines shall continue to participate, contribute, and cooperate.

The belts and roads of the past facilitated cross-[civilizational] exchange. The belts and roads that we
now seek to build must fuse our ideas towards a common objective. Our destination must be the
fulfillment of our peoples’ aspirations.

In pursuing connectivity, we should not merely build roads and bridges but we should also create human
connections. It is through these connections that we facilitate grand exchanges of skills, ideas, and
experience. It is also through linkages that we forge and build trust and understanding.

Migrant workers serve as nodes of these connections. Through their hard work, they continue to
contribute to the development of both their home and host countries.

Protecting their rights and promoting their welfare are our shared responsibility. These are the essence
of people-centered cooperation.

The Philippines is one with every responsible member of the international community in building a
future that would be the envy of history – one that promotes global cooperation yet upholds and
respects national sovereignty; where national honor is married with the interest of humanity; and
where the great challenges that transcend national borders are collectively addressed.

With the Belt and Road program, this forum we have is an opportunity to redefine international
cooperation. This is the key to sustained growth.

We must remember: Development assistance must be used as a genuine tool to bring about positive
change in the lives of our peoples. And it must be a purposive decision of partner-states, taking into
account mutual respect and mutual interests.

Development assistance should ne --- should build on capacities of nations. It should never foster

It should be based on reciprocal benefits, motivated by keen interest in partner states to bring about
real progress.

This should be the new normal. And it is in our interest to work together to make this a reality.

Thank you. [applause]

--- END ---

Presidential Communications Operations Office

Presidential News Desk


[Delivered at Grand Hyatt Beijing | 26 April 2019]

Thank you. Kindly sit down. Kindly sit down.

I’d like to acknowledge the presence of the following superstars. Trade and
Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez [applause]; Foreign Affairs Secretary
Teodoro Locsin Jr.[applause]; Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez
III [applause]; Public Works and Highways Secretary Mark
Villar [applause]; Labor and Employment Secretary Silvestre Bello III and other members of the Cabinet
[applause]; Ambassador Jose Santiago Sta.
Romana, our ambassador [applause]; our friends from the Chinese and Philippine business
communities; distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen.
I am pleased to be back here in Beijing.

Last year, President Xi Jinping and I agreed to elevate Philippine-China relations to a Comprehensive
Strategic Cooperation. Strong linkages between the Philippines and Chinese businesses are key to
achieving this shared goal.

I’m happy to witness the exchange of signed business agreements between the Philippine and Chinese
companies. This is a vote of confidence in the growth and prospects of the Philippine economy, for
which we are thankful.

China is now our largest trading partner and a major source of foreign investments.

The Belt and Road Initiative, which we welcome, complements our massive push for infrastructure
development under the Build, Build, Build program.

Your investments in manufacturing contribute to job creation and the improvement of productive
capacities, in line with our Inclusive Innovation Industrial Strategy.

We are now jointly developing Industrial Parks – the first of which is now being built at the New Clark

The Philippines welcomes responsible foreign investors as partners for national development.

The Philippine government guarantees, through good governance, an enabling environment that allows
business and investments to prosper.

I will not allow corruption in my government. [applause] It has been at the start of my administration
and it will be until the day I step out of office.

We are strengthening domestic policies and regulations to promote ease of doing business, easy --- and
enhance the competitiveness of new enterprises and industries.

Let me just defer from the prepared speech. I want you guys, all businessmen, whether really --- be
Japanese, Chinese, I want you to go to the Philippines, do business and I will create an environment
which you will find comfortable. [applause]

And that is the reason why I am asking everybody for his utmost cooperation. I guarantee you that there
will be no hassles, no asking for money, no nothing. And if you think that the permit or the concession
privilege about to be given is unduly delayed, please let me know.

You have your ambassador [applause] who is my good friend. Or maybe your project is related to the
one of the departments here, whether it is energy, electronic, railroad, there’s always a secretary and I
guarantee you, they are all honest.

Some of them are my classmates. And I’d like to say that Secretary Tugade was my classmate [applause]
in the law school. And he was our valedictorian. And before he joined government because of his
brilliance, he is or he was already a millionaire. [applause] So… And everybody else.

For example, like my Finance Secretary, he’s my childhood friend. We lived in the same subdivision.
Since kindergarten up to Stanford, he was always the valedictorian.

Me, I was always the last in my class. [laughter] High school is for four years, I finished it in seven years.
So quite an achievement really. With a grade almost hanging… The passing grade in the Philippines is 75.
There’s no need to be 76. You just need 75 and you go up.

My mother always would complain, “Your grade is always 75.” “Ma, what do I need the 6 for, when the
5, 75, would guarantee that I would be on the next year.” So…

Almost of them are bright. My Secretary of Defense was my --- he was my chief of staff. When he was
young, he was assigned in Davao, was a general. But at that time, he was a colonel. And he had his hair -
-- beautiful and wavy hair. [laughter]

But when I became President, he was working --- a retired, but he was living in Washington D.C. And I
said, “Leave the CIA and join me in my government.” [laughter and applause]
I have my Labor Secretary. [applause] Well, he was a son of a judge. Not really poor, but not rich. But for
the life of me, ever since, I have yet to see him with socks in a shoes. [laughter and applause] I don’t
know why.

So everybody else are --- the brilliant guys. I said there will be no corruption. I have fired to my dismay
almost six Cabinet members, during the last three years, some for corruption.

I will not, even --- I said, want to hear even a whisper. Like Caesar’s wife, you must be beyond whisper.
That is how to get the people to get interested and trust in government people.

We are strengthening domestic policies and regulations to promote ease of doing business.

One initiative is the establishment of the Philippine Renminbi Trading [Community]. This will significantly
reduce the cost of doing business across our two [economies].

Our growing economic exchanges can only strengthen the enduring friendship between the Filipino and
Chinese nations.

Thank you for taking part in this Philippine growth story and in partnering with our government as we
pursue inclusive growth and shared prosperity for our people.

There’s no other page… I will say thank you. [applause]

--- END ---

Presidential Communications Operations Office

Presidential News Desk

[Delivered at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City | 23 April 2019]

Kindly sit down.

I am just a mayor, not a president. [laughter] You heard it. Well, I have a prepared speech of about three
pages. [laughter] How long did you wait for me? [laughter] You know the Secretary of Health and I were
just about 15 minutes ago we were racing; he was on the other chopper --- helicopter --- to be here on

We did try but you know we had to discuss, made the assessment, made ocular inspections of the
damage and since the Cabinet members were there, we had a conference of how the task could be
divided so that the places hard hit by the earthquake would return to normalcy as soon as possible. That
is the catchword of every catastrophe and disaster. It’s always try to endeavor as fast as you can to
return to normalcy. So that is what I did there.

So let me just make the acknowledgements. The Health Secretary

Francisco Duque; the officers and members of the International
Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease led by Union President
Dr. Guy Marks; Dr. Ral Antic, Union President, Asia Pacific Region; Dr. Camilo Roa, I think he’s a relative
of mine --- we come from the same place. It’s a small one so I would say that maybe my father was ---
either his neighbor or a relative. [laughter] Dr. Takeshi Kasai, Regional Director World Health
Organization. I love the words he used in characterizing the situation. Other distinguished guests, ladies
and gentlemen.

Let me… You know better than I am. So let me just divert a little and talk about my country, and what
ails my country. Number one is that I’ve been making several statements before regarding law and
order and governance. But I say to you now, I will not be there forever in the office. As a matter of fact,
in three years’ time, I’d be gone for good since I could no longer run for any other position. Except
maybe to retire and plant whatever there is to be planted.

I don’t own a land, maybe I would plant people. [laughter] And let me just address to all of you so that
you’d know a bit about my country. I hold it as an article of fate that unless the pre --- the present
situation, if there is no law and order and if we cannot stop corruption in this country, no matter what
we do or will be doing or have done, won’t help.

We have trouble with drugs, rebellions by the NPAs, and the Mindanao situation --- it’s the Islamic
insurgency. We are lucky that in the two revolutionary fronts of the MILF and the MN, we were able to
find a solution to give them what they wanted for after all it was just an issue of territory.

Long before the Spaniards came and of course the Americans, Mindanao was already Islam. That is why
when the Spaniards came and they had the muskets and the cannon and the gunpowder, the natives
had to kneel down because of sheer firepower. And the Americans also. And it was during the time that
there was a sort of a catchword sloganeering, “go to Mindanao because it is the land of promise. Go
west young man.” And over time the population grew and outnumbered --- I’m referring to the
Christians --- outnumbering the population of Mindanao.

And it was the Americans who started to divide the nation.

Mindanao opened and introduced the Torrens title; and just like in America, distribute the lands to all.
They call it the homesteads. It’s an American version of giving away public lands. And that was really a
big problem because they forgot that before they came, Adam and Eve was already there.

And I’m referring to the tribes of the Moro, the native Muslims of Mindanao. So I said the MN, MI was
just an issue of a territory. And… But there is a certain place which I would not recommend to anybody
to go there, not just as yet --- is Zamboanga.

I still [unclear] the problem because some Europeans go there for a bird-watching. And they are
captured; and eventually they are decapitated even after the payment of ransom. It’s the ISIS actually. It
used to be the Abu Sayyaf --- it’s a band of brigands but now it’s an Abu Sayyaf territory.

And you know the Abu Sayyaf, they do nothing but to kill and destroy. It’s a very interp --- an
interpretation which is so corrupt and would like to mean it to be what is in their head. That’s a mass
insanity. So, I'm talking about how to get into the services of the poorest of the poor, because they are
the ones who need it most. They are the ones who live in squalor, in blighted areas, no nutrition and
very susceptible to bacteria and virus.

Well virus is a matter of destiny. You get to survive then maybe you are freed of the contagion. But TB
and --- would need a lot of care, antibiotics, periodic injections and all that. I know this because I've
been mayor of Davao City for 23 years. I’ve been a prosecutor of that place for nine years. And I was
also the vice mayor once upon a time, a congressman, and eventually my office there in Pasig River.
[laughter] I… You seldom hear me talk about the presidency or Malacañan. What you would hear from
me is my office and I’m just a mayor.

I’d like to just be being a mayor so nothing much is expected of a mayor. And that has been the main
complaint against me because they said, “he’s not a statesman. He talks in vulgar terms. And he --
epithets, curses, and all.”

Those are the language of a --- languages of the mayor, especially in Mindanao. You don’t get results
when you do not say p***** i** mo. [laughter] It’s a --- it’s a… The press, international, they don’t like
me. So when I say “p***** i** mo”, actually it’s a slang, we call it slang and it means son of a b****.

But when the press, the Philippines and otherwise, would quote me shitting somebody with p***** i** -
-- you know, it’s not even a crime. The Supreme Court said when you say those words: epithets, curses
and slang words in the heat of anger, you tend to use the mother you know --- “F” and everything.

And the rich language abounds in the [Netflix]. I counted one movie with the word “F” and they --- in
one movie I purposely did the listing. They said it 400 times in a 1 hour 45 minutes movie of [Netflix].

So… And besides I was not schooled in statesmanship. There is no course of that kind in the Philippines.
Otherwise, I would have enrolled it and improve on my demeanor.
But I said I’ve been mayor and I seemed to --- they do not like my barong folded this way because it’s a
national attire. But I have been in this kind of characterization of my sartorial insanity and I just don’t
follow rules.

Well anyway that’s the problem. How to penetrate…? You know, like for example, the Department of
Health. It is run by one of the most competent doctors in the Philippines, Dr. Duque. [applause] He has
been the Secretary of Health of past presidents. And when I became President, we only shook --- I shook
his hand once in I think EDSA Plaza? You were with a woman at that time. [laughter]Was that your dau --
- your daughter or your wife? Maybe aide, I don’t know but you seemed to be enjoying the time of your
life. [laughter] And you’re so… Just kidding. Yeah, but I did see him there.

So it's a problem of how really to go about gathering these people, not to corral them, but we have ---
the health workers have to penetrate the mountains and the --- in areas there I said where blight and
squalor abound. The problem bogs down along the way to the intended beneficiaries. It's either
government people are indolent, not all, or they just really don’t bother just to do their work with a little
bit of patriotism.

Maybe after 5 o'clock they go home because that's it. And I saw it in other countries. At the stroke of 5,
they just drop everything and… And these are the… This is a kind of attitude that really --- is a monkey
wrench in the running of government machinery.

Because most of the people, actually we are hitting 105 million people. About almost 99 million. They
just do not have the money to --- for the cure and to spend. It’s a series of injections and you need
money. And it behooves upon the health workers, really. And we have a strong advocate for that.

But it’s a matter of discipline sometimes and especially now that there are a lot of people who are into
drugs. And you people who are into drugs do not have the appetite to eat that’s why their hands are
half of my wrist.

Most of them do not eat. They do not sleep and they just wait for the monkey to ride on their back and
begins to be --- it’s a --- the look for --- they crave for the drug. And most of them are poor. So
sometimes you equate drug addiction to crime.

Most of them are sick. I said they do not have the nutrients. Their food is terrible. It’s all carbo, no
protein, and they’re just content of having… The Filipinos are fond of salty foods to accompany the
carbo. They never actually learned the art of eating protein, vegetables, and…

They’re ignorant. I hope I’m not berating my country but that is the truth and we have to have proactive
--- proactive social workers or health workers. And that is why I do not… Maybe the estimated number
of addicts could be correct or it could be wrong. Just like the drug contamination when I became

Over the years, you guys who are citizens of this country saw how it developed. Alunan who is running
for senator this election was called by the DEA. Department of --- the enforcement of drug in America.

Alunan was Secretary of the DILG during Marcos’ time yet. And he was told there that “at the rate shabu
is swallowing your country, we would not be surprised if you end a narcopolitic in just a few years.” And
subsequent to that, two other presidents.

You’re gonna read a buy-bust operation, shabu, one or twice and the amount quoted was always in the
thousands. Then the last administration it became million and now it has become a billiondollar

There’s the [Sinaloa] of Mexico. I hope I do not offend anybody here. They run the country. The
elections, they elect the people, they choose. And that is what happened to my country.

It started with the barangay captains and that is the most basic political unit of government. It is like a
county then it goes to the city and become a state. There were about 14,000 barangay captains all over
the country. And there were about a good number of the mayors already elected.

So I was forced to call them in Malacañan just like what Alunan did during the time of Marcos. I was
mayor. He called us and said… He gave the warning. So I was always conscious of that. But I have always
been angry at crimes because of my work as a public prosecutor. I was doing trial work for the
So when I became mayor, I brought along my chief of police and placed them at the highest position of
the PNP. He was only onestar. I placed --- when I appointed him there he automatically became four-
star. And I said, “There’s only thing that I would like you to do: open the records of the drug industry in
the Philippines.”

So when he opened it, you saw by your own eyes thousands of sick --- sickly, thin, malnourished Filipinos
going to the barangay or to the police by the thousands. And of last count, we had about… Bato says ---
he’s now running for senator. I urged him to run because he can help our country.

Sabi ko sa kanya, “well, open up.” So when he opened the files I realized that I was going to fight my
own government. That’s what the thing about --- do not believe it but some suggested a revolutionary
government because right at the start, there were nine generals of the police in the greater Manila area
who were into drugs. And the Customs was rotten and they imported the drugs by container.

During Arroyo’s term, it was by the thousands; Aquino by the millions. This time with the entry of
[Sinaloa] and the 14K drug of Asia, the drug industry is booming and the problem has become a global

So with that also, the health of the people deteriorated. If you take shabu, if you are poor, you don’t eat,
you don’t sleep. If you have an issue of a lung ailment, it gets worse and our health workers cannot
penetrate the areas just like in any other place.

There’s a place in Washington D.C. at night, you are advised not to enter into that alley because you will
never go out alive. In LA downtown, you cannot because just count a few numbers and you get mugged

So just like in the Philippines, some of my workers cannot. And in the mountains, they are mistaken to
be spies of government. So they are detained by the communist, investigated. But most of the time they
are released, but they had a scare of their lives.

So I started to count and General dela Rosa counted it at 1.6. Previously, Santiago the director, counted
three million. And I said both are correct because the count of Bato was limited to the area of the
Greater Manila jurisdiction.

So even if I place it at a very conservative number of the count of Bato which is a newer undertaking, I
would still have about 1.6 million Filipinos who are slaves to a drug called shabu. And they have to have
it everyday and if they do not have the money, they will kill.

They kill, they rob. And when they get high, it’s a --- it’s an everyday occurrence. They enter houses,
rape the mother, rape the daughter, rape the infants. That is what you saw in abound.

They do not understand. Human rights people, they do not understand it. He would just say, “Duterte
killed 5,000.” Well, those were the… They didn’t even… How? Who is he? Why was he killed? For what
reason? What was his crime? And then you worry a dead carcass there of one.

But the contamination of shabu affects millions. Not the 1.6 who are already there, but the social
dysfunction of families. If the breadwinner of the family falls down, then the wife will probably get into
quarrel everyday until she is battered. Spousal battery, that’s what happened. And the children no
longer go to school.

And the money intended for food on the table is gone. And they distribute because one addict has to
recruit one another to support his addiction and this guy would endeavor to get --- to recruit another to
support his addiction. He will get his supply from the profits he gets from this guy.

Then this guy would have to look for another one. And it goes on and on and on. And if you count the
number of dysfunctional families, the innocent one and the young women who are lost to drugs, they
either join the fray or they go into early prostitution to survive. That is what the Human Rights cannot
and will never understand.

So when I was mayor, I said I’m going to build a city enough --- comfortable enough. I will return the
streets and alleys and parks to the people and to the children so they can go home safe and sound,
unbridled by molestations or whatnot. Being raped, being drugged; and it happens with regularity.
And these are the things that the Human Rights, for their stupidity, do not comprehend. That is why I
said when I became mayor, I’m going to build a city. It’s going to be peaceful. I’m going to force the
issue. People have the right to go out at night and enjoy, and the children.

And I said to the chiefs of police, “ask your wife and your beautiful daughter to walk about the streets of
Davao City. If they come home unmolested, undisturbed, very happy, then that is the standard for our
city. And I told them, and also for those who destroy people either by crime or some other way you
begin to mess up with society, I will kill you.

When I became President I said, do not destroy my country. It’s struggling. Its economy is not that good,
but we are trying our very best. To the drug people or to the drug lords again, I said, p*****...

Don't even think of it. In front of the people of the Republic of the Philippines, again, I will say, I will kill
you. Period. No apologies, no nothing. I love my country. You know, not everybody can be president of
this Republic.

I do not want to lengthen by bragging about how I reached into this task. But no, the presidency is really
--- believe me, you ask the people, the Filipino how I got elected without money and without any help. I
had about Imee Marcos and Abet Garcia. Then in Masbate, Governor Kho only because the son was my
fraternity brother.

In the Visayas where my father comes from --- who came from Danao, Cebu, I never had even a
barangay tanod. In Mindanao, I had the support of --- active support of Zubiri, the father and son, and
Governor Amante. But then --- I didn't have any money.

Why I... I really do not know. I cannot answer you now. Maybe it was a very stupid decision. But if you
ask me now in the hindsight, in a hindsight, when I think of the moment I decided to run, that I regret.

But I'm going to work for the next three years. But if you ask me if
I'm happy with the job, I am not because of so many corruption and I have to fire. I'm leaving for China,
and before that I will leave so many letters of dismissal.

Corruption is really --- seeps down on the core. You have to have something more than just a warning.
I'm the only President who --- ako lang ang Presidenteng nangbubugbog ng tao. Tanungin mo 'yang mga
guwardiya diyan.

Iyang mga hangol, sabihin ko “hulihin mo 'yan”. I’ll tell you, “give me your money because I do not bring
money.” So the soldiers --- the white ones there, I would say, "give me your money," and I would say to
the guy, "eat it."

And sometimes there's a one or two small coins, including the coin. "Mayor, it will get stuck in my..."
Correct. It will really stuck in your... It will block your s*** and that is good for you. I do not like people...

Before I end, in all these wars and all these --- do not ever think you criminals, wherever you come from
be it in Mexico or in --- do not ever, ever think that you have a monopoly of evil in this world because
we are all --- it's an option sometimes one is forced to…

I said, to be President, I do not understand how God made it possible. But it is a gift from God. I'm sure
of that. But let me just add it. We need to cure TB and other diseases. Men in government should have
free access to every place here without being molested, disturbed, unbridled by any worry so that the
purpose for which we are here can be realized.
You prevent that to hap --- the activity to happen, then my God gave me the presidency, I will give you a
gift. I will clean this up. I hope to do it. We still have three years to kill all of them. [laughter] Then I go to
prison, so be it. I get hanged, my pleasure.

I'm 74 years old, I do not want to die of TB. [laughter] I do not want to die of lung cancer. As a matter of
fact, I got --- I acquired Buerger's disease from smoking. That is why my doctor is here. She gets my
blood. Was it... Ah see? [laughter] Almost every other day.

And I said, "Doctor, leave me some for --- to survive and this is just a week.” I... It's about Buerger's
disease. But I have stopped smoking. When I became mayor in Davao City, I stopped smoking and said it
cannot be done, because Filipinos, you know, blah, blah, blah.

Sabi ko, we will see. And I said if I catch you smoking in public, you will just have to eat your cigarette.
Choose. I'll blow your balls out or you eat your cigarette. Sa Davao, you can --- there's nobody --- not
even when you walk in the highway. You go to Davao. You have time after this. It's clean. Nobody...

So I have a gift for you: I am a government worker, and I work for the people, and to preserve the
Republic of the Philippines.

Thank you. [applause]

--- END ---

Presidential Communications Operations Office

Presidential News Desk





[Delivered at the Asturias Hotel in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan |04 April 2019]

Kindly sit down.

Alam mo tulog ako tapos sakay ako ng kotse tuloy dito. Mag-muta muna ako ha. [laughter] Kagigising ko

Alam mo ‘yung trabaho ko sa totoo lang even the laws that are passed in Congress --- you won’t believe
it. They do entire legislating pero I don’t know what the impact is sa… But as a lawyer just like you, you
do not sign anything until you read it altogether.

Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea and the other members of the Cabinet; Executive Officers,
Board of Directors and Members of the Prosecutors’ League of the Philippines led by its President Irwin
Malaya; Palawan Provincial Governor Jose Alvarez; Prosecutor General [Anthony] Fadullon; I think I saw
the city mayor, but I don’t know if he’s here; the other distinguished members of the League; ladies and

I am happy once again to join my fellow prosecutors and other key officials of the Department of Justice
in this annual gathering that seeks to unite and strengthen the National Prosecution Service.

Halfway through my term, I am proud to have served our nation with you, the hardworking men and
women of the Prosecutors’ League. In the past three years, you have shown your unwavering
commitment and wholehearted support for this administration, especially in our campaign against
criminality, illegal drugs and corruption.

As a former prosecutor, I understand the very important role that you play in the administration of
justice, which unfortunately involves antagonizing lawless elements, hardened criminals and their
powerful backers.

The assassination of prosecutors across the country have had lighted the danger that prosecutors and
their respective families that they endure.

Rest assured that with all --- our law enforcement agencies in our help are expediting the investigation
of these assassination cases.

I also encourage the leadership of the Prosecutors’ League to work with the Philippine National Police,
the National Bureau of Investigation and the other relevant agencies to come up with solutions on how
to better protect our prosecutors and families.

Paano nga? Paano? I was once a prosecutor. I was a ---well that would be about years ago. In Davao City,
I would not want to pull my own chair in front of you, pare-pareho lang naman tayo. But I was assigned
to investigate police and military officers martial law time, and high-profile ranking rebel leaders.

And I suffered a strafing of my house, JIs, and the all sorts of the wife of --- the wife and the children in a
photograph sent to you. Those were the things that they wanted to do either coming from all sources.
And profile --- profiling the targets, not them. So alam ko kung gaano kahirap.

And to think that I was once… Alam ito ng military. When I was campaigning for the mayorship, I went to
the mountains kasi you have to campaign; and I was taken hostage by the NPAs. I endured sitting on a
rock na --- ang sakit ng puwet ko kasi ‘yung bato ma-ano --- ang shape parang Mayon Volcano tapos
doon ako nila pina… So sabi ko well kung patayin ninyo ako because sa trabaho ko, wala man ako

There is always a time for everybody to die. If it’s my time, it’s my time. But let the world know na
pinatay ninyo ako dahil sa trabaho ko. Iyon na lang ang consuelo ko. Eh hindi nila ako pinatay ang mga
g***. Eh ‘di ngayon balikan ko sila. [laughter]

Well, because of that we became friends and actually during the last election, at least in Mindanao,
lahat ng NPA --- kasi we became fast friends, so much so that I was the one going in and out of the
mountains and ranges of Mindanao retrieving the hostage, soldiers and policemen. And we had a good
rapport because pareho ang horizons namin. Kami naman migrants and you know the life of a migrant
you start off in a strange land and it was really hardship.

And I realized the social ramifications of how a Filipino would have to undergo so many things in his life:
go to Mindanao because it is a land of promise when after all there was really none. Because when the
Spaniards and the Americans went out, they gave the choices lands to the elite. Kaya… I do not hate rich
people but I am sure you have heard me talking about the elite who are abusing our country and taking
advantage of their influence. Well of course they had the money getting in their choices contracts and
not doing it --- and not doing it and collecting the people’s money.

Hindi naman ako sabihin mo but sinabi ko --- I ordered the review of the contracts. And here comes
Drilon saying that “be careful”. Be careful of what? Be careful of what? Pareho man kami dumaan ng
Department of Justice. Why should I be be very careful in reviewing contracts that are not for the
interest of the people? And the onerous and burden provisions there that the people have to honor. So?
You think that I will allow it just because we cannot impair the obligation of our contracts?

You know, sabihin ko sa iyo you pushed me --- nandiyan ‘yung media. Sinabi ko sa kanila winarningan
(warning) ko. Sabi ko ‘pag ginanyan ka --- I have enough problems with criminality, drugs, rebellion and
all. Pero ‘pag ako ang pinaabot ninyo nang sagad, I will declare the suspension of the writ of habeas
corpus; and I will arrest all of you.

So huwag ninyo akong… Kasama kayo sa mga rebelde, mga kriminal pati ‘yung mga durugista. And then
pahirapan mo ako. I will declare a revolutionary war until the end of my term. Then pasensiyahan tayo.
Come what may hell or otherwise.

I am willing to be hanged. I’m willing to die. Hindi ako kagaya sa kanila just to be in complacent --- be
careful of legalities of what? P****** i**, how dare you say that to me Mr. Drilon. Sa inyo ‘yan eh.

There is a contract said, the republic --- this Republic of the Philippines cannot hinder or hinder, cannot
dis --- interrupt in the matter of the rates. Ano? Kaya ako sabi ko, itinapon ko sa Cabinet meeting… [Was
it last night? The other night?] [Official: The other night] Sabi ko ayusin ninyo ‘yan. I will not honor.
B***s*** ninyo. Eh ano kung magkagulo tayo.

Do not… Do not push me to the wall. Alam mo naging Presidente ako dahil sa ano ng tao. ‘Pag itinulak
ninyo ako sa isang kanto, I will not --- what? You know in one of the conference namin --- command
conference with the Police and the entire Armed Forces, galing ako doon solving the Nayong Pilipino. I
terminated all board members. Why? Because one is wala silang bidding. I’ve been telling them bidding,
bidding, bidding talaga. A bidding that is not rigged, a bidding that is fair and most of all a bidding that
will protect government interest. Sinasabi ko ‘yan paulit.

So have no bidding, they awarded it and they decided to allow a Nayong Pilipino a gambling casino.
What’s the relevance of a gambling casino in a Nayong Pilipino? Sira ulo ta… So galing ako doon,
pagpunta ako doon sa command conference, nakita ko ‘yung report ni --- ni ES --- na may ghost delivery
sa medicines sa AFP hospital.

Kaya talaga ako na --- pumutok, sabi ko na… If the Armed Forces major command and their commanders
would stand up, I will step down and resign tonight. I will go home to Davao. Bahala kayo. And in one of
the meetings, the second time nagalit rin ako because this was this Cabinet member who was sitting or
what doing at all ‘yang conversions. Iyang conversions na ‘yan malaking pera ‘yan. That’s why ‘yung
conversion na ‘yan, reclamation, kinuha ko.

I’m not doing anything about it. I do not decide. You know I do not allow transactions, contracts of
government involving public or private funds on my table either sa opisina or sa kwarto ko. Wala sila. It
begins and ends with a Cabinet member. Hanggang diyan lang ako. Kaya wala akong mabaon maski piso.
You think that you can get one peso from my pocket when I retire.

Extrajudicial killings? You want to crucify me? Buhi… Nandiyan pa man si Alunan. He is still alive. I was a
mayor then and we were called to Malacañan. And he told us that he was called by the DEA, that’s the
department --- yeah, yeah, department of enforcement of drugs administration. Ipinatawag niya kami
sabi niya --- at that time Marcos was still the President.

Sabi niya, sinabihan raw siya ng Amerikano, at the rate that your country is being swallowed by small
time pa ang shabu ‘yung parang all around the country noon, tingitingi, in due time, you will become a
narco state.

And all those years, nakita naman ninyo paano naglaro ang droga dito. It was by the thousands then it
became millions. Now, today, at any given time tingnan mo ‘yung crawler ng television, ‘yung
tumatakbo. You see there, there is always a crime-related incident, criminality and billions na ngayon.

Some say are we succeeding? Because if you are succeeding --- if we are succeeding, wala na ang droga.
That’s too simplistic. Drug is a world issue. Lahat tinatamaan na ngayon. Even Sri Lanka, gusto niyang
sundin ang Pilipinas, patayin…
But I never said, you kill Alfredo Santos there or you kill drug lord Ho Chi Ming. Ang sinabi ko, do not
destroy my country because if you destroy my country, I will kill you. That’s what I said when I was new
in mayor in Davao City. I’m going to build a city, a comfortable one. Not with all the progress at once
and develop overnight. But I’m going to build you a city that will be comfortable to all of you.

And I will return the public streets, alleys, plazas, and all to you. And I told the police, chiefs of police
everywhere, I told them: I want you to ask your wife and daughter to walk about the streets in your area
of jurisdiction. If they come home unmolested, unbridled by any whatever, hindi na-rape, hindi
nabastos, then that is the standard that I want you to follow. If you fall short of that, then your city is
not peaceful.

Mabuti’t magkaintindihan. This is the first time I mentioned revolutionary government. They always do
that sa opposition na mag-diktador daw ako, mag di...

You know, I’m not stupid like them. But if you push me to the wall, then I’d [garbled] you how stupidity
works. Eh ganun lang. Pamulitika? What is there to…? Hanker for another term? What do you get?
Doon sa Cabinet meeting sinabi ko, here is a guy, you gave us a sort of a syllabus. Sabi ko, bakit ‘yung
delay ganun na lang? Then when he presented the --- ito clearance from the Sanggunian, clearance from
the BIR, clearance from…

So while he was presenting to the Cabinet, I stood up and I said: “Look, sir. That is not for me. That is for
the next president maybe or two more presidents.”

Iyan ang problema sa gobyerno. It’s really the red tape. It’s the many, so many requirements and they
do not move on time because you have to --- you have to --- going back until mag-surrender ka, magbili -
-- magbigay ka.

Sinabi ko na sa kanila, ayaw ko ‘yang ganun. So this time, I would just only give them 15 days and for the
Cabinet members 30 days. Kung hindi niyo matapos, whether meritorious or not, itapon mo sa basura
‘yang p***** i**** ‘yan, ‘yang hinahawakan mo na papel.

If you cannot finish it, whether it is really a good contract, a… Kung hindi mo natapos, itapon mo sa
basurahan. Huwag ninyo akong bigyan ng b*** s*** na ganung… Ah this is not with me.

Iyan ang… And there are so many practices sa police, na sa karami, pati itong police, nalilito na. Merong -
-- may disciplinary action sa region. Ang chief of police, tapos nandiyan pa ‘yung Polcom, then nandiyan

Hindi malaman ng police kung saan siya pupunta. About time that they should be --- before it was the
Napolcom. ‘Di ibalik mo doon. Rather than give everybody a jurisdiction, may fiscal pa. Ang pulis hindi
niya malaman kung ano…

I’ve been 23 mayors of Davao City. And I know how it works. And I know where it is going to end at the
end of the day kung ganito ang bayan.

Wala pa kaming kain ha. Kumain na kayo? [Crowd: Hindi pa] Hinto na ako? [laughter] Okay lang man.

