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County Agency Contact Purpose
Funds will be used by the Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO), a non-profit law firm, and the
LASO’s Native American Program (NAPOLS) that provides free legal services to Indian tribes,
individuals, and groups in Oregon, to benefit the Burns Paiute Tribe law enforcement. Specifically,
LASO will work with the Tribal Council, Chief Judge, Court Clerk, Police Chief, Prosecutor and DVSA
Program Coordinator for a team approach to strengthen tribal laws and policies to enhance the
investigation of violent crimes against women. Additionally, training law enforcement along with other
key stakeholders that includes neighboring jurisdictions to more effectively respond to domestic and
Aleta Doerr
Legal Aid Services of sexual violence, stalking and teen dating violence, hold offenders accountable, promote victim safety
Harney County Director of Administration
Oregon and understand criminal jurisdictional issues. Neighboring jurisdictions include Harney County
Portland, OR 97204
Sheriff’s Department along with the Burns and Hines Police Departments. Discretionary grant funds
will also support the development of tribal court forms for protection order petitions and orders;
training staff to assist survivors with the orders to ensure that other jurisdictions recognize Full Faith
& Credit enforcement of foreign orders; and develop a referral program to connect survivors with
attorneys. Funds support a 1 FTE Program Director, contractual services, 10% de Minimis indirect
cost rate. Purpose Area (s): 6 and 14.
Funds will be used by Salem Police Department’s Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) to
assist victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking in the City of Salem at the time of
police contact and offender arrest. The goal is to provide victims immediate intervention, heighten
victim safety, encourage offender accountability, and reduce on-going violence in the relationship.
Emily Collins, DVRT offers 24-hour on-scene response to victims by primary or back-up advocates who provide
Domestic Violence victims with information on victim's rights, offender arrest/release procedures, the Criminal Justice
Response Team System, crisis intervention, safety planning, problem solving, offer emotional support and provide a
Marion & Polk Salem Police Coordinator link to local resources. The target output in FY 18-19 is to reach 900 victims on-scene, or by phone
Salem, OR 97301 when scene circumstances are such that it would be a risk to advocate safety. It is anticipated that
Counties Department Website: an additional 230 victims will be served in an outreach manner, including 30 immigrant victims. The
www.cityofsalem.net outcome is to provide 100% of victims served with at least one strategy to enhance safety planning,
to have a prosecution rate of 75% or higher, and to make successful follow-up contact in at least
50% of our cases. DVRT has an MOU with advocates from the Marion and Polk County District
Attorney’s Victim Assistance Division and with the Center for Hope and Safety in Marion County. A
total match amount of $70,000.00 includes a .09 FTE DVRT Coordinator. Funds support a .91
FTE Domestic Violence Response Team Coordinator. Purpose Area(s): 5 &10.

DM#8792941 1
County Agency Contact Purpose
Funds will be used to expand law enforcement response and enhance services to 600
victims/survivors of domestic violence and intimate partner sexual assault through funding a 1 and
.50 FTE Domestic Violence Program Assistants on the Domestic Violence Response Team
(DVRT). Evidence-based risk assessment tools that identify relationships with a high risk of lethality
will be used to help prioritize the level of follow-up investigation for 400 victims of domestic violence,
Sharon Brown,
stalking, teen dating violence crime. The assistants will work with the DVRT, providing 24-hour
Police Domestic Violence
response to crime scenes involving DV/IPSA arrests. Hillsboro Police Department (HPD) has
Program Coordinator
developed MOUs with the local community based domestic and sexual violence programs for
Hillsboro, OR 97123
Washington referrals from our emergency on-scene contacts to on-going services for victims/survivors, and
City of Hillsboro www.hillsboro-
Oregon Law Center for referrals where civil legal assistance could be helpful in clarifying or modifying
County protection orders to aid in their enforcement. DVP Assistants will assist with protection order
enforcement through identification of cases referred to OLC with victim/survivor consent, in cases
where no identifiable crime has been committed. A total of 100 law enforcement officers will
receive training to improve effective response through the criminal process. A total of $73,657
match will also be utilized which includes 3,050 volunteer hours for on call response with law
enforcement officers to DV/SA investigations 24 hours a day. A portion of the VAWA award is
dedicated to SA with $21,985 sexual assault set aside. Purpose areas: 2, 11, and 12

