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Ladies and gentlemen, (((We would like to acknowledge the arrival/presence of our)))) ………
……very dynamic Congressman Hon. Jose Carlos “Boying” L. Cari

………our ever active Board members, Hon. Florante A. Cayunda Jr., and Hon. Emmanuel

L. Gacis….

……….Our generous governor: Hon., Leopoldo Dominico L. Petilla

……….our active Vice Governor….Hon. Carlo P. Loreto

………..our amiable mayor, Hon. Silvestre Lumarda and

………..our very supportive vice mayor, Hon. Jojo Pua, Jr

…………To our equally active and productive SB



………..Inopacan Parish Priest….Rev. Fr. Eufemio Gohetia.

Thank you so much! We are honored to have you all this afternoon!

Erbet: …….Santo Niño de Cebú
Reg: …… (o mas naila sa tawag nga Balaang Bata sa Sugbo, )
Erbet: ……. is a Roman Catholic title of a statue of the Child Jesus in Cebu City

Reg:-------The image is venerated as miraculous by many Filipino Catholics which was originally given in 1521

Bet:……. as a gift by explorer Ferdinand Magellan to Rajah Humabon and his wife when he landed on the island.[5]

Reg: Good afternoon Bet!

Erbet: Good afternoon too Reg!
: Sa atong buotan ug respetadong Congressman, Hon.
Jose Carlos L. Cari.
Reg: Sa responsible ug maloloy-on nato nga mga Board members,
Hon. Emmanual L. Gacis and Hon. Atty., Florante A. Cayunda, Jr.
Erbet: Sa atong ambongan ug aktibo kaayong Governor,
Hon. Leopoldo Dominico L. Petilla
Reg: Sa matinabangon natong Vice Governor, Hon. Carlo P. Loreto

Erbet: Sa atong Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Eufemio Gohetia

Reg: Sa abtik ug kugihan nga Brgy. Captain sa Conalum, Hon. Hartwell M. Padilla, ug ingon man
usab sa iyang mga konsehales….
Erbet: Sa buotan nga school head sa Conalum ES, Mrs. Teresita M. Antolin
And also the principal of Conalum NHS, Mrs.________________________
REG: Sa mga dedicated ug supportive teachers of Conalum ES and CNHS
Erbet: mga lumulupyo sa Conalum,
Regde :visitors,
Erbet : friends,
Reg: ladies and gentlemen…

BOTH: Happy Fiesta!!!!

Reg :And welcome to the GRAND coronation rites of Miss Conalum 2017
Erbet: Today is the day of the beauty of Conalum to be explored, to be discovered and to be
Reg: Bu-ot pasabot ani-a kita aron masaksihan ang kaanyag sa mga kababaihan dire sa
Conalum. Right Sir erbet?
Erbet: That’s right Reg. So dili na nato dugayon. Let us now begin.

Erbet: Requesting everyone to stand for a prayer to be led by Marina E. Boldios

Reg: And please remain standing for the singing of the Philippine National Anthem by the sound

Erbet: And now ladies and gentlemen, let us all lend our ears to Hon. Benedicta D. Gutierez,
the Chairwoman, COFEXECOM ‘2017 as she delivers her welcome talk…….a welcome talk by
Hon. Benedicta D. Gutierez.

Reg:: Thank you so much Ma’am . As of this moment of time, let’s have a little bit of throwback as we
witness again the glimpse of the beauty of the former Miss Conalum 2016.

Erbet: Ladies and gentlemen, here she is again the former Miss Conalum 2016,
Reg: Miss Janine Gutierrez as she takes her final walk,
Erbet: her final journey as an icon beauty.
Reg: let us give a round of applause to Miss Janine Gutierez!!!


Erbet: Thank you so much. And now ladies and gentlemen, please get ready as we
witness another set of beauties, the fresh and young beauties of 2017.

Reg: That is really right bet! :now, Hail for the grand entrance of the members of the Royal
Entourage of Miss Conalum 2017.

Erbet:Ladies and gentlemen, this year’s Miss Conalum 2nd runner is Miss Jackielyn Padilla
With her handsome escort Mr. Israel Pelicano…
Reg: Here she is……Miss conalum 2017 1st Runner Up, Miss Jana Victoria Sanchez…
Escorted by Mr. John Andrew Sanchez…
Erbet: And now, Ladies and gentlemen, let us put our hands together for this year’s Miss
Jobert Malanguis


REg: Take a look on them well. They are truly pretty and beautiful…right?
ERBET: This time around is the honoring ceremony of Miss CONALUM 2017 and her
princesses. Let us start with our Miss Conalum 2017.