Gaya nitong --- this is not to offend the prosecutor sa Lapu-Lapu. Are you here? Iyong sa Lapu-Lapu na
tinawagan ko. Iyong babae ‘yung binalatan ‘yung mukha. So I ordered him to arrest the…
Next time, ihulog mo na lang doon sa dagat. P**… Bakit mo pa ano…?
You know, there are so many archaic --- I would not say obsolete. Because it could apply in areas where
it is really appropriate to do it. But itong hot pursuit, tagal na ‘yan. Panahon pa ni Kristo ‘yan. Kaya siya
hinabol ng Hudyo because of the hot pursuit. Hindi pa nga Kodigo Penal ‘yan eh. Tsk.

Look, let us be realistic. Iyang hot pursuit na ‘yan, that’s the original case, tingnan ninyo. It was during
the time na maghabulan pa kayo ng kabayo, na wala pang tao ang mundo. And the world at that time
was so big, there was a space wherever you are, you can be seen.

Ang panahon ngayon, it’s a global village and around it’s just like a wiring ng isang machine. It’s just like
the nuances of a…

‘Pag sinabi mong hot pursuit, kung sundin ko ‘yang hot pursuit, talo tayo lahat sa gobyerno. Kaya
magtuloy --- magdating tuloy ng ganunan na lang. Eh… You know, hot pursuit. Noon kasi, magtagpo
‘yan, magdating itong mga Katsila --- tigidig-digidigidig --- o sige habulan sila diyan.

But hot pursuit now is may patayin ka sa Pasay. Pupunta ka dito sa airport, bili ka ng ticket, maglipad ka
ng Davao. Oh how hot pursuit can operate? How would the principle of hot pursuit be applied now?

But it’s in the book and you have to follow the characterization, hindi ‘yung definition. The
characterization ng hot pursuit. Maghabulan nang walang interruption. That is crazy. Now, it is really a
crazy notion.

Kasi kung magsakay lang ng jeep ‘yan, habulin mo dito magka-trapik, tapos may traffic jam, wala na ‘yan.
Kung maglipad ‘yan ng probinsya, then you have to make a follow up. Nakita ba ninyo ito? So where
would be he headed to?

Ang usually niyan --- taga-saan probinsya ‘yan. If from Davao, the most likely place that he would take
refuge would be Davao. Then magtawagan pa ‘yan.

The world now is so complicated. Simply the archaic hot pursuit, alisin na ninyo ‘yan. Do not obey it
because if nothing develops in the years to come, it will continue to hound us.

Ang hot pursuit, it is not a physical thing that you see two people running: the prey and the predator na
maghabulan sila kung saan-saan. Hindi na… Hindi talaga. It cannot fit into the cycle of…

Hot pursuit is if there is a pursuit, for as long as there is an investigator assigned and he studies there
and make some projection of probabilities kung saan mo siya makita. And I call the regional
commanders there to issue an alert, a lookout. ‘Pag nakita doon, ‘di maglipad ang…

As long as the government is active in a case, it is still hot pursuit. It does not refer to a physical thing, I
said, the characterization na maghabulan kayo dito hanggang Laguna. Sige takbo.

Iyan ang --- that’s the characterization, ‘di ba? Walang interruption? Papaano tayo ngayon? Papaano
‘yung pulis? Papaano ‘yung tao?

Sabi nila, ano daw ako... I’m not. Now when I became mayor, maganda naman ano ko… Kayong mga
taga-Davao, oh bakit walang droga? Meron tingi.

Tapos eh extrajudicial killing. Look, stupid, as mayor and as President, I can say what I want to say. ‘Pag
sinabi kong, “T*** i** papatayin kita.” That is one. It could be a truism or tinatakot ko ang lahat para
Iyan ang ano ako. Ang problema, nandiyan. Nakikinig ang mga... Pero kayong nakikinig, bantay ka.
Totohahan ‘yan. Ito istorya lang ito dito. [laughter] Storytelling lang dito. Kayong mga kriminal nakikinig,
p***** i**, huwag...

Ang sabi ko, noong Davao malinis na, sabi ko, why? Can’t you not give every Filipino at least… ? Hindi
naman ako nag… Puputok kasi ‘yang bomba. But it’s an altogether different thing, that’s terrorism. We
cannot have --- for as long as there is ISIS, this thing will last for a thousand years.

Pero ‘yung iba, anong gusto mo, patayin ko o takutin ko? ‘Pag sinabi kong, tanong, papatayin kita. It
might be a deterrent. The words itself. Coming from the mouth of a mayor or a President, baka matakot
kita. Eh kung patayin na lang kita, wala akong sabihin? I’ll just…

Sabihin ko doon sa mga pulis, “Oh sige bahala kayo.” Eh mag-bedlam tayo dito. So I said: “I am going to
build a city. I will return the public places to the people that they are
--- walang holdup dito, walang ganun.”

And so it has come to pass na ganun nga. Ang taga-Davao, kaya ayaw nang magpili ng ibang tao, wala
nang nakita kung Duterte lang. Eh may dumating isang Duterte, isa pa ring… Pati lahat binubugbog na,
pati ‘yung sheriff, wala nang patawad lahat. [laughter] Kaya nga sabi ko, what is wrong in the
statement? I am the President.

There’s the Abu Sayyaf, there’s the ISIS, there’s a rampaging drug problem. What is wrong when I say,
do not destroy my country because I will kill you? ‘Di ka nga… Tell me what is wrong with that.

Sinong presidente na hindi pwedeng makasabi nang ganun? Taken in the context of what is happening
to our country today. If you do that, you say that in Japan or in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, ah wala ‘yan.

Pero dito ngayon kung sabihin mo ‘yan, sabihin mo ba mali ‘yan? If you, sabi ko, if you persist in feeding
shabu to our children, I will really kill you. Ang order ko naman sa pulis is go out and destroy the
apparatus of the drug industry. It also includes killing people. How can you fight lawlessness, eh gawain
mong impotent ‘yang mga --- with so many restrictions.

Gusto ninyong malaman ilan ang pulis namatay ko? Almost 1,000 plus. Pagka mayor --- ah pagka-
Presidente ko? Mga 600. Akala mo ba patay lang nang patay ang pulis ko? Karami kong pulis kaya
namatay, sundalo.

Now answer me with a sensible… What precipitated the war in Marawi? Was it an open ceremony of
declaring a rebellion or a declaration of a separation as a belligerent country? No. The police were there
to serve a warrant of arrest for a Maute member of the family. Then pagdating doon nirakrakan nila ang
pulis ng M16 nag-retreat then the Marines came the following day.

Nine of my Marines, that day, who crossed the bridge of Pandi died, and that started the war. Then how
many were killed including the Army? It was, I said, started with a drug problem. I’ve been telling you all
along that production of shabu is on the high gear because they are using the money to finance the
revolution of the ISIS.

‘Yan ang problema. Kaya ‘yang sa Davao oh ‘di bahala na kayo kung ‘yung ibang mayor anong gusto.
Punta kayo ng Davao. How many days is the convention? The next two you will be in Davao, you go
there. You cut short this convention here and the remaining two days... Punta kayo ng Davao I will
approve all your travel. [applause]

Sige. Wala kayong pera? Bigyan ko kayo. [laughter] Hindi… Pinagyayabang ko kasi doon talaga
naglalakad nga ng --- walang naglalakad sa streets ng gabi. Kaya makita ka ng mayora na may sungay
tatanungin ka, “Why are you walking here?” [laughter] Hindi ka maniwala sabihin mo, “I am a Filipino?”
Ah no. Walang tambaytambay doon sa mga kanto except on convenience store. Wala kang makita

Everything ceases to exist in Davao at midnight. Wala na. Walang --- even parties. Eh ‘yung party-party
puntahan ka ng pulis, you are disturbing the peace. It’s actually a nuisance. Eh iba naman kasi kung
abugado talaga ang mayor. He would know how to go around.

Kaya ‘yung noon it’s two o’clock, binababa ko ng one. Ngayon pagdating nitong butangera na ito
ginawang two --- ah one, 12. ‘Di reklamo ang mga taga-Davao. Sabi niya, “’Pag may marinig pa ako, alas-
diyes na.” Oh ‘di sarado. In Davao ‘pag mag-inom pa pagka alas- dose, kunin na ‘yang ano mo.

Ngayon let us --- we talk in --- sa reality. Sa Davao magsabi ako may happy-happy ba doon? Meron. Are
there mga chicks? Well, yes. [laughter] It’s a --- they can be found in any city.

But realistically, Davao is the only place na walang vice squad. Tinanggal ko ‘yung --- mayor ako --- ng
vice squad kasi pinaghuhuli na lang nila ‘yang mga babae diyan. Tapos kinukuha ‘yung pera dinadala sa
opisina, ginagamit pa.

Sabi ko, ah kalo… T*** i**. Kaya sabi ko nga do not give me that… Kaya lahat ng dumaang chief of police
sa Davao, matino talaga ‘yan. ‘Yang si Bato, I’m not campaigning, [laughter] Bato, si Morente, Cuy, si
Isidro Lapeña. Kaya lang naisahan sila. Naisahan sila because hindi nga taga-riyan.

Oh ngayon itong warning ko, itong Customs sabi ko baka permanente na talaga ‘yan,
‘yung military kayo diyan. At sabi ko sa military ‘pag may magnakaw, mag-smuggling, patayin ninyo.
That’s my order. Barilin ninyo. Patayin ninyo. Kung buhay pa paglapit mo, todasin mo.

So kayong magnanakaw, you are free to… Wala namang pipigil sa inyo eh. No one’s going to stop you
from smuggling there. Pero ‘pag namatay ka, do not s*** complain [garbled]. ‘Yan ang order ko. Sabi
nila hindi mahinto itong corruption sa Customs, oh tignan natin. Kasi dito hindi nakataya ‘yang bulsa mo,
nakataya ‘yung buhay mo.

Puro kayo abuso, all these years walang ma --- walang respite sa --- ang Pilipino. Eh ako sa panahon ko
whatever little that I can do… Tignan mo itong mga pulis, itong si Acierto, ito ‘yung nagpatay ng mga ano
--- tignan mo ‘yung report niya, ‘yung… He’s lying. He forgot that he made a report doon ‘yung sa drug
bust sa Davao.

Nandiyan ‘yan sa --- saan ba si --- ‘yung aide ko na pulis. Saan, saan ‘yon? Iwan mo lang diyan kay --- kay
Danny. I-distribute… There’s a report there but they forgot now. They’re trying to say na inutusan ko
raw siyang barilin ‘yung… P***** i** ka, bakit ako magbayad sa iyong --- ‘yan ang trabaho mo tig patay?
Tapos magbayad ako --- ‘di ibulsa ko na lang.

Bakit ibibigay ko sa iyo? Trabaho mo ‘yan. I had it mimeograph as a guide, para makuha ninyo ‘yung
ano… You better get the original na ano. Meron ‘yan eh. Then they tend to…

Itong Acierto na ito, ‘yang si Michael Yang, when he was there in Davao in ninety-nine -- 1998, legit ‘yan.
As a matter of fact, the ambassador, when he goes to Davao, si Zhao, sleeps in the house of Michael
Yang. Huwag mong sabihin mas marunong ka pa sa Chinese intelligence?

Kasi high profile ito eh. Maya --- alam mo na. Mga singsing na mga relo na… Minsan itong mga --- itong
mga mayaman may pagka bayot. [laughter] No offense intended.
‘Yung mga relo maglagay ng ‘yang mga diamonds diyan. Crazy.

At saka kung ikaw ang prosecutor, ‘wag kang mag-gold-gold diyan. Masali ka sa tagaCustoms. [laughter]
Ah taga-Customs. ‘Yan. Kaya kapag mag command conference ako, naka-ganun ang kamay.
Sabi ko, “Tanggalin mo ‘yang kamay mo. P***** --- ang ganda ng Rolex mo ah.” “Regalo ito sa asawa ko,
sir.” “Ano ang trabaho ng asawa mo?” “Hostess noon, sir sa ano…” [laughter]

Ang galing mo ah. Isipin mo mga diyaman --- diamonds na… Napaka-corny niyan. You look corny, totoo
‘yan, ‘yung ganun. Just --- kung meron man diyan, you wait until pagretire mo pero ‘wag mong gamitin
‘yan sa…

Hindi maiwasan ‘yan eh. ‘Yung magbigay? Hindi maiwasan ‘yan. ‘Yan ang practice. Mismong pinsan ko
na galing sa inyo, Catherine. Nung practice siya… Do not do that. So when he became one, sabi ko,
“ngayon alam mo na.” ‘Wag kang mag-ano. Simple lang tayo.

Tuloy ang --- ang gawain mo na hindi masyado talaga… Ang mga babae ‘wag kayo. Practice purity of the
soul. ‘Yung mga lalaki ‘yung sa trabaho, kuha ka na lang nang magandang --- magandang babae.
Dagdagan mo. [laughter] Kuha ka diyan nang maganda, wala pang… Pero ‘wag ‘yang may asawa kay
masundan ka, kagaya ng iba doon ka patayin sa kwarto mo sa motel.

‘Yan ang ano --- diyan ang… I am sorry to… Pero basahin na lang natin ito lahat kasi ang sulat nito baka
nandito ‘yung g***. [laughter] [Sinong sumulat nito?] [whistles] Basahin ko lang ito kasi…

I also encourage the leadership of the Prosecutors’ League to work with the Philippine National Police,
the National Bureau of Investigation and other relevant agencies to come up with solutions on how to
better protect our prosecutors and their families.

I am ready for any suggestion. Options, all, are on the table. Anong gusto ninyong…? Baril? I will allow it.
Oo. [applause] Saan na ‘yung chief ninyo? May baon ‘no dito?
Nagbaon ‘yan ng… Kasi nawala man. Saan siya? [laughter]

Tinitig --- pinapakain pa siguro niya ‘yung… Sino pa nagdala ng baon? Eh Palawan ‘to. Sigurado ka? Bakit
siya nagmamadali? Nasa kwarto ‘yan, tingnan mo. [laughter] Tingnan mo, Dan. Magbalik ka muna
sabihin mo kay hindi pa tapos si Mayor.

So of --- ang ano… Pero ang alam mo --- sabagay you know the rules. So stick to the rules. It’s only ‘yung
‘pag ayaw mo ng --- ayan lang ‘yan. When you --- when you go out of the rules that becomes a problem.
But I am open to…

Ako, noon, kung magtanong kayo ng mga matatanda, may baril talaga ako. I cannot go out without a
gun. Hindi ako ma --- hindi ako komportable. Para akong… Totoo ‘yan.
Kaya sabi nila para akong nakahubad. Meron talaga akong baril.

Kaya ang --- alam mo naman ang... You know how. Iniimbistigahan ko ‘yung mga military na scalawag,
'yung pulis na scalawag. ‘Yung mga… Pero 'pag na...

Ang --- ang mabuti sa akin ganito. Right after I passed the bar, I got married. First wife ko. ‘Yung nanay ni
Inday. Eh sumulpot kaagad ito si Pulong so I was forced to --- nagpa-practice lang ako noon. But I was
forced to you know, augment the income. Nagturo ako sa Police Academy doon sa Mintal. There’s an
academy there for Region

So karamihan nila mga estudyante na pulis at pinagsasabihan ko talaga sila, “You know do not do this,
do not do that. Huwag ninyo akong --- kung ‘di magbabarilan tayo dito.”

When I became mayor ganon rin. Sabi ko sa kanila --- chief of police. Kaya matino talaga ‘yan lahat. ‘Yan
si Bato is really fundamentally honest. Kasi ‘yang mga alam mo, magtang --- magtanggap man ‘yan mga
lechon, mga Pasko ganon. Pero kung sabihin mo manghingi ganon? Wala. Protecting criminals lalo na

He is fundamentally honest lahat ‘yan silang chief of police ko na dinala ko dito. But I --- nakilala ko ‘yan
sila pati ‘yang lahat ng Cabinet members ko kasi dumaan ng Mindanao. Sabi nga nila walang ano eh,
kalaban ko daw Ilocano. G***. Kasi walang Iloca --- eh ngayon puro Ilocano ‘to.

Lahat ng generals na… Ang karamihang generals natin Ilocano. Ang ating reservoir sa ating fighting
forces are Ilocanos and Ilonggo. Lalo na ‘yang Ilonggo. Hindi ‘yang laki ng Panay. Wala ‘yan, mababait
‘yan. ‘Yung Ilonggo na galing taga-Cotabato. ‘Yan nasanay ‘yan sa giyera talaga.

Te damo sang Ilonggo ah sundalo ang aton ay. May ara Ilonggo ngari nga fiscal? [laughter] Te you raise
your right hand. Lintian. [laughter] Ilan? Sige daw. Sige na kay may sabihin ako sa inyo. [laughter] Hiya-
hiya ka diyan.

Alam mo ito si Piñol governor ‘yan siya, ako mayor. Nagkita kami sa airport. Eh ‘yung noon. But not now.
Not as bad as before. Eh late ‘yung flight. ‘Di sa Davao if you happen to pass by there, may masahe ang
ina-allow pati dito minsan ‘yung mga blind para kumita. Doon sa pre-departure area. Doon sila
nagmamasahe for those waiting for their flights. Minsan delayed ‘yang kaya ‘yung iba pamamasahe.

Eh delayed so diretso na ako. Sabi ko, “Masahe ako.” “Sige, mayor.” Kilala nila boses ko eh. So ‘yung isa
magmasahe ng kamay para magkapera. ‘Yung isa sa paa. ‘Yung isa sa…

Dumating ito si Piñol. Te nga Ilonggo nga… Eh damo sang hangin. [laughter] Pagdating niya sabi niya,
“Mayor, san ka?” Sabi ko, “I’m waiting for my flight.” “Ah sabay tayo.” Sabi ko, “Magpamasahe ka na
lang diyan kasi matagal pa ‘yan. That’s one hour.” Oh ‘di sige. “Oh sige, masahe.”

Pagmasahe na ng ano, ang sabi niya, “Sir, Ilonggo ka?” “Oo man. Ba’t alam mo?” “Te sa tono mo sir
Ilonggo.” Sabi niya, “Ilonggo ka pud?” “Oo, sir.” “Diin?” “Sa Pikit, Cotabato.” Puro Ilonggo diyan eh. Sige
siya masahe. Lorenzana taga… Tapos, “Sir, may problema ka. Dako sang problema mo.” Ingon si Piñol,
“Bakit?” “Sir, ulo mo sir may diperensiya.” [laughter] Sabi ko, “Bakit?” “Sir, damo sang hangin ang
gagawas sir.” [laughter]

Eh kaibigan ko ‘yan si Piñol huwag niyong sabihin ‘yan. Magagalit ‘yan. Tapos ito si Piñol bago pa kami.
Alam mo kung nakilala ko ‘yan eh. Sabi niya, “Mr. President I guarantee” --- English spokening ‘yan eh ---
“that maybe if we can start immediately, at the end of this year, I can predict that we will be even be a
rice-exporting country.

Sus tinginan lahat ng ano. Sila Bingbong oh. Tapos Sonny Dominguez. Naging
Agriculture Secretary ‘yan ni Cory eh. Sabi niya, “Hangin ‘yan.” [laughter] Sabi ko, “Oh bakit?” Sabi ni isa,
eh English spokening, you know guy, “There’s not enough land available this year to plant. You need the
hybrids. It’s being done in --- diyan sa Los Baños. But until then, we would not have something like
‘yung high yielding per hectare you expect the…” Kaya sabi ni Sonny, “That’s impossible.”

Sabi ko, “To, Piñol…” Gibulgar ko. “Siling ni Sonny dito nga hangin lang ang ginaistorya mo.” “Sir, hindi,
sir. Hindi, Mayor. Basta ako when I put my soul to task, focus ako diyan, believe me.” Eh pagdating… Eh
‘di siyempre at the end of the year, may crisis. [laughter]

Nag-umpisa na di ba? Towards the second half of the year --- pang-third year ko na ‘to eh --- nagkaroon
na ng problema. So sabi niya… Ah ganun marami na ‘yan. Tutal hindi naman ako naniwala talaga rin.

Mabuti’t na lang maraming drug addict. Ang drug addict --- ang addict kaya payat hindi kumakain ‘yan.
[laughter] Totoo, ‘yang mga addict. Kaya they’re skinny. Hindi ‘yan kumakain. Durat ang mata niyan
walang tulog. Kay kung wala ang mga addict, patay.
Eh hindi kumakain, ‘di at least nalibre tayo noong crisis. [laughter] Eh ngayon na-rehab na lahat, p*****
i** magka-crisis tayo nito. [laughter]

So I hope that this convention will not just be a venue to forge stronger ties among yourselves but also a
platform to discuss ways to create a safer and more productive work environment in the National
Prosecution Service.
As you come together as one family, I ask you, my fellow prosecutors, to never waver in supporting the
efforts of this administration in instituting the necessary reforms within DOJ and the NPS so that we may
regain our people’s trust and confidence in our justice system.

Wala man. Except for a few. I would not want to men --- I do not want to spoil somebody’s appetite
tonight but meron na talagang binabagsak.

Pero ‘yung sa Lapu-Lapu, I ordered the re-arrest because I do not believe anymore on the archaic
doctrine of how to characterize hot pursuit. Hindi na pwede ‘yan ngayon.

As a matter of fact, they can always go to the airport and buy a ticket to Hong Kong or somewhere else.
And those who are the drug lord, they have the money there. And if it’s really deposited, kung hindi na
ano ng money laundering, nandoon na ‘yon sa America.

And just like lahat. Mabilog ng Iloilo. Sabi ng asawa sige yawyaw. Tignan ko, nagpunta ako sa Iloilo, kita
ko, sabi ko, “ito ba ang mahirap?”

Ang pinaka --- luod sa Bisaya --- ang pinaka masusuka ka ‘yung kay Parojinog. ‘Yung wallpaper ng isang
bahay niya, 500 pesos. And he was killing just like Espinosa of Leyte. He was killing his own policemen
‘yung ayaw sumunod at ‘yung natatakot. Those were the guys na… And many others.

Ako naman magpa-slide lang ako. I’ve told them. You know I gathered all the mayors of the Philippines
in one room dito sa opisina ko at sinabi ko sa kanila harap- harapan at matanong ninyo, you can ask
them. Sinabi ko sa kanila, “huwag na huwag kayong pumasok sa droga. Papatayin ko talaga kayo.
Believe me. Ayaw ninyong maniwala? Bahala kayo.” So ‘yung hindi naniwala…

Governors ganon rin pero wala ako sa… There are few of them. It was a lean crowd. Sinabi ko --- same,
same message. Huwag kayong --- huwag na huwag. Give me another case. Kung abuso, nagbugbog ka
lang diyan, ganon, maybe I can, well… Año might be… Si Año istrikto rin eh. Military kasi.

Pero ‘yang --- ‘yung ibang kasalanan okay lang. Kung kayong mga fiscal, kung bigamy, ilipat mo lang ng
ibang apartment. Tulungan na lang kita. [laughter] Iyon namang adultery, ah stop it. Stop it. Pero
marami ‘yan. Ay sus.

In the course of my emplopyment for so many years, lahat, lahat ng klaseng relationships. Oo. Judge to a
stenographer, fiscal to another fiscal. Ganun.

Ako, lahat na. Empleyado --- ka empleyado ko, empleyado ng stenographer ko. Maganda kasi eh. Si ---
totoo. Pulis meron rin ako. [laughter] Totoo. Alam man --- alam man nila ‘yan. At marami pang iba.

With the valuable help of the Prosecutors’ League, I am confident that we can further strengthen,
improve, and reform the entire National Prosecution Service so that you can --- you may all become
efficient, credible, impartial, and incorruptible prosecutors upon whom our people may depend on
whenever they feel wronged or aggrieved.

Maraming salamat. But let me continue. [applause] Huwag muna ‘yang pakpak. ‘Di pa nga ‘to tapos.
[laughter] Marami ko pa kayang sabihin sa inyo. [laughter] Gutom na kayo? [laughter] Sige na lang.

But let me assure you. Ganito ‘yan, pati sa pulis and everybody in government. Ito ang tandaan ninyo.
You just do your duty in accordance with law. Kayo naman mga pulis, mga --- may job description tayo.
Sundin mo lang ‘yan. Just follow the rules.

At kung ano ang problema ninyo, magma --- demanda kayo, ako ang bahala. Ako idinemanda ako
hanggang Supreme Court, administrative case, because of my… People vs --- Salcedo vs Enting. It is
page… Volume ba ‘yan? Nineteen --- page 91. Nandiyan na ang… Dinismiss (dismiss) ko ‘yung sa kaso
ng judge. Well, kung mabasa ninyo. Pati ‘yung akin, I got two, puro acquittal. Hindi ka… Siyempre
abugado ka.

'Yang --- kasi noon, may National Computer in the Philippines. Bago ka magbili ng computer, magpunta
ka sa kanila. Ang gusto nilang bilihin 'yung tag-21,000 na may nakita naman ako doon sa mga bidder.
Sabi ko simple lang man ang --- hindi naman complicated. Mga entries lang man 'yan. I need just a
simple computer, 14,000. Ipinilit nila. Sabi ko, “di ko bibilhin”. So nagbili muna ako ng ilan. Sabi ko,
“subukan ninyo, you compare it to the others that were earlier bought at a higher price.”

Demanda ako sa... Punta ako Supreme Court. Sabi ko, "Bakit mo ako pilitin magbili?" On procedural and
substantive grounds, nanalo ako. Duterte vs Sandigan. Nandiyan sa SCRA. At 'yung ano --- 'yung
administrative na...

Alam mo nanay ko, every Christmas, nagpapaparty ako. Nagpaparty ako sa mga pari. Papar --- noon;
ngayon, wala na. Patayin ko na 'yang mga y*** na 'yan. [laughter] Wala na. Noon, nagpaparty ako sa
lahat ng mendicants. 'Yung lahat ng nasa streets. Then 'yung commercial sex workers, protektado talaga
sa Davao ‘yan.

Walang --- walang vice-vice. Hindi makahuli ang pulis doon na 'yung magpasok-pasok lang ‘yun --- on the
pretext of… What business do you have? Inspecting the --- itong mga health certificates ng mga babae.
Eh gusto lang i-good time ng mga y*** na
'yan. Wala mang lang…

Then may AFP-PNP ako, sila. Then para sa mga LGBT, pati tomboy sali na sila. Tapos 'yung mga walang
camera 'yung... Lahat pinapartihan (party) ko. 'Yung ano lang --- 'yung mga mahihirap.

Meron pang seven days, sunod-sunod 'yan. All sectors. Blind, meron sila. Sinunod rin ni Inday. Diyan
ang... Tapos maestra, kasi maestra marami. Nanay ko maestra eh. So umabot about 30 million 'yung

Binira naman ng... Kaya nga 'yang ano ko ng COA. My advice to them is ganito: You are a rule-making
entity. As a matter of fact, pwede kang idemanda, tayo, for not following the regulation.

Remember, they are not laws. According to COA, ganun ganun na "you've..." Sabi ko sa Supreme Court,
"Bakit ako? Magpakain ako ng tao? Susunod ako sa iyong... Bakit? 'Di kayo na lang ang mayor." Punta ko
Supreme Court, administrative case, panalo ako.

Kaya 'yung --- ang ibig sabihin ko ito sa COA ganito... May paghihinakit ako --- kaya sabi ko minsan
"kidnapin 'yan sila.” Biro lang 'yan. Pero you... Alam mo minsan noong mayor ako, may magdating tapos
hanapin ako dito sa Maynila. 'Yung barong in tatters, wala ng butones.

Sabi ko, "Oh bakit? Bakit sir? Nandito ka." Municipal treasurer, municipal secretary. "Sir, may kaso kami
sa Sandigan eh." "Anong kaso?" "'Yung pagbili ng tractor ganun..." Alam mo, magprangka-prangka tayo
dito. 'Yang mga purchases na 'yan, ang ganun, doon sa taas. It's either the governor or the mayor. Tapos
sila, sign. Pagsabi ng mayor sign, sign 'yan. Wala silang magawa eh. 'Pag demandahan na...

I need not go far. Mag-isip kayo ngayon. I need not go far. Sinong nasabit? Sila. Ni pamasahe wala. Kaya
'pag ganun, maaawa ka.

Kaya sabi ko itong COA, you know, in the process, maybe hindi naman karma but bantay ka diyan
because you know who is the real culprit. 'Yang mga sa... Pipirma 'yan kung sabihin ng ano mo ---
bugbugin pa 'yan kung ayaw.

Kaya 'yan ang sabi ko sa COA. Kaya ang paghihinakit ko sa inyo ganito: You filed cases maski noon pati
'yung mercury sa Davao. Ang gusto ko 'yung orange. Kaya sa Davao, if you come in at night, parang San
Francisco because it's all orange ang light. Eh gusto ko 'yon. Pero may bidding ako doon. Gusto 'yung
light na parang daylight na mahina man. Hindi maganda. But hindi kagaya ng sodium sa taas makita mo.
Colorful ang siyudad mo. Parang nagdating ka ng LA.

Tapos idinemanda nila ako. Sabi ko, ako, as long as may bidding ako sa gusto ko na... Huwag mo akong
turuan kung ano ang gusto ko sa siyudad ko. Kasi the sentiment of the people is reflected in my thinking
of how I would run the city.
Well, anyway, alam ko gutom na kayo. Ano... I advise you to get --- huwag kayo magkuha ng .45. It's too
heavy. Go for the Glock 19. Ang Glock, hindi talaga nagja-jam 'yan. [applause]

I'm not advertising the Glock but it's a fact. That's why we bought it for my policemen. It's a Glock 19
ano 'yan. At saka hindi nagja-jam 'yan, and maintenance-free. Hindi --- hindi magkakalawang 'yan.
Pagkatapos itapon mo doon sa isang kanto.

Iyan lang and huwag naman kayo --- baka kayong mga lalaki, p***** i**, 'pag mag --- mahuli kayo ng
asawa tapos makipagbarilan ka doon sa... Ikaw pa ang nang-agaw, ikaw pa ang papatay. Anak ng jueteng
piskal na ito.

I am open pati 'yung... I really do not know how to come up with a perfect way of protecting you. But I'm
sure that you --- hindi lahat ng na --- maligaya sa inyo. Ako, kasi dumaan ako eh. Nine years ako na
prosecutor. I was doing trial work everyday.

On a footnote, baka 'yon rin ang nagpaano sa akin. Marami man kaming anak ng politiko. You know, my
father was governor of One Davao noon. When he died, they --- gerrymandering sila.

So ibinigay doon sa --- the Almendrases and Cojuangco 'yung del Sur. There's a new one, Occidental,
Davao del Sur, Davao Occidental, Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental, ComVal Valley, tapos Davao City. So
medyo ano ako sa…
And at that time, 'yung provincial fiscal ng Davao was the father of Bingbong. 'Yung mukha na 'yan, 'yan
'yung mukha ng tatay niya. [laughter] 'Yung talagang swak na ano. [laughter] Leo --- justice. He became
eventually justice, Justice Medialdea. Iyon ang short history namin. Pero 'yon, tigas 'yon. I used to watch
him in court. Ateneo 'yon. Galing.

And I'd like to introduce you to my spokesman --- brilliant spokesman --- Sal Panelo. [applause] Tindig ka
naman. Hindi lang ito ngayon nagsuot ng --- but he’s a sartorial... You know, si Sal minsan pati ako, do
not be offended. Minsan hindi ko --- he is to me the epitome of sartorial confusion. [laughter]

So I'm very happy to see you and I said you can come to me. Kung kaso lang na sa trabaho ninyo, I will
do everything to protect you. Kagaya rin ng pulis na ano... Bakit --- bakit ka magkulong? Why do you
suffer for doing your duty?

I am... Wala akong pulitika. Maski anak ka sa labas ni Noynoy, okay lang. Wala kayong ano. Just... Just...
Ang akin, just tell me the truth. So I would know how to navigate the... Lalo na 'yang harassment

I'm sure si Secretary would also not --- magprotekta ng tao. He's a very upright man.
Walang babae, wala lahat. Straight. [applause] Si chief ano... Oo, walang ‘yang babae.
Wala kang babae? [laughter] Ah mambabae ka. Sabihin rin nila bakla ka
o... [laughter] Meron dapat [laughter] para [maratsal?] ko kayo lahat, sabay-sabay tayo.

Iyan man ang issue sa akin. Ang issue sa akin sa Davao --- kayong mga taga-Davao, kayo nandito 'di ba?
Babae pati extrajudicial killings. On both, totoo. Sige. Sige kayo ulit-ulit diyan.

Totoo. Oh ano? Ano ngayon? Babae? Sabi doon sa "The 46 Sins of Duterte." Sabi apat daw 'yung babae
ko. U***. Anim lahat 'yan. [laughter]

I'd like to thank you for inviting me to talk to you. I'm not into giving speeches actually. I'm more of a
talker na --- I'd like to converse to my audience. Ganun ang style ko. And I hope that I made myself very
clear. There are things you might not really like about me. But that is between me and my God.

