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ANS Application Note

SDH Interface with the STM-1 Shelf

Introduction STM-1 Shelf

The ANS supports the physical

integration of an STM-1 shelf
containing the AXD 155-3. The
AXD 155-3 add drop multiplexer Other networks
provides up to 32 * 2 Mbit/s
connections towards the SDH
with AXD 155-3
transport ring/network.
ADM STM-1 Ring
AXD 155

with AXD 155-3

NEM server Diamux


ANS Manager

Possible network configuration for ANS in an SDH transport network

SDH Background
The transport mechanism of the future is poised to be SDH - Synchronous Digital Hierarchy. SDH creates a
hierarchical multiplex system in a ring structure as opposed to traditional point-to-point backbone links in

SDH is based on a transmission bit-rate of 155 Mbit/s, also called STM-1 (Synchronous Transport
Mechanism). Up to 63 * 2 Mbit/s interfaces in an STM-1 ring are allowed, providing a payload (actual
transmission bandwidth) of 126 Mbit/s. SDH standards also handle what is called STM-4 (622 Mbit/s) and
STM-16 (2.4 Gbit/s).

Advantages of SDH transport networks include:

♣ flexible and software controlled transport networks, instead of rigid, hardware-based PDH
♣ resilience in transmission - signals are transmitted in 2 directions
♣ advanced event management and fault location

It will not necessarily replace PDH, as SDH is also capable of carrying PDH signals.

The STM-1 shelf is based on the

general purpose AXD155-3 optical
fibre transmission system with
aggregate line signal in SDH STM- Technical Data Operation and
1. Interfaces Maintenance
The backplane has 32 * 2 Mbit/s The STM-1 system is managed by
The STM-1 shelf connects to ALT
interfaces, 4 optical aggregate the ETNA NEM (Ericsson
2 Mbit/s line cards in the ANS.
connectors with 2 STM-1 (in Transport Network Architecture:
Any network protocols (CCS7,
accordance with ITU-T G.707) and Network and Element
V5.2, CAS) handled in the ANS
also a management connection. All Management) connected to the
are supported over SDH, as SDH
can be accessed from the rear of the STM-1 network’s central node, e.g.
represents only the transport layer.
shelf. an AXD155-3.
The STM-1 shelf holds all
equipment for switching, The ETNA
STM-1 Ring
controlling and timing NEM server
functionality. Local Craft Terminal may then be
(local management) interface connected to a
together with access to the DCC Total of 32 * 2 Mbit/s
O&M station
Aggregate interfaces
channels (management channels in running ANS
SDH) is available as well as visual ANS Manager,
alarm indications at equipment with AXD 155-3 NMAccess
level and the backup storage of etc. and an
AXD 155-3 tributary
equipment configuration data. connections to the ANS on NEM client
up to 32 ALT cards
may be
opened on the
Windows NT platform.
The STM-1 shelf is designed for
19” installation according to ETSI.
The STM-1 shelf has built-in
airguide, allowing for free access
for the airflow for cooling
purposes. Dimensions are
(H x W x D) mm: 88 x 482,6 x

Powering (-48V) is managed by the
GSP AC/DC power supply system.

Power Consumption
Power consumption range from
50W to 100W for the STM-1 shelf.

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