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Exotic and typical flowers typical of the Colombian region

Process of production of jam

The Jam of Maracuya and Pineapple in the event of Los Angeles will be very representative
for Mermeladas de Colombia SAS, with its Tropimix brand as it will venture into a new
market, so that the following is considered:

 Incursion in a new market.
 Take new potential to make the Tropimix marmalade known in this world power
 Shows the quality with which the company works.

2. FINALITY The purpose of the company is to open a new branch in Los Angeles and from
the beginning will start with a flow of customers that can expand the expansion project and
will not have failures with which marketing can deteriorate, even plan in the close-up of 3000
units of this country.

3. SCOPET can be very important, since it means the opening of a new market, which
implies an economic and human effort, but will make a great effort in the growth of the

Among the subscribers, namely: LEASES YOUR HOME, the common system of the
company with the reference number 945.525.270-9 domiciled in, EL ÁNGELES owner of
the facilities located in Los Angeles that for the purposes of this contract will be called
landlord , on the one hand, and the other MERMELADAS DE COLOMBIA SAS, common
system identified with n. ° 900,525,270-9 that for the purposes of this contract will be called
lessee, the following lease agreement has been entered into, which will be governed by the
provisions of the Commercial Agreement. Code and especially by the following clauses:

First object. The owner agrees to grant the use and enjoyment of the property located in Los

SECOND: Price of the lease and rental agreement. This contract will have a value of 1,500
dollars that will be paid for the rental of the premises for 8 days.

THIRD Destination. The lessee undertakes to use the property for the operation of a
commercial establishment in which only the following marmalades will be exhibited, and
may not assign or sublet the property in whole or in part without the previous authorization
of the lessor, except in cases . indicated Contraction period. Contract. The term of this
contract is eight days as of December 1, 2018, renewable automatically for the same term of
the initial contract, if neither party expresses its intention to rescind it, by written notification
addressed to the other party. FIFTH Compensation. If the owner does not give the facilities
the indicated destination or does not start the works within three days, he must return it.
SIXTH. Sublease. The lessee can not, without the express or implicit authorization of the
lessor, fully sublet the premises or immovable property, nor give them in a way that damages
the rights of the lessor a destination other than that foreseen in the contract. The tenant can
sublet up to half of the properties with the same limitation. The assignment of the contract
will be valid when authorized by the lessor or as a consequence of the alienation of the
respective commercial establishment. SEVENTH. Obligations of the tenant. 1. Cancel the
rate or lease price for the value and punctuality established in this contract. 2. Return the
property to THE LESSEE upon termination of this contract, or its extensions, in the same
condition in which it was received. 3. Carry out the locative repairs. 4. Make the necessary
improvements when it is due to illegal or fraudulent acts carried out by THE LESSEE or its
dependents. 5. Cancel the public services of electric power, telephone, aqueduct, gas and
sewage that are used in the property. EIGHTH. Obligations of the landlord:

1. Grant the use and enjoyment of the property and the elements that make up THE CLIENT
on the date and conditions established in this contract. NINTH.Creation of contract. Failure
to comply with the obligations required by law or contract, will result in the contractor
complied to complete the contract and demand compensation for damage caused. Likewise,
the breach of any of the obligations by the LESSEE will entitle the CONTRACTING PARTY
to rescind the contract, to demand the immediate restitution of the property, without the need
for eviction or any requirement, and to collect the damages caused by the breach. TENTH.
Resolution of disputes. The parties agree to resolve their differences through a conciliatory
procedure in the Conciliation Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Tunja. In the event that
the conciliation is unsuccessful, they are obliged to submit their differences to the decision
of an arbitral tribunal that will rule in law, waiving to present their claims before the ordinary
judges, this court will conform to the rules of conciliation. Center and arbitration of the
Chamber of Commerce of Tunja, who will appoint the arbitrators required according to the
amount of the claims of the dispute presented to their knowledge. Proof of signature in Los
Angeles USA on 01 days of the month of December of the year (2018).

________________________ DC LESSEE

________________________ DC LESSOR