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Megvii Face++ Introduction

Power Human with AI

Who is Face ++ 1

Recently, Gartner Inc., a

top research and advisory
firm providing information
technology related insight
for IT and other business
leaders, released the
report of Cool Vendors for
Artificial Intelligence, East
Asia, 2017. Megvii was
identified as one of the
cool vendors with its
prominent advantage in
face recognition and face
algorithmic technology.

From: https://www.gartner.com/doc/3688838/cool-vendors-artificial-intelligence-east
Who is Face ++ 2
Face recognition cloud Object recognition Face recognition
services platform cloud services security system
(Face++) launched platform(Image++) (Skynet System)
launched released
FACEID started
service, covering
Established in C-round led by Foxco
90% Fintec enter
Beijing nn
A-round led by 建设银行
Innovation Works 鸿海集团
B-round led 国风投
by Qiming
C+ round led by
Strategic partner China State-Owne
Angel-round led The Champion of of Alibaba d Capital Venture
by Lenovo Star National Venture nvestment Fund

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

In 2017, Face ++ had been invested totally up to US$460 million in C funding round, becomes the highest valued AI
company in China.
Who is FaceBranches
Worldwide ++ 3



Chengdu Wuhan


Who is Face ++ 4

26 Million

No.1 of the
4000+ world on Cloud
Mobile Devices service capability
Smart Devices
and Application 290 Pass By Face
No.1 of arrested
criminal number by
Real-name Cases
system assistance Smart Commerce
in China
Smart Public Security
Internet Finance
Why Face ++
1. Leading Technology
Data Set Subject Date Megvii Score
Market1501 video structuring September, 2017 First place, Top1 matching rate 94.7%
CUHK03 cross-camera tracking September, 2017 First place, Top1 97%

2. Strong Research Capability

70% 10+ 200+ No.1 2400万+

Research Champions in the world Patent Standard API Using
Face ++ has more than In Face Detection, Facial In total, there are 228 [GA] security face recognition The face recognition platform API has
800 members in the Landmark Detection and Face invention patents, including application been used more than 24 million
research team. Most of recognition, three key areas of 154 inventions (24 PCT [GB] public security face recognition times per day
them are from top world public evaluation (FDDB/ international patents and 22 application image technology It has the world's largest database of
international universities 300-w /LFW) were respectively us patents), 45 utility models requirements face desensitization, with more than 5
and research institutions ranked the first. and 29 appearance designs [GB] Internet identity authentication million people and over 120 million
such as Columbia A total of 72 world/national system based on face recognition images trained
University, Tsinghua gold MEDALS were won, and technology Algorithms using were developed by
University and Microsoft [GB] information technology biometric 59,119 people
more than 60 people won gold
research Asia sample quality, part 5: facial image data There are 39,096 applications using
MEDALS in international and
[GBT] conformity test method for the technology
domestic information science
biometric data interchange format - Mobile SDK covers more than 100
part 5: face image data million devices
Our Production for Security
Application Hardware
Facial analysis system is a AI application of facial recognition technology in public security. The MegEye-C3S is a powerful full-frame facial capture camera which used in
system processes the real-time data transmitted from the frontend equipment in the key security face recognition checkpoint to achieve accurate face capture in a crowd,
locations for instance metro station, train station, bus station and airport, etc. It has the functions especially in densely populated areas, entrances & exits and other
such as data analysis, attribute extraction, facial recognition and comparison, alarm, etc. The locations.
system achieves the function of identity search and confirm in the database through searching
Smart Glass which can connect to Mobile phone and work as rapid alarm
by image.
Also now we can catch the features of the car like the brand, color and plate number.
The Facial Verification Desktop Machine uses a facial recognition
algorithm to verify whether the holder is the rightful owner of the
identity information. The built-in ID card reader is capable of linking the
HD camera to capture the frontal face of the holder while reading the
holder's identity information

Face-recognition auto gate machine access control

Vehicular face recognition device

The Face Recognition Rapid Deployment Kit is designed to be an

integrated equipment suitcase. This system includes one portable
suitcase, one face recognition computer, one face recognition dedicated
camera, one embedded battery, one tripod, one support and WIFI
module, etc. It is a face surveillance and comparison system which can be
quickly deployed.
Our Production for Commercial
Basic Function Analysis

This paper analyzes the in-store passenger flow

data and crowd portrait (age, gender, clothing
and features) through the self-developed visual
algorithm of Face ++ and intelligent camera.
With the help of probe and other data, it can
also effectively expand the crowd data label
(consumer preference, behavior preference) and
1. (Optional) If this user is a visitor(not an employee), he/she realize the comprehensive analysis of the in-
has to register through a registration device in the store customer group.
Through the self-developed vision algorithm
2. User appears in the camera capture area
and intelligent hardware equipment (face
3. Camera captures the user’s live video
capturing machine, intelligent shelf) of Face++,
4. Face recognition server receives the video and selects a
the passenger flow trajectory and thermal
best face image of the user
distribution are obtained. Can understand the
5. The face recognition server compare the live face image to
passenger flow direction, adjust the design of
the database face images
the shop line; Get consumer attention hot zone,
6. If the similarity score is beyond the threshold, the door will
optimize commodity placement.
be open; otherwise the door will not be open
• Passenger and cargo interchange
Note: If the user is an employee, he/she will register in the first
• Admission analysis
working day
Our Robot
SDK Portfolio

Face Recognition SDK Video Structuralization SDK Face Capturing SDK for Smart Camera
Key features Key features Key features
● Face detection in video/image ● Pedestrian and Vehicle Detection in ● Face detection in video
● Face attributes analysis (age, gender, Video/Image ● Face attributes analysis (age, gender, pose,
pose, blurriness, eye status, mouth ● Pedestrian attributes analysis (age, gender, blurriness, etc)
status, etc) clothing, hats, etc.)
● Face recognition ● Vehicle attributes analysis (license plate, model, Usage Scenarios
brand, color, etc.) ● Face capturing smart camera
Usage Scenarios ● Pedestrian re-identification
● Face image 1:N search Top highlights
● Face image 1:1 verification Usage Scenarios ● High Performance - 1 channels 1080P video

● Surveillance video analysis ● Surveillance video analysis stream real-time capture (Hi3519 Chipset)
● Traffic video analysis ● Accuracy & Robustness - Accurate face detection
● Pedestrian search and re-identification under various conditions for all ethnicities

End to end SDK solution for whole scenario using

Cases for Security Application


Hohhot Beijing
Xining Jinan
Xi’an Nanjing
Lhasa Wuhan
Chengdu Chongqing Hangzhou

Guiyang Fuzhou Taipei

Kunming Guangzhou
Hong Kong

Intelligent security system deployed in 26 provinces and achieved 3427 Fugitives arrested
Cases for Conference and Summit

19th National Congress G20 Hangzhou Summit

BRICS Xiamen Summit Bo Ao Forum for Asia
of the CPC

Cooperation cases with Ministry of Public Security of China

Cases for Finance

100 %
Coverage of
Travel-sharing APP

85 %
Coverage of
Financial Market

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