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Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP)

DLP No.: Learning Area: ENGLISH Grade Level: THREE Quarter: 2 Week: 7 Duration: 50 mins.
Learning Competency/ ies: Code:
(Taken from the Curriculum Guide) Readw with accuracy, speed and proper phrasing
sentences and stories with words consisting of initial EN3F-IIg-h-4.4.2
and final ch and sh and other words previously studies.

Identify words having initial or final ch and sh.
Identify the correct usage of punctuation marks in the sentence or story.
Skills Read the sentences and stories with correct phrasing and intonation.
Attitude Actively participate the class discussion and group activity.
Values Cheerfulness
CONTENT Reading with Proper Phrasing And Intonation
(Subject Matter)
Learning Resources Story: The Beetle Who Had His Travels
Reading Network 3
Curriculum Guide

Introductory Activity Sing the Song: Five Little Beetles
Read the tongue twister.
: She sells seashells in the seashore.
Activity/ Strategy Show picture: ( Beetle)

Present sentences:
I have flowers.
My father, mother and I went to church last night.
How was your day?

 Ask: What have you noticed in the sentences?

 What does each punctuation marks indicate?
 Do you know how to read the sentences?

Have the pupils read the story “The Beetle Who Had His Travels” aloud.

Let them read the story by group in each paragraph.

Analysis How do you read the sentences or the story?

Why do we have to stop, pause and raise the intonation?

Abstraction When there is a period, you need to stop.

When there is a comma, you have to pause.

Application Read the following sentences aloud and clear.

She sellls fish, chicken meat, and pork in the market.

Assessment (Oral Recitation) Reading of the story aloud.

Assignment Base in the story, list all the unfamiliar words.

Concluding Activity

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