So basta trabaho lang tayo. And I do not ask favors. Kung pagdating sa inyo, ang husga ninyo ganun, I
will not go to you. I will face the world and say that. It was because I love my country. I will not --- I will
not allow it as a failed state or a narco.
Tignan mo naman 'yan ngayon kung bitawan ko lahat. Now, the list of... Ganito ah... This is the most
appropriate time to say it. 'Yung listahan ng mga adik or drug users or traffickers, 'yung mga artista,
'yung ibang tao, hindi ko bitawan 'yan.

Alam mo bakit? Hindi naman sila seeking public office. But those who are seeking public office and will
someday, if they win, hold power, 'yan ang problema. Kaya I am morally, legally bound to tell the people
ito 'yung mga kandidato ninyo. O bahala kayo.

If they still vote for you, fine. This is a democracy. But the people ought to know and that is my solemn
duty to inform the public sa right of information and to know who are the idiots there. Binitawan ko na.

Pero private persons, mga artista, ah wala 'yon. Doon na lang kayo sa --- 'yung bagong video. [laughter
and cheers] Alam mo, I'd like to say something. Before I end, let me --- hindi naman apologize. Freedom
of expression.

Si Tatad kasi, 'yang oras, sabi niya may ano raw ako. May sakit ako, kidney. Na-confine ako serious. 'Di
mag-uwi lang ako sa Davao mag-rest, I want it about three days kasi pagod talaga ako. Sabing ganun, in
and out daw ako sa ospital, may cancer of the colon.

Halos ganun ang tirada niya araw-araw sa… You read the newspaper. I mean, how unfair can you get?
Tapos araw-araw ng --- pati tuloy ako naniwala na. [laughter] So, one day paghubad ko, papunta akong
shower, hinawakan ko --- wala ng Jockey --- hinawakan ko ‘yung puwet ko, inamoy ko. [laughter] Amoy
tae man lang ‘to, wala mang… [laughter]

There is nothing there that is a rotting meat or carcass there. Tapos nung last doon na talaga ako na
p***** i** kasi may mga tiya ako na --- mga sister ko matanda na. Sabi niya namatay ang… He started it
- started it.

Sabi niya namatay na ako. Sabi ko ‘wag namang ganun kasi may mga kapatid akong matanda na hindi na
maganda ang --- baka mamatay. Kaya nag ganti ako. Sabi ko ito si Tatad, ikaw Tatad p***** i** mo,
l**** ka. Aminin ko may sakit ako lahat. Ikaw p***** i** you have a serious case for 30 years of

Ikaw mabuti --- ikaw ang otin mo hindi na mag… [raises mic] [laughter and applause] ‘Pag may diabetes
ka 30 years. [drops mic] [laughter] No more. Kaya sabi ko pa --- hiraman ko ‘yang asawa mo isang gabi,
pahipuin --- pahipuin ko ng katawan ko, sige.

Eh iniinsulto ganun na kasakit rin. Eh p***** i** mo hiningi mo eh. You asked for it, then I’ll give it to
you, raw. Sabi mo bastos ako, p***** i** totoo bastos talaga ako. Sabi niyo hindi ako statesman, totoo
talaga ‘yan. ‘Yung sa eskwelahan wala namang subject statesman. [laughter]

Pero kung ganunin ninyo ako, ah… Kayong mga taga rito ganun lang ‘yan. Tayo, one, two --- ah wala
itong dalawa talagang okay --- ito mga ganun pa ‘yan siguro. [raises mic] [laughter] Kami --- kami mga
ganun. [adjusts mic] True or false?

Pero ‘pag may Viagra --- pero bantay ka, kailangan focus ka talaga kasi ang Viagra gaganun ‘yan eh.
[adjusts mic] Kung ma-out of focus ka p*** [drops mic] disgrasya. [laughter] Hala. Sinong --- sinong
mayari nito? Ah okay, ‘wag masyado kay… Ah okay, restored. [laughter]

Wala ito’y --- itong ganito medyo wala na, you better… Ito? Time to accept the reality of life. Acceptance
is the word. You better learn to accept kasi kita naman ‘yung angling niyan. Patuloy na ‘yan.

So, again I’d like to thank you. Ladies, idespensa mo na ‘yung biro ko tutal matanda naman kayo. Para
maalam rin ninyo.
You will understand those who have ‘yung mga matatanda na ang asawa. You can help na ‘wag ninyong
pagalitan. [Ano ba ‘yan? Sabi mo mati…?] Ah ma --- mahiya tuloy ‘yan, mag-ganun na ‘yan. [laughter]

Salamat. [applause]

--- END ---

Presidential Communications Operations Office

Presidential News Desk
[Delivered at Social Hall, Balay Kauswagan, Sagay City Government Center, Negros Occidental | 08
March 2019]
Salamat sa inyong pagtagad. Pwede mo mulingkod.
(TRANSLATION: Thank you for your courtesy. Please take your seat.)