The project continues to support VAWA funded initiatives established two years ago that increase
access to trauma-informed systems, protective options, and case management services for sexual
assault survivors as well as increasing and integrating cultural support services within the agency.
This project supports the Beaverton Police Department’s implementation of a modified version of the
You Have Options Program (YHOP), supports the coordination of services for the Sexual Abuse
Protective Order (SAPO), and increasing accessibility for immigrants, persons with limited English
proficiency and communities of color. This project will partner with the Domestic Violence Resource
Edith Molina,
Center to ensure survivors are aware of access to legal advice and representation and to ensure
Washington & Interim Executive Director
Sexual Assault Latina/o survivors have access to culturally specific case management assistance. This project
Beaverton, OR 97002
Multnomah Website:
formally partners with the Beaverton Police Department and A Safe Place for Youth. The project will
Resource Center seek partnerships with at least two additional Washington County Police Departments. Approximately
Counties www.sarcoregon.org
640 survivors of sexual assault will be served through this project (300 survivors through in-person
crisis response services, 300 from community based and self-referral supported through case
management and 40 survivors referred from correctional facilities. Grant funds support a 1 FTE
Case Manager/SAPO Coordinator training staff and volunteers as well as contact with law
enforcement, a .75 FTE Crisis Response Coordinator that is dedicated to response services
involving law enforcement, and a .5FTE LatinX Case Manager. This VAWA grant is 100%
focused on sexual assault. Purpose Area(s): 1,5, and 17

DM#8792941 2
County Agency Contact Purpose
The Jackson County District Attorney's Office will use STOP dollars to fund a 1 FTE Victim Assistant
who will work with volunteers. The assistant will provide direct services to victims of domestic violence
in rural Jackson County as well as victims of sexual assault throughout the county by interacting with
victims about the criminal justice system, attending trials and hearings with victims, and referring them
to community and state wide services. STOP funds will also help reduce barriers to services for rural
residence in Jackson County. A contractual .50 FTE Advocate from Community Works will assist 108
victims seeking stalking orders, 292 victims of domestic violence seeking FAPA restraining orders and
Jackson County Diana Hamilton,
18 victims of sexual assault. The STOP grant project will allow the Jackson County District Attorney's
Victim Assistance
Jackson District Program Director
Office, in collaboration with CW to reach out to its communities and eliminate barriers to participation
Attorney’s Office in the criminal justice process by meeting with victims in their own communities and at rural law
Medford, OR 97501
enforcement agencies. The program is projected to serve at least 600 victims of domestic violence,
stalking and violation of protective orders as well as 60 victims of sexual assault. A match of
$64,039.12 will be utilized (1,272 volunteer hours includes sending out initial paperwork, final
judgments, escorting victims to court, answering phones and assisting the victim assistant; and a .05
FTE Victim Assistant). A portion of the VAWA award is dedicated to SA with $19,211.74 sexual
assault set aside. Purpose Area(s): 5 and 16
Funds will be used to support a specialized prosecution unit that will handle cases of domestic
violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking in order to increase the safety of victims and
hold offenders accountable for their crimes. This will be accomplished through employing a 1.0 FTE
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prosecutor to prosecute 300 cases with the outcome of
pleading 75% of cases to the highest charge as part of plea negotiations and will also train local law
enforcement on best practice response; employ a .11 FTE Bilingual Domestic Violence and Sexual
Twila Rosenberg, Assault Victim Assistance Advocate who will provide culturally competent services to increase the
Jefferson County Victim Assistance long term safety of 72 underserved domestic victims, coordinate cases with the Prosecutor; and
Program Director directly refer victims to the contractual .10 FTE Bilingual Saving Grace Victim Advocate providing
Jefferson District Madras, OR 97741 danger assessments and safety planning services to victims in criminal cases. An after-hours crisis
Attorney’s Office Website: response program will also be provided as match on this grant (2703 volunteer hours or
$4,478.76). Coordination with the Sheriff’s Office, Madras Police Department, Adult Community
Corrections, Juvenile Community Justice, and St. Charles Madras as community partners will take
place. Approximately 300 underserved domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and
stalking victims will be served by the project. This project will match $ 76,847.00. A portion of the
VAWA award is dedicated to SA with $11,526 sexual assault set aside. Purpose Area(s): 1, 2, 5,
10, & 11.

DM#8792941 3
The Lane County DA Domestic Violence and Campus Sexual Assault Prosecution Project aims to
increase safety of and advocacy for 550 victims of domestic violence and 35 sexual assault victims
including those in rural Lane County and UO Students as well as increasing successful prosecution of
DV and SA, and strengthening the criminal justice system’s response to violence against women.
Sexual Assault direct services will be provided by the Campus Sexual Assault Team (including;
UOPD, EPD, UO Victim Advocate, and the .20 FTE VAWA funded SA Assistant District Attorney
Patricia W. Perlow,
(ADA)). A VAWA funded .63 FTE DV Investigator and SA ADA along with a .27 FTE DV Assistant
District Attorney
District Attorney as match will participate in the Coordinated Community Response Training Team
Lane County Eugene, OR 97401
(SA/DV) to train all county police agencies in appropriate handling of domestic violence and sexual
Lane District http://www.lanecounty.org/
assault cases and inform other agencies about their roles in a Coordinated Community Response to
Attorney’s Office DV and sexual assault. The SA ADA will participate in the Campus Sexual Assault Training Team. All
Team members will be trained and will serve as trainers to deliver trauma-informed training on sexual
assault, prevention and safety, victims’ rights, reporting, investigation, support, and prosecution.
Trainers will present to prosecutors, law enforcement, and other public safety partners as well as
students, resident halls, student leaders, Residence Assistants, Greek Life Organizations, and others
on the UO Campus. A $80,276.24 match is included. A portion of the VAWA award is dedicated to
SA with $89,411.68 sexual assault set aside. Purpose Area(s): 1, 2, 3, &16.

