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This module will contain the academic policies you should know as student of AMA University
Online Educ.

Students should follow the curricular program structure they are enrolled in.
Undergraduate students can enrol in minimum of 3 subjects and a maximum of eight subjects
per term enrolment.
Graduate studies students are allowed to enrol in minimum of 3 and maximum of 4 four based
on the curriculum they are in. Students may enrol in only one 1 subject upon submission cannot
take at least 2 two.


Students of AMA Online Education are required to the enrolled per term for at least fifty 50
days before he/she be allowed to request for a grade slip continue enrolment for the next term

ONLY GRADUATING STUDENTS (Students who are their last term enrolment) are allowed to
have overload units but not to exceed 3 units. Policy on prerequisites shall also apply. A student
must seek approval of the dean before he/she can be allowed to enrol the overload courses.
Courses approved as prerequisites to other courses may not be waived except in meritorious
case. This means that students who have enrolled and fully attend courses that is a prerequisite
to another may be allowed to enrol and attend the letter course to credit without having
passed or earned credits for the prerequisite course
No permission will be granted without a written request from the student and a certification
from the instructor of the prerequisite course that the student had fully attended the said
course. The dean will be authorized to grant the permission based on the merits of the letter

Within AMAES

All equivalent courses will be credited within AMAES member schools. Equivalent courses refer to those
with the same course description and the course credit both lecture and laboratory.

From other schools

- Relevant GE courses are credited provided that the course has the same course description and
course credits (lecture and laboratory credits).
- Other preparatory courses can be credited provided these courses have corresponding
equivalent AMACC/AMAU program.
- All requests for crediting beyond this guideline must be recommended for approval by the dean,
head of operations and university registrar.

Second degree program

Student who are degree holders, granted with Special Orders by the CHED, and who are enrolling in a
second degree program will be given credit in all equivalent GE Courses, and preparatory courses.

Graduate of AMAES who wishes to take a second degree program will be given credit to all GE,
preparatory, major courses and elective courses taken in first degree program than have equivalent
courses in the second degree program applied for.

Thesis, Design project and Practicum will not be given for the second degree program. Thus, the sudent
will be required to enroll and complete all requirements pertaining to the design project and practicum/
OJT requirements of the second program. Thesis, design project and practicum / OJT guidelines will be
implemented. Thesis/Despro topics related or extension of the student previously completed thesis or
design project in the first degree will be allowed. A student who wishes to earn a second degree
program can prepare for its completion, by taking electives courses that are required in the second
degree program.

Substitution of Courses

Substitution of courses may be allowed only in the following cases:

- When a student is pursuing a curriculum that has been superseded by a new curriculum and the
substitution tends to bring the curriculum in line with the new.
- When there is conflict of hours between a required course and another course, or when the
required course is not offered and non-enrollment of which would result or undue delay in the
completion of the program
- Prescribed elective courses can be substituted with the equivalent courses provided that the
student applied for the said substitution.

Every petition for substitution must:

- Involve courses within the same department, if possible. If not, the two courses concerned must
be allied to each other.
- Be between courses having the same number of units, and Be recommended by the head of the
department concerned. No substitution shall be allowed for any course in which the student has
failed or received a grade of “5.00” or its equivalent

All petitions for substitution must be submitted to the office of the dean only after the second week
after the formal starts of classes. Any petition submitted thereafter shall be considered for the following
term. Only after the school director and the branch registrar approved the substitution can the student
enroll the substitute course.


Undergraduate students who initially enrolled less than eight (8) subjects may be allowed to add
additional subjects within one week of the initial enrollment. After which, the student must finish all
subjects first and secure a grade slip before he/ she may be allowed to take additional courses.

Dropping of courses will be allowed within the first fifty (50) days of the student’s enrollment in
each term.


A student whose active term expired but still has unfinished requirements for courses other than
Practicum and Research Courses may be allowed to extend his/her enrollment upon payment of
corresponding extension fee for a duration according to the extension program availed by the student.
Extension fee covers all courses enrolled in the term the student is currently in.

