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English III


I. Datos Generales
Nombre de la Asignatura: English III Código: INE 206
Unidades valorativas: 4 Duración del Modulo: 10 días

I. Specific Objectives:

1. The student will be able use the Adverbs and frequency expressions 2.
The students will be able to Scanning a text.

II. Goals to achieve:

 The Focus of this unit is family time, friends and free-time activities 

 Adverbs and frequency expressions
 Scanning a text.

III. Activities and Assignments

Complete the following exercises using frequency adverbs.

IV. Content

Exercise 1

Complete the sentences.

Use the adverb and the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Use contractions where possible.

1. Our teacher, Mrs Jones, __________________ (never / be) late for lessons. Score
English III

2. I ____________________ (often / clean) my bedroom at the weekend. Score

3. My brother______________ (hardly ever / help) me with my homework. Score
4. I__________________ (sometimes / be) bored in the math’s lessons. Score
5. We___________________ (rarely / watch) football on TV. Score
6. You and Tony___________________(never / play) computer games with me.score
7. You___________________ (usually / be) at the sports center on Sunday. Score
8. The school bus_____________________ (always / arrive) at half past eight.

I develop

1. Our teacher, Mrs Jones, never late for lessons.score

2. I clean my bedroom at the weekend.score

3. My brother help me with my homework.score

4. I sometimes bored in the maths lessons.score

5. We watch football on TV.score

6. You and Tony never computer games with me.score

7. You be at the sports centre on Sunday.score

8. The school bus arrive at half past eight.

Exercise 2

Write about the activities you usually do with your friends and family. Use
frequency adverbs in every sentence. Write 10 sentences and underline the
frequency adverb you used.

Example. I always go shopping with my mother on Saturdays.

I develop

1. I always exercise with my friends at night.

2. My wife is never late for work.
3. My family always goes on vacation to the beach.
English III

4. I am always up to date with homework.

5. The company bus almost never arrives late.
6. In the evenings we always play video games with my friends.
7. I usually arrive late to class.
8. My sisters always watch movies on Netflix.
9. I always listen to classical music.
10. I do not like fast food, I always liked balanced food.