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Our President Rodrigo Roa – Duterte is known for his strong political will which was evidently shown

by the promises he had made during the campaign period, specially even before he took office after
winning the presidential bid. It should be noted that our president does not focus only on the war on
drugs but also on other matters which he believes would help for the development of our country.
One of these is education.

In his State of the Nation Address last July , 2017, he said,

“In our bid to accelerate human capital development, we should ensure lifelong opportunities by
enhancing quality of and access to education, training programs.

We have sustained investments in higher education and committed to the full implementation of the K
to 12 Basic Foundation Program. We have widened the reach of skills training and increased the
number of out-of-school children and youth who have availed of the Alternative Learning System.”

This, we can see, ladies and gentlemen, that the president also gives emphasis on education.

On the other hand, Hon. Gerald Anthony Jr. Gullas, 1st district rep of Cebu and the then House
assistant Majority Leader, said that 3 out of 5 high-school graduates cannot afford to go to college or
Only 40 percent of Filipino high-school graduates have the financial capability to proceed to college, a
problem that is hurting the country’s chances of achieving sustainable growth.

This, he said, is why he backed the appropriation to jump-start more public-funded college
scholarships, grants-in-aid, study-now-pay-later plans and low-cost student loans under the proposed
Unified Financial Assistance System for Higher and Technical Education (UniFAST) or the Free
Tuition Bill (or law?)

Furthermore, “We have to produce more college graduates in the years ahead if we are to promote
full employment and assure more families a rising standard of living, as mandated by the 1987
Constitution,” the lawmaker added. The measure seeks to boost the distribution of scholarships and
other forms of financial assistance to needy college students.

Also, Senator Bam Aquino, Senator, a principal sponsor and co-author of the bill's Senate version
said, as translated,
“After many decades, many Filipino families have been hoping for free college education, which is
now coming into a law*. Students, parents, and the Filipino family are the true champions of this bill*.”
Also, The new bill* brings students’ dreams of a better life “increasingly within reach,” according to
Senator Sonny Angara.
From the foregoing, it is right to say that it is beneficial to have the free tuition bill/law to promote full
employment, to assure more families a rising standard of living, to achieve sustainable growth, and to
bring needy students’ dreams of a better life increasingly within reach.

With this bill/law, it will accelerate human capital development and will ensure lifelong opportunities
for us Filipinos, especially for the poor Filipinos who do not have the financial capacity to pursue a
higher education.

Thus, this house strongly believes……