Students may avail of the extension program twice.

A student who is availing of the extension program may not add additional courses until he/she finishes
his/her active term.

Removal Exam

Undergraduate students whose grades in a subject is less than 50% but can still pass the subject
provided he/she incurs a higher grade in his/her final

Course Module

Examination may avail of the removal exam. This allows for one (1) additional attempt in the
final exam so he may pass the subject.

Graduate program students follow the same rule but the grade should be 75%

Removal exams are with corresponding fees and must be within the 98 days active term or the
student must avail both a term extension and a removal exam whose fees are separate from each other.


Shifting or transferring to another program of AMAU OEd is allowed. All equivalent

courses/modules of instruction will be credited towards the new program.

To shift to another program, the student must accomplish an application form for this purpose duly
approved by the dean.
A student who cannot meet the academic requirements of one program may be advised by the dean or
program coordinator to shift to another program. If the student cannot meet the academic
requirements of a new program, he/she will be subjected to the scholastic delinquency policy.

Shifting of programs will only be processed In between enrollments. A student needs to request for
his/her grade slip for the current term he/she finished before submitting his/her request to change of
program to the dean.

Cross Enrollment

Cross-enrollment form AMAES/Non-AMAES schools to AMAU OEd

1. Submit the cross-enrollment permit to the admission@amauonline.com The cross-enrollment

form must be signed by the registrar and with the school seal.
2. Register at www.amauonline.com and follow the new student admission process.

After completion of cross-enrollment

1. Transcript of records/certificate of grades shall be released by the registrar office of AMA

University and to be submitted to the mother school.
2. Graduates incurred are not included in the computation of the grade point average or general
weight average.
3. Release of grades or transcript or records can be school-school basis or entrusted to the bearer
if the school allows the student to hand carry.


Returning students are those who are returning after not enrolling for more than two (2) years.
Students who are classified under this may be affected by changes in the curriculum and other
revalidation procedures.

1. A student who did not enroll after ninety-eight (98) days upon expiration of his/her last term
with AMAOEd must seek re-admission approval from the dean. A copy of approved re-admission
form must be submitted to student.support@amauonline.com
2. A student who has been dismissed for academic deficiencies or suspended for disciplinary
reasons for at least 98 days must submit an application for re-admission and a letter of appeal
to the dean. The Application for re-admission must be recommended.

A Student who stopped for more than five years and with only 10% or less of course deficiencies
(e.g. 15-21 units remaining to complete the program) shall be allowed to use their old
curriculum or the curriculum of which they started with.
The student must complete the program and graduate within one (1) year. Other wise, an
additional penalty of one (1) course for every year of extension will be imposed. If the
remaining deficiencies include. Thesis A and B or Design Project, the student is required to
present a new thesis topic or design project and enroll both theses A and B (Despro 1 and
Despro 2 for engineering).
A student who stopped for more than five years and with more than 10% of course deficiencies
(e.g. more than 21 units remaining to complete the program) shall use the new curriculum or
the revised curriculum currently implemented. All courses taken from the previous curriculum
will be credited, provided that these are equivalent to the courses in the new/revised


1. The student must present a letter of request for reinstatement t be approved by the dean and
the head of operations.
2. The student must enroll the penalty courses which is one course for every year of extension
beyond the five-year grace period (e.g if the student stopped for 10 years, he will have to enroll
five penalty courses). The dean upon recommendation of the program head will prescribe the
penalty courses and inform the registrar.

Rejoining students (students who have discontinued for less the five years) should first secure a
written permission from the dean

Student ho is returning after serving a suspension must secure clearance from the dean and head of
operations before they enroll.


Students who have been disqualified from the program they are currently enrolled in due to their
failure to meet the grade requirements despite allowed remedial classes may seek admission to
other programs.

Students who have been dismissed or disqualified for reasons outlined in the scholastic delinquency
will not be granted admission in any of the college of AMAES.



