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A. Mission Statement

Our main purpose or objective is to set the company on a specific course on marketing.
We create a product that is suitable to our customers and to create a product that all our
customer will benefit on it. We come up with that product that we can gather a huge
amount of customers.

LIGHTERTIMES is a company business that creates table lamb shade’s with innovative
designs that delivers the satisfaction of our customers. Our product are design for all
customer who seeks for a creatively and unique table lamp shade’s that is affordable for
our customers. The difference of our business to other any business are our creative
designs and the materials that we have used.

We wanted to promote our product by showing our traditional and creative way of
making our designs of lamp shade’s to show in the market we are capable of doing it
and to increase our brand awareness to our target market so that we can potentially
grow more. We wanted to expand more our target market to increase more profit.

B. Diagnosis: Where are you right now?

We are in the stages now on creating and developing more our product that is suitable
and can qualify to the market that can give our customers satisfaction of using our
product and to gather advantages to our competitors.

C. Product/Service
• Color- Brown
• Shape - Any shape
• Packaging - Primary box
• Labelling - Barcode, number, fragile logo, contact number, and social media page.
The advantages of our products from the other products are that it is useful, affordable
and unique features. Our product are design for those consumers who like a traditional
and cultural designs of lampshade. Even if where they will put it, it will be pleasant
looking to at the eyes of our consumers.
Our strengths versus to our competitors are our uniqueness of design and the raw
materials that we uses to build the specific product. We make sure to the our product
can be affordable for our customers and also it is easy to use for the customer.Our
weakness is our competitors uses a metals as a raw material to show that there product
is durably that ours and our materials is not that durable in there look.

Materials Amount

Box 79 pesos

Holder 20 pesos

Bulb w/wire 45 pesos

2packs of Popsicle 32 pesos

Bamboo 100 pesos

3 set Sticks glue 50 pesos

2m Catolina - yellow 20 pesos

Marble 50 pesos

TOTAL 406 pesos

Our product mini popsicle lampshade costs 250pesos and our newly product the native
lampshade is 499pesos. Our product charge of mini popsicle lampshade is only
50pesos and the native lampshade’s is 93pesos. All of our charges are involve of using
electricity and machinery(e.g., wood cuter and glue gun).

Our product’s/service’s personality can make our consumer feel the relaxing ambiance
when they are using it. The light bulb the we use is relaxing to the eyes of the consumer
and let them feel comfortable.

D. Market
• People who have problem on glaring at light
• Students that need a lampshade’s for studying
• Office workers that need a lampshade’s for their work
• Family that needs a lampshade’s furnitures.
• 16 years old and above students who live in boarding house or apartments
Most of our target consumer like 50% are those mothers who love furniture to combine
their interior design of their houses. Second are 30% who have a problem glaring at the
light specially at night. If they want relaxing light for the night they can easily change
their bulb to a different light colour. 20% of our consumers are the students who lived
16yrs old in a boarding house. They can used it to save electricity depends on what
voltage or watts they want to use.

Our customers’s real need is to have lampshade’s at there houses, dorm, apartments or
even at hotels. That can be useful specially at night. Our customers perceived needs is
to have comfortable lampshades that can fit on there furnitures at there homes. We are
meeting both of these to give our customers the satisfaction that they want. As they are
the customers we need to give them what they want. The customers resist if they want
customise and make it quickly. In term of delivery we are now focusing at our local
customer from Davao City. We will be accepting delivers from Monday to Saturday, 8am
to 8pm. Our market trends are malls, houses, hotels and for students at office workers.
We studied the market and learn the most of the student and office workers uses
lampshades at night when they are studying or doing something. Some bedroom of the
houses uses lampshade’s as they sleep at night.
Our product is not a seasonal product because it is a optional product for those people
who needed and wanted it. But we give 20% to 30% discount in a product we sell
starting from the month of October up to December. Our customers can order through
online and we can deliver it to them. We accept cash on delivery basis to assure,
secure the products that they ordered.

E. Distribution

Customers can often come to us to visit our area and let them see for themselves the
other kinds of lampshade’s we sell. Sometimes we go to their places and deliver the
product they order to us through our online page.We used a racks for displaying our
lampshades. We used the social media for posting our any kinds of product that we sell
and to promote our newly products.

We made it easy for our customers so that they don’t need to consume time on going to
us and easily they can purchase our product by browsing to our website or social media

Yes, We made it easy especially for those people who don’t have time to go to our
store. Our information can be easily be find through our social media accounts. All the
details to our company and products was putted on our social media page.

Our warehousing is only a small craft shop. We deliver our product door to door to our
local markets, DHL and FedEX if international market. If door to door it depends to the
location of the customer. If DHL and FedEX usually the product arrive at our customers
house is 5 to 7 days.
F. Promotional Strategy

Our current image in the marketplace are that we provide cultural and artistic design of
furnitures through lampshade’s and we give good ambience to our customers. They can
perceived us through our eco friendly and unique design of lampshade’s and to promote
our brand to the marketplace for them to be aware that we have that kind of products.
Yes, it is accurate to the marketplace that we wanted to sell.

