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ABwrACISOM @ZERODHA The Free Trade Zone NSE | BSE | MCX-SX APPLICATION KIT AKC. HOU LAMAN GALR CUANDER S(tE KRRAY Serial No.: 2 ) 2 Te rk ) en LVEL ALAM Gh 0 De? ite ne Be / 2) CHO (a) BANK.. 3) awpress rh 4) PAN CARB Emait__ARU PK UMP bS@.Girhi b-cow MAU | Lo ers, HEA 6807F aol Mothers Name, ~ BF0001450919 (IAM Is gUJEETHA Sus ee te 175/178 2nd Foor Boonergata Ras bielchali, Bangor 540078, Kamala lo. +91 80 4040 2020 eee 1F231390827| NEE CDS: INEZ31390627 Z 2/1945 | BSE CM: INBO11390423| BSE F&O: INFO1 1390623. ~ NSE CM: 1NB231390627} MCX Membership No: 46025] FMC Code: MCX - ® ZERODHA . Zerodha Commodities Private Limited ‘Membership Details: Exchange Registration No. FMC Unique Membership Code (UMC) MCX 46025 MCK/TM/CORP/1945 NCDEX 1138 INCDEX/TM/CORP/1113 Rogltered Office Address Zerodha Commodities Private Limited 175/176, 2nd Floor, Bannerghatta Road, Bilekahalli, Bangalore - 560076 Phone: +91-80-40402020 Fox: +91-80-41682349 Email: | Website: Correspondence Address + Zerodha Commodities Private Limited 175/76, 2nd Floor, Bunneryhulic Roud, Bilekuhulli, Bungulore — 560076 Phone: +91-80-40402020 Fox: +91-80-41682349 Email: | Website: Compliance Officer Details CEO Details Nome: Venu Madhav Name: Nithin Kometh, Email ID: Email ID: Phone No: +91-80-40402020 Phone No: +91-80-40402020 For ony grievance/dispute please contact Zerodha Commodities Private Limited at the cbove mentioned address cr email or call 080-40402020. In case you are not satisfied with the response, please contact the concerned exchanges, MCX at or Phone No.: 022-67318888; NCDEX at or Phone No.: 022-66406084. CLIENT REGISTRATION FORM BRANCH/AUTHORIZED PERSON CODE Ho "BRANCH / AUTHORIZED PERSON NAME: in “itRODUCER/CODE Hotoas) * cueNT cope Hera 9299 Se MELA HAN GALA CHAWORASH Cc KARA YA Apow KAMAR ® ZERODHA ZERODHA COMMODITIES PRIVATE LIMITED SET OF ACCOUNT OPENING DOCUMENTS. 5. No Name of the Document 10 Brief Significance of the Document MANDATORY DOCUMENTS AS PRESCRIBED BY FMC & EXCHANGES KYC (Account Opening feplcation Form for Uniform Risk Disclosure Document (RD) Rights ond Obligations of Members, Authorized Persons ‘ond Client Dos and Don'ts for the Investors Tarif Sheet KYC Form - Document captures the basic information about, the constituent and an instruction/check list Document detailing risks associated with dealing in the commodities market Document stating he Rights & Obligatione of Member, Authorized Person and Client for trading on exchanges (Including additional rights & obligations in case of Inemet/wireless technology based trading) Document detailing dos and dons for ading on exchange for the education of hei * Document detailing the re/omourt of boberage and other charges levied on the client for trading on the Commodty, Erchonges) VOLUNTARY DOCUMENTS AS PROVIDED BY THE MEMBER. Appendis-A, Annexure-N Annexure-O. Annexure-P Annexure-Q Lien & Sel-OF Electronic Contract Note [ECN] Declaration Disclosure Information Receipt of KYC, RDD and Dos & Don'ts Additional Rights & Obligations Letier of Authority Right to set-off balances in accounts with Zerodha Page Nol 16 19 20 20 2 2 23