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Sandy -

Danny -
Rizzo -
Kenickie -
Putzie -
Doodie -
Frenchie -
Marty -
Jane -

Scene 1 SANDY-DANNY at the beach



Vince Fontaine: Vince Fontaine here, the one and only!

For me the day always starts with music music music!
It's back to school, get up and shake a leg!
Off to class, no grimace and to start the day in the proper way,
here is my favorite song!
Scene 2 arrival of T-Birds

Sonny: and here's Danny, the grrreatest !!

Doody: Hey! Danny !!!! Danny appears.
Potzie: OOO Doody, stop flirting!
Doody: don’t let your friends down!

He pretends he's going to high 5 Sonny

Danny: Heyyy !!! He walks towards Kenickie

Kenickie: Great to see you, man!
Danny: me too Kenickie, me too!
Kenickie: You missed me, huh?
Danny: yeah, right!
Kenickie: Hey, did you meet any new chicks?
Danny: I did meet this one chick…..She was sorta cool.

Black out


Scene 3 arrival of Frenchie and Sandy

Frenchie: you are beautiful !!

Sandy: I’m soooo nervous!
Frenchie: don’t worry everything will be fine!
Sandy: so this is Rydell ....
Frenchie: oh yes, you'll like it
Sandy: I really liked my old high school, I wish I’d never left it!

Scene 4 arrival roses Marty, Rizzo, Jane

Rizzo: Well, here we go again.

Marty: yes, but this year we’re seniors, Rizzo: we’re gonna
rule the school!
Marty: Jane, when will you stop stuffing yourself?
Jane: I did’t even have a figure to start with!
Rizzo: Never mind. She puts on her jacket.
Ok Pink Ladies, Let’s go !!!

Music Vince Fontaine

Frenchie: Sandy, what did you do this summer?

Sandy: I spent my time at the beach, I met a boy there.
Rizzo: Did you come all this way just for one guy?
Sandy: it was special ...
Rizzo: there ain’t no such thing….
Sandy: it was totally romantic
(On the other side of the stage)
Potzie: we want to know everything!
Danny: You do not want me to give you all the details ?
Potzie -Doody-Sonny: YEHHHH !!!!!
Danny: alright, I’ll tell you ... ..


Jane: he sounds really nice!

Rizzo: True love and he did’t lay a hand on you!
Well, in my opinion, he sounds like a creep !
Sandy: He wasn’t, he was a gentleman!
Frenchie: and what was his name?
Sandy: Danny, Danny Zucko !!

(all giggle)

Rizzo: Well, I think he sounds peachy keen.

Maybe, if you believe in miracles,
Prince Charming will show up again
Somewhere unexpected.
See you later. Come on, girls.

Sandy: Do you really think so, Frenchy?

Frenchy: - Sure.
Erm, ... Sandy, I think we oughta get to class.
(all) Do the splits, give a yell
Show a little spirit for old Rydell
Way to go, red and white
Go Rydell, fight, fight, fight!

Kenickie arrives offstage in a old car.

Nyik-nyak, nyik-nyak
Brrr, nyik-nyak

Be cool, huh?
Hey, watch out, pinhead!
Kenickie: Well, what do you think?
Guys: What a hunk of junk.
Kenickie: Wait till I give it a paint job, soup up the engine.
She'll run like a champ. I'm racing her at Thunder Road.
Guys: - Thunder Road?
Kenickie: - Yeah. Wanna make something of it?
Guys: I wanna see you make something of this heap.

Kenickie: You’re cruisin' for a bruisin’.

Scene change

Rizzo: - Hi, Sandy.

Sandy:- Hi, Rizz. Hi, girls.
Girls:- We got a surprise for you.
Sandy:- What is it?
Girls:- You'll see.
Right, Rizz?
Let me comb your hair down.
Where are we going?
Want a little lipstick?

Rizzo: Hey, Zuko. I got a surprise for you.

Danny: Oh, yeah?
Rizzo: Yeah.
Danny:- Sandy!
Sandy: - Danny?
Danny: What are you doing here?
I thought you were back in Australia.

Sandy: We had a change of plan.

Danny: I can't... That’s cool, baby. You know how it

is. Rockin' and rollin' and whatnot.

Sandy: - Danny?

Danny: - That's my name, don't wear it out.

Sandy: - What's the matter with you?
Danny: - What's the matter with me?
What's the matter with you?

Sandy: What happened to the Danny Zuko

I met at the beach?
Danny: Well, I do not know.
Maybe there's two of us, right?
Why don't you take out
a missing-persons ad or...
...try the Yellow Pages?
I don't know.
Sandy: You’re a fake and a phoney.
I wish I'd never laid eyes on you!

(all) Ooohhh…

Scene change

Sandy:( crying ) He was so nice to me this summer.

Frenchy: Listen, Sandy, men are rats.
Listen to me.
They're fleas on rats.
Worse than that,
they're amoebas on fleas on rats.
I mean, they're too low
for even the dogs to bite.
The only man a girl can depend on
is her daddy.
You know what you need?
A night out with the girls.
We're having a sleep-over
at my house tonight. Wanna come?
Good. You'll love it. Come on.

Sleep Over

Hey, look at Jan!

# Brush-a, brush-a, brush-a

Get the new Ipana
# With the brand-new flavour
It's dandy for your teeth
# Brush-a, brush-a, brush-a,
New Ipana toothpaste
# Brush-a, brush-a, brush-a
Knocks out decay germs fast
# Fast, fast, you sure are right

Rizzo: Turn it off.

- Hand me a ciggie butt.
Frenchy: - Yeah, me, too.
- Want one, Sandy?
Sandy: - I don't smoke.
Frenchy: - You don't?
Rizzo: - Go ahead, try it. It won't kill yah….

