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Support & Optimisation for

Smarter Farming
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Our system is a globally unique service

completely different to anything else
available to supply chains...

Our Story
Who we are
From our Head Office, in Chesterfield, such as Feed Conversion Ratios,
we are a team of Poultry Analysts, mortality, declining feed and water
founded by David Speller, an award consumption or optimising environmental
winning Broiler farmer, with over 14 conditions.
years’ experience.

The OPTIfarm service was initially

Realised a need
developed for our own farms but We deliver our service using various
quickly by word of mouth, news of means, for example: mobile phone
our service and improved results, led pictures, videos, telephone calls,
Improves to requests to support farms across in barn sensors, technology like
Eyenamics, vet reports, factory kill
Animal Welfare the world.
information, parent flock data, voice
We realised there was a need to develop calls to the farmer, etc.
a system to enhance the farmers
large investment by utilising existing OPTIfarm has been able to clearly
equipment to its fullest potential. Using demonstrate to its clients a tremendous
skilled staff and our own Decision Tree return by having a real-time 24/7 service
Software, we aim to help and support that is continually helping make changes
our clients with a goal of helping improve when needed any time, day or night.
productivity and welfare whilst at the
same time improving return on their Using humans and software combined
existing investments. we evaluate all the farm information
required for our clients. This enables our
Since 2016, OPTIfarm has been team to focus not only on broad whole
24/7 working together with its clients, tailoring farm appraisals but also on specific
targeted areas requiring improvement.
individual needs to identify and help
Observation overcome client’s challenges on farms,
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Our Services
We are a fully confidential support and observation facility, physically manned 24 hours a day,
We provide bespoke packages to meet 7 days a week. We operate globally in many different territories and languages to ensure we meet
the needs of our clients wherever they operate.
your specific requirements and offer
different levels of service: OPTIfarm bridges the gap between Precision Livestock Farming and the farmer ensuring the investment in
their equipment is fully utilised. We can work with any control systems, standard or bespoke.

Due to our knowledge gained through a proven track record, one of the most important services we provide

is real-time recommendations, for example we can detect an issue such as erratic water consumption, poor
bird spread or equipment failure. We explore the causes by working with our clients and propose change
with immediate effect. It is unique to deliver solutions immediately rather than giving the information hours
365/24/7 observation & support service or days after the occurrence.

focused on maximising feed & water

consumption whilst reducing outages

OPTIfarm-S with the addition of climate Conduct Issue Farm Determine Share Reports
optimisation and/or advice to increase a Review Schedule Service & Resources
potential for growth
Optifarm is continually working on new innovations, with the core aim of enriching the recommendations
given to the farmer. This includes the use of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), new sensoring equipment

Optifarm + and pioneering communication techniques. This is our commitment to the future of smarter farming.

OPTIfarm service with targeted advice

and guidance towards achieving
specific goals including implementation We work with any farm control system including homemade platforms, such as:

of the latest innovations Skov, Chore-time, Fancom, Steinen and Big Dutchman
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Independently monitoring
client facilities, we work in
partnership with the client
to help them improve and
achieve their goals, by
being proactive rather
than reactive
Farm Performance Animal Welfare

We optimise the farm facility for the By monitoring natural behaviours
birds, by helping the farmer achieve his through innovate data interpretation and
goals, meeting targets such as weight where available our image analysis gives
gain, improved Feed Conversion Ratio, livestock the best possible conditions for
uniformity & less reliance on medication. a healthy and happy life.

How can we help

Our mission is to offer continual
improvement on behalf of our clients,
we believe this is paramount to the
success of any enterprise.

Stabilising the shed environments

Reducing the reliance on medication
Improving bird health and welfare
Enhancing farm manager knowledge Less Medication Peace of Mind
Ensuring transfer of the latest Human health needs dictates that Protecting your investments in
management techniques modern farming practices need to look equipment, livestock & feed with a
to reduce the reliance on antibiotics permanent watchful eye. We support you
Assisting farm veterinary practices minimising the advancement of antibiotic by making specific recommendations
Improving communication between the resistance in the world. Real-time based on your needs and our previous
farm and its customers proactive support ensures bird health experience.
and welfare is monitored and managed
Confidentiality is key. We never share in such a way as to minimise the need to
information or data treat sick animals.
Support & Optimisation for
Smarter Farming

+44 (0)1246 569 066

@optifarm Optifarm.co.uk
Unit 4, Peak Gateway Business Park, Baslow Road, Eastmoor, Chesterfield. S42 7DA

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