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Haryana GK (Hindi & English)

Which civilization is also known as Seeswal civilization in Haryana?
Who discovered the Mitathal site of Harappan civilization in
Dr. Surajbhaan
_____is the largest site of Indus Valley Civilization after
Rakhi Garhi
All the three stages of Harappan civilization (in Haryana) were found
Mitathal, Bhiwani
in ___?
Who discovered the three sites of Harappan civilization at Madina,
Dr. Vivek Dangi
Girawad and Farmanakhas (Rohtak, Haryana)?
Where did the bangles made of copper and glass excavate in Haryana? Bhagwanpur
Which pre-Harappan site was found in Haryana? Kunal
Jogankheda site of IVC is in which district of Haryana? Jind
Where are the evidence of ploughed land found in Haryana and India?
All three stages of development of houses from pit houses to
rectangular to the square dwelling was found in ___district of Kunal (Fatehabad)
Haryana was named as Brahmavedi in Panchvish Brahman of
In Sathpath Brahmana, Haryana was named as ____? Kuru Jangal
The two Yaksh- Kapil and Tarantuk are believed to be situated on
Dhrashtadhati River
which river bank?
Which was the capital of king Parikshit, the last of the kuru ruler? Asandh (Karnal)
Rohitika was the older name of which district of Haryana? Rohtak
Traces of rice and wheat both were found at which site of Haryana? Rakhi Garhi (Hisar)
Capital of Yaudreya republic was ___. It constitutes which parts of Bhiwani) and it
Haryana? constituted jat belt
of Haryana (Hisar,
Rohtak, Sonipat)
Yaudreya and
The word ‘dwi’ was used for which of the two republics?
Which of the two republics were mentioned by Panini in his book Agreya and
Astadheyey? Arjunanyana
After the destruction of republic Agreya (capital Agroha), who
Maharaja Agrasen
reconstructed the city of Agroha?
As per Divya Vadan, which were the centres of Buddhism in
Rohtak and Agroha


According to Buddhist literature, Vinay Pitak, Vaid Jeevak belonged

to which place of Haryana?
Rohtak and
The idols of Buddha were found at which sites of Haryana?
Hansi (Hisar) and
The idols of Jainism were found at which places of Haryana? Ranila (Charkhi
Bisaldeva Chauhan
Along with Ashoka, which another Indian ruler is also mentioned at (His victory over
Topra inscription? Malecha is
mentioned; 12 CAD)
Which is the only inscription (found in Haryana) written in Kharosthi Karnal inscription
script? (Ashoka’s)
James Princep in
Who read the Topra inscription at the earliest?
The idols of Sunga dynasty were found at______ in Yamunanagar. Sugh
(Rohtak) and
Indo-Greek coins were found at ______ (Rohtak)and_____(Bhiwani).
Shreedeva of
The inscription found at Laos is about ____ Indian ruler?
Seals depicting shloka regarding jatayu, sita, ram, Lakshman and
Ramayana, found at Nacharkheda, Jind. These belong to which Gupta period
ancient dynasty?
Samudragupta’s coins were found at ____and ____ places of Haryana. (Yamunanagar) and
Mitathal (Bhiwani)
The idol of Lord Vishnu at Shes Saiyan/shesnaag was found at
Kajiliput (Sonipat)
Who built Staneshwar Mahadev temple at Thanesar (Kurukshetra)?
It was renovated by ____. Sadashivrao Bhao
Harshavardhan changed his capital from Thanesar to ____. Kannauj
Banabhatt, Mayur, Divakar, Huein Tsang and Kalidas; Out of these
poets, which did not belong to the court of Harshvardhan?
Who wrote the biography of Harshavardhan? Bhanbhatt
___-,____and___ were written by Harshavardhan himself. Priyadarshani and