Magsugod ko og hatag akong respeto sa mga tao diri. Ang mga New People‟s Army members, pwede
itaas inyong kamot? [laughter] Mao lagi na ba. Ako gusto nako mag-ila-ila ninyo.
(TRANSLATION: I‟m going to start by paying my respect to those who are with me here today. The New
People‟s Army members, kindly raise your hand. I just want to get to know you.)
Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol; National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana; Social
Welfare Development Secretary Rolando Bautista; Interior and Local Government Secretary
Eduardo Año; National Security Council Secretary Hermogenes Esperon; Agrarian Reform Secretary John
Castriciones; TESDA Secretary Guiling Mamondiong. [applause] [Di way ka gadagan ngadto sa ---
kandidato ka?] (Did you run? Are you a candidate?)
Ti si Secretary taga-kuan ni siya --- Maranao (He is from --- he is a Maranao). He used to be the
TESDA and he‟s running for governor. As always, mudaog gyud ni kay patay ang kontra. [laughter] Ana
man na ilang trabaho. (He will surely win because the opposition will die. That‟s their style.)
Presidential Adviser for Peace Process Carlito Galvez; Presidential Adviser for Visayas Michael Dino;
Davao del Norte Congressman Pantaleon Alvarez Jr. [applause] Nganong niabot man ka ngari? [laughter]
Nag-congressman na. Ang atong Speaker niadto. Naa imong gipangulitawhan diri? [laughter] Nangita
na‟g gwapa. Ingna ko‟g naa kay nakit-an ha.
(TRANSLATION: Presidential Adviser for Peace Process Carlito Galvez; Presidential Adviser for Visayas
Michael Dino; Davao del Norte Congressman Pantaleon Alvarez Jr. Why are you here? He was a
congressman and our former Speaker. Are you courting someone here? He‟s here to look for beautiful
women. Let me know if you find one, alright?)
GSIS President and General Manager Jesus Clint Aranas. [applause] Clint, kana bang --- lingkod ra gud.
Kanang imong GSIS, pwede bang makinabang ning mga farmers ana? Daghan man kaayo ka‟g kwarta.
[laughter] [official answers] Ani gud Clint „no, para lang pud na di mo muingon nawala ko sa akong
(TRANSLATION: GSIS President and General Manager Jesus Clint Aranas. Clint, just remain seated. Can
the farmers receive assistance from the GSIS? You have a huge budget. I‟m going to share with you why,
Clint, so that you won‟t think that I have lost my mind.)
I have been mayor of Davao City for 23 years. Unya na congressman ko, nagkauban mi ni senator Al ---
Congressman Alvarez. Mao tong panahuna nga ang Congress walay tao kay paghuman sa bayang
magiliw, sibatay na man. [laughter] Mao na ang mga balaod niadto nakulgot. Wa man puy maayong
balaod among nakit-an.
(TRANSLATION: I have been mayor of Davao City for 23 years, and then I became
Congressman. Senator Alvarez and I worked together. Back then, very few people were in Congress
because they go home after the singing of the national anthem. That is why the laws remained stuck.
There were no good laws anyway.)
Governor Alfredo Marañon and other elected officials of Negros Occidental; Sagay City Mayor Alfredo
Marañon; recipients of the government‟s land distribution program, kamo ni ( all of you here); mga
igsuon nako, maayong gabii kaninyong tanan. (my brothers and sisters, good evening to you all) [crowd:
maayong gabii] [applause]
Ang una gyud nakong… Istoryang inato ni nga tinuod ba. Kada adto nako sa bukid tong mayor ko, I had
access kay amigo man mi sa mga komunista didto. Ambot kani sila. Pero ako, sulod gawas ko sa bukid.
Kay pareho mi‟g tinguha eh. Ako gusto pud ko‟g land reform. Gusto pud ko nga ang mga pobre mu-
arang-arang sa ilang kinabuhi at least sa akong panahon unta. Pero ipit na eh.
(TRANSLATION: Simply speaking, every time I go to the mountains when I was mayor, I had access
because I was friends with the communists. I could enter and leave the mountains freely because we
shared the same principle. I too want land reform and for the poor to improve their lot in life at least
during my time. Pero ipit na eh.)
Pero for the remaining three years nako --- naa pa man koy three years --- hutdon gyud nako‟g hatag sa
mga tao. Ang una nakong targeton (target) ang gobyerno. Yuta, yuta sa gobyerno. Wa man ni
kapuslanan. Kay ang mga bukid nanagbaw, nauna pa ang [unclear]… Except for the military reservation
na dako kaayo na ilang area. Wala man diha sa bukid. So ihat --- ingnan nako si Castri --- ihatag na na.
Ihatag na na sa tao kay mao nay problema nato.
(TRANSLATION: But for my remaining three years, I will give away all government-owned lands to the
people. They are of no use to the government anyway. The mountains are very vast.
Except for the military reservation. Their area is very large. But there‟s nothing like that in the
mountains. So I instructed Castriciones to give the lands away to the people because that is one of our
most pressing problems.)
Actually kaning giyeraha ni di gyud ni matapos. Dili ni matapos until makahatag ta og gamay luna, lote sa
mga tao nga gahandom nga mga anak nila… Mao gyapoy ilang sitwasyon ug sila mao puy nakuha nila sa
ilang amahan.
(TRANSLATION: This war will never end if we don‟t give them land. These people dream of a better life
for their children, better than their life and the life of their forefathers.)
Meaning to say, there is always a time for everything. There is always a time to be a landowner with
boundless yuta. Wala may problema na. I mean, I do not have anything against kanang mga landowner
na dagko. But remember those were given by government in the years passed. Tong mga Katsila niadto,
katong wala muuli sa Espanya, ang tawag Insulares. Mao nay gipangtagaan og yuta sa gobyerno.
(TRANSLATION: Meaning to say, there is always a time for everything. There is always a time to be a
landowner with boundless lands. There‟s nothing wrong with that. I mean, I do not have anything
against big landowners. Nut I remember those were given by government in the years passed. The
Katsilas who did not go home to Spain were called Insulares. They were the ones who received lands
from the government.)
Kaniadto, wala koy problema. Sa Davao, si Walstrom, kanang --- og naa --- taga-Davao ka ang tawag ana
Christensen Plantation. Unya ngadto sa [Doromal?]. Usa na ka munisipyo. Malalag is Christensen.
Kanang Digos, [garbled] Estate. Gihatag na sa mga Amerikano nga wala na muuli after the war. Naa puy
mga Español naa pud diri sa Pilipinas. Wala man nay question kay gihatag sa ila na wala pay tao.
(TRANSLATION: There was no problem back then. Sa Davao, si Walstrom… Davaoeños call it the
Christensen Plantation. In [Doromal?], it was one municipality. Malalag is Christensen. In Digos it is
called the [garbled] estate. It was given to the Americans who chose to stay here after the war. Some
Spanish citizens also chose to stay here in the Philippines. But no one questioned them because the
population was still small.)
I do not have any problem about giving so many thousands of hectares to a particular family or a
particular person. At that time, the world was very big. Malaki ang mundo natin.
Kamong mga komunista sabta ni. Dako niadto ang kalibutan. Dili man na sala sa gobyerno nga ang mag -
-- usa ka gobyerno mao ni iyang policy, wala pud siyay gibuhat unya wala puy laing kuan hangtod
nagdaghan ang tao. Pagdaghan sa tao, ang mga iskwaters nanganak, ang ilang mga anak nahimo lang
gihapong squatters.
(TRANSLATION: You communists should understand this. The world was very big. It‟s not the
government‟s fault that it had this kind of policy. They didn‟t change it until the population grew and
grew. People squatted on lands and they had their own families. Their children followed suit and
squatted on vacant lands too.)
You know, I said there is --- Ecclesiastes 3. Basaha na sa Bibliya. Ako mao ra nay akong ginabasa eh.
Muingon ang Ginoo --- kanang Ginoo nako, ayaw nang sa pari. [laughter] Ginoong y***. Ako diretso man
ko sa Ginoo. Ang Ginoo gaingon na may panahon sa tanan para sa kalibutan. There is a time to be great,
nga shining ka. Ako pipila ka tuig naa ko nga gasiga. Sa Davao, karon diri sa Pilipinas. But there is always
a time nga manaog na ko. A time to be great and a time to be just a --- ordinaryong tao.
(TRANSLATION: You know, I said there is --- Ecclesiastes 3. Look it up in the Bible. That‟s the only
passage that I read. God said --- my God, not the God of the priests --- that there is a time for
everything. There is a time to be great, na shining ka. I have been shining for so many years in Davao
and now in the whole country. But there is always a time for me to step down. A time to be great and a
time to be just an ordinary person.)
Karon. A time to be handsome kay bata ka pa, famous ka. Mao ni si Alvarez niabot ngari pangita‟g
babae. [laughter] Kay bata pa man. Pero muabot ani ang panahon nga kani si Alvarez wala na gyud.
[laughter] Pareho ni Tatad. Sige‟g ingon nga ako kuno may cancer sa colon, mao kini, mao kana. P****
i** kang Tatad. [laughter]
(TRANSLATION: There is a time to be handsome because you are still young and popular. That is why
Alvarez is here, he‟s here to look for women because he‟s still young. But the time will come that
Alvarez will not have any of that, just like Tatad. He keeps on saying that I have colon cancer. P***** i**
kang Tatad.)
Si Tatad… Ang lalaki ana na. [laughter] Katorse, 15, 16, 17, 18. Kutob mga 52. Kani si Tatad nga
hambogero nga magsige‟g ingon may sakit daw ko, may sakit ko sa colon, sige niya‟g usabusabon, ako
gaduda na hinuon ko. Kay mag murag burot akong tiyan, akong gunitan akong lubot
[laughter] simhuton nako ang tae, tae man di man… [laughter] Wala may problema na. Kani si Tatad
maoy naay sakit. Ang sakit ana diabetes. Kanang naay diabetes, ang otin ana ga ana na.[laughter] No
(TRANSLATION: Si Tatad… This is the way it looks for men aged 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and maybe until 52.
Tatad, the arrogant one, kept on saying that I am sick and that I have a problem with my colon. He kept
on repeating it until such time that I started to believe it too. My stomach was protruding. I reached to
touch my butt and smelled my fingers. It smelled like s***. So there‟s nothing wrong there. Tatad is the
one who is sick. He is diabetic. When you are diabetic, your penis will look like this. No more.)
Mao nay ingon nako. Naa tay panahon nga sikat ta. Ulitawo ta, na congressman niadto, atong mga uyab
naa diha sa daplin sa gallery nagahuwat namo. Kay kuan lagi. O naa puy panahon nga wala na. Mapildi
ka, laos ka na. Mao na kamong mga --- ayaw ninyo‟g patya inyong p***** i**** inyong… [laughter]
(TRANSLATION: So that is what I want to share with you. There is a time for us to be popular. We were
young and single congressmen and our girlfriends were waiting for us near the gallery. And there is also
a time where we don‟t have any of that anymore. There is a time that you will lose and you will no
longer be popular. That is why you shouldn‟t kill your…)
Nganong patyon man ninyo ang taga-gobyerno nga ang kitang Pilipino og di lang mo kugihan magsige‟g
ana, wa man gyud tay problema. [laughter] Mabahin man na. Eh bigaon mo eh. Anak unom, pito, walo.
Way trabaho maoy kapait mao na mangita‟g engkwentro.
(TRANSLATION: Why will you kill workers of government? If we Filipinos weren‟t so keen on growing the
population, we wouldn‟t even have a problem. We can just divide the lands. But you‟re very sexually
active. You have six, seven, eight children. You are unemployed, so you join the movement instead.)
Ang --- ang gobyerno og naa --- og naa lang puy kugihan muhatag. Mao nang ako giingnan ta mo. Unsa
may akong gisaad? Kay nidagan ko. Nakahibaw baya mong wa koy kwarta. Basig sa TV niadto sa
presidential debates ang akong --- wa koy… „Pag intermission naay ilang mga kuan diha, mga
advertisement. Si Roxas ga traffic. Og mao ra diha iyang… Oy Roxas og mao ra na imong abilidad, nag-
traffic aide ka na lang unta. [laughter] Sige ka ma‟g traffic-traffic ana sa imong… T*** i**.
(TRANSLATION: The government can help but it depends on who is generous enough to do it. So what
did I promise you? You know that when I ran, I didn‟t have money. I didn‟t even have a TV
advertisement during the presidential debates. During the intermission, there were advertisements.
Roxas was managing traffic. Oy Roxas, if that is the only thing that you are capable of doing, you should
have worked as a traffic aide instead.)
Naay mga tao nga naay mulihok pero ayaw ninyo‟g --- ayaw ninyo‟g muingon nga… Kay kanang army,
walay army sa kalib --- walay nasod sa kalibutan nga walay army, walay pulis.
Karon kaning inyo problema yuta. Eh „di atong bahin-bahinon. Mao bitaw nang gikuha nako sa mga
dagko nga maoy tag-iya sa yuta. “Ihatag nato,” ingon nako sa ila. “Pare, ayaw kasuko. Dili man nako ni
gusto. Ang akong gusto mutrabaho lang.
(TRANSLATION: There are people who work hard but don‟t say that they are… Every country has its own
military and police. Now you want lands, so let‟s divide it among you. That is the reason why I got the
big land owners. “Let‟s give it away,” I told them. “Pare, don‟t be angry. I don‟t want to do this, but I
have to do my job.”)
Kani, dili ni ako. Di ko muangkon nga ako. Kani kang Cory ni. Human na man ang land reform. Ang
problema ang distribution muhinay kay naay mga tao kahibaw ka na, dili gustong buhian ang yuta. Unya
usahay makit-an nimo naay mga sundalo, mga police mutawag. Abi pud nato --- muingon sila samok diri.
(TRANSLATION: This program isn‟t mine, so I‟m not going to claim it as my own. This is Cory‟s. The land
reform has already been done but the problem is the distribution. It wasn‟t being fast-tracked because
you know that there are people who refuse to let go of the lands.
Sometimes you see soldiers and policemen, but that‟s because there are reports of chaos happening
„Pag samok diri, musulod nang sundalo. Dili na muingon ang pulis nga inig sulod diha sa Sagay nga para
mupabor sa mga tag-iya‟g yuta. Tinuod lang kadaghanan sa sundalo anak og pobre. Wa ko kita‟g
milyonaryo diri sa Bacolod nga nisulod pagka --- PMA, pero muingon nga ordinaryo mo mudapig ngadto
sa NPA. Unsa may nakita? Wala --- wa ta magkasinabot unya ang gobyerno…
(TRANSLATION: When there is chaos, the soldiers will come in. The police aren‟t there to favor the
landowners. In all honesty, most of the soldiers are from poor families. I have never seen a millionaire
here in Bacolod who enlisted, except for the PMA. But for the ordinary people who side with the NPA,
what did they see in them?)
Ang kadaot mutuo mo ni Sison. Ang tan-aw ninyo kang Sison mura og Diyos. Nagasunod mo sa utok sa
usa ka tao nga… Kaila man mi ni Sison. Galing lang nibulag ko nila niadtong estudyante pa ko, kami ni
Bebot Bello kay gisudlan na man og hard core. Nakit-an naman namo sila Ladlad, nakit-an naman namo
kaning magtiayong si kanang --- mao ni tigas. Tiamson. Unya gusto‟g giyera. Gusto‟g urban. P***… Ako
kutob rako sa huna-huna. Og atong maimplementar…
(TRANSLATION: The worst thing is you believe in Sison. You look up to Sison as if he is a god. You are
following the ideology of someone who is… We know Sison well. But I left them when we were still
students, Bebot Bello and I, because the hard core came in. We saw Ladlad, the Tiamsons. They wanted
war. P***. Those were just ideals for me. If those were implemented…)
Sabi na ayuhon. Ayuhon ta na. Dili kay makig-giyera nga ang ubang tao inosente p*** maigo sa bala
unya muingon lang, “Ah mao gyud na ang kinabuhi. Naa man gyuy madamay. Collateral damage.” You
know that‟s a f****** statement. Ako mao nang ako nihawa ko kay di ko gusto mupatay. Basig karon di
ko gusto mupatay og NPA kay di ko gusto mupatay og isig ka tao nako labi na Pilipino. Ngano man diay‟g
istoryahon nalang?
(TRANSLATION: Let‟s find a solution to this problem. We shouldn‟t go to war because many of the
people who are going to be affected are innocent. When they get hit by a bullet, you will just say, “Ah
that is life. There are really those who will get caught in the crossfire. Collateral damage.” You know,
that‟s a f****** statement. That is the reason why I left. I didn‟t want to kill. Even to this day, I don‟t
want to kill an NPA because I don‟t want to kill my countrymen. Why don‟t we just talk to each other
Giingnan taka, si Agriculture. “Man, ani gyud ning istorya. Adto ka sa bukid. Unsay problema ninyo?”
“Mayor, abono. Mao gyud na. Abono.” Unya muingon, “Mayor, kuan naa untay seedlings, semilya.” So
diha ta mububo og kwarta. Usa ka eroplano atong buhian diha sa taas, paluparon na‟g…
(TRANSLATION: I told the Agriculture Secretary, “Man, you went to the mountains. What do they need
the most?” “Mayor, they need fertilizers and seedlings.” So that is where we‟re going to pour the funds
in. We‟ll have a plane fly up there to shower them with…)
Iyan ang problema. Kay ito ngayon sila ihatag nato ang yuta. Pero og way abono unya di pa man ---
ipreparar pa. Maybe perhaps after five seasons of rice planting mukita na mo gamay. Ayaw mo‟g balik
ngadto pagka-rebel --- anak ng…
(TRANLSATION: Iyan ang problema. Just like them, we are giving them lands, but without fertilizers…
They need time to prepare. Maybe perhaps after five seasons of rice planting you will start to earn a
little. You don‟t have to go back to the rebel movement.)
Fifty-three years. Mutuo pa mo‟g usa ka tao? Fifty-three years ang patay. Hantod karon wa man gani
makagunit og usa ka barangay. Pag-abot ana magsamok-samok sa inyo, mag-ilog mo‟g kinsay mu ---
okupasyon, okupasyon. Ay di ko musugot ana. Katong si Mariano t******** to.
Imbes unta --- komunista „to. Taguiwalo komunista. Liza Maza komunista. Ako silang gikuha sa gobyerno
nga unta magkasinabot ta‟g maayo.
(TRANSLATION: For fifty-three years you were fooled by just one person. Fifty-three years of killing. To
this day, they haven‟t even been able to successfully hold a single barangay. And when they arrive, they
wreak havoc and fight over which land they want to occupy. I will not allow that to happen. Mariano is a
coward. He‟s a communist. Taguiwalo is also a communist, as well as Liza Maza. But I placed them in
government with the hopes that we will be able to reach a common understanding.)
Ang kadaot ana, ang dad-on nila sa gobyerno kadto may ilang gituuhan. Dili man ning atong sabutan
taga-gobyerno. Mao na gipahawa nako sila. Ang unta ato nga naa sila sa --- naa sila sa kalihukan unya
makig-istorya sila diri sa gabinete, muingon siya, “Kani maoy maayo, likayan nato ana. I-land reform ta
na, paspasan nato.” O maayo gani ni si Castriciones kugihan.
(TRANSLATION: The worst thing is they want to impose on government their own ideals. But that wasn‟t
our agreement, so I had to let them go. The ideal thing for them to have done would be to lobby the
concerns of those who are in the movement. They should have said, “This is the best thing to do. Let‟s
avoid that. Let‟s fast-track the land reform.” It‟s a good thing that Castriciones is a very hardworking
Do not bring the ideology of an idiot diri sa atong gobyerno. Kay ang gobyerno dili man gyud makig-
giyera. Ang trahabo sa gobyerno is to preserve. Kanang mga kontra sa taga gawas nga dili mangilog sa
ato. O kanang China kutob ra man pud siya diha. Niadto wa man puy niingon nga butangan ta ni og
kanyon diri, butangan ta ni og machine gun. So karon gikuha sa China. Eh „di diha lang sila. Pero ikaw
kung makig-giyera…
(TRANSLATION: Do not even bring the ideology of an idiot here in our government, because the
government will never wage war against its own people. The job of the government is to preserve the
nation from those who want to occupy our land. China is at its farthest, they are only up to that point.
Nobody said before that we should place cannons and machine guns here. So China claimed it. Eh „di
they are only up to there. But if you will wage war…)
Og mugiyera ta sa China, palarga pa lang akong mga sundalo hurot na na. It will be a massacre. Wala tay
kapasidad. Kay kita, atong kwarta, atong gigamit sa eskwela, maestra. Ang China niadto wa. Pipila ka
tuig ang at --- ang ilang mga tao pakaon lang diha og rasyon pero ang ilang gibuhat gasige sila‟g buhat
og armas.
(TRANSLATION: If we go to war against China, I would lose all my soldiers just as they are leaving for the
war. It will be a massacre. We don‟t have the capacity to fight them. Unlike China, our money is being
spent for education and the teachers‟ wages. They used to feed their people with rations, but what they
did was they manufactured many weapons.)
Karon nga dato na sila, daghan na sila‟g armas ug gwapo na ang China kay gipabalhin naman nila sa
trabaho sa construction diha sa plano og unsaon pagpagwapo og syudad. Pero pila ka tuig sila nga ana,
mag --- naay presidenteng buang nga, “O undang mo‟g trabaho tanan. Didto mo sa Armscor, didto mo
sige mo‟g buhat og pusil.”
(TRANSLATIONS: Now that they are rich country, they have plenty of good quality weapons, and China
has improved a lot because many jobs have been generated by the construction and the planning
behind making China more beautiful. But for many years, they were ordered by their president to keep
on creating guns.)
Karon mga bright sila kay may kwarta. Naay ilang mga armas nga di gyud nato kayang punggan nga og
mag giyera ta, hurot akong pulis ug sundalo usa ra ka adlaw. Wa ko mag-ingon natalaw ko, muapil ko
ngadto. Dapat ang unang mamatay diha ako og naay giyera. Pero unsaon nalang nang akong mga baba --
- unsaon nalang akong duha ka asawa, upat ka girlfriend? [laughter] Kinsa may mu… Wala na. Unya sa
kapobrehon basig asa nalang na muadto. Naa si [Clint?] gahuwat nga mangilog pud. Ana man na.
(TRANSLATION: But now they have money. They have weapons that we can‟t compare ours with if we
ever go to war. I would lose all of my police and soldiers in just one day. I‟m not saying that I am scared.
But what about my two wives and four girlfriends? They won‟t have anything. Who knows what they
will do out of poverty? [Clint?] is probably waiting there to steal them from me.)
O mga NPA samot. Ihatod mo sa gukod. Sukol mo‟g China? Ah wala. Usa ra na ka missile bungkag nang
bukid. Wa pagyuy panahon ilubong. Maigo mo‟g kanyon, wala na. Aso mo pangitaon? Kita ka anang
atomic bomb sa Nagasaki. Pagbuto, limpyo gyud. Wa kay makit-ang building. Wa gani kay makitang
kugon. Dili na basta-basta ingon-ana. Mao na kamo, di gyud mo mudaog. Giingnan ta mo di gyud mo
muadog maski‟g unsa. Magsige lang mo‟g patay, magsige mo‟g panghasi, magkasinabot mo.
(TRANSLATION: The NPAs are worse. They‟ll lead you right into the chaos. Ah wala. The mountains will
be blown to pieces with just one missile. There will be no burials because if the moment you get hit,
wala na. Where will we look for your body parts? You saw that when the atomic bomb hit Nagasaki,
everything was wiped out. No buildings were in sight. That is why you will never ever win. I have told
you before that you will never win in anything. You will just keep on killing and terrorizing people. That
is the only thing that you agree on.)
Katong diri Sagay nag-ilog pagyud, gipasanginlan pagyud ang gobyerno. Unsa may labot namong y***
nang inyong…? Kamo ra may gapinusilay diha kay kanang NPA og way resolution, patay. Gihuwat mo
nako. Mutuo mo anang NPA, tuo mo anang Sison. Huna-huna man lang na ni Sison. Basa siya‟g libro ni
Lenin unya naa ngari, unya ang iyang interpretasyon didto sa iyang gibasa mao nay mensahe para niya
sa mga tao.
(TRANSLATION: They were fighting over a piece of land here in Sagay and then blamed the government
for it. What have we got to do with that? You are the only ones killing each other there because with the
NPAs, if they don‟t reach a resolution, they kill. But I waited for you. You chose to believe the NPA and
you chose to believe Sison. It is all in Sison‟s brain. He read a book by Lenin and he shared his
interpretation of that with the people.)
Kamo pung mga NPA, mura pud mo‟g buang, mutuo pud mo nila armed struggle. Sige nalang ta‟g patay
pirmi. Singkwenta‟y tres anyos. Think about it. Sleep on it. Tutuki na kay gahunahuna ana. Fifty-three
years inyong gikalas inyong kinabuhi. Inyong mga anak nidako. Nangamatay nalang mo, ilubong mo diha
sa lasang, wa kahibaw, wa na gani makakita ang inyong anak og unsay inyong istura.
(TRANSLATION: You NPAs must have lost your mind when you believed in the armed struggle. We will
just keep on killing each other then. Fifty-three years. Think about it. Sleep on it. For 53 years so many
lives were wasted. You will die and get buried in the forest. Your children will grow up not even knowing
what you look like.)
Mahadlok mong muadto‟g barangay kay makit-an mo‟g military. Inyo dayong kuan nga patyon mo.
Kinsa --- kanus-a ko nagsugo sa military nga ihawon mo‟g makit-an mo? Pulis. Og mao nay ila, di wala
nay nadakpan, wala nay nisurrender (surrender).
(TRANSLATION: You don‟t want to go down to the village because you are scared that you will seen by
the military. You think that when they see you, they‟ll kill you. Whoever ordered the military and police
to do that? If that is so, then no arrests would have been made and no one would have surrendered.)
Ang --- ang Army, ang military mutuo na sa ako. Daghan --- kita ka pagsuroy nako akong Cabinet
members puro military na. Puro mag-salute na sila. Agi na‟g mga general. Og unsay isulti nako niadto ni
Lorenzana kay sa Davao man na siya, iyang gina sunod maski‟g mayor lang ko. Karon pa kahang
Presidente ko?
(TRANSLATION: The military obey me. Most of the members of my Cabinet are from the military. They
are generals. Lorenzana does whatever I instruct him to do as he always has when he was assigned in
Davao. He followed me even when I was just a mayor. How much more now that I am President?)
Ayaw mo'g ingon nga gikuha ko na sila kay mahadlok ko nga... Nganong mahadlok man ko nila nga
pareho mi trabahante sa gobyerno? Ang mga taong --- ang mga taong Pilipino ang gapili nako, dili sila.
So kitang tanan magsilbi ta sa gobyerno hasta ko. Wala ta'y amo. Ako ray gadala sa tempo, pero wa ko
manghilabot nga muatake sila diha kay na... Eh problema na…
(TRANSLATION: I didn‟t appoint them because I am scared of… Why would I be scared when we are all
the same workers of government? I was chosen by the Filipino people, not them. So we are all just
workers of government. We don‟t have a boss. My job is to lead the country, but I never interfered with
that because it‟ll be another problem.)
To maintain peace and order. Di kamo gyud gukdon ana. Karon, di pud ko kasulting ayaw patya na kay
gagunit ka'g armas, ang akong order sa ilaha pusila. Shoot to kill gyud na basta mag gunit ka'g armas.
(TRANSLATION: To maintain peace and order. So they will really go after you. I can‟t order them to
refrain from killing you when you are armed. My marching order is to shoot to kill for those who are
Kay og di ko na anaon madugay ta. [garbled] maayo'g inyong buhi-an na inyong armas. Magstorya ta'g
ingon ani, unya magbahin pa ta'g yuta. Naa pa ba'y gobye --- marami pa bang lupa ang gobyerno diyan?
Naa pa bay yuta na... may lupa pa ba na pwede nating --- gobyerno, dito. Ha? [official answers]
(TRANSLATION: Because if I don‟t do that, it will take an even longer time for us to finish this. It would
be better if you drop your guns and talk. Let‟s talk about how we‟re going to distribute the lands.
Marami pa bang lupa ang gobyerno diyan? May lupa pa ban a pwede nating --- gobyerno, dito. Ha?)
Ihatag na nila ang bukid. Kanang kinatas-ang bukid ihatag nila. Di man lalim mag-daro'g bukid.
[applause] Ah sige'g
pakpak, lingkod diha. [laughter] Pakpak pakpak mong y*** unya human mamusil og tao. [laughter]
Ihatag --- ibigay mo pati 'yung bukid. Walang --- walang… Sabihin mo sa DENR, si -- "We convert
government lands into forestal man na." So ipa-convert og agriculture.
(TRANSLATION: They will distribute the lands in the mountains. You will have the topmost part of the
mountains. Plowing land is not an easy task. Ah you keep on clapping. Just remain seated. You clap now
and then shoot someone later. Ibigay mo pati „yung bukid. Walang --- walang… Sabihin mo sa DENR, si --
- “We convert government lands into forestal.” So we‟ll convert it to agricultural land.)
Kanang Boracay. Kanang Boracay ninyo. --- Akong gipalimpyuhan. Og sibilyan na… (I had Boracay
cleaned up. But if it were civilians who took charge..) I do not mean to offend government workers
neither am I condemning the structure sa... Pero having been mayor for the last 23 years sa Davao, di
gyud na masunod og ihatag nimo sa empleyado. "Yes, sir.”
“Trabahua na." (The tasks when given to civilians are rarely ever completed. “Yes, sir.” “Work on that.”)
Tingi-tingi, trabahuon lang na'g buntag. Pagkahapon, magsuroy na. Paghuman sa noon break, diretso na
sinehan. Anak ng p***. Di na mubalik. "Hain na man tong gipabuhat nako nimo?" “Hapit na, sir.”
(TRANSLATION: They‟ll work on it a little in the morning, but in the afternoon they‟ll go out. After the
noon break they go to the cinema to watch a movie. Anak ng p***. And then they won‟t come back
anymore. “How‟s the task that I made you do?” “I‟m almost done with it, sir.”)
Mao napura ako. Mao na tanan akong gipanguha military. Kay pag-ingon nako, "Boracay, hugaw.
Limpyohi." Pagkahuman giingnan nako kay naa ma'y problema kay manukol man, naay mga lisensya
sugal, ingon ko --- gipadala nako si Año. Ana ko, "Adtua ni ngadto."
(TRANSLATION: So I got fed up with it. And that is the reason why all the men I appointed are from the
military. I just said, “Boracay is dirty. Clean it up.” And then there was a problem with those who
resisted because they claim to have a license to operate their gambling business, so I sent Año there to
fix it.)
Gilansang ang ilang --- ilansang sa krus na mga buang na. Ingon sila naay mga kontrata. Ah way kontrata-
kontrata. Dili ko gusto'g sugal. Kahibaw ka'g ngano? Pag naay sugal, kaning mga kriminal, ana magtapok.
Ang pulis ana magtapok unya magsige'g pangayo.
(TRANSLATION: You should crucify them. They said they have contracts. Ah walang contratacontrata. I
will not allow gambling to operate there. Do you know why? Because when there is gambling, the
criminals will be there as well as the police who want to extort.)
Ang kanang uban, huwaton na lang mudaog, pag-uli, kidnapon (kidnap) kay daog, kuhaon ang kwarta.
Tawgan pa ang pamilya para... Mao na di ko gusto'g sugal. Wala koy problema sa sugal. Ang problema
nako, the attendant --- events that would exist or generate diha sa sugalan. Eh Manila na Manila ang
y*** di namo ma-control.
(TRANSLATION: Some of them will wait for someone to win. And when the gambler is on his way home,
they will kidnap him and take his money. They will even call his family to ask for… That is why I do not
want gambling to operate there. My problem is the succeeding events that would exist or generate from
the gambling operations. We can‟t even control Manila.)
Ako, giingan nako si Secretary Año nga kuhaa, tangtangan nang pulis, di ko gusto kakita nang pulis anang
mag-sugal, mag-parking-parking. Mao nang mangayo.
(TRANSLATION: I ordered Secretary Año to ban police officers from gambling sites. I don‟t want to see
police officers gambling and parking outside the buildings. That is when they start to extort.)
Balik ta didto sa problema nato. Dong, ang kaning inyo ba. Nagkasinabot na ba ta? Way nitando. Kuhaa
na'g balik tong titulo be.[laughter] T*** i**** y***. [laughter] Wa man ta magkasinabot diri. Ibalik na.
Nagkasinabot ba ta? [Crowd: Oo]
(TRANSLATION: Now let‟s go back to the problem at hand. So, did we reach an understanding here?
Nobody nodded yes. Take those land titles back. Son of a b***. If we don‟t reach an understanding
here, give it back. So, have we reached an understanding now?)
Unya di na mo mubalik ngadto sa kalihukan? O, way tubag. [laughter] Naa gyuy maembargohan ani'g
titulo. P***. [laughter] Di mo? Ihatag nako didto sa tao ni o. Bitaw. Lisod na. Ayaw ko'g binuangi. Kay
ako guy ga --- naningkamot ko, mulupad ko ngari. Kalayo ba ning y*** ning Sagay. [laughter]
(TRANSLATION: You will no longer go back to the movement? O, there‟s no response. We will really take
back some land titles here. P***. Ayaw niyo? I‟ll give this to someone else instead. But don‟t fool
around because I will be the one to personally… I made a huge effort to come here. Sagay is very far.)
Anhi na gyud ko kay gusto ko makita kay naay nagpinusilay ngari, gailog sa yuta. Ang p***** i**, di pa
gyud ilang yuta, gaapil-apil ang NPA. Mao na'y kadaot ana nila. Sila na kuno'y magsugo okupasyon, dili
man ko musugot ana. P***** i**, ingnan ko ang military patya na.
(TRANSLATION: I really came here because I wanted to see who were the ones who fought over a piece
of land. Those sons of b******. It wasn‟t even their land. The NPAs are meddling again. That‟s what I
really don‟t like about them. They said they are the ones who decided to occupy a property, but I won‟t
let that happen. P***** i** I will tell the military to kill them.)
Nganong mangilog mo? Mura man na'g holdup. Paghuwat mo'g gusto nimo kanang dagko. Ato nang
bahin-bahinon. Makasabot na ang mga dato. Eh kanang Katoliko. There is always a time to be a
landowner and a big billionaire and a time just for a simple life.
(TRANSLATION: Why will you steal lands? You should wait if you want to have big lands.
We‟ll divide that properly. The rich ones and the Catholics will understand. There is always a time to be
a landowner and a big billionaire and a time just for a simple life.)
Baw-an ninyo, kamo bang mga dato, paghatag ana niadto, panahon sa Katsila, nangabot pud ning
p***** i**** mga langyaw. Mao nang galagot ko ana nila. When they came here and stayed in our
country for almost 400 years and lived off the fat of the land, mao nay sakit diha.
(TRANSLATION: You know, when the rich ones acquired these lands, it was during the time of the
Katsila. Then the foreigners came. And that is why I am angry at them because they came here and
stayed in our country for almost 400 years and lived off the fat of the land. That‟s the painful thing
about it.)
Kadtong mga friar, kaning mga pari, mao nang gitawag kanang Novaliches diha. Pari na. Quezon City.
Friar lands. Pero wala. Naay pari niadto pero wa pa man puy tao. They have to survive mao na nga
nagkuha sila'g tenant pero sa ilaha na. Ila na.
(TRANSLATION: The friars, the priests. That‟s why it came to be called Novaliches. It belonged to the
priests. Quezon City. Friar lands. Pero wala na. There were priests then but at that time the population
was small. But they have to survive, so they started to take in tenants, but the money goes to them
Karon, kaning mga simbahan, kaning simbahan kinahanglan ma-realize nga naay panahon sa you know,
naay panahon nga easy ang kinabuhi. Pero muabot pud ang panahon --- kay daghan na kaayo'g tao eh.
Mura ta'g balay nga balay gibuhat diha nga payag-payag lang para lang sa usa ka pamilya.
(TRANSLATION: The church needs to realize that there is a time where you live comfortably, but there is
also a time that… The world is becoming more populated. It is like a simple nipa hut that one family lives
Sa usa ka pamilya, ang Pilipino, on the average diri sa bukid, unom. But diha sa urban, siyudad, kay way
panahon, di manganak mao nang duha, tulo. Mao na kamo, pandugang sa kaning akong panghinabi sa...
Ayaw mo pag-anak og daghan.
(TRANSLATION: The average number of children of Filipino families in the mountains is six.
But here in the city, people don‟t have a lot of spare time, so they only have two or three. So you
shouldn‟t have too many children.)
Ako, maluoy ko sa tao. Maluoy ko sa tao magtan-aw gahubo way sanina. Magtan-aw ko sa Pilipinong
magdako nga walay balay, mutan-aw ko walay kaon nga maayo, unya magsakit, way tambal.
(TRANSLATION: I feel sorry for the person. I feel sorry when I see a child walking around naked, or when
I see a Filipino grow up without a house, without adequate food. When they get sick, they can‟t afford
to buy medicine.)
So akong --- daghan kong gisaad ninyo. Giingan ta mo nga libre ang edukasyon. Naa nay balaod. Libre na
ang edukasyon. Unsa pa may inyong gihuwat? [applause] I-enroll inyong anak. Kanang inyong kita sa
inyong yuta, mao na kay ako, wala ko, di ta mo hilabtan. Di ko mukobra ninyo. Ay wa koy ikabayad.
(TRANSLATION: I promised you a lot of things. I promised you that education will be free. So now there
is a law that made education free. What else are you waiting for? Send your children to school.)
Mao niingon ko free universal health care. [applause] Libre na ang hospital. Akong gituman. Unya
niingon ko na ang Pantawid, dugangan ko pa na. Naa koy bag-o sa DSWD. [applause] Tanan gibuhat na
(TRANSLATION: And then I promised you free universal health care. Libre na ang hospital. I stayed true
to my promise. I also promised you that I will increase the budget for the Pantawid. I have fulfilled all
those promises.)
Kahinumdom mo? Pagkampanya, wala ko'y giingnong mga infrastructure kay wa koy siguro og inig
kadaog nako og unsay akong maabot. So niingon lang ko irrigation, libre na ang irrigation. Ang una
nakong balaod, libre ang irrigation. [applause]
(TRANSLATION: Did you remember that? When I campaigned, I didn‟t say anything about
infrastructures because I wasn‟t certain of what I would be able to do if I do win.
Unsa pa ma'y inyong gusto? Kamo mga laki, gusto mo‟g mga asawang ika- duha, ihatag nako ninyo.
[laughter] Kamo mga asawa, binuangan mo sa inyong bana, hibaw ka'g unsay buhaton ninyo? Pabukal.
Pagbukal, kana gyung kulo, ibuhos sa otin ug itlog anang y*** na na. Inig ka ayo ana, magpilit-pilit.
[laughter] Murag monster. Mao nay buhaton ninyo inyong bana mga buang.
(TRANSLATION: What else do you want? To the men here, if you want a second wife, I‟ll give you a
second wife. For the women, if your husbands fool around, pour boiling water on his penis and balls.
When it heals, it will look like a monster. That‟s what you should do to your cheating husbands.)
Pero og naay daghang kwarta… So kani napung pikas atong patagaan og mga... Wa man gyud katilaw sila
og mga... Naa pay diri mga drug lord. P***** i** niya. Tag-duha ang Lamborghini. Kinsa may makapalit?
Wa ko kakita sa Davao naay Lamborghini. Duha kabuok. Mga dato. Naay balay ngadto sa Switzerland.
Naay... T*** i** ninyo, bantay mo.
(TRANSLATION: But if there is plenty of money, the next beneficiaries would be… They have never got a
taste of… There are drug lords here. P***** i** niya. They have two Lamborghinis. Who can afford to
buy that? I never saw a Lamborghini in Davao. Maybe just two. They are very rich and they even have a
house in Switzerland. T*** i** ninyo, bantay kayo.)
Ingnan ta mo undang. Kung di mo muundang… Giingnan ta mo, if you destroy my country, I will kill you.
Para na sa Human Rights, di na para inyo. Ug kanang ibaligya ninyo, ipakaon niyo sa among anak, laki ug
babae ang bata, p***** i**, hiritan ta gyud mo. Hiritan taka. Hoy, wa ko manghadlok o. Sinasabi ko 'yan
(TRANSLATION: I told you to stop. If you don‟t… If you destroy my country, I will kill you. This is for the
Human Rights, not for you. But if you sell it and feed it to your own children, boys and girls alike, p*****
i** I will really go after you. Hoy, I‟m not threatening you. I have already told you this before.)
Og di mo mutuo, eh „di p***** i**, mao na inyong gusto. You asked for it, I'll give it to you. Ayaw nang
butang nga makadaot sa akong isig kataong
Pilipino. So buhii na. Daghang kwarta na pero ang pamaagi ana, luoy kaayo.
(TRANSLATION: If you don‟t believe me, eh „di p***** i** if that is what you want. You asked for it, I‟ll
give it to you. Don‟t do something that will destroy my fellow Filipinos. So give it up. There is a lot of
money there but the means is wrong. I feel very sorry for you.)
All you have to do og may kontra ka, lima ana, ang tatay, nanay, mga anak, taga-i ang anak ani og shabu.
Guba na ang pamilya. Guba na. Og daghan nga Pilipino nga tagaan ninyo'g ana sa squatter, duol-duol og
balay, remember nga ang kaning tatay og maigo na sa shabu, inutil na na. Mag ya --- magligid nalang na
diha, maglingkod sa mga kanto-kanto kay mangita og shabu. Og wala nay makuhang kwarta, unya
musakay na nang unggoy paak-paakon imong likod, ang epekto sa shabu ba og magilo ka na.
(TRANSLATION: All you have to do if you have an enemy is give one of his children shabu. The family will
be destroyed. And if you give shabu to a lot of families in the squatters area, remember that if the head
of the family is hit by shabu, he is rendered inutile. He will just sit in a corner and look for shabu. The
effect of shabu feels like a monkey is riding on your back, biting you.)
It's a monkey riding on your back. Kitkiton ka, mao nang mangita ka'g kwarta, ibaligya nimo kaldero,
tanan hasta ang babaeng anak p***** i**, ibaligya pa gyud para makashabu lang. Pagkahuman ana,
high na, makainom na, mang-rape. Mao na. Mang-rape unya patyon pa gyud pagkahuman kawatan.
(TRANSLATION: It‟s a monkey riding on your back, biting you, so you will be forced to look for money.
You will sell your kitchenware, everything you own, even your own daughter just so you can take shabu.
And after that, when you are drunk and high, you will rape. You will rape her, kill her, and then steal
from her.)
Og di na magukod sa gobyerno kay daghan ra kaayo. Nagkalat na eh. Wala koy army ug pulis ibutang
nako kada kanto diri para bantayan. Naa ko'y problema sa Mindanao. Naa pa nang ISIS karon ug mga
Abu Sayyaf. Naa pa ning mga komunista diri, kusog kaayo mo.
(TRANSLATION: The government can catch all of them because there are just too many of them.
Nagkalat na eh. I don‟t have too many soldiers and policemen that I can just assign to patrol every
corner of the street. I have a problem in Mindanao. There is ISIS and the Abu Sayyaf. Then there are the
communists here.)
Pare, nakikinig kayo ngayon. Ano ba namang klaseng 53 years? Wala naman kayong nagawa. Maraming
namatay na Pilipino. Tatay, nanay. Paano na 'yung mga anak? And for what? For 53 years, wa mo na
ani? So kinahanglan na pud mo'g 50 years para mag-giyera ta? (So do you need another 50 years of
war?) Is that what you want?
Ang gobyerno, di na mahutdan og kwarta. Sige pangolekta'g taxes, so we continue to fight. Then in the
process, we add more widows, mga biyuda. Mga anak na di na ka-eskwela, way tatay ug nanay. Naay
mga anak nga babae mamuta nalang para maka --- mabuhi. Ana man na. Prangkaprangka ta. Mao ni
inyong gusto?
(TRANSLATION: The government will never run out of money because it collects taxes. So we continue
to fight. Then in the process, we add more widows, orphaned children who will drop out of school.
Some daughters will be forced to enter the sex trade just to be able to live. Prangkahan tayo. Is this
what you want?)
Pero nahibaw ko sa problema. Kay kaning gobyerno, p***** i**, hiwi gyud ni. Pero ako, muprangka ko.
Daghan na kong gipahawa nga Cabinet me --- hiwi gyud. Mao nang bantayan nimo.
(TRANSLATION: But I know the problem. The government has a lot of shortcomings. I‟ll say this to you
frankly. I have ordered the dismissal of several Cabinent members. That is what you have to watch out
Pagkahuman, ang kaning farmer, ang molo gyud ana, muingon gyud na, "Mayor, abono lang unta og
seedlings." Kung maghatag ka'g kabaw, kausa ka --- maigo ra ihatag nang bukid. Didto sa taas ang kabaw
magkatkat. Sunod siya. Pero pagkahagbong sa kabaw, siya'y musalo. Pero kinahanglan na sila'g kabaw
gyud. So mamalit ta'g kabaw kay pag-abot sa piyesta, ila nang ihawon. [laughter] P***. B*** s*** ninyo.
(TRANSLATION: Then the farmer will ask for seedlings. They need a carabao too. But if we give them a
carabao, he‟ll take the carabao to climb up the mountains. But if the carabao falls, he‟ll be the one to
catch it. But they really need a carabao, so let‟s buy carabaos for them but only for them to roast it in
their town fiesta. P***. B*** s*** ninyo.)
"Hain man ning kabaw nga akong gihatag nimo?" "Giihaw namo, mayor, kay piyesta man gud." "Unya?"
"Unya nagpabunyag pa mi kay niabot man ang pari." Ay p***** i**** pari-a ka. Bunyag-bunyag. Eh di
wa nay pagkaon.
(TRANSLATION: “Where‟s the carabao that I gave you?” “We roasted it, mayor, because it‟s the fiesta.”
“And then?” “And we celebrated a christening because the priest arrived.” Ay p***** i** kang pari ka.
Eh „di there was no more food left.)
Ayaw mo'g tuo anang relihiyon ninyo oy. Tuo lang nako. B*** s***. Basaha sa newspaper, naa na puy
pari nga Pilipino nademanda. Four years ago nahitabo iyang gi-rape ang bata, karon dako na. Nipiyak na.
Pilipino ha. Kadtong usa ngari, tung four years old nga iyang gi... Unya muingon dayon nga muanha sa
simbahan, mangasaba pa.
(TRANSLATION: Don‟t believe in your religion. B*** s***. Read the newspaper. Another Filipino priest
was sued for raping a child four years ago. She spoke up about the assault now that she‟s older. There‟s
another case involving a priest and a four-year-old child. But he still holds masses and gives sermons.)
"Ang katarungan atong sundon nga kita mga Kristyanos mabuhi sa matarong nga panginabuhi.
Dili ta mangawat, dili ta mangremedyo'g babae, pero kami usahay, mao nay among buhaton.
[laughter] Pero pari man mi, pasagdi lang mi." [laughter] Eh inyong pari ngari. Pareha ra man ta.
You better think. There is God. Naay Ginoo. Walay problema na. Kamong mga komunista naay Ginoo.
Pero pwede mo mudiretso sa iya.
(TRANSLATION: “Let us follow the right path that we Christians may live righteously. We shall not steal
nor rape, but we are exempted from that rule because we are priests. Just let us be.” You better think.
There is God. You communists have a God. You can pray directly to him.)
Kamong mga babae labi na, ayaw na mo muduol-duol anang mga pari kay ang --- kanang man iyang…
Pagduol ninyo gasimhot-simhot na na sa imong lawas. Pag makanto ka diha sa simbahan, patay ka.
Pangulitawhan ka dayon. Kahibaw ka og ngano? Laki man gud.
(TRANSLATION: The women should refrain from going near the priests because when you are near him,
he will just smell the scent of your body. And if he corners you in the church, patay ka, he will court you.
Do you know why? It‟s because he is a man.)
Unya ang Ginoo, gibutangan man nimo'g otin. Unsaon man na nila? Ilang ibunal-bunal diha sa purtahan
kada buntag? [laughter] Ang nasayop, kana ang Ginoo. Dili kita. Iyang gibuhat ang paradise --- paraiso.
Ingon dayon siya, "Gwapo akong gibuhat." Pero wa may tao. Buhat niya si Adam. O 'di okay na, naa nay
tao. Okay na unta to maski puro --- dungagan niya'g laki. Puro lalaki haron magpatay ta ani‟g unsay
atong buhaton.
(TRANSLATION: God gave him a penis. What will they do with that? Will they slap it against the door
every morning? God was the one who made a mistake there, not us. He created paradise. He created
Adam. That would have sufficed already because there was man. Or he could have added more men so
that they‟ll just kill each other if they don‟t agree on what to do.)
Iyaha mang gitagaan og babae. Unya ang babae may bisong, wa na. Tapos. [laughter] Oo, bitaw.
Prangka-prangka pagkasulti. Wala ko magbinuang. 'Di ba? Og wala siya magbutang og babae ug nganong
--- unya?
(TRANSLATION: But he created a woman. The woman has a vagina. Eh „di wala na, tapos. Oo, that‟s
true. Frankly speaking. I‟m not joking with you. „Di ba? If he didn‟t create a woman --- what for?)
Wa ko kasabot aning relihiyon sa mga ulol. Ang ahas iyang gitawag. Ingon sa Ginoo, "Psst, ta, ngari." Ana
pung ang ahas ngadto, ana siya, "Unsa man, part?" [laughter] "Naa nay --- na koy napalit nga apple sa
China, dagko eh. Naa pay cover nga Styrofoam. Ihatag ni Eva. Tintala ang mukaon."
(TRANSLATION: I don‟t understand the religion of these fools. He called the snake. “Psst, come here.”
The snake then asked, “What is it?” “I bought an apple from China. It‟s huge and covered with
Styrofoam. Give it to Eve and tempt her to eat it.”)
Adto pung ahas. Gibag-od bag-od siguro didto sa bugan ni Eva. Nakita si Eva, gikaon.
Pagkahuman, namata siya --- namata si Adam. Unsa iyang gibuhat? Nikao'g apple. "Lami?" "O lami." "O
sige, tilawi o."
(TRANSLATION: The snake then followed the orders. He probably slithered his body against
Eve‟s vagina. Eve saw the apple and ate it. Then Adam woke up and ate the apple as well. “Does it taste
good?” “Yes, it does.” “Here, have some.”)
Wa na. Dili ang Diyos. Dili man na mao ang istorya sa kalibutan. Og ikaw, buhaton nimo na? Unya
pagkahuman nimo sa… Ang tanan sukad niadto, ang tanang mabuhi, may original sin na. Nah, naloko na.
Si Adam ug Eve ray gatsuk-tsak diha [laughter] karon pagkahuman original sin na tang tanan. Unsa ma'y
sala nako? Sila ray gakuan unya...
(TRANSLATION: That‟s not God‟s handiwork. That‟s not the real story of how earth came to be. Would
you do that? And from then on, everyone who will be born into this world will be born with the original
sin. Nah, naloko na. It was just Adam and Eve who had sex there. So why are we all born with the
original sin? What did I do wrong?)
Ayaw mo'g tuo anang heaven and hell. Mao man nay panghadlok. Niadto gud mga nomadic tribes nga --
- sa desert ba. Panahon diha, 3,000 years ago gud. Ayaw‟g ingna mas bright na nato. (TRANSLATION:
Don‟t believe in heaven and hell. They only use that to scare you. The nomadic tribes in the desert,
some time 3,000 years ago, may be smarter than us.)
Mao nang ilang panghadlok, naay impyerno. Unya didto ka pagkamatay nimo, maluto ka. Padunggon ta
mo kay mao man nang istorya. Maluto ka ngadto. Pero kung buotan ka, tua ka sa langit. O karon, pareho
(TRANSLATION: That is what they use to scare us, the concept of hell. They say that if you go there when
you die, you will burn. You will burn in hell. But if you are kind, you will go to heaven.)
Kani si Galvez, upaw-upaw na man gud na kaayo. Rolly Bautista, pogi. Nag-CO man ni sa Army kadyot.
Retire na, ako siyang gikuha. Unsa may imong buhaton ana‟g naa? Papilion ka: Langit o impyerno?
(TRANSLATION: Galvez is balding. Rolly Bautista, pogi. He used to be a commanding officer in the Army.
He‟s retired now. So I appointed him. What will you do when you are faced with two choices: Heaven or
Pagtan-aw nimo sa langit, puro anghel. Pero kalapati diha ga... Naa San Pedro, p***** i**, gasige‟g kuan
sa iyang manok murag buang. Naa bay manok ngadto sa... Istoryang basa ba. Unya didto ka sa
(TRANSLATION: When you go to heaven, you will see a lot of angels. There are doves. You will see Saint
Peter, the son of a b**** who is always carrying his chicken like a crazy person.
It‟s a foolish story.)
Di, mangutana ko ninyo. Asa man ang daghang pinakagwapa sa kalibutan? Maimpyerno o adto sa langit?
Pangutan-on ta mo. Ang mga babae, kamo, kamo. Kamo, kamo diha. Ayaw'g ingna. Malangit mo? Ah sus
kana inyong mga... Puro gwapa. Mura pug mga...
(TRANSLATION: Let me ask you a question. Where can you find the most number of beautiful women? Is
it heaven or hell? The women here. Are you sure you will go to heaven?)
Mutan-aw ko sa.... Murag daghang bigaon. [laughter] Tiaw ra na. Kani o totoo na. Mayo, maayo wala na.
Ingon sila na… Naa ba guy gi --- Ka-estupido ba nimong y***. Mao nang ako, dili na ko --- naa koy Ginoo
nga it is the universal mind.
(TRANSLATION: I‟m looking at the crowd. There seems to be plenty of flirtatious women. But I‟m just
joking. But this one is true. They say… You are one stupid fool. And that is why I have a God and it is the
universal mind.)
We call him God the Father. Usa ray akong Ginoo kay og walay Ginoo with the billions and millions to
millions, trillions of heavenly bodies, dugay ra tang gabangga. Dugay ra ning natapos ning kalibutana ni.
So somebody there must be in control. And somebody must also who control the lives of people.
(TRANSLATION: We call him God the Father. I believe in God because if there is no God, with the billions
and millions to millions, trillions of heavenly bodies, the earth would have been destroyed years ago. So
somebody there must be in control. And somebody must also --- who controls the lives of people.)
How God acts on it? That is a mystery. Mao nang gitawag konsensya. Gamita imong konsensya. Ang
imong konsesnya nahibaw‟g unsay tarong, unsay hiwi, ug imong konsensya nahibaw'g unsay --- let me
find the proper Visayan idiom. Liki. Naay liki ang mga... Murag mga adik.
(TRANSLATION: How God acts on it? That is a mystery. That is what you call conscience. Use your
conscience. Your conscience knows what‟s wrong and what‟s right.)
So ayaw kaayo‟g pasobrahi ning pari. Baka kaning pari --- nahibaw mo sila'y gauna. Ako ani ha, ingna ang
pari there is a separation of church and state. Ang mga g**** p***** i** gina-atake ko sa pulpito using
the religion.
(TRANSLATION: So the priests shouldn‟t overstep their boundaries. You know that they started it first.
Tell them that there is a separation of church and state. The sons of b****** attack me in the pulpit
using the religion.)
Og ika'y pari gusto ko nimong atakehon, ayaw diri. Kay mao ni spokesman ug lamesa ni sa simbahan. Diri
ka, gawas. [steps away from podium] "Ako pari, wa ko maka-angay ni Duterte, gipatay niya nang mga
kriminal labi na ng mga durugista. Bilang Pilipino niprotesta ko, wa ko kaangay ana. Dapat ang Pilipino
(TRANSLATION: If you are a priest and you want to attack me, don‟t do it in the pulpit because this is the
spokesman, the table of the church. Step away from it. “I am a priest and I don‟t like Duterte because
he killed criminals especially the drug addicts. As a Filipino, I am protesting against him. The Filipinos
have the right to know.”)
Ayaw diri kay inig tubag nako, igo ni. Igo gyud nang simbahan. Mao nay nahitabo. Ingon sila nga
atakehong Duterte. Because you use religion, the pulpit, as your launching… Mao na diha.
(TRANSLATION: But don‟t do it in the pulpit because if you do, when I retaliate, the church will be hit as
well. And that is what happened. They say that they are being attacked by Duterte. Because if you use
religion, the pulpit as your launching… That‟s it there.)
Karon mag-misa ka, naa „to sila Trillanes „tong nag --- didto sa Senado. Pa-arte pud ning mga pari,
pasimpatiya-simpatiya, ingon ang pari didto nga, “Ginoo ko” --- homily --- nga “Si Duterte unta mamatay
na.” [laughter]
(TRANSLATION: But a mass was held. Trillanes was there in the Senate. The priests were dramatizing and
acting all sympathetic. One priest during a homily said, “My God, we hope that Duterte dies.”)
P***** i** ning pari-a. Mao „tong nanimalos ko. Ingon nako, “Kamong mga adik og wa moy kwarta ---
og makita mo‟g naay obispong galakaw nganha, Pangita‟g tubo, bunali sa ulo, kuhaa na ilang kwarta kay
ikaduhang kolektor na sa simbahan.‟”
(TRANSLATION: P***** i** kang pari ka. That is why I retaliated. I said, “To the addicts who don‟t have
money, if you see a bishop walking outside, hit his head with a pipe and take his money because he‟s
the second one in the church who takes the most money from the donations.”)
Moingon dayon sila, “Duterte, naa gani mamatay nga pari…” Eh kamo‟y gauna diha, pakialam ko‟g
kinsay muihaw ninyo. That is your problem because you started the idiotic narrative of --- about
somebody dying. Wishing me to die, mao nay diperensya.
(TRANSLATION: They‟re very quick to say, “Duterte, if a priest dies…” You started it first. I don‟t care
about who wants to kill you. That‟s your problem because you started the idiotic narrative of --- about
somebody dying, wishing me to die. That‟s the problem.)
So bugok man gud. Naa bay pari nga bright? Bugok na silang tanan. O kay‟g dil --- dili pa na bugok, „di na
mag-pari. Lamiman kang y*** laki ka, unya anha ka sa pari. Mag-sige ka‟g tan-aw sa gwapa unya „di ka
maka-diskarte, sus Ginoo. (TRANSLATION: It‟s because they are stupid. Is there an intelligent priest?
They are all stupid.
If they aren‟t stupid, they wouldn‟t enter priesthood. You are a man, but you chose to be a priest. You
keep on looking at all the beautiful women that you can‟t court. My God.)
Pag-abot didto sa imong kumbento ingnon nimong --- unsaon man nimo na? Ignon nimong ilaga.
[whistles] “Kitkita nalang ni kay wa na ni pag-asa.” [laughter] Ana man na. Now, if you do not like it I‟m
sorry but that is what I feel. Eh kamo„y gauna eh.
(TRANSLATION: In the convent, you call the mouse. “Nibble on this because there‟s no hope left.”
That‟s the way it is. Now, if you do not like it, I‟m sorry but that is what I feel. You started
Unya sila mamatay gani nang mga pari, ikaw gyuy pasanginlan. Kamo‟y gauna. Para nako --- bunalan mo
diha nah. O problema ninyo na. Niabot na man ta‟g pari ani pare, unsaon man nato ni? So sabot ta, naa
nang titulo ninyo. Ayaw na‟g ip --- o na. Ay kadtong kamong wa pa, paghuwat mo, magpa-survey pako.
(TRANSLATION: But if a priest dies, the first person they point their fingers at is me. You started it. I‟ll hit
you. O that is your problem. Oh, we are talking about priests now. So let‟s reach an understanding
about the land titles that you have now. For those who don‟t have one yet, just wait. I‟m still having
lands surveyed.)
Basta ang ako land reform, law and order, corruption. Giingnan ta mo kaning NPA apil ni sa law and
order, ug kanang mga hiwi nga opisyal nga corrupt. Ingnan ta mo karon, kasabot man mo‟g Bisaya. If
there is no law and order in this country, unya magsige ang graft and corruption, dili gyud ta mosaka.
Tuo lang mo nako. Dugay nako sa gobyerno.
(TRANSLATION: I promised to work on land reform, law and order, and corruption. I told you that thee
NPAs fall under the law and order category as well as the corrupt officials. I will tell you now since you
understand Bisaya. If there is no law and order in this country and if graft and corruption continue, we
will never progress. Believe me. I have been in the government for a long time.)
Ang Pilipinas magsige‟g kalutaw sa ka --- kapait. There has to be law and order unya ang tanan
mutrabaho, way corruption. Og wala na, do not expect the Philippines will ever, ever rise within the next
mga 40 decades. Pareha ta‟g Hongkong, pareha ta‟g unsa. Layo ra kayo.
(TRANSLATION: The Philippines will float in poverty. So there has to be law and order. And if everyone is
working, there will be no corruption. Without law and order, do not expect the Philippines will ever,
ever rise within the next 40 decades or that we will ever come close to being like Hong Kong.)
But we are an agricultural country. Ang unang gyu‟ng panginabuhi, ang kasing-kasing gadala sa pagka ---
ang mga naa sa yuta. So kamo maningkamot mo haron mabuhi pud ang Pilipino. The next thing karon is
mamalit ta man, mangita ta‟g kwarta. Mangutana kong Dominguez og naa.
(TRANSLATION: But we are an agricultural country. The first livelihood carried in the hearts of Filipinos is
tilling the land. So you have to work hard now in order for the Filipino to live. Th next thing to do is look
for money to purchase things that you need. I will ask Dominguez about it.)
Sige‟g palit bala, t***… Unsang… Undang na mo diha. Ako di ko mopalit og bala, sayangan ko sa kwarta.
So unsa? Sento traynta kada usa ka buto? Susmaryosep ninyo oy. Mamalit ta‟g abono, mga abono ug
seedlings. Mais. Ang ako --- ang akong pagkaon kay Cebuano akong papa eh, taga-Danao, mais.
(TRANSLATION: We just keep on buying bullets. You should stop fighting. I don‟t want to buy more
bullets. It‟s a waste of money. Every bullet fired is worth a hundred and thirty. Susmaryosep. We can
use that to buy fertilizers, seedlings, and corn. We ate corn because my father is from Danao, Cebu.)
Way kaso na, ang pobre basta gutom na kan-on na mais. Ako, akong amahan mais. Ako tagaDanao,
akong inahan taga-Marawi, iyang mama Maranao, iyang papa Chinese. Mao na ako usahay maadto ko sa
Muslim, Maranao pud ko.
(TRANSLATION: When the poor get hungry, they eat corn, just like my father. I am from Danao and my
mother is from Marawi. Her mother is Maranao while her father is Chinese. That is why when I am with
the Muslim, I become a Maranao too.)
Ana gihapon akong sinultihan sa ila. Kaya mao na, „pag… Ang akong papa na-gobernador sa Davao
niadtong 1957 to --- „tong na-Cabinet member siya gikuha siya ni Marcos. Mga two years --- 12 years.
Ang akong amahan --- usa pa ang Davao.
(TRANSLATION: I speak the same dialect. When my father became governor of Davao in 1957 to… He
was a Cabinet member. Marcos appointed him. Mga two years --- 12 years. Davao was
still one.)
Dako kaayo ng Davao niadto. Og moadto siya sa east coast didto sa Pacific side, magbarko pa siya.
Karon… Pero at that time, pagkamatay sa akong papa, gitunga nila ang Davao. Davao del Norte, del Sur,
Oriental, Occidental, ComVal Valley, Davao City, mao na.
(TRANSLATION: Davao was very big. If you go to the east coast in the Pacific side, you would have to ride
a ship. But at that time, when my father died, they divided Davao. It became Davao del Norte, del Sur,
Oriental, Occidental, ComVal Valley, and Davao City.)
Kana akong gisulti wa ko manghambog kay Presidente man ko, gobernador man lang „to akong amahan.
Buot pasabot nakahibaw ko sa problema ninyo. Mao bitaw nang „di ko gusto‟g away. Nidako ko‟g
pulitika eh.
(TRANSLATION: I‟m not bragging about it. I am President now and my father was governor. It means
that I know what your problem is. That is why I don‟t want a fight. I grew up in politics.)
Wala ma‟y politiko niadto sa amo --- ang akong amahan miingon, “Sige, fight ta ngadto. Patya na silang
tanang NPA diha.” Iya gyud nang hangyu-hangyuon. Kadtong mga rebelde nga B‟laan --- Bilaan na pero
ang tawag ana B‟la, B‟laan --- iyang gi… Na areglo niya. So nakakuha siya‟g pila ka ektarya, gihatag niya,
so okay na. Ang B‟laan sa Davao okay na.
(TRANSLATION: No politician including my father ever said, “Sige, let‟s fight and kill all the
NPAs.” He always tried to negotiate. There were rebels in B‟laan. He managed to solve the problem so
he was able to get many hectares of land. He gave it away, so okay na. Ang B‟laan sa
Davao okay na.)
Ana man lang na. Karon og wa ta‟y… Mangita, mangita ta. Gusto mo adto ta‟g lain lugar ihatod ta mo.
Pero „di ta mo biyaan hantod maka… Kay motabang lang ko kutob ra ngari, walay mahitabo sa inyo.
Tinuod na. Ayaw ko‟g bolaha nga kuan.
(TRANSLATION: That‟s the way it is. Now if we don‟t have… Let‟s find a source. If you want to visit
places abroad, I‟ll bring you there. But I‟m not going to leave you. Because if this is all the help that I
will extend to you, you won‟t be able to progress. That‟s true.)
So kinahanglan ka pa‟g payag-payag og asa man inyo --- ang imong yuta. Og kanang imong giugbokan
karon sa imong balay mao na, „di swerte nimo. Mangita pa ko sa ubang lugar, kanang kasilingan nalang
ninyo diri. Ako nang i-land reform, ihatag ko gyud na ninyo, kay mao gyud na‟y naa sa akong kasing-
(TRANSLATION: So you need to put up a nipa hut in your land. If you already have a nipa hut in your
land, you are lucky. I still have to look in other places near you. I will give the lands away through land
reform because that is what is truly in my heart.)
Kay kami naabot sa Davao, akong amahan pobre man „to. So nilangayaw sa Davao, unya nakita siya sa
akong mama --- maestra, puro teacher lang pud sila. Pero abogado siya, pero nagtudlo lang siya kay bag-
o pa. Lisod ang giagian nakong kinabuhi. Katilaw pa mi‟g demolish. Ang naghilak ang akong inahan ug
akong igsuong babae, kinamaguwangan --- kamaguwangan namo.
(TRANSLATION: When we arrived here in Davao, we were poor. Both my parents were teachers, but my
father was a lawyer. He taught when he was still new in the field. We had a difficult life. We experienced
having our house demolished. My mother and eldest sister were both crying.)
Wa ko kasabot niadto‟g nganong nihilak sila. Sige ko‟g tan-aw sa akong mama. Mao na nakasabot ko og
wa kay yuta. Nakasabot ko og usa ka lang ka mag-uuma o nag-uma ka‟g laing yuta.
(TRANSLATION: At that time I didn‟t understand why they were crying. I kept on looking at my mother.
That is why I understand how it feels to have no land. I understand how it feels to be a farmer of
another man‟s land.)
So kaning the rest of the Philippines I‟d like to --- it is the law and I will implement the law. Total naa
man na. Kung naa na, i-implementar natong balaod. Just follow the rule. Ang lisod man gud na you ---
musalikway ka sa… Naay patakaran eh, sunda ra nang patakaran. Naa kay reklamo, naa may cellphone,
(TRANSLATION: So with the rest of the Philippines I‟d like to --- it is the law and I will implement the law.
Total you are there. We can implement the law, just follow the rule. It would be difficult if you disobey.
But there are rules, so follow them. If there are complaints --- you were given a cellphone.)
Hain ba ning y***, si Bong? Nasa --- ah „di kasama si Bong? Ah nag-una sa rally. Ah politiko na „to. Pila --
- pila ba mong awardees tanan? Pila ni sila? Kani. Two thousand five hundred? Ah o sige. Mao ni atong
sabot. Mao ni akong saad karon.
(TRANSLATION: Where is Bong? Ah „di kasama si Bong? Ah he went ahead to the political rally. He‟s a
politician now. How many are the awardees here? Two thousand five hundred? Ah o sige. So this is our
agreement. And this is my promise to you.)
„Di ko mosaad og „di nako matuman. Og isulti gani nako sa publiko, pakamatyan ko gyud na.
Even I have to rot, I will do it basta mabuhian nako. Ihatag nako ang abono, tabangan ta mo‟g asa mo
ibutang, unya og nay palpak diha sa amo o problema nga dili ninyo masulbad --- og wa pa moabot ang
abono, ingnon nako sila paspas, paspas.
(TRANSLATION: I don‟t make promises that I can‟t keep. If I say it in public, I will fulfill that until my
dying day. Even if I have to rot, I will do it as long as I can fulfill it. I will give you fertilizers and I will teach
you how to use it. I‟m going to fast-track the distribution of fertilizers.)
Iyabo nang abono diha sa ila, ilubong na pud nang NPA og apil sa abono. [laughter] Kalagot nang y***.
Tagaan ta mo 2,000 plus --- 2,000 plus ni sila? [official answers: Yes sir] Tagaan ta mo‟g cellphone
[applause] aron motawag ka, nay number ihatag nako --- kanang number nako. Cell number nako. Hain
man si Bong? „Yung --- kuhaa diri sa pulis, pulis man ni. Saka ra ngari. Saka. Ibigay ninyo. Mao ni akong
pulis. O inyong pulis, hain? Pagwapahay. [laughter] Sige. O, kapitan ni sa pulis. [Ihatag na kanila]
(TRANSLATION: They will receive fertilizers. Bury the NPAs in those fertilizers. I will give you 2,000 plus. I
will give you cellphones. My phone number is there so you can call. Where is Bong? Get it from the
police here. This is my police. Where is yours? Let‟s see who is more beautiful. Sige. O, she‟s a police
Tagaan mo‟g ingon ani. Naa na tanan. Naa ngari, naa pa‟y presyo. Massage, body [one half?], massage
all the way. [laughter] Bakit nandito ito? [laughter] Ah wala, yaga-yaga ra na para malingaw ta. Sabot ta
mao na. Kay og dili, balikan ta mo diri. Palinyahon ta mo diha sa --- Armaliton (armalite) ta mong tanan.
Ako gyuy mangunay. Nagsabot na gud ta.
(TRANSLATION: I will give you this. The price is also included here already. Massage, body, one half,
massage all the way. Bakit nandito ito? Ah wala, I‟m just joking to make you laugh. That is our
agreement, okay? If you don‟t follow it, I will get back at you and shoot you with an armalite. I will be
the one to fire the first shot.)
So nanaad ko ninyo mao nang akong buhaton. Nituo mo nako? [Crowd: Oo] Wa kayo ko kadungog.
Nituo mo nako? [Crowd: Oo] Uto-uto man ning mga buang. [laughter]
(TRANSLATION: So I promised you that. Did you believe me? [Crowd: Yes.] I can‟t hear you. Did you
believe me? [Crowd: Yes.] You‟re all so naïve.)
Mao nay akong ibilin ninyong istorya. Tuuhi lang na kay nag gikan na sa --- mahilasan ko „pag -- gikan na
sa baba sa Presidente sa Pilipinas. Og gikan sa akong baba, ‟di gyud ko musugot nga mapalpak kay „di ko
gustong maulawan sa akong mga tao.
(TRANSLATION: That is my message to you. Believe it because even though it sounds arrogant, that
message came from the President of the Philippines. I will never allow my promises to fail because I
don‟t want to be embarrassed in front of the Filipino.)
I am a worker of government and I work for the people. Period na. Daghang salamat. (Thank you very
much) [applause]
--- END ---
Source: PCOO-PND (Presidential News Desk)

