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IRCTCs e- Ti cketing Service

Electronic Reservation Sl ip( PersonalUser)
1. You can travel on e-ti cket sent onSMSor takeaVirtualReservationMessage(VRM)alongwith any one oftheprescribed IDi n or iginal. Pl easedo not pr int
ext remelynecessary. ThisTicket wi ll be vali d wi than IDproofin original. Pl easecarryorigi nal identityproof. If foundtravelingwithoutorigi nal IDproof, passeng
treatedas wi thout tick etandchargedas per extentRailwayRules.
2. Onlyconfirmed/RAC/Partiallyconfi rmedE-ticket isvalidfortravel.Fully Wait list edE-ticket isinvalidfor travel ifi t remains fully waitli stedafter preparationof ch
ref und of t hebookingamount shall becredited tot heaccountused for payment for booking oftheticket. Travelling onaful lywai tlisted e-ti cket i s il legal.
3. Vali d IDs tobe presented duringtrainj ourneyby one of t hepassengerbooked onan e-ticket: - Voter Identi tyCard / Passport/ PANCard / Driving Li cense
issued byCentral /StateGovt / PublicSector Undertakingsof State / Central Government,Dist ri ct Administrations,Municipalbodies and Panchayat Administr
having seri alnumber / Student Id enti tyCard withphotogr aph issuedby recognizedSchool orCollegefort heirstudent s / National izedBank Passbookwith pho
Car dsi ssued byBankswith laminated phot ograph/Unique Identifi cationCard "Aadhaar", m-Aadhaar, e- Aadhaar./Passenger showing the Aadhaar/Driving
"IssuedDocument"secti on by logging intohis/herDigiLocker account consideredas valid proof ofide ntit y.( Document s uploadedby the useri .e. the docume
Document" sectionwill not beconside red asavalidproofof identi ty).
4. Service AccountingCode (SAC) 996411: Local landtransport servi ces of passengers byr ailways for distanceupt o 150 KMs Service AccountingCode
Sightseeingt ransport ation servicesby railwaysfor TouristTicket Service AccountingCode (SAC) 996421: Longdistance transport servicesof passengersthroug
by Rail waysfor distance beyond150KMs
5. General rules/Informationf ore-ticket pass enger haveto bestudiedby the customerfor cancell at ion & refund.

PNRNo: 4713691097 Tr ain No. & Na me: 06058 / MAS SRC EXPRESS Qu ot a: GENERA
Transacti onI D:100001885450444 Da te&Time OfBooking: 12 -Jun-2019 22:29:26HRS Cl ass:SLEEPERC
Fr om: MGR CHENNAI CTL(MAS) Da teOf Journey:19-Jun-2019 To: RAJAHMUND
Boar di ngAt:MGRCHENNAICTL(MAS) Da teOf Boarding: 19-Jun-2019 Sc heduled Depar
Re sv. Upto: RAJAHMUNDRY(RJY) Sc heduled Ar rival: 20-Jun-201901:15* Adul t: 1Child: 0
Passenger Mobi leNo:9500208417 Di stance: 580KM
Passenger Address Ha ri OM Appartment, Choolai,Chool ai, CHENNAI,TAMILNADU-600112

Ti cketFar e ** ₹ 415.0 Rupees four hundredfifteenandZero paisa
IRCTC Serv ice Charge(Incl . of GST) # ₹ 0.0 Rupees ZeroandZero paisa
Total Fare(all incl usive) ₹ 415.0 Rupees four hundredfifteenandZero paisa
#Servi ceChargespere-ticket ir respectiveof numberof passengerson the ticket.
Sl No. Name Age Sex Booki ngStatus

Indian Rail waysGSTDetails:

Invoice Number:PS19471369109711 Address: I ndian Rail waysNewDelhi
Suppl ier Information RecipientInf or mation Taxable CGS T
SACCode GSTIN GSTIN Name Address Val ue Rat e
996421 07AAAGM0289C1Z L 415.0

Thi s ti cketis bookedon a personal user ID. It s sale/purchase isan offence u/ s 143 oftheRailways
Placeof Supply: MGRCHENNAICTL(MAS) StateCode/Nameof Supplier:
Ticket Pr intingTime: 12-Jun-2019 22:29:44HRS
Areyouawarethat 43% of your fareis born e bythecommon citizensof the country?

Pri ntER

1.Fordetails, rules and terms & conditionsof E-Ticketin g services, pl easevisitwww.irctc.co.in.
2.Departuretime and Arrival Ti mepri nt edon thisERSandVRMsent through mailareliable tochange.Please Check corr ec t depart ure,arrival f rom Rail way
3.Thereareamendments inc er tainp rovi sionof RefundRules. Refer Amended RefundRulesw.e.f12-Nov-2015.(details availabl e onwww.irctc.co. inunderh ea
Pol icies)

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https://www.irctc.co. in/nget/print-ticke