Harsha collected one-sixth of produce as tax. True/False. True

According to Colonel James Todd, ____and local tribes gave birth to
the modern day Rajputs.
The evidences of Mihir Bhoj were found at ____ in Haryana.
Hirnaya (cash),
Three types of tax collected by Harshavardhan administration were bhag (share of
____,____ and ____. grains) and bali
(gifts or services)
____ of Ajmer defeated Gopal of Tomar and Delhi became seat of
Annauraj of Ajmer
Who wrote the biography of Prithviraj III (as Prithviraj Raso)? Chand Bardai
Tarain is in ____district of Haryana. Karnal
_____of Hansi helped Prithviraj Chauhan during the first battle of
Govind Rai
______of Garhwal helped Mohammad Gauri during the second battle
Raja Jai Chandra
of Tarain.
Jatwa of Hansi and
____ of Hansi and _____ of Rewari tried to stop Mohammad Ghori
Governor Rao
after the defeat of Chauhans in Delhi.
Tejpal of Rewari
Shamshuddin and
Third battle of Tarain was fought between _____ and ____ in 1215.
___ was the smallest IQTA of slave dynasty. Palwal
Balban was the Iqtedar of _____. Hansi
Jalaluddin Khilji was the iqtedar of _____. Kaithal
Hisar, Junagarh and Fatehabad cities were established by which ruler? Firoz Shah Tughlaq
When did Taimur attack Haryana? 1398 AD
Hasan Khan Mewati
and Mohan Singh
Only two rulers were left unaffected by the attack of Taimur. Who Bhandar of Kaithal
were they? (they had good
relations with
Kalayat (Kaithal)
_____ and ____ revolted during the reign of Sikander Lodi.
and Jind
Before the 1st battle of Panipat, Which areas were attacked by Babur? Hisar and Mewat
Hemachandra (Hemu) was a trader of _____. He has opted for the title
of Vikramaditya XIV.
Who established a new city Faridabad named after Sheikh Baba Farid,
treasurer of Mughals?
Who built Mughal bridge and Mama-bhanja Mughal sarai at
Shah Jahan
Gharonda (Karnal)?


Hisar was known by the name ____ during Mughals which was under
the control of Kriparam Gaur.
Which was the capital of Charles Thomas? Hansi
On 23rd September 1857 ______ died at Kabul. His death anniversary
Rao Tula Ram
is observed as Martyrs’ day of Haryana.
Who gave information of revolt to British? Shyam Singh Sainik
Who started the swadeshi movement in Haryana? Lala Lajpat Rai
____ of ___ wrote a satire against separate electorate, namely, Bal Mukund Gupta
“Shivshambu ka Chittha”. of Rewari
Who was the leader of Home rule league in Haryana? Pt. Nekiram Sharma
At Palwal railway
Which was the first jail arrest of Gandhiji?
Due to the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, who surrendered the title of Sir
Lala Murlidhar
and Rai Bahadur in Haryana?
Sufi Iqbal and Khair
In Haryana, who were the Khilafat leaders?
Which two Haryana revolutionaries made a bomb at Rohtak
Vaid Lekhram
laboratory and threw it on Irwin to take the revenge of death of Lala
Sharma and Yashpal
Lajpat Rai on lathi charge?
Rajkiya madhyamik
Which is the only ISO certified school in Haryana? vidhyalaya Biwan at
Where is India’s biggest Ashoka Chakra unveiled in Haryana?
Where is VVPAT machines used in Haryana for the first time? Jind by-elections
Modern Automatic Analyzer for pollution monitoring is procured
from which country?
Where is the pollution control board of Haryana situated? Panchkula
Where did SCERT organize state level 46 Jawaharlal Nehru Maths,
Science and Environment exhibition?
Theme country for Surajkhand Craft Mela 2019 is ____. Thailand
Swampy soil is found in which part of Haryana? Sirsa
Which is the smallest district of Haryana after Faridabad? Panchkula
Which is the largest district of Haryana? Sirsa
Which is the 22 district of Haryana? Charkhi Dadri
Which district is also known as ‘heart of Haryana’? Jind
__ district(s) of Haryana touches boundary with Chandigarh (State
Only one- Panchkula
Capital/ which is also a Union Territory)
Which are the two only districts of Haryana which do not share its Charkhi Dadri and
boundary with any other state or UT? Rohtak
Which city of Haryana is also known as Brass capital of Haryana? Rewari
Which city is known by the name ‘Choti Kashi’? Bhiwani