Presidential Communications Operations Office

Presidential News Desk



[Delivered at Heroes Hall, Malacañan Palace | 06 March 2019]

Kindly sit down. Salamat po.

Until today, so many billions are lost everyday because of corruption and I only have three pages to tell
you what is it all about. It does not say anything so I will just [laughter] read the salutations and proceed
on my own.

The Executive Secretary Medialdea and other members of Cabinet; His

Excellency Zhao Jianhua; officials and employees of the Office of the Presidential Anti-Corruption
Commission; fellow workers in government; other distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen

Let me relate to you or narrate two events which happened during the last four mounts. The first was a
command conference of all Armed Forces and Police officers. On that day, I was quite busy dismantling
the Board of Trustees of the Nayong Pilipino because of… Well, they went into a contract and without
any public bidding. And as everybody knows, I have always stressed bidding that is fair and just.

Wala ho silang bidding and on top of that is the Nayong Pilipino and they wanted… Well, they had this
contract already to invite a gambling casino. And so Nayong Pilipino is about Philippine heritage. That’s
what it says “nayong Pilipino”. And I simply cannot fathom why they would entertain a contract with a
gambling casino in that area.

And so I was not really feeling great when I arrived here for the --- in this room for the command
conference, I --- Sonny Dominguez passed many --- many --- a complaint about medicines purchases by
the AFP hospital, for the soldiers; and that there were some ghost deliveries in that file they gave me.

So I just lost my patience and I told the military and the police I am really very sad because kayo pa
naman ang pinagkatiwalaan ko to cover my back. And here you are this --- it’s not only about deliveries
but about money paying --- none for the soldiers. Sabi ko you, you --- you can f*** with anything huwag
‘yung medisina sa tao para gumaling and to think that it was really for the soldiers.

And so in my exasperation I said you know I am really very tired. I think my mindset now cannot absorb
so much for all of this. And so I said I would like to offer to you my resignation. If the four branches of
the Armed Forces and the Police --- Albayalde was there --- if you would stand up all of you, then that is
an indication that you want another president, then I will step down tonight.

And so nobody stood up. And so we just --- I let it pass and well I said I hope next time this will not
happen. It’s a very small document but it’s about a delivery which never came.

The second was about three weeks ago, we had a Cabinet meeting. It’s not about DAR or it’s about --- it
concerned an office in the DAR ---Department of Agrarian Reforms. And all my Cabinet was there
present. And there was this complaint that some of those applications for conversion came in in almost
two to three years. So I told Castriciones mag-gawaan mo ako ng simplified --- ‘yung ease of doing
business. Sinabi ko and show it to us during the Cabinet meeting because if I find it good, then I can
suggest the other departments to follow.

And when he started to show it --- though not his fault really. I am not blaming him. But the way the
bureaucracy is set up, it is really conducive to or for corruption to thrive. Ganun and Pilipinas and you
have to… You would need a radical change overnight if you want corruption to stop.

So I proceeded. About four pages full of requirements: clearance from the NIB, clearance from ---
waterworks, clearance from the LGUs. Nako patay na. Tapos clearance and clearance. He was talking, I
stoop up and I said that documents that you are suggesting to make things faster is not for me. It
belongs to two --- about two presidents from now.

With those requirements you will ensure corruption. And it would come naturally and automatic. Kung
ganun karaming clearances --- magkuha ng clearance sa waterworks, magkuha ka ng clearance sa ---
practically in all departments. You have to get a sort of a clearance from lahat na pat… Ang wala doon
ang Foreign Affairs lang. [laughter] Sabi ko, “Adre, I’m not listening to you because that is not my
concern. It cannot work on me because it would take you about two to three years to complete that.”

So I stood up and I said --- sinabi --- nandiyan sila Roy, sinabi ko sa kanila, “I want to resign and I feel
useless in this g**d**** building. Kung ganun lang naman huwag na ninyo akong idamay. I’m old and I
want to… I do not want exaltations or whatever. I just want simply to resign and rest.

At pagtindig ko sinabi ko because most of my --- there’s about an equal number of retired military
officers and the civilians. Parang almost hati na equally. Sabi ko sa kanila, I stood up and went out of
their own, “If I were you guys I’d stage a coup d’état tomorrow. Go ahead be my guest.”

Tapos doon na ako sa labas. Well of course Castriciones proceeded to rattle off the things that he
prepared. Pero ako no’n hindi na ako naniwala ng ganun so out of respect, pinagpaguran siguro ‘yan,
sabi ko just go ahead, sige. Pero hindi na ako nakinig. It’s b***s***.

So I just let it pass but maybe if I have time, I am so busy, I’d like to sit with the Executive Secretary and
maybe invite some guys from the Ombudsman and itong auditing office. And let’s agree on certain

Kasi ako naman sinabi ko noon “ipa-kidnap mo ‘yung mga taga sa auditing” kasi kung ano-ano na lang rin
ang pinaglalagay kasi. Iyong regulations nila nagpatong doon sa --- they add more and more regulations
and it dito nag… It could not really be corruption but it could be shortsightedness or plain, I will not
follow that because that is stupid.

Ganun eh regulation then you are hailed to the Sandiganbayan for gross violation of regulations. You
know you are not Congress. It is only Congress who can mete out imprisonments by law.

Pero ‘yang sa --- ‘yung ka regulation, regulation in relation to section… Mawawala talaga ang… Kaya
lahat ng mga auditors natin medyo may katok. [laughter] They are lost in a maze of so many
requirements, some are really stupid.

I do not want to insult them. I have healthy respect for… [Who is this guy Aguinaldo? Aguinaldo ba ‘yon
Bong?] Eh kaya sabi ko let’s simplify matters. Before the end of the year I will just suggest and if it is
accepted by all fine, if not then… Gusto kong isali ‘yung Congress. Marami kasing nasasabit diyan sa
‘yung ganun.

Then at the end of the year, they would say that you have to --- you have to reimburse government. Eh
p***** i** nagastos ko na. Saan ako maghanap ng pera? Those are the… Kagaya ako it’s SCRA 19 page
91, Duterte versus Sandigan. Kasi ito sila at noon if you want to buy computers on the local level, you
have to go to Manila for permission.

I do not really see the rationale of these requirements. But some stupid enterprising guys would just
come up and to make money. What for? Kasi pupunta pa kami dito, get those requirements, and you
have to spend money following up considering the monster of traffic that you have to deal with.

Now they wanted us to buy a computer that was something like 24,000 a piece. Itong akin naman it was
sold by a Korean, ganun rin. Puro made in Asia naman lahat ‘yon at 12, almost half. Sabi ko hindi ako
magbili niyang ano mo.

Sabi, it’s good, it’s durable ah… Istorya lang ‘yan. Nasisira naman lahat ‘yan.
So I did not. So I proceeded.
But then on the other hand, the lawyer and me says that well mukhang magko-comprise na lang siguro.
But I signed the contract pero na-withdraw ko. Alam mo idenemanda ako ng COA. And the guy there sa
Sandi --- the
Ombudsman went back and forth. And to think that he had the gall to ask me to pay for his hotel bills
and all.
Ikaw naman, pagka gusto mo, sila ang mga ano ko, sabi ko ayaw ko. Kung magbayad ako sa hotel nila
p***** i** papatayin ko na lang ‘yang y*** na ‘yan. It’s cheaper. [laughter] Oo, totoo. Totoo, isang bala
lang ‘yan tumba niyan. There will be a crescendo of complaints. Pero --- but after that, three or four
days, wala na nakalimutan na ‘yan.

Well anyway, I --- they filed the case. Sabi ko “Good, then I’ll tell the
Supreme Court the truth.” Tapos Sandigan --- it was filed with the Sandigan. I filed the motion to dismiss
the [garbled] to evidence, denied. I went to the Supreme Court. I was acquitted both on procedural and
substantial issues.

Kaya hindi nila alam I was --- I became President, I experienced it all. Kaya huwag mo akong p*****
i*****, yayariin kita. [laughter]I’ll end up --- hindi ako nagyayabang.

I was mayor for 23 years. I was a congressman for one term. Then I became the vice mayor of my
daughter. And that was the time… Iyan ang ikulong kasi binugbog niya ‘yung sheriff. [laughter] Then I
went back to being mayor, mayor, mayor, mayor until I reached the presidency. Kaya kung… Alam ko
lahat ‘yan nako Diyos ko. And the other one, itong COA.

Every year sa Davao, nandito man ‘yan, the military men are here. Roy Cimatu, General Cimatu is here.
Bingbong if he’s in Davao. Monteagudo is from --- he’s now with the National Intelligence. Lahat ‘yan
sila naka… Every year nagpapa-party ako. So I have a day during December for the blind people. They
have a night. Then the following night, then we have the disabled. Eh gusto nilang tawagin pang
differently abled. Why we’d do that differently abled just to be…? Disabled. That’s what the dictionary
says. Itong mga ‘to naman, “you are corrected publicly. This should be called differently abled.”

Look, as long as the Webster dictionary says it is disabled, then they should be called disabled. Huwag na
natin pagandahin iyang miserable diyan. You bring to fore their situation and ma-highlight tuloy ang ---
what’s a debilitating… So iyong ganoon, may pa-party ako sa mga…

It’s only in Davao City na walang vice squad. I do not allow policemen to arrest, magpunta ng mga bar.
Dito, nandiyan man ‘yan. The vice squad. Pupunta ng bar, pupunta ng kung ano-ano. Tapos dalhin ‘yung
babae sa opisina diyan sa mesa nila, yayariin ‘yung babae, kunin pa ‘yung pera.

So in Davao it’s not. If you go to the Central Bank vicinity, ‘yung ganon, makita mo ‘yan marami ‘yan sila.
At ‘pag bumaba ako, dinudumog ako ng mga buang kasi [laughter] hindi, ang condition that they are
supervised by the City Health Officer.

And if they have to be arrested at all, then it’s going to be the policewomen na hindi --- no offense
intended, ‘yung straight. Walang… I do not… With --- if only if the City Health Officer would request for
the police to intervene.

Otherwise, sabi ko sa kanila if you go to the City Health Officer, you have this attendance card and you
use condom, fine with me. Sige, you work the whole night if you enjoy it. Iyon lang, walang --- walang
vice squad, vice squad.

Eh in all of my years as a student of law and as a lawyer and as President, I have yet to hear a single
prostitute being prosecuted in court for exercising her profession. Eh bakit mo bigyan ng mga pu…?
Kunin lang ‘yung pera tapos i-good time tapos binubugbog pa. Iyan ang ayaw ko.

So I decided altogether do not because if you do that, may bugbog ka sa akin. Nangbubugbog talaga ako
ng police. Tanungin mo ‘yan sila. Nangbubugbog talaga ako ng mga pulis, hindi ko pinapalusot ‘yang mga

Well anyway, that’s a --- that’s a small-time corruption. Ang problema nito, every table diyan sa opisina
ayaw kong mag-mention kasi lahat --- ‘pag may fino-follow up ka, basta clearance --- basta clearance or
a certification from this office, they simply sit on it at pabalik-balikin ‘yung tao until a fixer could whisper
na, “bayaran mo na lang.” Ganun ang buhay ng Pilipino.

Kaya ngayon ganito. I have announced it then and now that anybody who has a complaint for itong mga
corruption, extortion, pati itong big business, you have 24 hours to do it. Just knock at the door sa
Malacañan tapos sabihan mo ‘yang guwardiya na ‘yan, “Sabi ni Duterte kausapin ko raw siya anytime.”
T*** i** ‘pag hindi ka pinapasok at sinabing “wala,” kunin mo ‘yung pangalan. They have standing order
na maski anong oras gisingin ako.
‘Pag agrabiyado ka sa tao at kinalkal ang ano, report mo sa akin.
Ako lang ang --- ako lang ang Presidente nila nakita nangbubog --- ewan ko kung… Ako lang ang
Presidente nakita nila talagang nangbubugbog ng tao dito. Kung hindi kita ihulog diyan sa
Pasig...[laughter] Lahat ng extortionextortion. Pagdating diyan sabihin ko, “Magbigay ka ng pera. Bigyan
mo ako pera.” Siyempre ang mga guwardiya magbigay ng pera. Iyong iba sa pitaka pa. “Kainin mo. You
eat the mo --- you like money? You eat it para masanay ka.”

Meron pa ako ditong Undersecretary. Undersecretary, anak ng… Mabuti’t nandiyan ito. Sabi ko…
Talagang sipain ko na sa mukha. Pati ang gobyerno sa…

And those are frustrations by the way. Those are the things that contribute to my dismay. Kaya
mawawalaan ka mag gana ng trabaho. And the big ones. Pero dito sa big ones because Sonny, nandiyan
sila Bingbong, hindi ka talaga makakalusot. Iyong mga maliit lang. Pero dito sa itaas, cannot. Walang
shake down dito.

And most of my --- well at least about… [Ilan kayo, Roy, mga 12 ex-military men?] Bakit? Gusto ko mag -
-- gusto kong mag-safety so that the soldiers would not…? I do not need it. I was elected by the people,
not by the military men. So what’s…? Eh kung ayaw nila eh ‘di sabihin mo. Bakit tayo magpatayan?

But I got military men because I can have my way. They know when they were assigned in Mindanao ---
na-assign lang ito sila… Well, Monteagudo is from Davao. Like Roy Cimatu, he once upon a time passed
there as the commander of the 75th. ‘Yan ‘yung Scout Rangers na dinala niya noon.
Magkaibigan kami dahil magkabarkada kami gabi-gabi sa labas, naga-ano. But we do not touch the…

The camp can be a very lonely place, so we became fast friends. But I know them probably style, ang
style nila. Ang… Kasi ang bureaucracy aawayin ka pa ng… ‘Yang mga --- ‘yan nga ‘yung nasanay sa… Sabi
ng COA ganito. Susmaryosep.

Sabi ko sanay ako, sanay ako, I started --- sabi ko si Esperon tapos nandiyan si Delfin Lorenzana and then
sa DENR, bumitaw si --- ah hindi bumitaw, hindi tinanggap ‘yung ano niya, si Gina.

So from then on I got the --- all military. Mag-bakante ngayon, military. Bakit sa military? Isang utos mo
lang gagawin talaga. And they know that I ha --- that I cover their backs. And also they know because
they happen to be assigned in my city, that I will not order them something that is wrong. At alam man
rin nila kung magkapasubuan, akin talaga ‘yan. Pagka nag-utos ako ng ganon, akin ‘yan.

So ‘yung Boracay, gaya ng Boracay. So I sent --- DENR man si Roy. Sabi ko,
“Roy, go to Boracay.” At si Año sa DILG. Is Secretary Año here? Wala si Secretary Año? Anong ginawa
niya? Baka bumalik sa Boracay maraming babae doon naliligo eh. [laughter]

“Secretary Año…” I said, “…just clean Boracay in six months.” ‘Di tapos. Pagsabi ng mga tao doon mag
kaso kasi ganon. Eh alam mo ang mga military ‘pag ‘yan ang utos eh… “Año, padlock everything there.”

I do not want gambling. I’m not envious about people winning big money in gambling. I like it especially
if the winner is my friend, may mabalato ka. What I do not like about gambling is kung nasaan ‘yan
nandiyan ‘yung mga vultures, ‘yung mga police, ‘yan. Iyong mga gangster, tapos kikidnapin (kidnap) nila
‘yung nanalo o pautangin nila, hindi makabayad, i-hostage nila, papatayin pa nila. That’s why I told Año
to get rid of those policemen there sa itong Okada area. Iyan ang mga ano niyan eh. That’s why I do not
want gambling.

Oh sa ano, sa Boracay, they have this… Ten years sabi ko I don’t give a s***. You can eat your 10 years
contract. You will not gamble there. Magdemanda ka ng sinong i-demanda. Magdemanda ka? Ah hindi
ka makapunta dito ng Boracay. Doon kita ipalutaw. Alam niyo ‘yung ipalutaw? It’s to float -- doon sa

Sabi ko --- pagsabi ko walang gambling, walang gambling. Kaya it’s doing well. But what --- one funny
thing --- I mean I’m sure that… [May pagkain tayo dito? Magkain kami? Hindi? Wala? Tapos na?] Mabuti
pa sila nauna pa sa Presidente. [laughter]

You know I --- the day I told Roy, “You go to Boracay and clean it up.” “Yes sir!” Snappy eh. Eh ‘di
nandoon na sa Boracay, kinabukasan lumabas ng Philippine --- Sunstar. Roy was walking along the beach
of Boracay. There were two Caucasians --- one, tinanggal ‘yung bra. [laughter] Ah ganun sila eh, that is
their culture; and ‘yung isa naman nakahiga. No but I think the angling of the camera was just too ---
kaya hinintay niya ‘yung camera ‘yung ang…

Si Roy naglalakad, but nakita ko ‘yung mata niya dito. [laughter] Siguro nung malapit na kinuha. So
pagbalik niya sabi ko, “Roy, akala ko ba inutusan kitang maglinis doon?” “Yes, sir. Bakit? Diyan ako
galing, sir.” “Tingnan mo newspaper, saan ‘yung mata mo?” [laughter] T*** i**.

Mining, sinabi ko ‘pag sirahan mo, sara. Wala ng mga --- 10 years ganun. Sabi ko wala --- bahala na ‘yang
kaso. ‘Pag sinabi kong it’s pol --- it’s a pollutant, you close it.

So wala akong problema ‘pag military inutusan ko, ah diretso ‘yan. So hindi na ako mag-ano, sa totoo
ako --- and they are all honest men. I know them because they serve Davao. And I would know wala
naman --- police pa. Pero itong mga military trabaho lang.

And I think they are very thankful not to me but the opportunity to be of service still… Bata pa sila mag-
retire eh. Twenty --- 56 rather. Bata pa, lugi ako sa eskwela nila. You know, it’s an expense of the

Tapos ‘pag ma-general, katagalan niyan at the age of 56 mag-retire. Lugi. Kaya sabi ko magtrabaho kayo
uli. ‘Yan ang corruption. Iyong corruption noong… There was this doughnut na almost 8 billion. Si Kim
Henares she just assessed it at eight --- from 8 billion to 8 million.

‘Di talaga ako bilib ng ganun. You know si Mighty King? Mighty King is my mistah because I was adopted
by the class nine --- ‘67? Wala na puro na matatanda. We know each other. Pero ‘yung --- alam mo ‘wag
kayong maniwala kay… Faeldon is honest. Talagang pareho kay Jagger --- Guerrero ng Customs.

Maisahan sila eh. Ah I mean Lapen --- Lapeña and Faeldon. Too naive, too trusting. Alam mo diyan sa
Customs kung nandiyan ka pasensya nalang pero that is the truth. Talagang puro palusotan diyan. I --- si
Lapeña so that nung napahiya kasi nalusotan, eh got him sa --- ah itong TESDA which is a very critical
department lalo na ‘yang pagtraining ng mga rebel returnees.

At si Faeldon ganun rin ang nangyari. Ngayon, may isa akong inilagay diyan si Guerrero --- si Jagger.
Military man, sabi ko, “No, you --- you might have learned your lessons by now.” Sabi ko patayin ninyo.
Hindi ito mahinto na -- “Ay si Duterte patay nang patay.”

Bakit? Is there any solution? Kung you, you --- you, time and again lokohin mo kami. Kailangan ko ng
Army. Nilagyan ko ng mga Coast Guard. Sabi ko kung Coast Guard ang magloko ipabaril mo sa Army.
Kung Army ang magloko, ipabaril mo sa pulis.

Ganun lang ‘yan, sige trabaho… Nilagyan ko kay Jagger. Si Jagger hindi tumatawa pareho kay Año. Si
Jagger parang
kunsumido. [laughter] Kunsumido palagi, parang gustong pumatay. Kaya nga sabi ko hindi ito mahinto
sabi niyo ‘yung Customs. Ah tingnan natin.

Kasi gusto ninyo palliative-palliative. Sabi ko, barilin mo. Sabi ko tutal tatlong araw lang ‘yan sa
newspaper pati sa TV. [garbled] Wala na, pagkatapos niyan wala na. ‘Pag-cremate niyan, no more.
Ganun ang ano eh --- ganun ang Pilipinas.

‘Pag hindi mo talaga --- luslusin ka nang luslusin. Eh itong pulis, well maraming na mahusay pero may
mga gangster talaga. Kaya ‘yang of late, ang namamatay ‘yung mga --- ah ‘yung mga pulis rin pati PDEA.

Ang sabi ko ‘wag ninyong gawain sa akin ‘yan. Pagka pumasok ka, kayong mauuna sa impiyerno, hindi
ako. You will go ahead first. Mabuti’t na lang sa kakapatay nila ilan na lang naiwan na ano, puro matitino
na. Eh minsan itong pulis, everyday there’s always an idiot nahuhuli.

‘Yung isa was being --- ano ni Eleazar and he was criticized for that. Sabihin mo kay --- sir, sabihin mo kay
Eleazar okay ‘yon.[laughter] Ah oo. ‘Yung --- ay ano ba naman ‘yang ganun-ganun? Sumasayaw nga iyan
sila na tao.

