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Management’s School


Advance English


Mg. Gina Soplopuco Rivas.



 ALAYO AGUIRRE, Gianella.

We dedicate this work to those people who taught us

that the best freedom of the human is in personal and

intellectual improvement, these people are our parents,

that, with the help and enlightenment of God, gave us

their support on a daily basis to successfully and

responsibility complete this work, and our teacher who is

our guide in learning, giving us the latest knowledge for

our good development in our professional career.


We thank in the first place, the Supreme Being, the

only owner of all knowledge and truth, for

enlightening us during this work and for allowing us

to successfully complete it; and, secondly, but not

least, to our dear parents, for their unconditional

support and the daily effort they make to provide us

with a good education.


In the present report we have developed the three points required by the teacher:


For its preparation we have taken into account all the indications given by the teacher and

we hope to have fulfilled its evaluation criteria, otherwise, we hope your understanding.

The Group.


Dedication and Gratefulness



Description of place

Rutine of chef

Trash challenge



The care of the environment is not only the responsibility of the government and the

companies; it is also the responsibility of us as families, who with small actions can

achieve great changes. As a family we have a great commitment to protect the

environment, since our quality of life and that of our successors depends on this, as well

as the development of our country.

The environment is the set of all the living things that surround us, from it we obtain

the raw material that we use to live. Defending the environment is part of our duty, since

it makes us a dynamic agent and thus we foster cooperation that will guarantee us a better

future and a healthier country.

As a family we can assume both individual and collective attitudes in defense of the

environment, seeking solutions that prevent their contamination and degradation.

The deterioration of the environment requires that we assume responsibility for

environmental pollution and the dangers they represent for the development of our

society, in order to help counteract them.

That is why we decided to do the trash challenge in benefit of the care of our only

home, the Earth.


The sports center is located in zone B, it is a recreational park

for the general public, children and young people often come

to play football and volleyball and they also rent the place for

sports championships.

The distributor of Llamagas is located in an entire corner of

area B15 lot 2, its schedule is 24 hours a day, it have three

employees, a young man is the responsible for distributing the

gas in his motorcycle.

There is another distributor Costagas located in front of the

restaurant, it is very efficient because it is close, they also

sell Cassinelli water and they have 5 employees.

The Santa Maria Immaculate Private Educational Institution is

located in zone B 15 Lot 2 near the restaurant, it is only for initial

education, the people, who pick up their children, usually go to

have lunch at D'KATY restaurant.

La Ferreteria Lopez is located in area B 15 lot 3, its schedule is

12 hours a day, they have 5 employees, they sell quality products

and they always buy their menu in D'Katty restaurant.

The restaurant D 'Katy is located April 21, B 15 lot 4, It sell

delicious and several food dishes, the price is accessible and

the waiters often serve their customers quickly.



The restaurant is located in the urbanization 21 de Abril B15, lot 2, called "Restaurante

D'Katty ", we have chosen this restaurant because many people always come there, that

is why its food is very delicious. The restaurant is located in a very transient and very

fresh avenue. In the restaurant always serve from Monday to Sunday, its hour of attention

is from 12:00pm to 03:00pm. More than 50 customers come to the restaurant every day.

The restaurant has served for ten years and it usually offers 10 menu dishes every day.

Its menus are varieties, which are prepared by the chef of the restaurant. Also their

prices are accessible, each dishes cost 6.00 soles. The waiters always provide a courtesy

dish like a delicious dessert and the menus are well dispatched. The kitchen is big and

very spacious, where each staff strictly fulfills their functions, it is painted with white

and red color and its infrastructure is rustic type. Its color is red color and its wall is

draibol material. It has several comfortable tables and chairs and the restaurant is a very

hygienic place, you never find any insects, they are aware of the cleanliness and that

attract the clients’ attention. The waiters attend kindly and they hardly ever delay in an

order. The costumers are very satisfied with the service.


Chef’s name is Roxana, she is an adult person and she is 35 years old. She is 1.52m

and she is a stocky woman. She has short, straight, brown hair; her eyes are brown color

and she has fair skin. She is hard – working, very sociable and friendly. She prepares

very delicious meals that are why people decide to have lunch in that restaurant. She has

worked for 5 years there and she has always got very good comments by customers

about her seasoning.

Every day she gets up at 6:00 a.m. to do the shopping in the May 2 market, she chooses

the best ingredients to prepare her meals because she believes that the quality products

are necessary for a good menu.

Then, she returns to her house at 9:00 am to have breakfast with her family. After

bathing, she wears her chef's uniform and she goes to the restaurant at 11:00 am to start

preparing the different menus of the day.

He says that this routine is super tired, but it does not matter because she is dedicated

to what she likes most, which is cooking. Her best reward is that the customers thank her

for a delicious seasoning, they leave happy and come back again. I have eaten her meal

so personally I can say her seasoning makes us feel at home.

From 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. she does not stop cooking, after that time she can have

a quiet lunch, while the kitchen assistants wash all the used utensils and leave everything

clean for the next day.

At 4:00pm she returns at home, rests for a short time, and then she plays with her

children. She has 3 children: Nicolas, Mateo and Fabricio. She tells me that spending time

with the family recharges her with energy and they are her main reason for moving


She has dinner with his family at 8:00 pm and at 10:00 pm she goes to sleep because

she has to get up early to return to the same routine.


In our garbage challenge, we start at 10:00 am and finish at 12:00 pm. We managed to

clean next to the sports center located in the urbanization on April 21, zone B, at the

intersection of cars in a complete corner.

Our group came to use implements such as brooms, dustpan, gloves, caps and large

garbage bags to collect it and that area could be clean. It is near a garden, often children

and young people come to play football and soccer volleyball and find the garbage and

this is because the same people of the urbanization always vote their garbage, then that

would cause infections or any disease against your health, also harms neighbors who live

nearby and do not know what action to take, because the garbage truck rarely goes

through that area, so our goal was to clean and disinfect everything, also place a "poster"

that says: "Do not throw away garbage" as people have the knowledge that they are

polluting the environment and should not continue throwing more garbage. Because our

future depends only on ourselves if we want to contaminate our environment where we



Knowing a little about Nilton's routine left us with two lessons: The first is that if we do

what we are passionate about, no matter how difficult and tired we may be, we will never

regret having chosen it. And the second is that always the family is the most important

because they are the only ones who will support us in the difficult moments and the only

ones who will sincerely rejoice our successes.

Performing the TRASH CHALLENGE left us exhausted but it was a very rewarding

experience since we were able to contribute with the care to the environment and the

prevention of many diseases that garbage can generate.

We hope our teammates have met their TRASH CHALLENGE!