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Kids Camp Innovative Learning Academy

First Long Test

S.Y. 2019 - 2020
MAPEH 9a & b

Name: ___ Date:

Teacher: Mr. Janry Dave C. Delino Score:

I. Modified True or False: Write true if the statement is correct. If it is false, underline the
word/words that make the statement wrong then write the correct answer on the space
provided. Erasures and Superimpositions are considered wrong. (2 points each)

_____________________1. Bernard de Ventadorn is a French composer of monophonic,

polyphonic songs and motets
_____________________2. Trumpet is a straight piece of cylindrical metal tubing running
from a mouthpiece to the wide ending.
_____________________3. Positive organ is small and can be carried with a strap while the
player is walking.
_____________________4. Machaut, Guillame de is an English composer and poet.
_____________________5. Leonim is a French priest composer and was responsible in
compiling the ‘’Great Book of Organum’’.
_____________________6. Rest is a period of silence
_____________________7. The Tie divides the notes of the same pitch to make a total
duration equal to the sum of the individual notes.
_____________________8. Duration is the succession of related single tones expressing an
_____________________9. Tempos are marks or symbols used to indicate relative
loudness or softness of tone.
_____________________10. Adam de la Halle is a Flemish composer and a gifted melodist.


II. Hands-on Examination: Please follow the requirements and refer to the rubrics as your
guide. (20 points)

‘Freehand Drawing’
(July 26, 2018/Thursday) (9A-8:00-9:00am) (9B-9:00-10:00pm)

Materials to bring;
 Sketch Pad Short Size (Note: Coupon Bond is highly discouraged) -
 Coloring Materials: Oil Pastel
 Permanent Marker/Pencil
RUBRIC: Freehand Drawing

Category 1 point 2 points 3 points 4 points

Drawing The drawings do not The drawings show The drawings show The drawings show
show 3-D work. some effort toward that I applied that I uniquely
Images are flat "stick 3-D. A lack of techniques such as applied drawing
people" My planning is evident. shading and value to techniques shading
drawings are not create a 3-D effect. and value to create a
completed. 3-D effect
Creativity The drawings show The drawings lack The drawings The drawings
little or no evidence sincere originality. demonstrate demonstrate a
of original thought. originality. unique level of

CRAFTSMANSHIP The drawings are The drawings are The drawings are The drawings are
messy and show somewhat messy neat and show very very neat and show
marks and rips, and show marks or little evidence of no evidence of
tears, or folds. rips, tears, or folds. marks, rips, tears, or marks, rips, tears, or
folds. folds.
CREATIVITY The student used The student used The student used The student added
glaze, but only to many different glaze to add texture difficulty to their
paint the mask one glazes, but was not or elements to their design by adding
solid color. He/she very creative with mask; there may be multiple glazes that
was not creative the end result one or two flaws, but enhance the mask
with design or they are not and make it look
texture. noticeable. realistic.
EFFORT Did not use class Needed frequent Could use class time Put in class effort.
time wisely and put reminders to stay on a lot more
forth no additional task. effectively.


III. Hands-on Examination: Please follow the requirements and refer to the rubrics as your
guide. (20 points)
‘Skill Related Fitness Test’’ Score
 Flexibility Test
 Agility Test
 Balance Test
 Speed and Endurance Test
(July 27, 2018/Friday) (9A-8:00-9:00am) (9B-9:00-10:00am)

Attire: Please wear your complete P.E. Uniform (Note: Students who will not be in
complete P.E. uniform will not be allowed to perform)

Level Achieved Performance Levels

5- able to perform the skill correctly
4- able to perform the skill with 1 to 2 errors
3- able to perform the skill with 3 to 4 errors
2- able to perform the skill with more than 5 errors
IV. Essay: Reach each question carefully. Express your answer in 3 to 5 sentences.
(5 points each)

1. As a teenager, how do you value first aid procedure? Explain.


2. How do you deal whenever there is an accident? Cite 1 example and explain.


5pts. - Sophisticated: an 4 pts. - In-depth: an 3 pts. - Developed: an 2 pts. - Intuitive: an 1 pt. - Naive: a superficial
unusually thorough, atypical and revealing account that reflects some incomplete account but with account; more descriptive
elegant, and inventive account, going beyond in-depth and personalized apt and insightful ideas; than analytical or creative;
account (model, theory, what is obvious or ideas; the student is extends and deepens some of a fragmentary or sketchy
or explanation); fully what was explicitly making the work her own, what was learned; some account of facts/ideas or
supported, verified, and taught; makes subtle going beyond the given— "reading between the lines"; glib generalizations; a
justified; deep and connections; well there is supported theory account has limited support/ black-and-white account
broad: goes well beyond supported by argument here, but insufficient or argument/data or sweeping less a theory than an
the information given. and evidence; novel inadequate evidence and generalizations. There is a unexamined hunch or
thinking displayed. argument. theory, but one with limited borrowed idea.
testing and evidence.