Sandy tries and coughs

…..Oh, I forgot to say, you shouldn't

inhale unless you're used to it.

Sandy goes to the bathroom

Song: Look at me I’m Sandra Dee

Sandy comes out

Are you making fun of me, Rizz?
Some people are so touchy….

Scene 16: The garage

We just have to bang out the dent.

The problem's not in the dent,

it's this rubber-band engine.

- The problem's your mouth.

- Where you gonna get a carburettor?
- Ever heard of borrowing?
- Kenickie, you got any Scotch tape?
Hey, big stuff.

What do you drive, huh?

- I drive.
- Yeah? How about you?
- Who, me?
- Yeah.
What about Doody?

- Well, I...
- That's what I thought.
Danny: C’mon, guys. This car could be
a major piece of machinery. Look.
This car could be systematic…..

Song: Greased Lightning

Scene 17 at the cafe (the frosty palace), Rizzo, the T-Birds,

Kenickie: Hey, Danny, Are you okay? Is it because of that girl….?

Danny: are you kidding?
Kenickie: No, but I thought ...
Danny: come on, come on !!!
Kenickie: Well, I just thought…..
Danny: So think a little less!

Sandy is sitting with a boy.

The bamba is playing in the background.

Potzie: Hi guys!
Doody: Hi Kenickie, Hi Zucko, how are you today?
Kenickie: Is anybody missing?
Sonny: no, nobody!
Kenickie: Ok, the session is open!

The guys finish the meeting and leave Danny alone with Sandy.
He pretends to fall in front of her.

Sandy: Danny.
Danny, are you alright?
Danny, talk to me.
The least you can do is talk to me
after the way you treated me.
The way I... ?
Sandy, I told you I was sorry.
Got you talking.
- You sure you're OK?
- Danny:
- Yes, I'm fine.
- So, you still dating “muscles”?
- Sandy: Well…
- Danny: Is he taking you to the dance?
- Sandy: Well, that all depends.
- Danny: On what?
- Sandy: On you.
- Danny: On me?
- Sandy: Yeah. Come on.

Waitress: You know it’s nearly closing time?

Frenchy: Do you mind if I stay a bit longer?
Waitress: No, suit yourself.
Frenchy removes the scarf she had on her head, she has the
pink hair. The waitress is shocked and she laughs.

Waitress: I hate to tell you, but your

hair looks like an Easter egg.

Frenchy: Oh, yeah. Well, I had a little trouble in tinting class.

In fact, I had a little trouble in all my classes.
Beauty school sure wasn’t what I thought it'd be.
Nothing ever is.

Gosh, if only I could have a guardian

angel to tell me what to do.
What do you think?

Waitress: Well, if you find one, give him my phone number!

SONG: Beauty School Dropout

Scene 21: the party is in preparation

Danny, Kenickie, Marty, Rizzo,

extras technicians
The technicians start to bring the equipment. Kenickie gets
find outside; A little further behind Danny and Frenchie.
Rizzo and Marty pass.
Vince Fontaine:
Thank you, fans and friends.
Now a few words to the wise.
You are my best pals.
To look your best for the contest,
just have a ball, that's all.
Forget the camera, keep on the beat,
give the folks at home a treat.
Keep dancin', that's showbiz.
If I tap you, step aside.
Let the others ride.
Ten seconds. Nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one. On the air.
Welcome to National Bandstand,
live from Rydell High School.
This is what you're waiting for,
the dance-off.
Away we go with
Johnny Casino and the Gamblers.

Music: Born to hand jive

(Kenickie dances with Cha-cha- at the end of the song Rizzo hits him)


Scene 26: Rizzo alone, high school. Rizzo, Sandy, Patty

Simcops, other girls
Sandy: Hi Rizzo, are you going to Thunder Road?
Rizzo: No chance!
Sandy: I have to go, I talked to Danny.
Rizzo: he won’t listen to you unless you have a large engine and
four wheels !
Sandy: listen Rizzo, we haven’t always been good friends
you and me but if I can do anything ....
Rizzo: I know very well how to defend myself, alone or against any
Maybe you think I don’t know what's being said about me?
Sandy begins to leave

Rizzo: Hey .... thanks! (Sandy smiles. A group of girls goes by

with Patty Simcops, they stop in front of them.)

Patty Simcops: Hey, that's the girl I was talking to you about!!

They leave laughing.



Danny wins. Roses and T-birds shout with joy. Frenchie

runs to Sandy who was watching the race from afar.


Frenchy: Sandy, Danny won, that's great, right?

Sandy: yes!
Frenchy how are you? You don’t look happy.
Sandy: I'm not yet but I know an excellent
way to become happy; as long as you help me ...
Frenchy: of course!
Sandy: we have to go to your house, Is that okay??
Frenchy: of course, come on!

End of the song

Frenchie: come on, come on Sandy!

Scene 28: Speech by Vince Fontaine

Attention, seniors.
Before the merriment
of commencement commences,
I hope your years with us here at Rydell High
have prepared you for the challenges you face.
Who knows, among you, there may be
a future Eleanor Roosevelt,
or a Rosemary Clooney.
And among you young men,
there may be a Joe DiMaggio,
a President Eisenhower or even a Vice President Nixon.
But always you will have the glorious memories of Rydell High.
Rydell forever. Bon voyage.

Tell me about it, stud.


(bell rings)
Hey, everybody.
Rizzo and Kenickie made up.
Look! The gang's together.
What will we do after graduation?
Maybe we'll never see each other again.
- That won't happen.
- How do you know?
What do you mean?
(bell rings)
- A wop ba ba lu mop
- A wop bam boom