A student who intends to transfer to other academic institutions must submit a letter to the dean
indicating the intention to transfer and reasons for the transfer.

Request to transfer credentials shall be led through courseadmin@amauonline.com

AMAOED strictly enforces a NO Clearance, No Release of Transfer Credential policy. Students are
advised to process their student clearance on time avoid unnecessary delays.



Students are required to attend classes through the AMAU OEd Learning Management System (LMS) at
lms.amauonline.com Each enrollment of an OEd student is for a maximum of 98 days (roughly 3 ½
months). Students should be also be enrolled in their current term for a minimum of fifty (50 days)
before they can be issued a grade slip and allowed to re-enroll for another term.

If students cannot access their LMS portal due to medical reasons, students are required to present
medical certificates or documents to facilitate freezing of their account or extension of their term. A
student who fails to submit a medical certificate or any document to justify freezing of their account will
forfeit his/her extended access to the LMS

a. Finish their project prototype or software;

b. Attend the scheduled thesis/capstone/design project defense;
c. Complete the required on –the-job (OJT) hours;
d. Submit course requirement(s) of thesis / capstone / design / projects / feasibility / OJT like
hardbound, OJT reports, completion certificates,

Note: Grade transmutation is not implemented in all term grades.

Grade computation will be as follows for all quizzes, assessed projects assignments, term
examinations (Raw Score/Maximum Score) x100%

The passing grade for AMAU Online Education courses is 50%

Graduate program students are required to have at least a 2.00 or 75% grade to be allowed to
advance to the next courses for their program.


Only grades in academic courses are included in the computation of the GPA. Grades in Euthenics,
P.E. and NSTP are not included.

To compute the GPA:

Course Module
- Multiply the credit units for each course by the corresponding grade points merited in each
course to get the honor the points
- Add the honor points to get the total.
- Divine the total honor points by the total number of credits during the term. Indices are
computed to four decimal places rounded off to two.

Grades in courses which were cross-enrolled will not be included in the computation.


A student who is in doubt or has complaints on the grade(s) obtained can make an appeal to the
College Dean within one (1) week after receipt of the grade slips.

Procedure in Filing Complaint

1. Completely fill out the form

2. Submit the complain form to the Dean
3. If the complaint(s) is/are valid, the College Dean shall conduct an inquiry with the concerned
faculty and consult the technical unit for the logs and records in the LMS and resolve the grade
complaint(s) within one (1) week upon receipt of the complaint(s)
4. Consult with the Dean about the result of the grade complaint(s).
Absolutely NO change of grade will be accepted after the scheduled period.


Academic standing shall be determined by the Grade Point Average (GPA) of the student computed
every end of terms. The registrar shall compute the academic standing of the students and submit
list result to the Dean for appropriate actions.

Good Academic Standing- GPA 2.75 or better and passed at least 75% of the total academic units
enrolled for the term.

Academic Position- GPA 3.0 or better and passed at least 50% of the total academic units enrolled
for the term.


Student Notice

A student who fails 25% of the total units enrolled in the term will be classified as under STUDENT

A student is issued a STUDENT NOTICE by the Dean if the GPA for the term is at least 3.0 but fails
23% of the total units enrolled for the term.

The STUDENT NOTICE is a reminder from the Dean for the student improve his/her academic
performance in the following term.

Probationary Status
A Student with GPA of at least 3.0 but failed 50% of the total units enrolled in the term will be
classified as under PRABTION and will be placed on the PRABATIONARY status list. Page 8 end.


Students who received STUDENT NOTICE for two (2) consecutive terms will also be placed on the
PROBATIONARY status list.

 A student is issue a noticed from the dean about his/her probationary status. The letter shall
include advisory for the student on how to improved his/her academic performance and be
removed from the PROBATIONARY status.
 A student placed under probationary status will be allowed to enrolll a maximum of 15 ubits in
the succeeding term to help her improved his /her academic classes.
 A student will be removed from the probationary status list after passing atleast 75%of the total
units enrolled in the succeeding tern and obtaining a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Dismiss Status

A student with GPA below 3.0 and failed more than 75% of the total units enrolled in the term will be
classified under DISMISSED status.