Sabi mo I have his back covered. Kasi nung pag-umpisa nitong drug war sinabi ko talaga sa kanya. Ito
magprangkahan tayo, ilan ang nakita ninyo sa previous administration na nag-surrender? Huli siguro?
One or two or three. Buy bust diyan --- malaki dito and then one time.
So nung na-Presidente ako, dala-dala ko si Bato. Bato is good. He is now a candidate for senator. Sabihin
ko sa inyo si Bato and all others. [Saan si Morente? Is Morente here?] Galing din ‘yan Davao. Lahat ng
dumaan --- all of --- chief of police ‘yan sila. City police director.

Lahat dumaan sa Davao matino talaga ‘yan. He’s --- same with… Dinala ko ‘yung mga opisyal, hindi
naman lahat. Itong si Bato he has my trust because I’ve been there, taga-doon siya. And he has been
with us.

Pabalik, assigned somewhere else then back to Davao. Nung nag-Presidente ako dala-dala ko ‘yan sila.
Sabi ko tulungan ninyo ako. “Bato opened the records. If you get to Crame, open it all. ‘Wag ninyo akong
Because I know that the drug problem is far worse than we ever thought at that time. So pagda ---
pagdating ko, after two weeks pumunta siya dito dala-dala na niya. There were about six generals of the
police were involved.

Iyan si Garbo was the police aide of Roxas. ‘Yung si Loot naman, ang p***** i**** ‘yon, dalawang beses
napa-ambush buhay pa rin. [laughter] T**** i** ka. [Classmate mo ba ‘yon Roy? Hindi?] T*** i**, hindi
ako nagpa --- hindi ako nagpa-ambush ha. [laughter]

Well anyway tinawag ko ‘yan sila dito lahat. Magtanong kayo ng mayor ninyo. Same room, dito pinaalis
ko lahat. Ni-lock ko tapos sabi ko magprangkahan tayo. I feel very corny lecturing on you because I’m
just your peer. Mayor ako eh.

I do not want to sound too high but not too low. Please just hear me out. Oh ilang mayor nandito
including Loot? Si Loot nakita ko eh. Sabi ko, “Ikaw Loot, stop.” Kinausap niya ‘yung si Bong. Sabi niya,
“Galit ba si Mayor?”

P***** i**, magtanong ka nang ganun sa akin galit ako, nasa droga ka, pulis ka? Are --- are you kidding?
Sabi ko, “Oo galit ako sa iyo, isusunod kita.” Pati si Malibog ng Iloilo. [laughter] Tapos sabi punta siya…
Mabilog. [laughter] Tas --- magtanong siya kay --- diyan sa mga security. “Galit ba ‘yan si Mayor?” “Sabi
niya ipapatay ka raw talaga eh.” Kung hindi totoo, saan na ang buang? ‘Di iniwan na niya. Tapos sabihin
niya, “Ah galing ako mahirap.”

By the way, he’s the cousin of Secretary Drilon. Magpunta ka ng Iloilo, saan ba ang bahay nito ng p*****
i**** ‘to? Ayun susmaryosep, palasyo. You earn that much in so short a time? How much is your salary?

Kagaya si Parojinog, mayor of Ozamiz. You know if you are from Ozamiz or you guys have been there,
ang Ozamiz City is --- appears to be calm, a serene place. No factories, no economic activity, no nothing.
But it’s --- it’s there. Wala namang ano --- wala namang hunger o ano.
Kaya pala lahat ng mga taga-Ozamiz natuto ng maging courier. Kuha sila ng supply doon, ipagbili nila sa
ibang lugar. Kaya karamihang nahuhuli puro taga-Ozamiz. Brisk business ang shabu. Kaya’t dito na ---
dito na ako mag…

This is really the meat of my --- the corruption. So he was so rich that he could afford to kill two of his
policemen. No, four, pero hindi man nakita
‘yung isa, about three. Noong nagpunta na sila doon after the --- killing him.

Tapos dalawang MIG sa Armed Forces na intelligence, until now hindi namin makita. So ang power
pumasok na talaga sa ulo niya. And he has a house, ang wallpaper niya was 500 pesos. ‘Yung wall niya,
ganun. A filthy obscene thing to see. He had to go.

And Espinosa, nakademanda ‘yung pulis. But sasabihin ko sa inyo, I will never, never allow any soldier or
police to go to prison for doing his duty. I will not allow that. Sabi ko sige lang.

Odicta the couple were killed in a --- sa pier, were the ones do --- sila si mayor. Iyong mayor na malibog
na hindi na umuwi. Dito sa right side it was Espinosa, the mayor who was killed while he was inside the
detention cell. When it was opened, he tried to kill the policeman. So there was a shoot-out ganun. But
whether true or not, they will have my support. Hindi ko sila pababayaan talaga.

I will not abandon any soldier. Pero kung 'yung babae, abuso, ah that’s your… Pero sa trabaho, no. No.
Ang pinaka delikado sa lahat sa atin, the most dangerous, the one dangerous thing is, drugs. I'm sure
almost everybody of you listened to the presidential debates early on. And you --- I know that you could
maybe probably remember that I said a few words. Because of the very constrictive time given us to talk
about our program. Bigyan ka lang ng one minute and 30 seconds. Of what things can you...? Kaya ako
bullet nang bullet lang, short lang ako.

Wala na ako. One was corruption. Second sabi ko, drugs. The third is corruption in the bureaucracy; and
fourth that I would try to look for money.

Remember, I never used the words "build, build, build". I-review ninyo 'yung tapes. I never said it
because I was not sure where would I go. At that time, I knew that China was really very angry at the
behavior of the previous administration. So, hindi ko malaman. So I never promised any grand or
whatever. So I just kept low and it was not because of that reason.

When I was there already, 'yung intelligence ng --- or everybody, the intelligence community warned me
that there is something a brewing there in Marawi. They were passing arms openly. And I thought that I
needed more arms because the ones are really very old, they are not accurate anymore. A rifle is only
good for 30,000 rounds after that loose na 'yung bore. Malaki na. Paglabas ng bala, wala ng direksyon.
Sumasayaw na eh. Because there is that --- they have its own trajectory, ang susunod --- umiikot 'yan
because there is that rifling tawag nila. So paglabas niyan, umiikot 'yan sa may thousands every minute.

Eh wala na. Hand-me-down 'yung sa pulis. They get it from the Army na talagang panahon pa ni Marcos
'yung iba.

So, I was a quandary, I wanted to buy. So I ordered from America, 23,000. Ngayon, bigla na lang nagsabi
that ang America, sabi ng mga congressman pati senador doon, they took the floor to denounce me for
my human rights violation daw.

So they refused to deliver. What a cruel thing to do. Alam nila because I know that the Americans are
very --- very active sa intelligence and they know the situation. Ayaw nilang ibigay so I went to --- I sent
word to China that I want to visit Mr. Xi Jinping. So, I went there. I talked to the
Ambassador and I was received there. I realized that we can talk things over and we can be in good
stead again. So sinabi kong problema ko.

Sabi ni Xi Jinping, "It's ok. I know your problem. Arms? We'll give you the arms. Free." Napanganga ako.
Sabi ko kasi, "I want to buy arms from you but I do not have any money right now. Could I just have a
easy schedule for payment?" Ah sabi niya, "You can have it."

So gusto ko nang marami, kulang pa rin. I went to Russia. Sabi ni President Putin, "Oh we'll give it to
you." It was on that visit sa Russia, pumutok 'yung... Kaya talaga ako nag sentimiyento sa mga

Tapos nagpabili sila ng Huey, Canada. And look, they told me that, "We will give you the helicopters but
you cannot arm them, you cannot place arm --- armaments in the helicopter.”

So I ordered something like, 12. Sabi ko, “what do you mean? "Yeah, because you cannot use this
against you own citizen." Sabi ko, "F*** you, guys. My own citizens are revolting, trying to oust me out
of office. Killing my soldiers and policemen."

And karamihan pinakamarami namamatay ngayon is barangay captains.

Those who would opt to be sympathetic with the government. 'Yung ayaw nila pinapatay talaga nila.

Sabi ko, "These communists, they are my citizens, right? But they are destroying my government. What's
the...?” Sabi nila, "Well, okay." So, walang ano.
I survived with a --- and to tell you frankly, the rifle, the sniper rifle... Sniper is used when your target is
way, way ahead, very far. The rifle that killed Hapilon was a Chinese made rifle --- sniper rifle. And it was
given to me in a glass case ng mga sundalo. 'Yun ang istorya diyan.

Now itong --- ang corruption meron rin pero not so much dito sa military and even the police. Ang
malaki dito 'yung mga mayaman. The filthy rich. Sila 'yung mga may rebates sa kanilang taxes and if you
will review them, like the Lopez's. Marcos was overthrown. Cory gave him back ABS-CBN to rehabilitate
ABS-CBN. Oh anong ginawa niyo?

Where did they get the money? They borrowed from DBP. Ang DBP noon sikat eh. Noong naghiram
tapos hindi nabayaran. Believe me these are government records. They did not pay the DBP kaya ang
DBP bumagsak.
And worst of all, they condoned the utang.

'Yan ang masakit. Kaya ako kritikal diyan sa ABS-CBN. Kaya ko pinup*******i** sila. Anong mukha
ninyong magharap sa amin ng ganun. Now the franchise is up for renewal. You ask me if I object? Yes. I
will object.

Unang-una 'yung utang nila anuhin tablahin natin 'yan? So how much money? Hanggang ngayon hindi
natin alam. Wala 'yung record. Hindi namin mahanap. So saan?

Ako, during the campaign, because I...Wala naman akong pera, may mga taong nagbigay sa akin when
already I was up in the ratings. Nagdikit ako sa 32. So money was already available.

And on the last week, I had to pay that 22 million, magbayad ako. May pera na eh. 'Yung ano ko na lang
advertisement ko. During the presidential debates, every intermission makita mo 'yang on the side may
mga --- may mga advertisement. Ako, wala. Wala man akong pera.

Pero nagka-pera ako, sabi ko meron akong ano... Alam mong ginawa ng kababuyan nitong ABS-CBN?
Inuna pa nila 'yung black propaganda ni Trillanes na may mga bata ginamit, which is prohibited by law.
You cannot use children.

There was this injunction and yet, ABS-CBN proceeded to air it. Ang akin wala. Marami man kami. Chiz
Escudero, ako and... Maraming inotso ng ABSCBN.

Ito kasing mga mayaman, if you are small, you commit crime, you go to jail. Ito sila bigtime, ito ‘yung tax
evasion. Kaya sabi ko 'yung may ari ng 'yung sa sigarilyo? Kaya sabi ko [Vista?] kaibigan ko 'yun and he
offered to pay 5 billion. “Oh you must be crazy. You better go home because I'm going to file plunder
charges against you and you will rot in prison. I will see to it that you will rot in prison.”

So sabi, "How much?" "I don't know about Dominguez. He's the one. He's the one computing for the
government, you ask him. " Ang Dominguez naman kasi natakot 'yung tao, build him…[Magkano ‘yung?]
37? Thirtyseven billion. Ah bayad siya.

And of course, you have this... Ayaw ko na lang kasi kaibigan na kami. I mean, we decided to let things
be bygones be bygones. But just to mention it. Ilang presidente dumaan ng Pilipinas who was able to
collect 8 billion? Pagdating ko, ginanun ko, “I’m going to give you 48 hours. You pay or if you do not pay,
I'll send the BIR to... Magkano talaga ang kinita mo?” Ganun 'yan. Talagang.

I'll give you one example. If you are connected with the company, just let it pass. Itong line ng cellphone,
'yung linya-linya man 'yang level parang air -- mga air ano tao. I'm not a technical person. Pero it is given
by the government free if you intend to build puro corruption pa rin 'yan. There's no such thing as given.
Bigyan ka niyan, in the law it's free, tapos magtayo ka. Itong mga ‘to, binili nila. [Anong tawag doon?] Ah
bandwidth. Binili ito, choice ito eh. Binili siguro the choices among them, ibinigay… In law, ibibigay lang
talaga 'yan libre eh. But somebody bought it.

Here comes now the third. I've been insisting on the third so that hanggang ngayon wala pang nangyari.
I have Secretary Rio who would fast track it. Tapos 'yun na favoring-favoring ganun.

Sabi ko, in a Cabinet meeting, kami, sabi ko sige na kasi nagtatanong na 'yung mga tao kung may ‘yung
band wave ba na maganda? There is but it's in the hands of other persons.

The one that's with him. Has it been used? No. Hinahawakan lang. Tapos the other one binili nila. Oh 'di
sabi ko ibigay mo na 'yan doon sa ano. Sabi nila, "Mayor, ayaw isauli because they acquired it ah..."
P***** i**. Tapos magbayad daw ako.

Sa Cabinet meeting kami, sabi ko… Ganon talaga bunganga ko, ‘di ganon. “P***** i**. Sabihin mo sa
kanila, magbilang ako hindi araw eh, 48 days, two days isauli na ‘yang p***** i**** ‘yan or bugbugin ko
sila doon. Puntahan ko ‘yang dalawang…”

Then following day, early morning, sabi ko, “Tawagan mo. P***** i** talagang yayariin ko sila.”
Ipatumba ko lahat ng tower nila sa NPA. Madali lang. Tawagan mo lang NPA. [laughter] Ten percent per
tower tumba lahat ‘yan. No more deli... After two days, isinauli. So how much would I…? P***** i** one
billion. Igit mo. L**** ka. Kaya ‘yan, ‘yan ang corruption ng mga mayaman. Hindi naman itong ---pulis
walang ano ‘yan, small-time ‘yan.

Ang problema lang kasi ang ‘tong droga kasi it comes with a deadly act and that is sometimes killing.
Kaya ‘yan ‘yang mga sa Amerikano.

Sabi ‘yung sa bell, sabi nila, “Are you really mad?” “Yes.” So you know, ordinarily it’s war booty and it’s --
- that’s the… That’s the culture of the soldiers, to bring along things that belonging to the countries that
they conquered. Pero ito sabi ko, “ang bell you got it at the expense of the lives of so many innocent
people and children. You do not return the bell, I will never be nice to you. Forget it. I can always get
China and...” So ‘yan. Isauli ninyo ‘yan, p***** i** hindi sa iyo ‘yan.

Sabi niya na --- sabi ko… So, the return of the bells after having been there in the far and wide, in
between the years, for the demand for their return could not have happened had the CIA not interfered.
Hindi masauli ‘yon kung government-government lang. Pero ang sabi ko CIA ang --- CIA ang kausap ko.
Sabi nila, “Okay, we’ll work on it.” Sabi ko, “Fine. Return it because you got it awash with blood of the

And I said, “You know, one of those who died there must have been my great, great, great grandfather.”
“Really?” “Yes!” Wala gud. [laughter] Padrama lang. Eh alam mo naman… Kung sino lang marunong dito
magbola, bolahan itong… Great, great, great grandfather. “Really? You come from Samar?” “Yes.”
“Really?” “Yes.” “Too bad.” “Really, you said it.”

Itong drugs ho. I am now in a quandary. You know, drugs, you might find me sometimes repugnant or
repulsive. But alam mo, hindi ako nagyayabang. ‘Pag hindi ito nasulbad ang drugs, I really do not know
who would be the next president. ‘Pag ang sunod na presidente inutile… Alam mo sabi ko --- hindi ako
nagyayabang --- ‘pag takot kang pumatay at ayaw --- ayaw mong mamatay, huwag kang pumasok dito.
Doon ka na lang sa --- o diyan ka, be a listener there. Mahirap itong drugs.

Kaya sabi ko I could not have made it more clearer. If you destroy my country, I will kill you. If you make
my children eat drugs, use drugs, and they are rendered inutile, I will kill you, I said. It’s there on the TV.
I could not make it more clearer to everybody.

To the Human Rights, listen very carefully. Destroy my country, I will kill you. Destroy our children, I will
kill you. Period. No apologies, no explanation, no nothing. I have said --- laid down the rules.

Alam mo, hindi lang ninyo alam, sabi nila --- sabi ko nga “how many?” That is the predicate of my
discussion. How --- kanina sabi ko, “How many?” Narinig ninyo sa past administration even 10 lining up.
None. And when I opened the books, ‘yon, mga generals involved and --- not only them, lahat naman.
But what is really obnoxious is they belong to the law enforcement.
Ngayon pagsabi ko ito, because nakita ko niyang --- surrender in 24 hours or I kill you. Kaya ang mga
Human Rights nandiyan ‘yan, saw so many hundreds then by the thousands. At the end of the day, the
count of Bato was 1.6. Ang count ni Santiago was 3 million at that time. Both of them are correct.

Kayong nakita ninyo dito, what you saw, many Manila people, ‘yun ‘yong count dito lang. Hindi ninyo
binilang ‘yung sa Cebu, sa Davao, Zamboanga,
Iloilo. Madam --- I will give an idea. Me? I’ll place it conservatively at about mga seven.

Now, I have 7 million Filipinos who are already slaves, who cannot work anymore but lie there in a
corner. And when the monkey rides on the back, they go out, sell everything including their children, the
flesh of their children to get the money and to get the shabu. Hindi mawawala ‘yung unggoy eh.
Talagang nag --- gaganon ‘yan. So he has to look for… And kung wala silang makita, they kill, especially
the young people.

Ayaw lang nang maniwala nitong mga Human Rights, that they are really capable of killing. How much ---
ilang police ang nawala sa akin? Almost 500 na. Pinatay ng mga durugista. And you think of the itong ---
sige magsabi, “Duterte has killed 70,000.” Seventy thousand. Well in a way, not mentioning they are as
if reflecting on that statement na ‘yung pinatay ko puro santo. Anak ng…

Then why would I worry with the son of a b**** there lying dead with a pool of blood when I think of
the so many Filipinos who are already dysfunctional? Kaya ako nasasaktan kasi marami ‘yan. Million ito.

Ito, this is the head of the family. If he is hit, then the wife will be in constant quarrel. Then mabubugbog
na ‘yan pati ‘yong mga anak. Money intended for food on the table is gone. Money, little money
intended for school o pamasahe, no more. Papaano ‘yan? Itong mga edukasyon at itong mga --- because
ito wala na. If he becomes dysfunctional, the family becomes…

If you have a friend or enemy gusto mong sirain, bigyan mo ang anak ng shabu at makita ninyo. And how
many are those? Kasi ang shabu, mahirap lang ‘to eh. Ito, maghanap ng isa para suportahan ang bisyo
niya. Then ito maghanap ng iba para suportahan niya, then this becomes… That is why they are selling

At you make it easy, mga Human Right, as if it is just an ordinary epidemic of diarrhea or… Para sa kanila
a diarrhea of the mouth. Your mouth. Ilan ‘yan sila? Ilan ang pushers nagbibigay? Ilan ang pamilyang
Worse, pagkatapos niyan, lango na ang mga… Then they commit crimes.
They rape a family, kill the father, rape the mother, the daughter, kill all. Sa labas, pati ‘yung buntis.
Sinaksak pa ‘yung taga-Ombudsman. Kaya sabagay ‘yung sumaksak noon patay na rin, really. Hindi kita

Sa lugar ko noon, ewan ko lang kung sinong mayor noong panahong ‘yon. Mag-rape ka ng bata, patayin
mo? Judge --- huwag mo akong tanungin.
Hindi ko papaabutin. Ay, ewan ko kung sino ‘yung judge --- mayor, judge. Pero hindi ko paabutin ‘yan sa
ano. Bakit kita buhayin? L**** ka. Eh wala na, sira na. One year use of shabu shrinks the brain. If your
brain has shrunk, it’s of no use to society. You will just keep on --- pahirapan mo ang tao.

So people, students, workers at night could no longer use these public streets, public conveyances kasi
hoholdupin (hold up) sila. Tapos ilan ‘yang pag-uwi, eh walking distance, and if it’s a secluded place or
dark place or the passage among the --- dito sa mga squatters.

Now what they say? “Duterte is killing the poor.” Iyan ang… Hoy, mga p*****. Makinig kayong mabuti.
You listen to this or I’ll give you that. Alam mo, shabu is the commodity of the poor. The rich idiots are
on cocaine.

Well, ang mayaman mas mabuti because they come from a plant called poppy. So it is not as toxic as
itong shabu na chemical na para sa patay. [Ano gani ‘yun?] Formalin tapos dito ‘yung tubig sa baterya.
Tapos paghaluin nila sa Ecstasy.

Kita mo ‘yung bata na sa Cebu? Sabi ng pulis previously, pardon to the family man, but you must
consider that this is an issue of public interest. I have to let it out in the open. She has been using ---
unfortunately, the week before, she was using Ecstacy and she just dropped parang comatose. Pero
umulit pa rin eh.
Iyong vulnerable kasi ang bata, ‘yang peers --- peer pressure talaga. Iyong peer pressure. Kaya wala
akong… It will destroy our society. Tingnan mo ang Medellin. It’s being run by organized money.

Colombia is still suffering no matter how many thousands of dollars have been poured in to correct an
aberration in society. Until now, Britain, America, nag-contribute na. You will make it hard. Now, you do
it in the Philippines. Our population is 1.10 million. Anak ka ng… 1.10 million.

Ilagay mo na lang ang contamination diyan mga 20, 25. Wala na talaga. Sabi ko, the next president must
be grappling with this issue. Ako, if I cannot stop it during my term, then I would even consider myself
not a good public employee.

Kaya sabi ko sa iba, sabi ko sa military pati police: T*** i** tapusin na natin ito during my term. If I have
to kill all of them, I will kill all of them.

You know, the presidency is a gift from God. Considering my circumstance when I won it, you would
hardly believe that I really won it fair and square.

So my gift to you and to your children is I will try my very best to wipe them from the face of the earth
even --- [applause] even if I have to go to prison, even it would cost me my freedom. There’s always a,
you know, this is not -- there is no perfect world here. So you do, you pay.

Sa akin, okay. Do not worry about me. I am old. I said I’m ready to retire.
As a matter of fact, I attempted twice. So what do I ask in return? Nothing. Because I know that joining
public service many, many years ago, I learned from my father who was governor of Davao.

Isa lang ang Davao noon eh. Davao now comprises several local government units. It’s Davao del Sur,
Oriental, Norte, Occidental, then ComVal Valley, Davao City. That is how big.

Actually my father said, you know when you go public --- if you work for the government, you are a
worker of government and with it goes the kung anong mangyari sa iyo.

Kaya kung alangan ka, takot kang mamatay, takot kang ma-ambush, ayaw mong pumunta doon sa may
gulo kasi… Sabi ng tatay ko, eh ‘di wag kang pumasok diyan. Find then another vocation. But I chose ---
because I think what really challenged, ma’am, I was a public prosecutor. I was doing trial work all these
years before I became mayor in 1988. So hiningi ko eh.

Return? Do not expect it. When you are no longer there, people would not remember you. Believe me.
They would only recognize the… Unless you are Rizal. But then I have to call back the Spaniards to do
their thing here again. [laughter]

Iyan ang --- so that is my story to you. It’s about corruption and how it can destroy our society or will
make it difficult for us to live normally. And so we have to, I said…

My, my… I told the police: Return the right of the public to use the streets and plaza or where they want
to go. Return to the Filipino people the right to go about anywhere. Ret --- na pumunta sila ng mga
scenic without their heads being decapitated.

Pero sa droga muna tayo kasi ‘yan ang pinaka... A… We have solved the problems of the MI which is
territorial in nature. Maybe when Nur comes back, we allowed him to go out to attend the OIC, the oil-
producing… Sabi ko, palabasin na lang ‘yan. We cannot keep him…
So I have only to face sa Mindanao. Kung ma-plantsa ko si Nur, ma-plantsa ko itong NPA. If they can go
down to my level. Mataas sila eh. I admit that they are bright, they are everything. So mataas sila.

But if they can go down to my level, ah okay ‘yan, mag-usap kami. You give me the highfalutin words of
Marxism. [garbled] Hindi ko naintindihan.
Hanggang 75 lang po ako. [laughter]

I’ve been a 75… Totoo ‘yan. Since grade 1, kindergarten kami ni --- kami ni Dominguez. Ito si Dominguez
is the extreme. Always valedictorian. Ako naman ‘yung 75 lang.

Ang nanay ko, galit na galit. Sabi ko, “Ma, kung bigyan mo ako ng 78, anuhin ko ‘yung dalawa? [laughter]
Eh ‘yang 75 maka-akyat naman ako. Bakit pa ako maghirap? Hindi na ako makalaro. Hindi na lahat…” Eh

But you know what? There are… Iyong --- there’s a stranger than fiction.
Roy Cimatu is brilliant, PMA General. I think he was good in PMA. Monteagudo, Jaime Morente. They’re
all exceedingly good.

Sonny Dominguez, average ‘yan is 96. Itong si Tugade is our valedictorian. Si… Puro ‘yan sila… Itong si
Berna, magna cum laude sa UP. Kaya hindi man totoo na girlfriend ko ‘yan siya. Mahiya man ako
magligaw sa kanya kay 75 man lang ako. [laughter] Do not believe in that ano… Girlfriend…

May magna cum laude ba na magsagot ng 75? But I said the strange, the strange fic --- fact there is.
Alam mo itong mga brilliant, mga PMAer, nandito pala ayan si Escobal, ‘yung sa police --- Presidential
Guard. Nandito silang lahat. Mga bright ‘yan. Alam mo ang nangyari? Utusan ko lahat ‘yan.
P***. [laughter and applause]

So huwag kayong mag-kompiyansa sa 75. Totoo ‘yan. It took me seven years to finish high school.
Magtanong kayo ng taga-Davao. Iyan sila Sonny, matapos na lang ako nandiyan pa sa… T*** i**, sabi ko,
kalian pa ba ako matapos nito? College ganun.

But when my father died, doon ako nag --- doon ako nagtino talaga. And there was a year na --- ano tayo
Bong? Grade… Hindi, hindi second year tayo. Kami. It’s pretty good. First time ako nakatikim ng… Kasi
takot na eh. Iyong insecurity na wala ka ng tatay. So banat na talaga.

Biro mo for the first time in my life naka-92 ako. [laughter and applause] Totoo binigyan ako ni --- Bong
si [Bernie?]. Si Justice…

Bilib siya sa akin. T*** i**, 92. Negotiable ko 88. P***** i** sabi ko. Mahusay pala ito mag-aral tayo ah.
But you know, you don’t spend most of your time studying. Wala, it breaks the spirit of you.[laughter]
Laro, laro muna.

Tapos pagka high school na, ang girls paano na lang ‘yan?[laughter] So bisita, bisita. But then, you just
pray hard and you’ll also make it somehow to the presidency.

I hope when you are here, use your talent. Lahat na nang natutunan kong kalokohan, ginamit ko na.
Kaya nag-warning ko talaga. Huwag na huwag talaga kayong --- t*** i** patay kayo sa akin. I will skin
you alive.

Not for me. Ano man makuha beh? Hoy, human rights. Listen to me? Anong makuha ko? What would I
get killing innocent people? What?

May isa kaming propesor, ‘yan kayo dumaan kayo --- Justice
Solidum. [mimics voice of Justice Solidum?] “What? What do you get killing people? G**d*** it. When I
retire I have to look for a place because they will kill me.” [laughter] Ganun si Justice Solidum eh.

Ito nagdaan ito sila. May propesor kami si Justice Solidum, Ilonggo. Ito oh si Judge Clavecilla, Presidential
Adviser na ngayon. Huwag mo gyud bitawan ma’am ‘yan. Tama ‘yan kasama kayo palagi. [laughter]
T***** ‘yang tao na ‘yan. Hindi mo kakumpyansa ‘yan. He has not stop with this business of

Meron siya sa --- diyan sa Holy Spirit. [laughter] Centro Escolar? He has a -- suffering from a syndrome
until now. Hindi, talaga totoo.

So I would like to just say to you that kasali na ang kabastusan diyan but that is --- eh ganun talaga ako
eh. Sabi nga eh, “Duterte bastos ‘yang bunganga hindi mo…” Eh correct because I never transitioned
from being mayor to president. Hindi talaga ako. Ang paradigm ko… Kaya I want to be called mayor.

‘Pag tinawag mo ako presidente, hindi kita sinagot. Because I think that I’m not really the one. Not
because I want to ignore you. Nasanay ako sa mayor.
Mayor lang ako hanggang ngayon. Ang ugali ko mayor, ang style ko mayor. Ang bunganga ko bastos kasi
doon kung hindi ka --- p******** i** mo, wala namang maniwala sa iyo. Ganun talaga.

Ngayon, minsan sa crowd. But hindi raw ako statesman sabi ng mga elite dito. Classmate man kami nito
oh, ikaw. Meron ba tayong subject na statesmanship?
[laughter] Kaya wala tayong natutuhan diyan. Gusto kong sabihin, f*** you.

Iyan ang galit eh. But behind that really meron akong --- hindi naman ano… A sense of love for my
country is very strong. Maski taga-Mindanao lang kami ha. My mother is half-Maranao. Papa ko from
Cebu, Danao. But my grandfather was Chinese. May-ari ng ba --- so many bakeries in Marawi and Iligan

May konti ho akong --- a little of… Hindi naman ako pinaka prinsipyo na tao. But I assure you, I have the
minimum of values to run a country at least better than the others because wala akong kalokohan.

Alam mo, nandiyan man sila lahat. They are all here. No transaction of government involving contracts,
money, public or private or ‘yung mga MRT, reclamation na kung ano, approval of contracts, it does not
reach my table. I have prohibited that.

Kayo --- kaya nga ABS-CBN, sabihin ko, wala kayong makalkal sa akin sa pagkatao ko basta pera. Because
maski piso, the contracts, the documents begins and ends there sa Malaca --- sa Cabinet member. Wala
talaga ako.

So what I get is my salary, 204,000. But you know that --- sabihin ninyo, “Ay malaki na ‘yan.” But
remember, do not just jump into conclusion because I have two families. [laughter] I have to support
the grandmother kasi siya ‘yung nag-i-spoil ng mga apo niya, ‘yung first.

Dito may anak na ako na dalaga na. I have to… Maski ako. I challenge you, your one peso will win one
million sa akin. Wala kang makita sa Malacañan nagpirma ako ng pera either representation o ano, even
clothing allowance wala ako.
Hindi ko talaga ano… Ayan sila Bong nandito man. Wala ako. Kaya kung mapreso man ako. It could not
be corruption. That would be very impossible.

Now, for being like Hitler, ah I have said kasi sinabi ko na sa inyo, “huwag”. Sinabi ko na sa lahat sa
gobyerno, “huwag.” Kaya kung pumasok ka diyan, I’m sorry. It is your headache not mine.

Maraming salamat po. [applause]

--- END ---

Presidential Communications Operations Office

Presidential News Desk



[Delivered at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City | 25 February 2019]

Kindly sit down. Salamat po sa kortesiya.

I have about three pages of --- speech ko po medyo kulang. It took me several minutes to reach here and
ito mga half a minute tapos ako. Then we go home.

If that is what you like, I will just read it and say my goodbye para… [laughter]

Ito nga si mare ko nga damo sa Ilonggo kani. Di ko kita ngadto sa…

You know kaming mga taga-Mindanao especially Davao we

can [applause] acquire the talent kasi maliit pa kami Davao City is a melting place in Mindanao at we
grew up practically with all tribes. I can talk not really fluent but I can express myself in Ilonggo and
Ilocanos speaking --- marami rin kasi akong mga kababata and all sorts.

Well of course ang Maranao I can but pinakamahirap sa lahat ng salita sa

Moro is Maranao. Nagmamadali palagi. Mahirap intin --- easiest is Jolohano. If you are a Visayan just
listen carefully. ‘Yung mga phonetics halos magkapareho so you’d be able to grasp what they are talking

Ngayon, I do not have to greet everybody. You did it before I came I suppose. So mag-diretso na lang
ako. Nagpapasalamat si President Dy for my presence.

Actually I’m the one itching --- ako ‘yung nangangati na gusto ko kayong makausap. [applause]

Please understand that I do not want to sound combative or pugnacious, ‘yung palaaway. But I have to
sometimes --- and my voice would rise in tempo depending on ano ‘yung ine-emphasize ko.

We have a problem actually. It’s a very serious one. Gusto ko lang mag-iwan --- kung wala man akong
iiwan eh ito na lang salita ko. If there is anything that I can leave you which might be good to pass to the
next generation and to the president who will succeed me particularly, ito ang dapat niyang intindihin at
kung maari he will adopt more stringent measures to protect the people and preserve the Republic of
the Philippines.

Dalawa po ‘yung --- ang una is law and order, then the second would really be corruption. Now I will go
one of these days, three years is just in the corner and before you know it I am stepping down. As I will
step down and you can be assured of that. I have no ambitions of staying a minute longer in Malacañan.