This project provides ongoing direct services to 1,798 victims of domestic violence, including stalking
and sexual assault that occurs within an intimate partner relationship. Serving all victims of domestic
violence includes serving many underserved, marginalized and/or oppressed communities or
members of tribal nations. These services are provided both within the criminal justice process as well
as the juvenile dependency process and extend into the civil process with restraining orders. This
grant funds a .75 FTE Family Violence Program Coordinator (FVPC) along with .25 FTE in
Kim Larson,
matching funds that provides direct services and manages volunteers. It also funds a .30 FTE
Director Victim Assistance
Family Violence System Response Coordinator (FVSRC) along with .08 FTE in matching funds
Marion County Program
that provide services within the criminal justice process and the juvenile dependency process when
Salem, OR 97309
Marion District Website:
the victim has co-occurring cases. The project’s overall purpose is two-fold: (1) to enhance victim
Attorney’s Office safety and provide information and connection with resources that empowers victims to make safe
and informed; and (2) to proactively help the involved systems be more responsive to victim needs.
This is accomplished by collaborating with partners (Center for Hope and Safety, Salem Police
Department DV Response Team, Parole and Probation victim services and DHS); and by working to
increase the number of specially-trained, volunteer victim assistants. There is $73,066.04 in matching
Purpose Area(s): 5


DM#8792941 4
County Agency Contact Purpose
A statewide training project focused on Sexual Assault Law Enforcement and Prosecutor Training.
The trainings will improve Oregon’s capacity to effectively respond to, investigate, and prosecute
sexual assault crimes, and to improve the criminal justice system’s ability to appropriately respond to
victims of sexual assault. Through partnership with the Commission on Elder Abuse & Neglect
(CEANS), Oregon District Attorney Association (ODAA), Department of Safety Standards and Training
Michele Roland-Schwartz
Attorney Executive Director
(DPSST), Oregon State Sheriff’s Association (OSSA) and SATF member partners on the Criminal
General’s Sexual Justice Subcommittee and up to 12 SATI Law Enforcement and Prosecutor Instructors, SATI will
Keizer, OR 97303
Statewide Website:
provide 4 joint prosecutor and law enforcement trainings in Pendleton, Madras, Salem and Roseburg
Assault Task (2.5 days each); 3 one-day joint prosecutor and law enforcement trainings on the intersection of
Force sexual assault, dementia and other cognitive degenerative diseases. Additional individual technical
assistance will be available to all participants. A total of 130 Law enforcement and 74 prosecutors will
each complete between 20-28 hours of training. Funds will support a .21 FTE Program Specialist &
a .54 FTE Training Coordinator; along with $39,886 to subcontract with several trainers to present at
each training. This VAWA Grant is 100% focused on sexual assault. Purpose Area(s): 1, 9 & 16


County Agency Contact Purpose
OJD will use court VAWA funds to continue to fund the .5 FTE VAWA staff counsel position and .06
FTE Management Assistant. VAWA staff counsel will remain the point of contact within OJD for trial
court judges and staff and other state agencies, and community stakeholders. VAWA staff counsel will
remain OJD's liaison on multidisciplinary committees related to VAWA statutory purpose areas and will
maintain and develop forms and instructions for use by victims in obtaining protective orders. VAWA staff
Leola McKenzie,
counsel will collaborate with other stakeholders to develop legal memoranda, bench guides, protocols,
trainings and educational materials for judges and court staff. The OJD will use VAWA grant funds for
Oregon Judicial Salem, OR 97301
regional trainings for judges and court staff and to send judges to educational programs sponsored by
Statewide Website:
the National Judicial Institute on Domestic Violence, the National Council of Juvenile & Family Court
Department http://courts.oregon.gov/oj
Judges, and the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women. Funds will also be
used to update translations of forms for protective orders for non-English speaking populations, primarily
in Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, and Korean. Staff counsel will continue to work with local courts to
implement firearm surrender protocols for domestic violence offenders. Purpose Area(s):


DM#8792941 5