A student who received PROBATIONARY NOTICE fro 2 two consecutive terms will also be palced on the
DISMISSED status list.

 A student is a issue a notice from the dean about his/her dismissed status. The notice letter shall
include the advisory for the student on how to apply for re-admission in the same program or in
a different program of study.
 A student placed under DISMISSED must apply for re-admission in yhe same program or in a
different program of study of the dean. The dean must provide a decision one 1 week after the
appel is the submitted.
 A re -dmitted student will be allowed to enrol a maximum 12 units in the succeeding term
him/her improved the academic status.
 A re-admitted student will be removed from the DISMISSED status upon a time obtaing GPA of
3.0 or better.

Disqualified status

A status with GPA below 3.0 and failed 100% of the total units enrolled in the term will be classified
under DISQUALIFIED status. A student who received DISMISSED NOTICE for 2 two consecutive terms
will also placed in the DISQUALIFIED status list.

 A disqualified student may submit appeal for re-admission in a different college/program to

be head of operationsof Oed. Should the head of operations find merit In the appeal, the
student will be re-admitted to Oed.
 A re-admitted student will be advised to shift to a less demanding program of study and will
be allowed to enroll at the most 12 units in the succeeding term.
 A student with denied re-admission appeal will be adivised to transfer to another institution
and will be given honourable dismissal and transcript of record after all clearances are


A student mus be finish the requirements of a program suing the same curriculum within the period of
actual maximum residency reule (MRR) which is equivalent to twice the normal length prescribed for
the program. Since Oed. Implements the enrol anytime model, the MRR in AMAU programs will be

A student who fails to complete the program of study in the prescribed MRR may request fro waiver of
the MRR.

1. The student must submit a written request of the MRR to dean. The request to continue with
the same curriculum shall be evaluated and edcide within one 1 week of the request.
2. The approved request for waiver of MRR shall included penalty subjects if applicable or new
curriculum if appropriate with all the accredited courses. The approved request will be provided
to the student concern and copy of which will be forwarded to the
3. Penalty courses will be appropriated to one 1 course for every year beyond thr MRR. The dean
upon the recommendations of the program head must the prescribed the penalty courses.
4. The student must get a copy of the penalty courses if applicable and enrol accordingly.

THE AMAU Online Educataion Learning Management System (LMS)

The AMAU Online education learning management system uses the address lms.amauonline .com and is
the medium used in the delivery of the class instructions to university students. Once a student has been
successfully added to the system and has benn given access to the MAU Oed LMS (as detailed in the
enrolment process ) he/she can login to the portal the start his/her studies online.

Courses in the LMS implents completion tracking. The completion tracking feature make sure that
students are able to go through the modules sequentially .

Student are given two 2 initial attempts in their quizzes for non-adaptive mode assessments . an
additional one 1 attempt can be requested by sending email to mentor.inquiry@amauonline.com and
provided that their students scores in previous attempts are below the passing rate.

For the final exam students are given one 1 initial attempt and one 1 additional attempt may be
requested if the students dinal grade is below 50%.

For quizzes in adaptive mode students are only given one 1 attempts as the correct answer is shown to
students for review.

Final exam are always non adapttiveand students may not request for mistakes fro their exam attempt.

Quizzes and exams may or may not be time bounded. Students are required to finished the exam within
the time limit as indicated in the page before they students take the xam are given 2 hour limit. Security
measures are implemented to ensure the identity to the student and that academic honesty is

Assignments and laboratory exercises are also submitted through the LMS Links are provided for the
submission . In the event that students cannot upload their requirements they may mail their
submission to metor.inquiry@amauonline.com

IP (in progress) – a mark for conditionally grade which is given to students who did mnot their
course requirements on thesis/capstone/design project.