4.Theaccommodationb oo ked isnottransferabl e and isvalidonl y iftheORIGI NAL IDcard pr escribedis pr esented duringthejourney. The SMS/VRM/ERS al
passenger booked one-ticket pr oof inorigi nal would beverified byTTEwith the nameandPNRon the chart.If the Passenger failto produced /displaySMS/VR
damagedmobil e/la pt opetc.)buthastheprescribed original proofof identity, a penalt y ofRs.50/- perticket asapplicable tosuch cases will be levied. The ticket c
give excessf ar e ti cketfor thesame.
5.E-ticket cancellations ar e permitted through www.irctc.co.i n by theuser.
6.PNRs ha vi ngful lywaitl isted statuswill bedroppedandthenamesof the passengerson suchticketswill not appearon the char t. They are not al lowed toboard
PARTI ALLYwaitl is ted/ confirmed and RAC ticket passengerwil l appear in th e chart.
7.Obtai n certif icate fromtheTTE/Conductor incase of(a)PARTIALLYwaitl isted e-ti cketwhen LESSNO.OF PASSENGERStravel,(b)A.C.FAILURE,( c)TRAVE
cer ti ficatemust besent toGGM(IT),IRCTC, InternetTicketingCentre,IRCA Buil di ng , State Entry Road, New Delhi-110055afterf il ing TDR onlinewit hi n pr e
8.In caseof Part ial confir med/RAC/Waitlisted ticket, TDR should b e fi led onlinewithin prescribedtime incase NOPASSENGERis travellingforprocessing of
9.Whi leTDRrefund re questsarefil ed&registered onIRCTCwebsitewww.irctc.co.in, theyareprocessedby Zonal Railwaysas per Railway Re fu ndRules.(detail
headi ngImpor tantI nf or mation-- >Refund Cancellati onRules.
10. Conf ir med ticket canbe cancelled uptothi rty mi nutes beforescheduleddepartureof the train.However, nor efund shall begrantedon cancellationof c
schedul eddepartureof tr ai n.
11. RAC/ pa rt iall y confirmed Ticketcanbe cancel led uptothi rt y minutes beforescheduleddepartureof the trai n.However, refundwill begrantedas per pr ovi
12. Incase,on a party e- ti cket or a familye-ticket issuedfortravel ofmore thanonepassenger, somepassengers haveconfirmedreservationandothers are onRA
less cl erkage, shall beadmissible for confirmed pass engersalso subject totheconditiont hat the ti cket shall be cancel led onlineor onlineTDRshallbe file
bef ore the scheduled departur e of thet rain.
13. For Suvi dha Tr ai n,W.e.f. 20-Jan-2018,ref und rulewill beapplicable asper Generalrefund rule.
14. Incase ofTrainCancellation onitsent ir e run,ful l refundwill begrantedautomaticallyby the System. However,if the trai n iscancelledpartial lyon its run,pas s
within 72hrs fr omschedule depart ure of t het rainfrom the passenger's boardingstation.
15. Passengersareadvisednotto carry inflammabl e/dangerous/explosive/arti clesas parto f thei r luggage and al sot o desist f rom smoking inthetrains.
16. Cont act uson: -24*7 Hrs CustomerSupportat 0755-6610661, 0755-4 090600or Mail To:care@irctc.co.i n.
17. Vari et y ofmealsavailablein morethan 1500trains.Fordeliver y ofmeal ofyour choi ceon yourseat log ont o www.ecat ering.ir ctc. co.in orc al l 1323Toll F
rel atedto Cateringser vi ces,contactToll FreeNo.1800-111-321 (07.00hrsto 22.00 hrs)
19. PNR an d trai n ar rival/departure enquiry no. 139
20. Toreport unsavoury situat ion duri ngjourney, Pleasedial railway securityhelpl ine no. 182
21. All the Terms and conditionsspeci fi edwill beapplicable incase of opting Travel Insurancefacilit y. Please Refer TravelInsur ance’sTerms&Conditions av
websi te.
22. Never purchasee-ticket fr omunauthorized agentsor persons using their personalI Dsfor commercial purposes.Such ticket s ar e liableto becancelleda
under section( 143)of the Indi anRailwayAct1989.List ofauthorize d agentsareavailableon www.irctc. com E-TicketAgentLocat or

Downl oad the UTS APP for Un rese rvedTic ket booking.

Dear PassengersKnow YourEntitlement

I ndicative StandardMenu MailExpress:- (Cateringchargesarenotincluded in
ticket fare)
Tea(Witht eabag)/Coffee(150ml) Rs.10/-
Rai l Neer/Packaged drinkingwater( Chilled)
(a) . 1 litr e bottle/1000ml Rs.15/-
(b) . 500ml.Bottl e Rs.10/-
Jantameal orEconomymeal orJantaKhana Rs.20/-
Standard Br eakf ast
Veg. Breakfast BreadButter
- and Cutlet-02Veg. Cutl et(100 gm) + 02Bread
slice+10gmsButter chiplet + Tomatosauce
Veg. Breakfast Idl - i and Vada-04no Idli (200 gm) + 04no UradVada (120gm) +
Non-Veg. Breakfast Ome - lette of02 Eggs+02 Bread sl ice + 10gms Butter
chi plet +Tomato sauce
Standard Casser ole meals - Lunch/Dinner
Vegetarian -Rice (150gm)+Parantha (02 nos.)/ Chapati(04nos.) +
Dal /Sambhar(150gms)+MixVeg.(100gms) + PickleSachet + 250 mlPDWglass

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https://www.irctc.co. in/nget/print-ticke

Non. Vegetarian-Rice (150gm)+Parantha (nos.)/Chapati(04nos.) +

Dal /Sambhar(150gms)+Eggcurry(02nosof eggs) + PickleSachet +250ml Rs.55/-
PDWg lass

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