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THE GREAT BAY A VISUAL HISTORY April 10th - May 18th, 1970 SCUDDER GALLERY PAUL CREATIVE ARTS CENTER UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE DURHAM Designed by Ray E. Elmore Photographic Credit — John P. Adams and William Finney Printed by The Capital Offset Company, Inc, Concord, N. H. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ‘The aim of this exhibition is to present prove the interpretation of the artist a visual history of the Great Bay area. This jnterpretation is comprised of paintings, drawings, prints, maps, photographs, and mofils portraying historically and currently pictorial record of the inhabitants and the communities of the Great Bay. The ex- hibition consists of 65 pieces; many of whichare landscapes, town views, portraits, and photographs depicting the heritage of the Bay area. Compilation of the material was achieved through selection from publicand pripatecollections. Since this particular type of exhibit has not, omy knowledge, been attempted before, the sources for assemblance of pertinent objects to this exhibition were not generally known. Through corre- spondence with local historical societies and associations, my predecessor, Dirk Bach, had already made contact with these local ofganizations. Further correspondence on my part led to selection of available pieces and also gave me information as to the whereabouts of many important objects in private collections. We are especially pleased to be able topublish a permanent record of all the objects shown in the exhibition thereby possibly formulating a segment of the history of the area which may never again be publicly shown. I would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. Thomas C. Dunnington and other contributors who made the publication of this catalogue financially possible. Also, 1 loaned work for the exhibition, thereby maki To those persons who voluntarily gave of} personal thanks for their contribution to the ¢ I would like to express my deep appreciatio of time and energy devoted to this exhib would like to thank all the persons who 1g it a meaningful event to this locality Itheir time and information, I extend my hibition. jo John Hatch for his generous amount jon. John has been tremendously helpful in selecting and procuring many important works. Without his knowledge of the area and his personal relationship with friend: , this exhibit would not be as complete. Ray E. Elmore Exhibition Coordinator Scudder Gallery University of New Hampshire