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2. Objectives
3. Secondary data
4. Qualitative method
5. Quantitative method
6. Data analysis
7. Report ing
8. Timing
9. Fees

Market Overview

The on-the-go packed bakery market in Egypt is growing rapidly in the last years with so
many competitions from big brands like Edita (Molto & Brunch) & Mongini and from new
players like Ole, as well as from unknown brands like Bonjour Max, Tata…etc.

The packed bakery market is divided mainly between croissant products and pate products
only, brunch only recently launched their new sandwich under the brand name Brunch-wich
in 2 flavors (Feta & Istanbolly) after hearing rumors about our new product launch, to block
us from entering this market.

Domty has decided to expand its product portfolio by entering the packed fresh bakery
market with a Cheese Sandwich filled with Domty Cheese in 6 different flavors in the 1st
phase: Feta Cheese, Feta Cheese With Olives, Istanbolly Cheese, Creamy Cheese, Chocolate
and Jam.

Competitive Advantage

Our Cheese Sandwich is filled with Domty Plus Cheese ( our best-selling product in cartoon

You know and trust the filling inside the sandwich not like other brands where the cheese
source is unknown.

We own the cheese, so we fill the sandwich with cheese from the first till the last bite

Core Messages To Deliver


Affordable belly filling snack

Guaranteed ingredients/cheese

A trusted product for your kids for the school lunch box

Filled to the most with Domty cheese

Target Audience

We’re aiming at two main targets:

Primary Target are teenagers and youth, who can buy it from kiosks while going to school,
university, sport clubs or going to work as a snack in the middle of the day to satisfy their

Secondary Target are mothers who are so busy in their daily life routine and this sandwich
can save them the everyday hassle of what to put in the kids lunch box for school or as a
midday snack in their training bag

Brand: Domty Cheese

Agency: Icon Branding

Project Name: Domty Cheese Packaging Design

Project Category: Snacks- Cheese

Project Location: Cairo, Egypt

Project Status: Implemented

Arab Finance: Arabian Food Industries Company Domty S.A.E. (DOMT), Egypt’s largest
cheese manufacturer by market share, announced today its consolidated results for 3Q2018.
Domty achieved a net profit of EGP 34.7 million in 3Q2018, after achieving sales of EGP 691
million slightly higher than 3Q2017, The net income for the first 9 months of the year
reached EGP 132.8 million compared to a net income of EGP 28.4 million for the same
period last year.

Commenting on the 3rd quarter’s performance, Domty Vice Chairman Mr. Mohamed Omar
El Damaty said: "For sure the Company was affected by the increase in energy prices,
specifically in July and August, normal sales rates returned starting September, hence
3Q2017 was also exceptionally high in sales volume.

We were able to increase our cheese market share by 2% that entailed an increase in
marketing spending. The highlight of the third quarter was the successful launch of our first
introduction of baked goods which is the Domty Sandwich. We reached our maximum
capacity production utilization of the line in just 6 weeks, with a net margin of more than
10%, which is higher than the plan. This proves the company's view in investing in the
distribution sector infrastructure & manpower and our ability to succeed in other/ new rapid
fast growing categories.

Consequently the company has decided to increase the capacity of the bakery line with an
investment of approximately USD 500 thousand, the new capacity will be added starting mid
1Q2019. The increase in raw materials costs, the increase in energy expenses this quarter,
the introduction of the Domty sandwich and the desire to increase our cheese market share,
hence higher marketing spending (should go back to normal levels), consequently caused
the decline in the profit margin." We believe we will gradually return to our profitability

(c) 2018 Arab Finance Brokerage Company All rights reserved. Provided by SyndiGate Media
Inc. (Syndigate.info)., source Middle East & North African Newspapers
‫ساهم طرح شركة الصناعات الغذائية العربية دومتي‪ ،‬منتجها الجديد تحت اسم "ساندوتش دومتي" في زيادة‬

‫أرباح الشركة خالل الربع الثالث من العام الجاري‪ ،‬وهو ما دفعها لضخ مزيد من االستثمارات في خط اإلنتاج‪.‬‬

