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Date: June 17, 2019 (Monday)

Learning Area: TLE Lesson No. 2 Grade Level: 7 Duration: 60 mins.

1. Objectives At the end of the lesson, at least 90% of the students

should be able to:
Cognitive Define what is a computer and identify the
components of computer system.
Affective Appreciate the importance of computers system.
Psychomotor Categorized the parts of computer based on its
2. Content Components of Computer System
3. Learning Resources
I. Introductory Activity
Teacher’s activity Students’ activity
1. Opening Prayer
I am requesting everyone to please stand up for the Let’s bow our head and feel the presence of the
prayer. Will you please lead the prayer (point one Lord. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and
student to lead the prayer). of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Lord’s Prayer.
2. Greetings Good morning Ma’am Angelica!
Good morning Class!
Before we start, kindly pick up all the trashes you see (Students starting to pick up all the trash and align
and throw it inside the trashcans. Also, align your chair their chairs.)
3. Checking of Attendance
Secretary, Kindly check the attendance of the class. Yes Ma’am
II. Activity
Before we proceed to our discussion, let’s have an
activity first. This will be a group activity. I will be dividing
you into 3 groups according to your rows. That is the
group 1, group 2 and group 3. Okay Ma’am

Now, each group will pick one representative that will (The students start to decide their representative as
go in front. He/She will pick one word and he will a group.)
describe it. The other members of the group will guess
what he/she is describing. Each group will have 1 minute
to guess it. The fastest group that will guess the right
word will be the winner.
III. Analysis
Did you find the activity difficult? (Some students said yes, and some are no.)
What are the words we try to guess? (the students will raise their hands)
The words are Mouse, Keyboard, and Monitor.
Are you familiar to those words? Yes.
What do you think are those words? (the teacher will They are parts of the computer.
point someone to answer the questions.)
Yes, very good. They are some basic parts of the
computer. We will discuss it today.
IV. Abstraction
Before we tackle the basic parts of computer, let us
define first what is computer. (the teacher will randomly (the students will answer based on what they
calls the students.) already know.)

That is correct. Basically, a computer is a machine or

device that performs processes, calculations and
operations based on instructions provided by a software
or hardware program.

What do we mean by software and hardware? (the The software is the programs and other operating
teacher will randomly calls the students.) information used by a computer; and the hardware
is the machines, wiring, and other physical
Very Good! components of a computer or other electronic
Now let’s proceed to the basic parts of computer. system.
There are 4 components of computer system.
*Input device *Output device
*Process device *Storage device

Input devices are devices that help us put data into the
computer. They help in giving instructions to the Keyboard
computer. What do you think are the examples of input Mouse
devices? (the teacher will randomly calls the students.)

Does scanner, camera and microphone also a part of Yes, because it help us to put data in the computer.
input devices? How?
That’s correct! Scanner, camera and microphone can put
data or information in the computer.

The next component is the Process devices.

Process devices are parts of the computer that are
responsible for processing or converting data into
meaningful information. The example of this is CPU or
Central Processing Unit.

I have a question class. (the teacher will show a picture)

Is this a CPU? (some students say No, and some are Not.)

This is not a CPU. We call it System Unit. CPU can found

inside of this. It is a small box that processes data. It is
the heart and the brain of a computer. Technically,
without it, the computer is useless. Understand? Yes!

Moving forward, we have the output devices. It is the

parts of a computer that help us to show the results of
processed data like monitor, printer, and speaker. Class, Printouts
what are the examples of processed data? Songs played in the speaker.

Very good! Those are examples of output devices.

Lastly, we have the storage devices. It is the parts of a Flash drives
computer which are used for storing data. Can you give CD
example of the storage devices? Hard drives

Very good! Again what are the 4 components of (the students will recite it in unison)
computer system? Input devices, Process devices, Output devices, and
Storage devices
Now, why do we need to study this? (the teacher will
randomly calls the students.) (the students will randomly answer the question.)
Very good! It is important that we know each part of the
computer so we can understand how it works and we
can use them efficiently.

Do you have any questions regarding our topic? None.

V. Application
I have here different parts of computer. You have to pick
one and put it in the box according to the component it

Okay class, just raise your hand if you want to answer. (the students raised their hand.)
(the teacher will call a student) (the students answered the activity.)

Class, are you still confused of the devices? No!

VI. Assessment
Now that you mastered the components, let’s have a (the students get ¼ sheet of paper)
short quiz. Bring out ¼ sheet of paper.
__________1.It is a machine that performs processes, (the class starts to answer the questions.)
calculations and operations based on instructions.
__________2.It is the heart and brain of a computer.
__________3. It is a component that helps us to store
data in a computer.
__________4. It is the component that helps us put data
into the computer.
__________5. It is a device like printer, monitor and
speaker belongs to.

Okay, Time’s up! Let check it. (the class checks their answers.)
Who got 5? 4? 3? Below than 3? (the students raise their hands according to the
score they got.
Did you learned a lot? Yes!
VII. Assignment
Research the parts of system units and its function. (the students copy their assignment.)
Are you done copying? Yes, Ma’am!
Good bye class! Good bye Ma’am!

Prepared by:

Maria Angelica M. Omilla