As a matter of fact, I am in a hurry. And I will share to you some significant events while the nation was -
-- well, doing about its business --- that in my desire really to improve the situation of the country I
offered to resign as President.
First, meron ho kaming command conference Secretary Año and the rest of the generals and all at
meron lang akong hindi nagustuhan na transaksyon sa AFP at hindi naman lahat. They’re all good. But
some you know nagkakamali na may malisya. And that was the ghost deliveries of medicines for the
soldiers sa AFP.

Sabi ko magkasala ka nang magkasala maybe I’ll just --- kung mga gasolina lang, mga conversion, mga
supplies nawala, pero sa akin ‘yung medisina para sa naghihintay na may sugat na sundalo, I mean do
not f*** with it. Talagang magalit ako. Sinabi ko dati. If there’s this kind of cooperation that they get
from you, you don’t need me.

It’s not because that they are --- mostly now, ang Cabinet members ko are from the military. It’s not
because I am protecting myself of them or I am afraid of them. Why should I be? I was elected by the

Sans parties actually three people. I didn’t have even a barangay captain in
Luzon, Visayas and a little few in Mindanao. Ang suporta ko si Imee, si Abet Garcia ng Bataan and si
[AI?], ang tawag ko sa kanya [AI?] ‘yan eh, si Amante, si Angel and Zubiri. And that was all.

I didn’t have even a kagawad sa --- where my father was born, where I grew up and spend some time
there. So wala akong ano --- wala akong illusions about… Kung ayaw na ninyo sabi ko sabihin ninyo at
bababa ako.

Talking about coup d’état and --- sabi ko why do we have to fire my soldiers? Eh puro sundalo ‘yan
paikot kayo ng assignment. Everybody gets a chance to be a member of the PSG who also the… Sabi ko
‘pag ayaw na sabihin mo.

And the second time was the Cabinet, I was so exasperated. You know maski na --- however it may be
vain attempt I have to do it. Maski na sabihin mo hindi mo kaya buong Pilipinas and corruption, talaga.

Sabihin mo maybe you can solve some, the others, correct. Walang problema ‘yan tao lang ako eh. And
considering the huge bureaucracy I can only deal first with my Cabinet members. At marami na po
akong tinanggal in the Cabinet, people who were with me during --- in the eight --- in 1988 when I
started my politics.

So diretso-diretso naman ako hanggang Presidente sa awa ng Diyos. Pero those who helped me toiled,
sweated it out, at the end of the day, tinawag ko sila sabi ko, “I’m really very sorry. It pains me very. It
makes me sad but you know you have to go. Iyon ang usapan natin eh.”

At kilala ninyo ako for se --- I’ve been mayor for 23 years. Isn’t that enough for you really to ---
maintindihan ninyo?
And even the police, I have the best police force in the entire country. And even if you look into the
records of the DILG, Davao has been consistent diyan sa the best police department.

Kasi to my credit ‘pag at least sa Davao naniniwala sila. They follow orders strictly and they do their
duty. Kaya peaceful, kaya makikita mo ang Davao, ang mga taga-Davao, it has grown big and wide. It’s
clean. There’s nobody walking after 12 o’clock at night. There’s no more drinking. Magsisigarilyo ka
maglakad ka sa daan ‘pag makita ka ni Inday Sara sapakin ka.

Eh talagang --- it’s almost regimented. They are complaining about my daughter as too strict. Pero sabi
ko wala akong magawa diyan. I do not… I do not control my daughter. I cannot control my daughter. She
is really hard to deal with.

Kaya sabi ko even in politics. She was the one orchestrating hindi na ako. She practically ignored me.
Even ‘yung kay Bebot Alvarez. I did not know about it ‘till the day I was there to deliver my SONA

And it was only a lady secretary kinausap niya na “close man kayo ng tatay ko, sabihin mo sa kanya I’m
sorry.” And even now ‘yung sino ‘yung tatakbo magdating ako ng Davao… I am not really updated with
the day-to-day events of politics. Pagka alam ko may setup na. Siya na ‘yung mayor, ‘yung kapatid niya
na ginawa niyang vice mayor pati si Pulong ginawa niyang congressman. Pero walang eleksyon sa Davao.
Really I am for ‘yung dynasty-dynasty. Minsan nakaka-ano nga eh it’s unsettling to hear people sabi
“kayo lang mga ganun, ganun, ganun matagal na sa politika.”

Ang problema kasi ‘pag nandiyan ka and you are about to retire or you get out, you want, ang mga tao
naman ang ayaw. Ayaw pumayag. O sige sabihin, “‘Pag ayaw mo mayor, eh di ‘yon na lang anak mo.” Eh
tapos ngayon ayaw nila gusto nila ‘yung --- kasi mabait itong Sebastian. Sanay lang ito kasi sa babae ‘yan
kaya malambing na tao. Babae lang ang iniintindi niya wala nang iba. Kaya nagugustuhan mabait eh.

So ‘yung mga ganun but that is a side comment. Ang diretso ko is I want to deliver, to convey to you a
message that maybe you can ponder on, sleep on it, and think about the country first before anything

I’m going to give you a solemn statement: I will die. I will go ahead of you. Medyo mas on the average
ang mukha ninyo parang mga edad ninyo nagaverage lang ng mga 32, 33? Tama ba? Iyong iba wala lang
buhok maaga pero okay man. Wala pang kulubot.

I will die. I will disappear. I will be forgotten and I don’t expect to be remembered. I do not want to be
remembered. Sabi ko nga eh, gusto ninyo
‘yung Libingan ng mga Bayani, meron akong slot diyan ipa-raffle ko. [laughter] Kung sino ‘yung manalo
gusto mo sikat ka sige doon ka palibing.

Ako sinabi ko sa pamilya just cremate my body within 24 hours sabi ko. Usually ang patay we follow the
Maranao, nanay ko. So --- and throw it to the ground.
But ito ang tandaan ninyo, ‘pag magulo ang bayan, Mindanao especially who holds the --- which holds
the promise for our subsistence in the years to come, mga apo mo, it’s fertile. It is not yet so abused.
The nutrients are there except ‘yung banana because of the years of replanting medyo humihina pati

But for other food crop --- kasi tayo ngayon we are into a cash crop enterprise. And I cannot prevent it
because we are a free country. Every Filipino can go there and find his place in the sun and till the land
and maybe get partners and develop the lands.

Karamihan sa Mindanao is dedicated already to cash crop. Ibig sabihin, planted to pineapple, banana,
and everything, pati mangga ngayon, it's so popular, in demand. Ang mangga, talagang...

Ang lupa wala nang nagtatanim ng palay. Maybe pati 'yung corn. Kaming --- my father is a Visayan from
Cebu --- Cebu, Danao. Ang kinakain namin actually is mais. Kaming nasanay sa mais parang 'pag magkain
kami, there's something hallow.

'Yung --- it does not mix well with the digestive fluid. Pero kung mais, we can go as far into the night at
ano 'yung matagal kang gutumin. Ayaw niyo maniwala. Tanungin ninyo lahat ng Bisaya dito.

Mais kami. But we do not have that anymore. And because there is trouble, all available peaceful lands -
-- 'yung may law and order or at least a semblance of it, okay tayo. Banana and the usual.

Pero kung sabihin mo you expect the Philippines to be rice sufficient for the next 10 years --- [Saan si
Piñol nandito?] --- l**** na Piñol na, saad nang saad. Hindi dadating 'yon. We will be eternally importing

Probably 'yung Mekong Delta river, Laos, Burma, lahat 'yan sila they depend on it pati ang Thailand.
'Yung Mekong Delta is siltation. Pumapasok na 'yung dagat. And so year after year after years for
centuries, humihina na rin ang production. It cannot grow on salt water.

So we have to find peace to develop the land for our survival. Ngayon, sa Mindanao mainly, the
elementary there is that you have the MILF. And I thank Allah by his grace for giving us the Bangsamoro
Now there are... That's why I was late. You know ramblings about the MILF. Sabi na nga namin noon eh,
“come and join”. But Misuari is going out and I
have ordered the military and the police. May kaso siya eh, allow him to --- he will come back.
He is a Tausug. Maybe he would not really consider a Filipino in the right sense because it's a name. In
the name of the king of Spain, Philip, Philippines, and that they will never be accepted by the Moro
people. Believe me.

Hindi magsabi “Philippines”. 'Pag maglabas 'yan sila, ano ka? Ako? Tausug. Ako Maranao. Hindi magsabi
‘yan “ako Pilipino”. Maybe 'yung mga diplomats, those who are in the career positions in government,
they ought to --- pero 'yung average na Moro...

Sabi ko nanay ko Maranao. And I got this from her all throughout the years. So good that we had this
BOL. Whatever develops in the future, even in the name, well, we'll live it up to the people of the
Republic of the Philippines and to the Moro.

Now they want to call it Maharlika, or --- fine. The state then comprising the Republic of the Philippines.
Ang Christians, gusto mo then go ahead. Piliin mo. If you want to maintain... 'Yan namang King of Spain,
you should read the --- ‘yang nasa Facebook ninyo.

Find out who King Philip was or is. And he was not a good man. He had so many wives unlike me dalawa
lang. Kanya marami. At he was a despot. Hambugero. So he was lording it over because it was the
Spanish era of dominance sa Europe.

So 'yung akin history lang. Marami pa 'yung --- ba’t papalitan pa? Well, if you do not have that sense of
history in you or if you do not really relish being called a Filipino, being a native --- kagaya ng Cebu, they
are not Cebuanos actually.
If you ask them, "taga saan ka?" They would answer you, "Sugbo." Sugbo is the Visayan tribe. Tribe-tribe
tayo. Nauna lang ang Mindanao. Before Magellan came 1521, Islam was already in Mindanao.

I studied the archives when I was a congressman. Niyaya ako noon to visit Malaysia. So I had the chance
to go around and read the archives. It was about mga 70 years ahead.

So that if you are not a Maguindanao, Maranao, Iranun, Kagan, Sama -- Kagan is the Muslim tribe of
Davao, dominantly tribe --- or Yakan, or Tausug and the sub-tribes, you are not from Mindanao.

Your father maybe or your mother migrated there a long time ago bringing with them their religion, and
the dialect. Now, Mindanao is Cebuanospeaking island. Ako, sinasabi ko naman sa mga kapatid kong
Moro, do not be too harsh and remove that stupid hate.

Kasi 'pag wala 'yan hindi talaga tayo aangat dito. Well, I understand but it was not also the fault of the
Sugboanon that they were not able to resist the Spaniards because they had the gunpowder, the
canons, and the rifles whom you could hit a target a mile away.

'Di naubos talaga 'yung mga natibo doon. 'Yan si Lapu-Lapu was a Muslim actually. Siya 'yung nagpatay
kay Magellan. It was not for a simple reason that they were fighting the [garbled]. It was religion.

Kita mo si --- kayong mga taga --- mga Tausug, mga taga-Mindanao, kita mo 'yang headgear ni Lapu-
Lapu? Iyan ang headgear ni Marawi. It is worn by the Tausug. 'Yang ano nila --- 'yung porma na may ano.

That's a typical --- you look at Lapu-Lapu being depicted 'di ba may headgear? That's Tausug. Kaya 'yung
sa mga Muslim, no, they never... They killed our fathers, then they conquered us, made us kneel the
ground, subjugated this country for 400 years, and lived off with the fat of the land.
So kayong mga Moro --- ano man magawa namin noon na mga --- tatay ko kay Cebuano man. Eh di
patay talaga sila. If you do not go to church, you will be flogged --- flagellation in public. Hindi ninyo alam
ang dinaanan din ng mga kababayan.

The Sugbos, just the like the Mandaya, Bagobo, eh kung inabot ‘yon una ng Muslim missionaries, but at
that time, it was a vast sea. The sea separates -- the Mindanao Deep separates us from the Visayas.

It was a long struggle to reach each other's shores. Ngayon, with just a hate, do not hate the Christians.
They are just as a victim of colonization. So with Indonesia sa Dutch, Malaysia with the British.

Ngayon na magi-gyera tayo kasi pinilit sa atin 'yung --- well at least kung --- when you pray to Allah,
walang problema 'yan. Ginusto talaga ng mga ninuno natin because the missionaries never really used
any knife or any big stick to convert anybody. Unlike the Spaniards, talagang...

So we have to resolve this problem. I am happy that we have developed. Now, si Misuari is going out
again and he has a case. Kaya sabi ko hayaan ninyo and so itong si Agcaoili, the legal counsel of the
Communist Party who wants to come home. Let him be. Huwag na natin...

Do not --- do not, you know, mess up with... Kasi meron pa dito. Si Tagle nag-text kay Bong --- kay
Senator Bong. [Saan si Senator Bong Go?] Senator. Paano ka manalo di ha. Ah, t*** i**. [applause]
Palapit ka doon sa ano ha.

Tagle, ito ang sabi niya: "Good day po. Greetings from Rome." Apparently, they were called because of
the abuses that they committed, lahat na. 'Di ba sinabi ko sa inyo noong maliit pa kami, I told you.

Ngayon, sabi nila "Duterte inaatake 'yung simbahan." Now it turns out pumunta si Pope sa Dubai then
he admitted na pati 'yung mga madre ginagawa nang konsumo ng mga pari. Kaya 'yang mga madre
ngayon sige demonstrate matatanda na.

Look at the newspapers and look at their faces that torn and weary. Sinabi ko sa inyo eh. Kami noon,
"Bless me father…" Eh anong magawa ko eh doon ako inano. Ako naman, free willing, I could deal with
my God, it's Allah.
Mag-confession ako, "What's your sin?" Hinahawakan 'yung bayag namin. Iniikot parang bola ng ---
iniikot 'yung... Kay kung marami kang kasalanan, pagtindig mo, malaki na 'yung bayag mo. Mabuti't na
lang itong akin kay tatlo. [laughter] Mahigpit. Hindi masyado…

‘Yan ang nangyari talaga. Gusto kong magprangka. Nung sabi nila na --- alam mo hindi ako galit sa
simbahan. Pero itong mga obispo ng mga elitista dito sa Maynila. 'Yung hindi nagbabayad ng buwis,
nakaupo diyan sa lupa ng gobyerno na walang bayad for so many years. Ginawa ko talaga lahat, Galit
'yan sila.

'Yang Mile Long diyan that’s Inquirer and Donut owned by Inquirer. Itong mga Lopez kinuha ni Marcos
'yung ABS. Nung isinauli ni Cory, nag-utang sila sa DBP. Malaking utang. Popular ang DBP noon. Malakas.
It was a strong financial institution.

Naghiram sila ng bilyon. P***** i**, kwarta ng taong bayan 'yon. Hindi nila binayaran. Gumawa sila ng
mga strategies. Tabla.

Kagaya nung mga smugglers dito they have been enjoying the --- ‘yung ano, walang bayad. Ayaw ko lang
kasi kaibigan ko na eh. At saka nakasakay ako diyan sa --- baka tangtangan ng tuwerka ‘yung isang
propeller diyan.

Bayad, sabi ko, three days. ‘Yung magsigarilyo ng smuggling, Mighty King, magkano ang binayad doon?
Ang sabi ko, if you do not pay us, I’ll sue your -- sue you for plunder. P***** i**, I will detain you maski
sabihin ng korte na I will free you, I will not.
I will order you jailed in my --- doon sa likod ng opisina ko diyan sa Pasig. May detention diyan para sa
mga military na mga lasing. Diyan ka. So 40 billion. Okay, sabi ko. Bayad kang 40 billion, sure to go. ‘Yung
unang offer five billion? Sira ka pala eh. And you have been doing it for so many years?

Ayaw ng corruption. I-mix ko lang ‘yung corruption pati ‘yung violence. ‘Yung --- hindi… Alam mo, I am
not saying that I am the --- pinakamalinis ako na dumating diyan sa Malacañang. Hindi ako na without ---
human beings are feet of clay. Pero matagal man akong mayor sa Davao, kung may masabi man kayo sa
akin, hindi sa pera. ‘Yung sabi nila babae pati ‘yung extrajudicial killing.

So nandito na tayo. I’m not talking of drugs and I am appealing to you. Fiscal kasi ako. I was a public
prosecutor. I was prosecuting cases. Buhay pa man lahat, nung fiscal ako sa Davao, ako ‘yung in-assign
mag-imbestiga ng pulis, military pati rebelde. ‘Yun ang --- pati itong high-profile, ‘yung mga kidnapping
na pinapatay, pati itong drugs.

Kaya noon compre --- covered man na sa death penalty eh. I have seen so many cases of corruption. It
could start from the police, sila ‘yung direkta eh. From the accused or the respondent or the per --- the
criminal, siya, then to the fiscal, then to the judges.

‘Yang linya na ‘yan dito sa Pilipinas, about a third, so three, isa, corrupt ‘yan.
‘Yang mga dito sa Maynila. Manila Police filed so many cases against people. Ni isang conviction sa 1,000
kaso plus 1,100 something, wala lang man isang conviction. Aba p***. Eh ‘di bobo ‘yung p***** i*****
fiscal na ‘yan o binili ‘yan.

Ngayon ‘pag na-dismiss ‘yang kaso, ‘yung nagreklamo ‘yung PDEA. Ewan ko kung bakit rin ganun lang
sila mag-dismiss. Because of the handling of evidence. Magkamali ka lang ng ano endorse, so they have
to follow a strict procedure just to protect the integrity of the evidence. No problem.

But you do not go about just acquitting people with technicalities. Mahirap ‘yan. And many of the judges
are on the take. Kaya ‘wag ninyo akong… Meron pa ‘yang mga racket.

Kayong judges here, remember this. May mga project ang gobyerno, it starts with a bang. There’s the
inauguration, there’s the barangay captain, there’s the governor, the mayor, whatever. Maya-maya, six
months after, you read, kaso na.

P***** i** pagka ganun paano tayo --- makagalaw dito? You issue… Pera, bayaran mo tapos mag-issue
ka ng injunction.

Well, you better think about it. Hindi ako nananakot. Pareho tayong abugado. Isipin mong mabuti, kasi
‘pag --- kung ikaw ang magkamali, makita ko, I will b****** you in public.
I don’t contempt-contempt, ah l**** ka. Sipain pa kita diyan sa opisina mo. Huwag mo akong ganunin.

You guys, you better shape up. The projects, they cannot move, you entertain cases then it’s appealed,
it stays there in the Court of Appeals for 10 years then the Philippine --- the Republic of the Philippines is
still floating until now.

Ilang presidente na? You know even, I said, if you give the next president 15 years, walang election, kung
ganun ang behavior ng lahat, patay. That’s why I made it an issue, law and order pati corruption. ‘Yan
lang dalawa. Mawala ‘yan, go na tayo. Sa totoo lang.

When I became President binitbit ko si Bato. Hindi ko man kilala ang mga pulis dito. And medyo sensitive
‘yang PNP chief pati… Sa Army hindi ako nakialam kasi kilala ko sila eh. ‘Yung tayong Mindanao. ‘Yan sila
Madrigal, lahat ‘yan sila, dumaan doon sa Da --- Mindanao. Kaya kilala na --- kilala ko.

I used… I have been, since 1988 hanggang ako ‘yung RPOC chairman. So every time nandiyan siya, sabi --
- I invite them to participate. Sabi ko, “Pagusapan natin ‘tong lahat, kasali kayo.”
So I became friends with them. I’ve been the… Ang pulis, hindi ko man kilala. Marami pang pulis na
karaming kalokohan ang p**… Tsk. Kung anoanong pinaggagawa. Ayan.

And then nung nandiyan si Bato sinabi ko buksan mo ang records. Huwag mo akong taguan, sino-sino?
Kasi nagyabang ako sa Davao eh, I will finish it in six months. Kasi sa Da… In my city, it took me about
two years to clean up. Patay lahat. Eh ‘di okay.

Now akala ko, when I said na --- my paradigm was Davao City. Hindi ko naman alam na ganun karami
ang pulis, pati ‘yung --- lahat na Customs, pati taga Malacañan. ‘Yung undersecretary nga sinipa ko. I
fired him. Doon sa likod.

Alam mo sa totoo lang ‘yung pagka-mayor ko kasi bitbit ko. Sabi ng mga --- itong media, “Alam mo si
Presidente bastos.” Totoo ‘yan. “Bastos ang bunganga.” Totoo ‘yan lalo na kung galit ako sa iyong
p***** i** ka. L**** ka.

Tapos sabi nila diktador. Anong diktador? Kailan pa ako nakialam sa inyo? When? May nag-utos ba ako
diyan na ganito gawain niyo? Kaya lang walang masabi itong mga yellow, t*** i** iwanan ninyo
maghanap kayo ng partido. Kung wala Communist Party of the Philippines na lang kayo. ‘Wag ‘yang

Sino bang hindi magalit pati pari? Two months pa lang ako sa opisina, nagparade na itong komunista,
itong mga yellow, mga abugado, mga tindig, nagkaisa, “Oust Duterte.” They were really trying to tickle
what could be --- well…

Pero ako kung --- sabi ko kung ayaw niyo ‘di ‘wag. Kaya ko diyan sa pari.
Magmisa pa, “Mamatay sana si Duterte.”
[laughter] Anak ka ng p***** i** ganung mga pari na ‘to. Saan ka nakakita ng ganong relihiyon?

Alam mo ‘yung mga anak ninyo kung bright sana sa college ngayon, magbabasa, AB ganun, kasali ‘yang
mga taga-engineering, BC, ikaw na diyan sa Philosophy, lalo ‘yan sa progressive na eskwelahan, itong
Katoliko na ito will disappear in almost 25 years wala na ‘yan.

Hindi na makalimutan ng tao ‘yung --- ito pala ang Katoliko. ‘Pag inabot ng libog, madre. Kung ang mga
bakla ang p***** i** niya, mga bata. Who needs a religion like that? Tapos sige ka pa bigay kada linggo
ihatid pala niya sa kabit niya.

Mga pari… Ito kaya, sabi ko, ilang beses na ‘yung pari binaril? Ilang beses ako naglabas ng matrix dito
‘yung pari sa center, ‘yon ang mga relasyon nila. Itong namatay na binaril --- saan ba ‘yun? Bagay patay
siya pero natikman man niya lahat. Marami eh.

Ang asawa, Army. ‘Yung asawa, bumbero. ‘Yung asawa dalawa sila ng NBI agent. ‘Yung isa buntis. ‘Yun
nga… Ah kaya pinatay ang g***. Pero kung mag-publish itong media pati Katoliko, parang ang pinatay
santo. O ngayon lumabas na, pati si Pope nagsabi, pati mga madre p***** i**.

Paano ‘yan? Kung sinabi ko noon, galit pa. Nagdadasal ‘pag mamatay ako. Nag --- gumanti rin ako. Sabi
ko, “Hoy, kayong mga durugista ‘pag wala na kayong pera para sa supply ninyo, ‘pag may makita kayong
obispo naglalakad diyan, paluin mo ng tubo. Patayin mo, kunin mo ‘yung pera.”

O pareho raw man ‘yan sa magsabi ka, “mamatay sana si Duterte.” Ang kinausap man niya, Diyos. Buti
na lang hindi sasagot --- hindi sumagot ang Diyos, “G*** ka pala. ‘Wag mong patayin si Duterte, paano
‘yang mga asawa niya, iiwan niya?” [laughter]
Dalawa man ang asawa ko. Paano ‘yung mga apo ko? Kay ‘yung apo ko na isa --- may isa akong branch sa
pamilya na puro… Ganito. Ang nanay ni Lovely, Maranao. Tatay niya, Tausug. Ito ngayong apo ko
nakapagbuntis, baka kasalin na ‘yan, bata pa. Ang babae Matalam. O ‘di kumpleto na kami na Tausug…
Kumpleto na kami doon. Pwede na kaming mag-revolt.

So ‘yun ang… ‘Yung --- ‘yung ayaw ko ‘yung… Noong nag-mayor ako sinabi ko, I’m going to build a city. I
will not promise you heaven but I will try my very best, the best that I can to give you a comfortable city.

I promise you that your children can go home, whether boy or girl, that they can go home safe and
sound. They are not disturbed, molested, and bridled in their --- pasyal-pasyal sila. Sabi ko ibalik ko ang
daan sa mga publiko.

Ang ating park para ‘yan sa law abiding citizen. ‘Yang mga park pati ‘yang daanan hindi iyan para sa
kriminal na magbenta ka ng shabu, mag-snatch ka, magsaksak ka holdapin (holdup) mo. Sabi ko, “ Do
not do it in my city. Because if you will destroy the city of Davao, I will kill you.”

‘Pag ipinakain mo ‘yang anak ko ng shabu, na ‘yon lang ang pag-asa ko sa buhay. Hindi bale na
milyunaryo ka o hindi, mahirap mawalaan ka ng anak sa ganoong paraan. Rapin (rape) mo, kunin mo
‘yung pera, patayin mo.

Kagaya ng babae na kumakatok siya sa bahay nila and it was raining so hard that the occupants of the
house, ‘yung father --- grandfather pati grandmother hindi makarinig. So with the heavy downpour,
tinabihan lang nila ‘yung babae and the following morning, she was found doon sa construction site.
Body burned, raped and violated.

Na ‘yung mga bata na four months old, sabihin ko sa inyo patay na ‘yon. Kung ganun ang gawin mo dito
sa siyudad ko, hihiritan kita.

Human Rights, find out. Sige magdemanda kayo. Ah hindi man ako maniwala sa inyo. International Court
--- Criminal Court, nabuang ka? Bakit mo ako dalhin sa korte na puro Kano, puro puti ‘yung mga judges?
Magsama kaya ako sa inyo? U***.

If I have to go to prison, I will face a Philippine court and I will accept any verdict. ‘Pag sinabing kulong,
kulong. Walang problema ‘yan. Sinasabi ko nga, the presidency is a gift of Allah. Galing ‘yan sa Diyos.
Ang maibigay ko…

Sino bang maniwala mapresidente ako? Do you think that I could become a president of the country
with five --- just five leaders? Ni wala nga akong --- ni isa dito. Maybe ‘yung mga naniniwala sa akin,
‘yung mga classmate ko dito noon sa pag-aral ko, and the --- the Moro.

Sabagay sa lugar ng lola ko nag-landslide, 74 percent ako sa Lanao. Shukran. Saan Maranao dito? Wala.
Mga Maranao. Jolo ganun rin. Lahat, lahat ng Muslim areas nanalo ako. Shukran. And I promised you I
will work for the unity of the Moro people. [applause]

Kaya kayong mga --- mga taga-Maguindanao, taga-Sultan Kudarat, ‘yung mga BIFF, do not worry. ‘Yung
Liguasan Marsh sabi nila na maraming oil, lahat-lahat na, maraming pagkain diyan. Liguasan Marsh is
very rich. They say it has oil, good.
Sabihin ko sa Moro ngayon, mga Mindanawon, inyo ‘yan. Walang makialam niyan sa inyo. Your rich
resources will be yours. I will not allow that to be dissipated by just… Bahala kayo diyan. Now for as long
as I am President, it will be a fair game for everybody. Diyan ‘yan sa Mindanao.

But you can sell your oil. You know common sense will tell you that you have to sell it, you sell it to your
country, or to the republic where you come from.

Nagsabi ako, when I became President I said, “Do not destroy my country because I will kill you. Do not
sell drugs that will destroy the children, I will kill you.”

I will make this statement very, very clear. I promised you that at this time of our national life, it is the
time during my time that it would be very, very dangerous for anybody to do drugs.

Whether as a drug lord, wala akong pakialam kung galing kang China, galing kang Taiwan, galing kang
Malaysia. ‘Pag pumunta kayo dito at ginawa ninyo ‘yan, papatayin ko talaga kayo. Kaya kayong mga
Pilipino sa labas, ‘wag ninyong gawain ‘yan kasi papatayin din kayo doon.
Do not commit the --- committing crimes, your crimes in other countries. I cannot help you and I won’t
help you. ‘Yan tandaan ninyo ‘yan. For everybody, ma general, ma… Kita mo pagbukas ni Bato,
pagbukas niya…

Kaya sabi ko six months was a farce. Because I said my --- pagbukas niya, general ng PNP, anim;
Customs, marami, lahat nasa gobyerno. Kaya I realized that in waging a war against drugs I would be
fighting my own government. ‘Yun ang malas ko. At nabuksan lang ‘yan ‘yung Presidente na ako.

Itinago nila nang itinago ‘yan eh. Kasi itong mga --- ayaw ko ng --- ayaw man nila malabas ‘yung
administrasyon nila walang ginagawa. Hindi mo talaga kaya. Kung ang presidente dito mag-upo ganun
ang problema, hindi mo kaya.
Kaya sinasabi ko nga ‘yung iba diyan mabunganga. ‘Pag sinabi kong hindi kaya--- kasi ang measure ko,
ako. Hindi mo madala ng human rights ‘yan. ‘Yang trawler, sa international ‘yang trawler ‘yang mga ano
--- mga luma na sak… Diyan ‘yan niluluto, ibinabalot, tinatapon, nilalagyan ng GPS.

Hahabulin ng mga --- naman ng mga unggoy kunin nila at saka tayo ngayon I said we are facing a serious
problem. Pumasok na ang cartel Medellin, Colombia. Kaya nga marami na naman makikita cocaine.

Pero sabihin nila na “pinapatay ni Duterte ang mahirap”. You must be a son of a b****. Kung ganun
hindi ka Pilipino. ‘Wag kang ma-isip ng problema, wala kang alam, tonto ka, torpe ka. Shabu is the
commodity of the poor. Madali lutuin noon, madali ibenta kasi mura, at marami ang market --- ang tao.

Ang mga mayaman, cocaine ‘yan, heroin. At hindi masyado malalim ang tama kasi ‘yang mga ‘yan comes
from an organic plant --- poppy. Hindi kagaya nitong shabu formalin, tubig ng baterya, paghalo-haluin
nila tapos ang pobreng Pilipino ‘pag ganun [sniffs] diretso.

Ecstacy, wa na, patay ‘yung babae --- bata sa… ‘Yun ang hindi naintindihan ng simbahan. Shabu has cost
a social dysfunction already. Naintindihan ninyo ‘yan? ‘Pag itong bread of the fam --- breadwinner of the
family, ‘pag ito ang bumagsak sa shabu, itong pamilya niya inutil rin.

He does not work anymore, or if he works at all, he will not deliver the proper money that will go for the
food of the family, pang-edukasyon, pamasahe, uniporme, lahat. So wala ng trabaho tapos wala ng
pagkain, ang mga bata hindi na nakapag-aral, sira na at kung walang makuha dito…

And when the monkey rides on his back, parang unggoy ‘yan sa likod mo gumaganon. Kinakagat ka, ini-
scratch ka, sinakyan ka ng unggoy. ‘Pag ganun tapos walang pera, mainit ang ulo, ‘yan mag-away patayin
ang asawa, patayin ang anak. O maglabas doon maghanap --- ipagbili lahat kaldero, lahat na.
Kaya ngayon ito… Now remember alam ninyo ‘yan. Eh sinasabi ko lang. Ito ‘pag tinamaan ng shabu
maghanap ito ng biktima para suportahan niya ‘yung ano niya, bisyo niya. Ito maghanap para niyang

It could be a married man, student, tapos so on. Wala nang katapusan, contamination. Ito maghanap na
rin ng bago para sa support niya. That’s why gumagana ang shabu. And it is entering the country maski

Niluluto sa ibang lugar, tinatapon, niluluto dito. Kaya kung maabutan kita ng ganun… Kayo bang Pilipino
lahat, ayaw ko ng mamulitika. Huwag na ninyong isipin na ang gobyerno --- kasi kumpare mo nga eh. Ay
p***** i**, ‘pag nandiyan ka ‘wag ka nga --- pati ikaw isali ko.

Parojinog --- mayor. P***** i** ‘yang General Loot na ‘yan, dalawang beses na inambush buhay pa ang
tonto. Espinosa. Tanungin ninyo ‘yang mayors ninyo, tinawag ko ’yan sila sa Malacañan, sinirahan ko.
Sabi ko nag-warning ako. Sabi ko, “ ‘Wag kayong mainsulto sa akin, treat me as your peer. Mayor lang.
Kasi itong sasabihin ko sa iyo may touch sa some nerve dito sa --- magagalit ka sa akin.” So sabi ko,
“Nanghingi ako ng tawad sa inyo.”

Nagkati ‘yung ilong ko sa pagbaba ko sa ano --- bulaklak doon sa tabi, allergy. Wala, wala akong cold.
Makati lang talaga ang… Sana may magkamot na maganda [laughter] para mawala. Wala man akong
sipon. Kati lang.

