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Now describe yourself.

Include: -name -Physical appearance -Personality -what you are wearing

My name is Nadia. I’m young, medium-height and slim. I AM have pale-skinned, I HAVE oval face, round brown eyes,
medium curly purple hair, curved lips, AND A small noise and mouth. I’m likeable and talkative. Often I wear t-shirt,
leggings or jeans and tennis shoes but now I’m wearing pIajamas.

"Carla is my best friend. We have been friends ever since we were schoolmateS on middle school. I remember the day I
met her, it was the first day of middle school and she looked very nervous because she didn’t know anybody from there.
Our friendship has lasted for years.

She is shorter and slimmer than me. Her hair and eyes are dark. She has a pale skin and her lips are thin. I like her
freckles, it’s adorable.

Now she STUDIES architecture at UnCuyo. She has a busy life, she always makeS an architectural models. Also she
loveS dancing hip hop. I think as she has ants in her pants because she never stopS. She is very energetic!

She is AN unconditional friend. I want to be her friend for more years. I adore her!"

I try to dress for the occasion. If I’m going to visit friends, I generally dress casually. I wear jeans1, t-shirt2 and

In the case of a date, I usually wear a nice dress4 with high heels5 but nothing too formal.

When I exercise, I generally wear some shorts6 or legging7, a cap8, and I put on comfortable trainers9.

In the past, In work I wore shirt10 and dress pants11 because it was important to give a good impression, but now I
wear blouse12or long sleeve top13, maxi skirt14 and sandals15.

What's the weather like today?

Now, write about Mendoza. Take into account these aspects: location, weather, most beautiful
places and best time of the year to visit.
Mendoza is a province in the Cuyo region of Argentina. It is located at the center-west of the country.
Although the weather is sunny and dry, Mendoza has an artificial irrigation system called "acequias".
Summers are hot and dry but winters are moderately cold in the city and very cold in the mountains.
March is the best time to visit that province because happens the harvest festival "Vendimia" TAKES
Mendoza is an important tourist destination in Argentina. It has the principal ski resort in Argentina:
"Las Leñas", the highest peak in South America: "Cerro Aconcagua" and beautiful places to visit
LIKEhow: La Payunia, Parque San Martin, Casa Fader, many wineries, Villavicencio, Embalse
Potrerillos, etc
Now please, write in the "online text" part about your last holidays. Include:

-where you went -describe the place and compare to Mendoza -where you stayed - what was the weather like -
what you wore -what you did -how long you stayed -your opinion about last holidays