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Welcome friends. We are gathered here today that we may nourish and foster our sense of focus
through meditation and lecture.

So what is focus?

Focusing is the process by which we streamline our consciousness into a more effective
route of energetic flow. Through examining the energetic, physical, emotional, and mental
climate we have found ourselves in we can better understand ourselves and our true soul's
purpose can be manifested into this reality.

What can happen if our focus is in the wrong area?

Humans focus an amazing amount of attention to the mind, and this allows the mind to
allocate resources for fear based thought and run rampant. If emotion is rising as a current
energy, and we neglect to feel it in it's ascention, it gets to mind. The mind cannot feel emotion -
so mind manages emotion. This is terrible for you.

When emotions go to the mind, the mind gets into mischief with them by trying to
manage them. Fear is used by mind to run the "what if" machine. Anger is used to run the
judgement machine. Grief can do a few different things, but mind often uses them to run the self
worth machine, whether we are worthy or not. ( When we lose something such as a relationship
we might be wondering our self worth. ) This is why emotion should be felt before it is allowed
to rise to the level of mind.

What is a positive area of focus?

A change that one could make for a tangible difference in focus is to actually feel our
emotions. To focus on the body is tremendously important in this process because that is where
we feel our emotions. Every person's relationship with their emotions is on some level
dysfunctional based on social conditioning (factors such as gender, race, cultural upbringing and
it's relationship to emotions). Everyone is different. The bottom line is to feel them. The act of
feeling emotion is what processes them. We can shift the relationship we have with emotions by
learning to not judge the feelings we have. We can train our consciousness to focus on the
present, which is more sustainable, and therefore we can live in unconditional love.

When we are present, centered, and grounded in our body we can begin to heal and see
our true selves. The body will heal itself when we focus our attention on it. When we never focus
on our body, our energy isn't going there. Part of my personal work is focusing people on their
body so they can be connected to themself and who they really are.
What are we?

We are not our thoughts, we are a consciousness that is making choices. We are an
attention. Many of the things that we believe, we did not choose to believe them, they were put
there. They were put there by our teachers, by pop culture, by parents, by an abuser. When you
are an adult you own who you are: All of your biases, mistakes, whatever you are lacking
(patience, compassion, having tendancies towards violence) . When you take ownership of you,
you get to choose what parts of you that you feed. You can see it; you don't have to judge it as
being bad; but you can say you're not going to go there. There is a deeper part of you that
realises that's not where you want to go. That is the spiritual path of focusing.

What are our emotions?

Choosing how to respond to life is important. However, our emotions are god talking to
us through the second chakra. (Raw primal creativity, sexuality, emotion.) The emotions stored in
the body are always something old. The pure emotion that is rising directly out of the present
moment is always divine speaking to you. The reason it is important to feel them is that it is one
way of listening to god. Emotions are a powerful force, and we do not want them stuck in the

Fine Tuning...

Meditation is a powerful tool for focusing. One of the main reasons we meditate is so
that we can draw attention to a part of ourselves. What we focus our attention on is going to
determine much of what our reality is going to be. Spiritually, we seek to shift our attention, or
ourselves, to the present moment and what we are experiencing right now. It is in the present
moment that there can only exist unconditional love.

Today, throught meditation we are going to pay attention to the energies within our energetic
field. The energies in our energetic field can be left over from things we are thinking about, or
emotions that are not completely processed, or leftovers from what we are working on
spiritually. The energetic field around you is also the most immediate divinity you are connected
to. The Quality of that field or presence also relates to the spiritual work of focusing within our
body. The quality of the divinity around you is effected by dozens of factors. Paying attention to
the divinity around you matters.