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Tense Forms and Keywords

Timeline Tense Keywords

Simple Present always, usually, often, sometimes,
I work. / She lives in Hamburg. seldom, never
occasionally, frequently, regularly
Used for: every day, week, month etc.
Past Present Future Permanent actions now and again, as a rule, from time to
Regular actions, routines, habits time
Scheduled events in the near future
Present Continuous now
I am planning an event. currently, presently
I am looking for a new job. at the moment
Used for: this week, month, year
Past Present Future Temporary actions
Actions “right now”
Actions around the present time
Personal arrangements in the near future
Present Perfect Simple so far, up until now
I have worked. so far this morning, week,
month, year
Past Present Future Present Perfect Continuous just, recently, lately,
I have been working. never, ever (talk about experiences)
for (time period) + since (time point)
Used for: already and yet (negatives and
Unfinished actions questions)
Past Present Future Actions started in the past and still true in the present
Past actions which have a connection to the present
Simple Past ago
I worked. yesterday
last night, week, month
Used for: in the 1990s etc.
Past Present Future Finished actions in the past
Regular routines in the past- no longer true today
Past Continuous while
I was working. during
Past Present Future Used for:
Actions over a longer time in the past
Past Perfect Simple before
I had worked. already

Past Present Future Past Perfect Continuous

I had been working.

Used for:
Past Present Future Actions that happened before another action in the past
Future Simple at this time next week, at 2.00pm
I will do. tomorrow
next week, month, Christmas etc.
Past Present Future Future Continuous
I will be doing.

Used for:
Past Present Future Facts in the future/actions that take place at a specific
time in the future
Going to Future tomorrow, next week, month,
I am going to learn to code next month. Christmas etc.
It is going to rain.

Past Present Future Used for:

Fixed plans
Predictions that we know will be true
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