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Beowulf Plot Quiz

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1. Who is the King of the Hrothgar 17. What does Wiglaf suggest is the Beowulf has grown old
Danes reason Beowulf has failed to and has lost some of
defeat the dragon? his strength
2. What is the name of the Herot
famous mead hall 18. What heroic quality does Wiflaf Loyalty
represent in both his actions and
3. What did people do in Heroic tales were told by scops,
his speech?
mead halls? deeds of great strength and
courage were celebrated and 19. How does Beowulf kill Grendel? He chops off Grendel's
people feasted and drank. head with a giant's
4. Who was Grendel's Cain
earliest ancestor? 20. Who is Beowulf's father? Edgetho
5. In what way did hate Grendel was successful in getting
triumph in Part 1 the people to abandon the mead
6. The first night that Thirty
Grendel attacked the
mead hall, how many
people did he kill?
7. What is Hrunting A sword
8. Who is the one person Hrothgar
that Grendel never tried
to kill?
9. How many soldiers did 14
Beowulf take with him on
his adventure?
10. Why does Beowulf insist He knows that man-made
on fighting Grendel weapons will not hurt Grendel
without weapons
11. From about when does 1000 A.D.
the only existing Beowulf
manuscript date?
12. Beowulf's body was They were buried in a barrow on
burned on a funeral the headland of the coast
pyre. What happened to
his ashes?
13. Who was the only Wiglaf
subject of Beowulf that
didn't run away when he
fought the dragon?
14. Why didn't Beowulf's The dragon melted it
shield protect him during
his fight with the dragon?
15. Why did the dragon A bejeweled cup was stolen from
threaten Geatland? its hoard
16. How does Beowulf He takes the throne only after
become King of the both Hygelac and his son die