Reg : That honouring symbolizes that today we just don’t see a mere beauty existing on earth but a
beauty that’s coming from God in heaven and we are just so thankful about it. Let us now begin!
Erbet: To pin the sash ………(Erbet sash, Reg Bouquet, Erbet Trophy)………….. (PROGRAM)
REG: Congratulations to our Miss Conalum and her runner ups. I think they deserve one more

Erbet: Let’s give them a round of applause!

Reg : Ladies & gentlemen, We are pleased to have with us today in this
auspicious and perhaps the most significant event of the year., our kind-
hearted and dedicated Barangay Chairman, Hon. Hartwell M. Padilla for his
welcome message,,,,,,,,
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a welcome message by Hon. Hartwell M. Padilla


Erbet: To crown our Miss Conalum 2017, May I request our congressman, Hon. Jose Carlos L. Cari
to be assisted by Miss Janine Gutierez.

Erbet: And now, put your hands together as our congressman of the 5th District of Leyte nga walay
laing gihuna-gihuna kundi ang kauswagan ug kalamboan ,let,s give it up for Hon. Jose Carlos L. Cari as
he delivers his message …a message by Hon. Jose Carlos L. Cari…

Reg : To put on the cape of our queen, we have with us our very own municipal mayor Hon.
Silvstre T.Lumarda with Mrs. Daria M. Malanguis.
Bestowing of Scepter:
Erbet : To bestow the scepter, may I request Miss Richell Lumbaca and our young Municipal
Vice mayor, Hon. Rogelio Pua Jr.

III. MESSAGE. Silvestre Lumarda

ERBET: This celebration would not be complete without hearing the inspiring message from a truly
worth emulating person who has not only led our municipality with 100% dedication, hardwork
devotion but also he has brought a lot of change and development in our municipality…..ladies and
gentlemen…the very special person im referring to you is…our very active and reliable municipal
mayor, Hon. Silvestre T. Lumarda.


1. DANCE NUMBER_______________
Prepare yourselves as ________________ blow us away in
their dance moves….A big hand please.

…..Fantastic….Great job.. That was indeed a lovely performance.

How captivating! poetry of footsteps !! A blend of cosmic tune
and divine music

Ladies and gentlemen, coming up next is a jaw-dropping
performance from ______________-_______________

****excellente! Excellente!...Thank you _____________for the nice

dance number.


Erbet: Now, let’s come to the royal march. Our Miss Conalum 2017 and her runners up
together with their escorts will roam around the court to give their utmost wishes and grace
for everyone.

REG: Requesting the ladies and their escorts to please come down on stage for your Royal March.
Let’s give them a round of applause!

Erbet: And now, let’s come to the famous royal dance. This signifies their first dance as royalties of

Reg: Requesting the ladies and their escorts to please stay at the center area of this venue.

REG and Erbet: Let’s give them a round of applause!

And that ends our Coronation today…See you all again next

*This has been your toastmaster, Erbet Rosales

And Rigino T. Macunay, Jr.

Sayin’ Viva! Viva!

Pit Senyor…

Happy Fiesta Brgy. Conalum

A. Redge: Ug karon, ato usab paminawon ang mensahe sa usa sa atong
pinakaresponsabling Board member, Hon. Emmanuel L. Gacis., …….Palakpakan……
……..Thank you so much Hon. Emmanuel Gacis for the heart-pounding message…….

B. Redge: Next up..is a young and witty Board Member, Hon. Atty. Florante A. Cayunda
Jr. for his heartwarming message…… ……a big round of applause please!!!
…....Thank you You Hon. Atty. JUnJUn Cayunda…

C. MALOU: Requesting sa atong maabtik ug matinabangon kayo nga Governor, Hon. Leopoldo
Dominico L. Petilla para sa iyang mensaha……a message by Hon. Leoppoldo Dominico
Petilla…………..a round of applause please…
D. MALOU: Ug karon,,,ang pinakaulhi pero ang pinakamanggihuna-hunaon sa kalamboan sa
atong lugar ,,,,walay lain kundi and atong Governor nga si Hon, Carlo P. Loreto So.,
requesting our Governor for his message......a message by our Governor Hon, Carlo P.
…….Daghan kaayong salamat Sir!.......