‫وقالت الشركة في بيان للبورصة اليوم الثالثاء‪ ،‬إن صافي أرباح الثالثة أشهر "يوليو ‪ -‬سبتمبر ‪ "2018‬سجل زيادة‬

‫بنسبة ‪ ،%36.6‬ليصل إلى ‪ 34.7‬مليون جنيه مقابل ‪ 22.4‬مليون جنيه في الفترة المقارنة من العام الماضي‪.‬‬

‫وأضافت الشركة‪ ،‬أن الحدث األهم خالل الربع الثالث من العام الجاري‪ ،‬كان نجاح طرح المخبوزات‪ ،‬حيث وصلت‬

‫للطاقة القصوى لخط اإلنتاج في ‪ 6‬أسابيع فقط‪ ،‬وأنه حقق صافي ربح أكثر من ‪ %10‬وهو أعلى من المخطط‪.‬‬

‫وقالت الشركة في بيانها‪ ،‬إنها قررت زيادة طاقة خط إنتاج المخبوزات‪ ،‬باستثمارات بقيمة ‪ 500‬ألف دوالر‪ ،‬تبدأ من‬

‫منتصف الربع األول من العام المقبل‪.‬‬

‫وبدأت الشركة إنتاج سندوتش دومتي في سبتمبر الماضي‪.‬‬

‫وارتفعت مبيعات الشركة خالل الربع الثالث إلى ‪ 691.2‬مليون جنيه‪ ،‬مقارنة بـ ‪ 680.1‬مليون جنيه خالل نفس‬

‫الفترة من العام الماضي‪.‬‬

‫وبلغت قيمة مبيعات سندوتش دومتي‪ ،‬فقط‪ ،‬منذ إصداره نحو ‪ 8.1‬مليون جنيه وحتى نهاية الربع الثالث‪.‬‬

‫وارتفع بذلك صافي ربح الشركة خالل أول ‪ 9‬أشهر من العام الجاري إلى ‪ 132.9‬مليون جنيه مقابل ‪ 28.5‬مليون‬

‫جنيه خالل نفس الفترة من عام ‪ 2017‬بنسبة زيادة ‪.%366.3‬‬

‫وتأسست دومتي عام ‪ 1989‬وهي متخصصة في صناعة الجبن ومنتجات األلبان‪ ،‬وأضافت إنتاج العصائر في عام‬

Domty targets to achieve more than EGP100m in
sales annually from baked goods
Start of bakery line got delayed more than once due to
state`s conditions, which negatively affected purchasing
power, says El Damaty
Nihal SamirPublished in Daily News Egypt on 09 - 09 - 2018
The Arabian Food Industries company, Domty announced in a press
statement that it started producing baked goods at the end of August
through a single production line, which had already been purchased
following being listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 2016.
Days ago, Mohamed El Damaty, the vice chairperson of Domty told
Daily News Egypt in an exclusive interview that his company bought the
production line of bakery, but the start of the line was delayed more
than once, due to the conditions of the state, which negatively affected
the purchasing power.
Moreover, Domty revealed in a press statement that the production
capacity of the bakery line is 6m pieces per month, noting that the total
investment cost of the line is EGP 50m.
Furthermore, the company explained that the product that was
launched is Domty sandwich and it is the company`s first product in the
field of baked goods.
El Damaty told DNE that his company acquired about 42% of the local
packaged cheese market in Egypt, while in the juices market it acquired
about 7% of the local market.
Moreover, he stated that the target is to reach about an 8.9% profit
margin on total sales, and also target to increase the total sales number
to reach about EGP 2,500, EGP 2,700bn by the end of this year.
"I think that our financial performance in H1 2018 is ambitious and
that we reached our target," the vice chairperson of Domty asserted.
Notably, in the first half (H1) of 2018, Domty achieved a net profit
worth EGP 98m, which is a substantial growth if compared to the same
period in 2017, as it was EGP 6m in H1 of 2017.