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Demeter possesses the

conventional attributes
of the Olympian gods
including superhuman
Did you know?
strength, stamina and
vitality. She also has Her virgin daughter PERSEPHONE
various mystical power was abducted by the god of the
primarily to control the
underworld, HADES, and Demeter
harvesting of plants
especially, but not endlessly searched for her,
limited, to grain. It has preoccupied with loss and grief. The
been theorized that her seasons halted and living things
emotions are in tune to stopped growing and died. At this point,
the harvest and that
they are bountiful when
ZEUS had to intervene and send his
she is happy, and that messenger HERMES to the underworld
drought occurs when to bring Persephone back and prevent
she unhappy. She can the extinction of all life on Earth.
also cross dimensional
barriers between worlds
and alter her form to Hades agreed to Persephone’s relief
appear as an elderly old but gave her a pomegranate as she
woman. She can invoke left. When she ate the pomegranate
curses as when she seeds, she was bound to him for one
cursed King Erysichthon
in ancient times with third of the year, either the dry
insatiable hunger and Mediterranean summer, when plant
endow mystical ability life is threatened by drought, or the
in sorcerers and mystics autumn and winter.
that know how to call
upon her such as Clea.
Lorraine Ianne C. Almazora 10-Genesis
• Demeter was the daughter of • She gave birth to a flying and
Cronos and Rhea. talking horse named Arion.
• She was the goddess of harvest • As a reward to a kind man, she
and fertility. tried to make his baby immortal
• She had one daughter, by placing him in a fire. The
Persephone; Zeus was mother, however, caught her
Persephone’s father. in the act and pulled the baby
• Only women attended the from the fire.
Thesmophoria, a fertility • She is often pictured with
festival held in honor of flaming torches because she
Demeter. used these in her search for
• Demeter was granted her daughter.
four months per year with • She carried a long golden
Persephone; her daughter sword in battle which earned
would remain with Hades for her the nickname “Lady of the
the remaining months. Golden Blade.”
• In ancient art, Demeter was • Animals that were sacred to
pictured wearing a wreath Demeter included the serpent,
made of ears of corn. gecko, and pig.