It would be a company that can offer and kinds of lampshade’s and can achieved the
satisfaction of our customer. We wanted to get a loyal customers and increase our
brand awareness through making creative designs of any kind of lamp shades. Yes, All
of us has the same goals to make a newly designs and make our customers satisfied to
the products that they order and purchase. We wanted to make a positive and relaxing
atmosphere in our company branch though our customers and salesman. We wanted to
accommodate a lot of people and be friendly to our customers.

We are targeting the customers who had a newly made houses that they are now
seeking for furnitures design that can satisfy they needs and want and for also those
people who are interested our product especially the students who needs a lampshade
for studying or a office workers. We followed it by communicating with our fellow
customers through texting and calling them or we visit them to follow up.

We can get the new business by investing and creating a new design so that our
customer will be excited that we will be create. We accept suggestion or customise
products that our customers want to make them satisfied. We get our source of referrals
through social media, we give contact number, leaflets and word of mouth.

Yes, we accept suggestions and feedbacks to our customers so we can apply it from the
near future or to our next product that we will create. In advertising we use social media
(e.g., facebook page, twitter and instagram). In personal selling we do door to door
selling to our prospect client. In sales promotion we give discount and freebies to our
valued customers from time to time. Yes, we follow AIDA model especially for call for
action that we make a timeline for the suggestions of our customer so that we can give
a urgent action of it.

In our current activities regarding to our promotion and advertising we join bazaar
display activities and to the famous mall current here in Davao City. We do leafleting
and we do sales to to our customers through our features and information to our
products. We give freebies and raffles to our customers.

Yes, bazaar nowadays is one of the effective ways to promote products. Social media is
one of the huge market in industry.
Yes, leaflets or direct selling is a effective way for selling and promoting your products.
Customer or prospect can see and touch your product personally and create trust to the
Yes, Sale promotion like give discounts to our newly customer can create trust and loyal
Yes, Intermediaries is one of the effective to create more customers in our company and
to gain profits.
Yes, It matched up to our target audience.

Our plan is to have loyal customers and create a relationship with them by giving
prestige card for our up coming events. Like a caravan sales to introduce our brand and
our products to the market.

G. Competition (Direct and Indirect)

Our competitors bolehdeals modern industrial they have a chandelier shade that can be
hang on the ceiling of the rooms. King’s Gizmo star master has a lampshade that can
project to the walls and make they walls that looks good. LAMPAN company too has a
cozy moose light romantic lampshade’s that is wonderful for couples.

Since our product are not a basic need, it is only for art and for display we created a lot
of activities like accepting free delivery and installation, we have card payments we give
everyday a tie up for every purchase of our customers. WE have a bazaar display, we
conduct a event caravan, and most specially we have a customised product that our
customers patronised it. While our competitors they display only for mall and no
activities to promote their products.

H. Pricing

Yes, They do have a added value. We made a improvement to our product from
popsicle sticks to a bamboo small pole and a marbles to make it more wonderful. The
bamboo pole cost around 100pesos to 150pesos and the marbles are around 50pesos
to 100pesos.

If our price is higher it is because of the higher cost of materials, aside from that we
used a costly materials. If we can get our materials at the lower cost so we gave a lower
price for it. Yes, it is also a part of a marketing plan as much as possible if we can have
a supplier that can give us a reasonable price of materials we can produced a
affordable and high quality products.

Our price is not much sensitive to our market because this is not a basic needs for them
a artist collector doesn’t matter the price instead of the design of it. They already know
about the materials and its cost for that so the buying behaviour of our market does not
affect it matters of the design and its a top of line position and our current marketing
strategy support this price position direction to the materials we used.
I. Action Plan

Our goals is to make our customer satisfied to our product that we make in order to them to
purchase or order again to our company. We wanted to increase our brand awareness and
provide a good quality products to our customers.

Our first goals is to improved our product design to our current design to encourage more
customers to order and purchase to us. Our first strategy to use is improving of our branding,
labelling to our product and packaging. Second strategy provide more strategy plan and product
testing so that our product will be ready if we will released it to the markets. The budget & timing
we will customise the expenses depend on what product we will do and what material we will

Our second goal is to increased the sale performance our first strategy is to enhance the
product and get the possible prospect client which is hotels, establishment and etc…. Our
second strategy is encourage the team to push more and train them with a roper knowledge
about the features, benefits of the product in order them to make it easily in explaining or push
our product to the customer. We will do print advertising for the awareness of the consumer and
to increase our sales. Our budget & timing is expense through training and seminar for every
employee. It should be conduct every quarterly meeting.

Our third goals is develop the promotion to the markets. Our first strategy is to make a team
who can post our product through social media or display it to the social media pages. Our
second strategy is to make a unique freebies or tie up for even purchase of product our budget
& timing is budgeting of a freebies & rite up should be a low cost materials and the timeline of
this is every month.