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government applications

computers play an important role in government applions like sales tax depa

tment, income tax department and computerization of voters list,etc.

characteristics/ features of computer

the increasing popularity if computer has oroved that is very powerful and useful
machine. the power and usefulness of this popular machine is mainly bue

to the following features;-

speed;the computer cAN PROCESS DATA VERY Fast, at the rate of millions of
instructions per second.some calculations that would have taken hours and days to

otherwise, can be completed in a few seconds using the computer.Computer can work
at a very high speed. the time taken by the computer to execute instruction is

very fast. its processing speed is measured in afraction of a second.

accuracy;computer provides a high degree of accuracy. though the computer dues its
work with a very high speed, it dose not make any mistake unless the user gives

it a wrong instruction. computers are 100% accursate. but if we feed wrong data to
the computer,it redurns the same wrong output or information caiied GIGO (garbage

garbage out).

diligence;computers can work for many hours continuosly without taking any rest and
withous decreasing its speed,accuracy and is free from tiredness,

lack of concentration,fatigus etc.

versatiility; versatiility is one of the most wonderful things about

computer.multi-processing features of computer makes it quiet versatile in nature.
one moment,

it is preparing the results of particular examination, the next moment it is busy

preparing electricity bills, and uin