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MBA 115B – Research Methods and Statistics

Work Sheet 1
Developing Scientific Inquiry
Lead Researcher: Dimple Y. Bernaldez Mobile Phone No.: 09177776198
Email Address: dimple_ytem@yahoo.com

Directions: Read and discuss your individual answer to the following questions. Brainstorm and write
your collective answers in the space provided beside the query box.

1. What are you trying to find My study would like to identify the factors and how they
out? interrelate with other affecting the decision of a consumer in
impulse buying.

2. In particular, what is your

stance within the research and Impulsive buying is a spur of the moment tendency of a customer
how does this affect things? to buy goods and services without planning in advance. This urge
to buy impulsively is usually influenced by factors.

3. What do you already know There is a major difference in terms of product presentation,
about this, and what did you promotion, advertisement among the 1st, 2nd and 3rd world
find out through the countries.
intercontinental literature
search? Social media/influencers play a vital role in people’s
impulsiveness when it comes to buying, like the supermodels in
Europe and New York, anything with a brand is hailed.

In Asia, Kpop is such a hit that certain ages of youth imitates how
they dress, or put on make-up or do their hairs, which is obviously
does not fit all Filipinos because we donot have the same climate,
culture and skin type as them.

4. What kind of data allowed The triggering factors, which is a lot, that causes to consumers to
you to explore this effectively? buy impulsively.

5. How will you collect this data By Quantitative Method. My plan is to group the factors according
within your group’s stance? to:
1. External stimuli (store designs, visual advertising,
promotions, music, model)
2. internal stimuli (mood: depression, sadness; attitude,
background; buyer’s characteristics; materialism;
sensation seeking; recreational activity)
3. situational and product related (“reminder impulse
buying”) – the more time spent in store, the more
likely to buy impulsively because you remember
trends you see on tv; salesperson or we tend to
remember something that we should buy in the
4. Demographic, gender, trend

6. How best can you analyze it?  Conduct a Survey of mall goers and non-mall goers of all
Discuss the research design age types, gender, people who are employed with
and method that you think is capacity to pay.
the most appropriate for this  Group them wherever they fall among the 4 categories
Recommended by Advisor’s Comments:

Dr. Ismael N. Talili

Name and Signature of Advisor
Actual Submission Date: June 25, 2019