Kaya ganun. Hindi kita palulusutin. The most dangerous administration in the entire [garbled]. Kung
ganun wala akong pakialam. Sabihin mo sense of accountability. At sinabi ninyo na, “Ah hintay ka lang
tatlong taon lang.” Well I’ll tell you something, itong mga pulis pati military, do not underestimate their
love for their country.
‘Pag basura ang ibigay mong administrasyon sa bayan, p*** may kudeta ka.
May problema ka sa kudeta sabihin ko. Talagang tatanggalin ka ng mga
‘yan. Basura. Every official, every mayor, every barangay captain nandiyan na sa droga, hindi ‘yan
magtiis. They will save our country.

Ang sinabi ko lang nitong sa military pati pulis, kayo rin kasi, may move power --- power movement
diyan ang mga --- ‘tong mga mayaman, mga… Eh ‘di ito silang --- kita mo nga spokesman nila saan
nakatira? Sa Forbes Park. Kuno.

‘Di ba ‘yung crowd ni Roxas. ‘Yan sila ang --- mga elitista. Tapos ‘yan sila ang magpower-power
movement. Tapos kung kayo naman military pati pulis, sumasali kayo tapos sabihin niyo, “O dito kami sa
kampong ito.”

And you have done that several times. So that ibigay mo doon sa… Kanino mo i-turn over ang gobyerno?
Doon sa kalaban niya sa pulitika. Anak ng boss --- you better stop it. Kung ganun ‘wag kayong makialam
if that is your habit. What for?

Ibigay mo lang doon sa isa, kunin mo sa isang kurakot ibigay mo doon sa --- kung hindi kurakot ‘yung
unggoy na ‘yan, ‘yang mga anak, mga…

Sabi ko kanila kung mag-kudeta kayo, mag-mutiny kayo, ‘wag mong isauli sa pulitiko isauli mo sa
Pilipino. Maghanap kayo ng dalawa o tatlong pinakabright na military. Maghanap kayo diyan sa Makati
pinaka-bright na mga bata o matatanda na… Then sabihin ko --- sabihin ninyo, “Oh we will guarantee
your term for seven years.” Gawain mo lahat para sa bayan. Kayong pulitiko pahinga kayo lahat. Eh ‘di
tapos. 'Di aangat tayo.

Ngayon sabihin ninyo magsabi sila, "Ah Duterte, patayin ko." Eh 'di patayin mo. Ang sabi gusto daw ako
patayin. Gusto kong mamatay.

As a matter of fact, wala akong ambisyon ng langit. Kasi nakita ko na doon sa mga libro-libro ng pari,
puro dasalan doon, ayaw ko 'yan.

Ako gusto ko 'yung saan 'yung maga --- eh tayong mag-usap tayo. Saan ang pinakamagandang babae?
'Di magprangka tayo, nasa langit sila? 'Yung sa mga disco-disco na 'yon. Nasaan kaya 'yan sila?

Ano gawain mo? Langit? Ang babae doon mga anghel. Galawin mo 'yan, ah na. Dito na lang kay im ---
sabihin mo kay Lucifer p***** i** ka, 'pag hindi --- 'pag hindi ka mag-share, share sa amin hintayin mo
'yang sila mga general mamatay, i-kudeta kita bukas. [laughter]

Ba’t akala na mamatay ako na ang pulis parang g*** magtatanga lang diyan o mag --- nakabuka ang
bunganga? Ang mali nila kasi isinasali nila --- balik doon sa pulitiko. Stop it. Next time you do it, give it to
the Filipino.

A true Filipino who will do their utmost best for this country to rise and develop. So 'yan ang diyan sa
corruption pati droga. Wala akong second chance sa ano. Marami akong --- mayor ako noon nawalan
ako ng barangay captain kasi ang anak nasabit.

Hindi ho ako makatulong sa inyo. Hindi ako makatulong at hindi talaga ako maghihinakit para sa iyo. But
alam ko 'yung barangay captain --- kung barangay captain ka ikaw 'yung mayor sa barangay mo. O bakit
wala kang ginagawa diyan sa mga p***** i**** 'yan?

Kung matakot ka man lang barilin, ah hindi ko isauli 'yang baril ninyo. Ngayon, ipakita mo sa akin na
pagka lumaban ito, maski maghawak ng bato... Bakit 'pag matamaan ka ng bato malaki ganito,
mabubuhay ka kaya? Kung ihampas 'yan sa mukha mo?

Ngayon, nagiisip ako. Ingon ni General Esperon, Albayalde, pati si --- inyong boss. Ito pinakamabait ito,
tahimik. Kaya sumunod kayo dito, tahimik. Hindi tumatawa 'to --- 'yung boss ninyo. Si Año? Hindi
tumatawa 'yan. Ewan ko kung bakit?

Noong unang kita ko sa --- unang kita ko sa Paquibato, doon sa bukid.

Tapos umakyat ako, sabi ng mga sundalo nandiyan 'yung Division Commander. Sabi ko, "Saan?" "'Yan
nandiyan. Pupunta 'yan dito, Mayor, mag-usap kayo."
So pagdating niya, “General Año”. Gumanon lang siya. Hindi mag-tawa 'yan. Tapos pag-alis niya sabi ko
kay Bong, "Bong, sino 'yung mama na 'yon na parang galit sa mundo?"[laughter] 'Yon lang. Tapos
tanong-tanong kasi mabiro ako eh.

Tinanong ko si General Esperon. "Yung Chief of Staff na nirerekomenda ninyo hindi man tumatawa
'yan." Ano siya, laking --- ganun talaga ugali niya. But he's very, very good, and he will be fair.

Ang usapan namin ganito --- and for the police and the military. Tayong sa gobyerno basta sinunod lang
ninyo 'yung batas, do your duty, malalaman man niyo kung mali. Okay lang 'pag nagkamali, 'wag kang
pumasok ng problema. At kung magkakaso ka sabihin mo lang kay General Año at 'pag nag --- basahin
kong recommendation, we will protect you.

Ako mismo. Titingnan ko 'yung kaso ninyo. [applause] Wala kayong dapat ikatakot na papatay mo. Mas
mabuti nga kung patayin mo nga eh. Lalo 'yang mga durugista nagdadala ng armas, ah p***** i**
hiritan mo 'yan. Pang dagdag lang 'yan sa problema and I said they will contribute to the destruction of
this nation.

Ako na ang nagsasabi sa inyo deal with them harshly. Ngayon kung may abugado, 'di tawagin mo,
tulungan mo. Pero huwag kayong magdadalawang-isip.

Ngayon, kung mayroon talagang tigas diyan o minsan 'yung mga exmilitary, ex-police, mga --- may
armas, eh 'di tawagan mo ‘yung RD o ‘yung chief of police mismo, sabihin mo na...

Sabihin mo bigyan mo ako dalawang pulis. Bigyan ko kayo baril. P***** i** 'pag ikaw ang nabaril 'wag
mo akong paalamin, sipain kita. T*** i** binigyan kita ng baril ikaw pa ang unang mamatay dito? Anong
klaseng barangay captain ka? [laughter] Para tuloy ako nagbigay na para ipanlibing mo.

Isauli ko 'yan sa inyo, gamitin ninyo. Pero ---maghintay ka pala na magdraw kayo? Siyempre basta may
hawak na. Pagka in --- in law, sa batas, marami man kaming mga abugado. In law, if you are --- sabihin
mo lang, “Adre, Mr. Lim, si barangay captain ito, inaaresto kita.” Kasi ginawa mo ‘yung ganun, nagnakaw
ka, nanghasa --- ano ba ‘yon hindi ako masyado marunong Tagalog. That you raped a woman. Tapos
ayaw mag-surrender.

Kasi ganito 'yan ang rule eh. Marami pa rin hindi nakaintindi. Agay. Hindi ako pwedeng mag-bend kasi
ang spine ko sa --- nadisgrasya ko sa motor.

Criminal, barangay captain. Simplehin ko ulit. 'Pag inaresto mo ang obligasyon mo is to take him either
kung maniwala siya, magsama siya, or kung makipag-away siya tapos ganun magrambol, mabaril mo, he
is violating the law. Because the duty of a citizen lalo 'pag nagkamali at inaaresto, the duty of the
criminal is to surrender.

Why? Because ang duty ng barangay captain is to bring him to the folds of the law. So kung ayaw mong
gumamit, sumama lang, ah 'wag mo namang pati i-salvage mo nakaluhod. Kung sumama peacefully,
dalhin mo. Pero if he resists violently, may itak, may baril o ano, you have to deal with the violence
presented before you.

Sabihin mo, "Sasama ka sa akin peacefully, pasalamat ako." 'Yan man ang trabaho ng pulis, lahat, mga
military, ganun. Pero 'pag hindi ka sumama, dalhin kita buhay or patay. So itong criminal must not fight.
His duty actually as a criminal is to surrender peacefully.

The law says that you have to bring him to the folds of the law. And the first step is really to bring him to
the police for investigation pati blotter. Ngayon kung ayaw mong mag-surrender, the law says that you
have to overcome. Overcome is iganun mo talaga.

Na kung magpatayan kayo, sabi ko nga 'wag kang magpauna. Kay 'pag naabutan kita na may --- ihampas
ko pa 'yang baril sa paa mo. "Saan ang sugat mo?" "Nandito, Mayor." "Uhmm t*** i** ka. Bakit ka
nagpauna?" Dalhin sa ospital. "Ah 'wag mong dalhin sa ospital 'yan, batangay captain na
'yan. Hayaan mo 'yan. Bugok."

Ganunin mo talaga, then you have to overcome. Kasi when you arrest ang purpose mo is to take the
criminal into the custody of the law. Walang dapat mag --- 'wag --- kaya 'wag kang mag-join.
Kaya pagdating mo sa korte, kay kung ganun ang nangyari sabihin ko talaga sa judge, "Judge, 'wag
mong..." That goes for the police. Kaya ang pulis pati military back up ko talaga 'yan. As long as they are
in the performance of duty, walang military o pulis pupunta sa kulungan. Hindi talaga mangyari 'yan.

Hindi talaga --- same to you mga barangay captains. Ngayon, kung barangay captain ka nasa droga ka,
anak ng p***** i**. [laughter] Totoo. Mayor ka? Sin-ong mga taga-Iloilo ngari? Te mga Ilonggo? Bacolod
nga puro patay na. [laughter]

Milyonaryo sang... Linte nga damo sang kotse mga Lamborghini, negosyo mo lending. Kung sa Davao na
wala akong nakitang lending na ganung --- Lamborghini tatlo. P***** i** kalokohan 'yan.

Pero te sila lang man ngadto. Nabasa ko lang, so gaduda ako nga may ara ka na apat o tatlong...? 'Wag
mo akong bolahin.

Iyang mga mayaman, 'yang sila Peter Lim, ano man 'yang cover nila? 'Yung mga karaoke-karaoke. First
time vice mayor pa ako napunta ako diyan sa mga karaoke nila.

At that time sabi nila na... Kaya ikaw Peter Lim ka, 'wag ka talagang magpakita dito sa police, military o
ako kasi 'pag nakita kita, papatayin kita. Wala akong pakialam. Punta ka doon sa China, balik ka. Bahala

Pero 'pag nakita kita dito sa Pilipinas, you're dead. ‘Di ba nag-usap kami, bago pa akong Presidente.
Nakipagkita siya sa akin kasi gusto niyang magexplain. Sabi niya, "Mayor, hindi ko magawa. May mga
anak ako." Nakikinig lang ako. But since --- alam ng taga-Cebu 'yan.

Eh wala pa kasing kaso noon na may warrant eh. Kay kung noon 'yung panahon na 'yon may warrant na
siya, pagkatapos ng interview barilin ko na siya doon sa hagdanan. Wala na tayong istorya-istorya. Bakit
pa ako magistorya?

Kaya kayong mga ano, 'wag kayong magpa... Kayong mga drug addicts,
'wag kayong mag-istambay diyan sa mga daan. Kasi para sa publiko 'yan na sumusunod sa batas. Ngayon
kung kriminal ka, wala kang karapatan p***** i** mo mag-istambay diyan at takutin 'yung tao.

So mamili ka, mag-uwi ka na lang sa bahay o ihatid ka ng pulis sa punerarya? Ang pulis na maghatid sa
punerarya maligaya. Bakit? Meron silang put. Sino 'yung maka-deliver nang maraming patay, eh usually
pulis man 'yan. Tawag kaagad 'yan, "Amo, nandito kunin mo."

O 'pag tawag niya, "Wala na, naibigay na 'yan ni ano --- 'yung driver ng police car." Tapos may kita 'yan
siyang maliit. Totoo. Alam man ninyo 'yan. Sige, mas gusto ko 'yan. Mag-deliver kayo nang mag-deliver
ng patay doon sa...

'Yan ang mensahe ko. Nag-iisip ako, ito. I'd like to make a very public and official statement. I got this
message from Cardinal Tagle who is now in Rome. Kasi ipinatawag sila ng Pope. Bakit ang simbahan
ngayon ng Katoliko nagkawatak-watak?

Ako --- kaya ako 'yung ninong-ninong sa kasal pati sa binyag sabi ko, "Do not invite me." 'Di na ako
pumapasok ng simbahan. I pray to God. Mag-upo ka lang diyan, then you pray to the… Hindi naman
kailangan na magpunta ka pa doon sa... What for?

"Good day po. Greetings from Rome. I was informed that Bishop David…” Eh 'yang sa Caloocan na
mayabang utro rin. “…some priest got death threats from someone claiming to be working for the
President's family.” Naninira ito. Sigurado sa kabila 'yan. “…Just to let you know baka may naninira.
Thanks. We pray.” Kay Bong.

Ang sagot ko ganito, ‘yang aming away ko sa Katoliko, amin lang 'yan personal. Kayong mga adik, 'wag
ninyong totohanin 'yung pukpukin 'yung mga bishop pati cardinal. Hindi 'yan sila kasali sa ruckus ---
political ruckus.
Ako I was just responding --- sinagot ko lang 'yung sabi ng pari “mamatay ako”. Pero huwag ninyong
patayin talaga 'yung mga obispo pati pari. It is not allowed. O ‘yung mga Imam, 'yung mga tabligh diyan.
Tabligh 'yung puti na maraming...

Walang kasali 'yan sila. 'Pag ginawa mo 'yan sa kanila, ako mismo ang kalaban mo at ako ang hihirit sa
iyo kasi ginagawa ninyo 'yan para siraan ako. Ano man ang makuha ko 'pag patayin ko 'yang pari?

Mas marami pang mabiyuda. Malay mo tatlo ang girlfriend niyang g***** 'yan. Bakit ako magpatay ng
pari? Pareho lang man sa atin 'yan. Kagaya ng mga barangay captain, sobra kalahati nito may kabit 'yan,
sigurado 'yan. [laughter]

Ah sus. Totoo 'yan. Kaya sabi ko ayaw ko na 'yung pulis pati military maginom sa public. May baril kasi
eh. Tapos ganito 'yan. Sa isang cabaret, ingon nilang cabaret --- cabaret, may mga maganda diyan sa
mga sing-along.

Ngayon, itong mga pulis na --- bantay kayo sa akin. Madalas mag-parking instead of mag-patrol nandoon
sa harapan ng disco. Kasi ang pinakamaganda diyang babae either ang boyfriend police o tigasin na
mayaman o taga gobyerno.

'Yang sa pulis wala 'yan pera dinadaan 'yan sa baril. So kaya itong mga police sa --- 'wag na muna kayong
makinig generals. Totoo man ito. Tanungin ko kayong mga barangay captains, ‘pag ang pulis namatay,
sabihin mo ngayon ang totoo sa akin, ilang pamilya ang iiyak? Sige daw.

Ganun din ang barangay captain. [laughter]

P***** i**. Kaya kung hindi ako magsalita dito just to remind you na okay 'yan, magbisyo ka. Kaya itong
pulis... Ako ha? Mayor. Laking pulis ako. Totoo 'yan laking pulis ako. Kaya I can spot you a mile away.

Pero ako noong mayor ako, 'pag sa performance of duty, hindi talaga ako papayag makulong. Karami
kong pulis kaibigan kaya. Kumpare ko. 'Yung last --- 'yung pinaka kaibigan ko sa police department sa
Davao, namatay, inilibing. Alam ko may asawa siya. Kumakain ako doon sa bahay nila eh. Tapos may
kabit. Nagtatrabaho noon sa night club. Uso pa ang night club, naabutan ko ‘yon. Tapos 'yung ano...
Noong inilibing na nandoon ako, may umiiyak dito. So kilala ko 'yung pamilya, kumare ko eh.

Tapos 'yung sa night club dala-dala 'yung dalawang anak. Dito sa likod, [mimics crying] sabay silang tatlo.
Sabi ko sino itong kuwan, kapatid o ano? Kasi... "Kapatid ng pulis?" "Hindi, sir. Sales girl ng Gaisano 'yan,
kabit rin niya." P***** i**. Sabi kong, “unggoy na 'to.”

Kaya ako dalawa na lang. Mabuti 'yung dalawa lang ang magsagutan diyan -- magsigaw. Kung marami,
mahirap. Meron talaga 'yan. Eh ilan ang pulis na namatay na nagpatong sa --- nakapatong. [laughter]

May gusto akong sabihin pero ayaw ko. Kasi kaibigan ko eh. Baka idemanda ako ng mga anak ko. T***
i**, Duterte pa naman kami tapos sabihin mo 'yan sa publiko. Pero ito pag-retire, nagtrabaho pa ito.

Medyo gwapo 'yon eh. Kaya nga namatay ang p***** i** nag-tsutsuktsak. [laughter] Isa pang nagki-
critic sa akin. Itong si p***** i**** Tatad na 'to. Sige sulat na ako raw may cancer, ganun. Ako naman,
nagdududa na rin ako.

Sabi niya kasi daw… ‘Di nasunog ito sa --- mukha ko. Sabi niya, “May cancer ‘yan si Duterte.”

Kaya kung bago ako maligo, ganunin ko. Maamoy mo man kung ordinaryong tae lang. [laughter] Giamoy
ko. Wala man. Amoy ordinaryong amoy. P***** i** talaga itong Tatad.

Ikaw Tatad, binabastos mo talaga ako. Ilang beses na. Ikaw ‘yung nagumpisa nagsabi namatay na ako.
Kasi ikaw, desperado ka. Wala naman akong sakit. Ikaw, may sakit ka. Ang totoo, matagal ka ng may
diabetes. Kaya ‘yang --- ikaw ang utin mo ganun. [laughter and applause]

Bina --- binabastos mo eh. Sabihin mo… Sige, ipahiram mo ‘yang asawa mo, magpahipo ako, tingnan mo.
T*** i** ka. Bwisit ka. Opus Dei, Opus Dei. Naupos na kayo diyan.
Ngayon, sa totoo lang para mainggit ka. Siguro dito… Si Presidente, si…
Ganun pa ‘yan sila. [raises mic] [laughter] Iyong mga Cabinet members,
Cabinet member mga --- huwag kayong… Huwag na tayong magbolahan. Ganun lang kayo siguro.
[adjusts mic] [laughter]

Kung Viagra, hindi talaga ganun ‘yan. Kung may Viagra, gaganun ‘yan. At least, hindi kagaya kay Tatad na
flat talaga. Eh kay Tatad ganun eh. [lowers the mic] [laughter]

Itong… Pareho mga --- pati mga generals. Matatanda na 50 --- mga ganun na ‘yan sila. Ngayon,
nakakatulong ‘yang Viagra. Ang problema lang sa Viagra, kasi gumaganun. [plays with the mic] [laughter]

Huwag na tayo magbolahan. Totoo man talaga ‘yan. Kaya ako, I’m warning the --- whoever, whoever.
Huwag kayong magkamali ‘yang --- ‘yung mga religious, mga Imam diyan, huwag ninyong --- don’t mess
up with them, mga pari, madre kasi pagka ganun akong kalaban mo.

So ‘yon lang ang mensahe ko actually para sa… So the most important. Wala namang iba. Iyong export,
we can always change the… O ngayon, sabi nila, mahirap mag --- mag-ano, magbago ng Customs.
Nilagyan ko ng army.
Sige. Pati Coast Guard, sabihin ko, barilin mo. ‘Pag ipinilit, barilin mo talaga.

Eh ‘yung Customs nag-order ng baril. Inapprove ko, sige. Basta, gusto ko ‘yung --- sabi ko tama lang.
Outside from that okay ako. Tsaka may problema kayo officially connected, you --- just explain to
General Año. He would be a fair man.

Iyong mga abuso, ‘yung mga… Iyong mga complaint, ‘yan mga babaebabae, wala. Hindi namin ine-
entertain ‘yan. Doon ka na sa… ‘Pag maganda ‘yung babae, bata pa, sabihin namin na, “Hiwalayan mo na
lang ‘yang asawa mo. Dito ka na lang sa amin.”

So I’d like to stress again that that’s my only --- that’s the soul of my message to you. I’m not
campaigning for… May ticket ako. If you think that you can help me, give me --- hindi ako nag-ano ng tao

Ang akin lang kasi, tingnan mo sa Senado. Tingnan pati ‘yung newspaper ngayon, naghingi daw ako.
Hindi ako… Hoy media kindly listen. Kung medyo bungol-bungol kayo, huwag kayong --- dito sa

What I said was that early on, I promised --- ang isang palpak ko ang EDSA. Ang EDSA kasi kailangan ko
ng pera. I would need a huge --- it’s a big-ticket eh. Malaking project EDSA, maggawa ka ng mga ano.

Na-discuss pala ‘yang emergency power kasi emergency power kagaya kay Ramos pati kay Aquino. You
are allowed to buy without a bidding basta tingnan mo kung anong the best para sa project.

Eh nagsasalita pa lang, umabot na na --- ‘yung nga isang senador, dalawa, tatlo. “Ah wala ‘yan. Graft and
corruption ‘yan kasi malaking pera.” Noong narinig ko, sabi ko, “Ah ganun. Kalimutan ninyo. I’m not

Kaya ang EDSA ngayon, sige. Ngayon, tanungin niyo ako, wala akong ginawa. Wala akong ginawa. Bakit?
Wala akong pera. Ngayon, kung iparepair nila sa akin, sabihin ko, “Kayo ang mag-repair niyan.”

Ngayon, marami akong sinabi. Corruption. At least nakita ninyo may ginagawa ako. At hindi ko talaga
ginagawa ‘yan. Hindi ako tatagal sa pulitika kung corrupt ako.
Sinabi ko sa inyo, corruption. The law and order. Droga, number one. Niwawarningan ko na kayo.
Sinasabi ko na nga, I will kill anybody. Ke ma-mayor ka, ma-governor ka, ma-pulis, general, p*****,
hihiritan talaga kita. Ay, ma-barangay captain ka. Kita mo.

Nakita mo sila Parojinog? Tinawag ko sa Malacañan ‘yan. Tanungin niyo ‘yung mga mayor ninyo.
Tinawag ko ‘yan sila sa Malacañan. Sinarahan ko. Sabi ko, may sabihin nga ako sa inyo.

Ulitin ko ha. Pati kasi sa governor. Next. Sabi ko sa kanila, “Huwag kasi papatayin ko kayo. ‘Pag pumasok
kayo diyan.”

Nakita ko pa ‘yon si Loot. Sabi ko, “Ikaw Loot, p***** i** ka. Ikaw ‘yung isunod ko.” Pero inambush,
naunahan naman ako. Ewan ko kung sinong nag-ambush. Kasi kung gobyerno ‘yan, eh patay na ‘yan.
Kanyunin ko siya.

Iyan, ‘yan ang mahirap sa droga. Iyong may namatay doon sa --- ‘yan.
Money laundering, linisin mo ang pera. Ngayon, kung hindi mo ma-remit. Ang kalaban mo ngayon, we
are in danger because on the right side ang Mexico pati ang Medellin pati ang Colombia pumapasok

Dito, ngayon makikita mo kung lumulutang, shabu, cocaine. At mahirap ang Pilipinas because tayo ang
pinaka-mahabang shoreline. Kasi island for island ‘yan ganun. Hindi naman straight ‘yan. Dito, dito, dito.
Very porous.

Saan lang siya pumasok? Seven thousand islands ang Pilipinas. Hindi kagaya ng America na isang stretch
lang. Dalawang submarino lang mag-ganunan. Dito island for island wala tayo. Kulang tayo.

So I cannot afford na may isang patrol dito, for island for island. Ganun kahirap. So I have to do
something about it. I’m just warning.

I am happy that you invited me. I’d like to thank DILG. And I’d like also to… General Eleazar is here to
join us because I’m talking about crime.

Pero ako po, huwag ninyo masyado ako. I do not want to be addressed as “president.” Just call me
“mayor.” Hindi ho ako nag-a-ano. I... Ayaw, ayaw -- magpunta ako.

Kagaya ng Boracay, ‘yang Boracay. Alam mo military, dali utusan. Kaya puro military lang kuha ko. Mag-
utos ka diyan sa mga civilian, ‘yan either magkakaso, mawala ang pera na walang mangyari.

Kaya ang --- sabi ko kay… Siya, si General Año pati Cimatu. Sabi ko, “You clean Boracay. I’ll give you six
months.” Perfect.

Ngayon, sabi, “Ah si Duterte, ginagawa paganda para ibigay niya ‘yan sa mga Intsik, sa mga kaibigan
niya.” Pagkatapos, “Welcome Duterte.” Hindi ako pumunta doon. Ayaw ko ‘yung mga ganun-ganun.

Pareho tayong lahat. We are paid to do exactly what we are doing. We do not need applause para sa
atay mo. Paburot lang ng atay mo. Iyang ganun. Those are the things that I do not like.

Sa Davao ‘yan, kayo nakadaan doon, nakakita ba kayo ever since mayor ako na, “This is a project of
Duterte,” ‘yung mukha mo. Tanungin mo ‘yung tagaDavao. Napunta kayong Davao. Nakakita kayo?
Wala. Ayaw ko ‘yung ganun.

Sabi ko kung manalo ko, kung intindihin ng tao. Ayaw ninyo, ‘di huwag.
Ganun kasi ang attitude ko. Sabi nila, first year. O marami akong hiniritan. “Ah hindi na manalo kay killer
‘yan.” ‘Di bale isang daan lang ako pero tuparin ko ‘yung pangako ko.
So I went on to become a President. I’m not trying to threaten --- threaten anybody. But I’m trying to say
that we have to do something to save our country. So do not f*** with me. Let us all work together.
Hindi ako ‘yung ano…

As a matter of fact, ‘yung Boracay. Pagkatapos niyan, tinawag ko sa Cabinet ‘yung undersec --- ah
Secretary Castriciones. Sinabi ko ‘yung likod ng beach ng Boracay, i-land reform mo, ibigay mo sa mga
natibo. Pumunta ako doon gabi. Hindi sa Boracay. Punta ako doon sa mga tao. Sabi ko, “Inyo na ‘yang
titulo.” As of now, it’s worth millions.

Kasi may nag-aagawan diyan kasi gawaan nila ng mga cottages ganun. Sabi ko hindi. Ibinigay ko sa Ati.
Inyo na ‘yan. Ten years from now, five years from --- pagbili ninyo, ang anak ninyo milyonaryo, then you
have --- can say that dito sa buhay na ito, there’s always a time.

A time to be poor and a time to be rich. A time for crime and a time to stop it. A time for destruction and
a time for repair.

Pero ako, I would always remind you, lahat kayong masasama, there is always a time to be born and
there is always a time to die. [applause]

Maraming salamat po. [applause]

--- END ---

Presidential Communications Operations Office

Presidential News Desk


[Delivered at Heroes Hall, Malacañan Palace | 22 February 2019]

Kindly sit down. Shukran.

Former President and House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo; excellencies of the diplomatic corps;
Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea; Presidential Adviser on Peace, Reconciliation, and Unity
Secretary Carlito
Galvez Jr. and the other members of the Cabinet; Senator Aquilino Pimentel
III; Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri; the honorable members of the House of Representatives; the
Commission on Election Chairman Sheriff Abas; officers and staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
led by Chief of Staff General Benjamin Madrigal Jr.; PNP Chief Police Director General Oscar Albayalde;
the members of the Bangsamoro Transition; fellow workers in government; other guests and ladies and

Before I forget and maybe ramble on to some other things which are not included in the program, let
me acknowledge the presence of the former Secretary on Peace Process Jesus Dureza [applause] who is
here with us. May I call on you.

He’s one of the pioneering spirit behind all the peace processes in the Philippines today. Unfortunately,
he resigned for reasons I really do not know. Well, he never said it in his letter so I could say nothing.
On January 21 and February 6, an overwhelming majority of the registered voters of the proposed
Bangsamoro territory went to their respective polling places not only to cast their ballots, but also to
write a new chapter in the region’s history.

Today, I am elated to accept the certification from the COMELEC declaring the ratification of the Organic
Act for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and the expansion of its territory to
include Cotabato City and 63 barangays from the Province of North Cotabato. I am also pleased to
announce the appointment of MILF Chairman Al Haj Murad Ebrahim as Interim Chief Minister of the
Bangsamoro Transition Authority. [applause] Sir, congratulations.

The Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao is not just the fulfillment of a campaign
promise. It will be the realization of our collective desire. It will be the realization of all our dreams and
end long decades of armed struggle that hindered the growth of the region and I also consider my

Your courage and determination will never be put to waste. I guarantee that you and this administration
will use all the resources within its disposal to ensure better governance and inclusive political
empowerment in this new Bangsamoro region. [applause]

Indeed, the successful ratification of this Organic Law will enable us to create an environment that will
be conducive to peaceful coexistence between the Muslims, Christians, Lumads, and all tribes of this
planet as indigenous peoples and settlers who will consider Mindanao as their home.

As we welcome a new era of peace and development in the region, I pose this challenge to the members
of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority: Always embody the dreams and aspirations of the great men
and women who came before you and fought for the recognition of your right to determine your future.

As you lead this new region towards a brighter tomorrow, I ask you never to waver in your commitment
to build an institution that is founded on the rule of law, the promotion of good governance, and the
defense [of] our most cherished democratic values.

Always work for the best interest and welfare. But I need not really remind you. You know better than
me. But for posterity and to put it on record that I was the one who said it at this time. Always work for
the best interest and welfare, not only of the Bangsamoro people, but every Filipino who live in that
region. [applause] I trust that you will oversee the transition period to the best of your abilities,
especially in the decommissioning of firearms and former combatants.

The road to peace may be long and rough, but I am glad that we have finally reached its endpoint. My
only hope is that we put to rest the bitter memories of the past so that we can build a new region that is
bound, not by ethnic
or religious affiliation, but by a common aspiration for peaceful coexistence among our fellow Filipinos.

This is the penultimate parag --- it says “salamat” but before that may I be allowed to just to say a few

I would like to congratulate all of you, past and present, now here in this planet or have gone to the rest.
They were great men fueled by great aspirations.

And as a Mindanaoan, as your neighbor, I am really overwhelmingly proud that you took our word for it
in the so many late meetings that we had in my place, in your place just to talk about how to craft this
new law.

Now that we have realized our aspirations, believe me, we in Mindanao share your values. [applause]
We share your dreams and aspirations. We share all. But most of all, we would like to see an end of the
violence that has rocked Mindanao and have cost so many lives for nothing.

For after all, we go to war and shoot each other, counter --- counting our victories, not by the progress
or development of the place but by the dead bodies that were thrown around during the violent years.

If there is any problem at all or in the future, let me assure you that for the remaining years of my work
as a government work here, here in this building, I assure you, Insha’Allah, I will always do what the law
says and what is yours and what to --- to what extent that we can give you, not only comfort but
happiness to the Muslims of Mindanao. [applause]

I gave you my word of honor. And in the past, because of the delays, many of our brothers and sisters
raised their doubts. But few were determined enough to face me.

I said in the several meetings and the long nights that we talked and the --- all sorts of the issues. I
assured you that there will be a --- there is a challenge that we will have to respond to and we will be

Today, I thank Allah for his mercy and for his understanding of his people. And so every time I pray, I
pray for my place, Mindanao, because we have suffered so many bombing so many lives lost, I said, for
really nothing.

In the end, all the great revolutions the world has ever seen, all the great wars that we have undergone
in --- well, of course I was not yet around. But violence visited us every now and then.

I hope that we can end this. And I assure you --- there is one contentious issue about your resources. It’s
all yours. Liguasan
Marsh. [applause] Nobody. It belongs to the Mindanaoans. It belongs to where the people… [applause]

Do not be afraid that you will be deprived of this rich ever. It will always benefit the Mindanaoan and
that is the purpose why we are here.

We do away with greed. We do away with oppression and especially we try. We can always try.
Sometimes, it can be done. Sometimes it cannot be reached. But I pray that we will end the hate that
pervaded our lives for so many years.

Thank you and may Allah bless us all. [applause]