Haryana Government organized ____ to create awareness about

Aadhar rath
aadhar card.
The book “Flora of Morni Hills” written by _____. Acharya Bal Krishan
Who was the first elected chief minister of Haryana? Rao Virendra Rao
Haryana is ___state of India. 17th (seventeenth)
Rewari, Kaithal and
Which four districts of Haryana were carved out simultaneously?
Panipat (on 1st
November, 1989)
Who is the state ambassador of Haryana? Baba Ramdev
Who wrote the book “Narendra Modi-A charismatic visionary and
Aadish Aggarwal
Srimati Pratibha
Who is the chairman of Haryana State Women Commission?
Which divyang woman of Haryana hosted the national flag at
Anurima Sinha
Antartica’s Mount Winson for the first time?
First napkin pad unit of Haryana is at____. Fatehabad
Which of the chief ministers of Haryana took the oath for CM for the Chaudhary Om
maximum number of times? Prakash Chautala
Out of 90 seats, 17
How many seats are reserved in Haryana Vidhan Sabha?
are reserved.
Which are the four districts of Haryana with no reserved seats? Mahendragarh, Nuh
and Faridabad
Who was the president of Haryana Rural conference held in 1921? Lala Lajpat Rai
Who is the state ambassador for the national scheme ‘Beti Bachao
Sakshi Malik
Beti Padao Yojana’?
Where is ‘Lakadhara temple’ on lines of Konark temple of Orissa?
Where was Nathu Ram Godse hanged? Ambala jail
Deep Chand
Who is known as Shakespeare of Haryana?
Who is known as the illiterate poet of Haryana? Pt. Lakhmi Chand
In 1709 between
Sikhs and Mughals
When and between whom did the battle of Ambala take place?
(where Sikhs won
the battle)
Ambala is known for the cultivation of ______and______. Turmeric and mango
Who is the longest-serving governor of Haryana? B N Chakraborty
When did Karnal-born Kalpana Chawla die in a plane crash? 01/02/03
Which city is also known as the city of scientific instruments? Ambala
Where is Saraswati Wildlife sanctuary located? Kaithal


Which city is also known as ‘Land of war heroes’? Bhiwani

Which is the most populous city of Haryana after Faridabad? Hisar
Where is ‘star temple’ located? Bhiwani
Iron Man of Haryana Sh. Bansi Lal
Who is the guru of Baba Ramdev? Acharya Baldev
Who started the newspaper ‘jat Gazette’? Sir Chotu Ram
Where is Cement Corporation of India located? Charkhi Dadri
Which is the largest village of Haryana? Sisai (Hisar)
Where is the steam locomotive museum located in Haryana? Rewari
____ app is launched by the govt to solve vehicle theft-related issues. Match and catch app
Battle of Rezang La is related to which district of Haryana? Rewari
When did the Badkal Lake of Faridabad build? 1947
Where is Shree Krishna Museum located in Haryana? Kurukshetra
Which is the only museum of Haryana which is under Chandigarh
Thanesar Museum
wing of Archeological Survey of India?
Deep Chand
Who is also known as the father of modern Saang?
Damdama Lake
Which is the largest artificial lake of Haryana?
(Sohna, Gurugram)
Basai Village,
Where is Basai wetland situated in Haryana?
Which state is known as a wheat bowl of India? Haryana
Where are Narayangarh hills situated in Haryana? Ambala
Ambala (Ambala
Which is also known as twin city? city and Ambala
cantonment area)
Which is also known as tricity? Panchkula and
Aravalis constitutes__ percentage of total area of Haryana. 3.09
Regional name of Khadar soil in Jagadari (Yamunanagar) is ____. Solar clay
Regional name of Bhabhar soil in Jagadari (Yamunanagar) is ____. Kandi soil
Maximum cultivation of rice is done in which district of Haryana? Karnal
The state of Haryana has the maximum cover of ____ soil. Alluvial soil
Ancient name of river Markanda is ____. Aruna
The ancient name of river Ravi is ____. Parushani
Where does the river Ghaggar meet the river Markanda in Haryana?
Morni Hills,
What is the origin of river Tangri?


Which new district of Haryana was made before the formation of

Charkhi Dadri?
Who was the first speaker of Haryana State Legislative Assembly? Rao Birender Singh
Kaliyana village of
Dancing stones are found in ___village of ___district of Haryana.
Charkhi Dadri
Three times (1967,
So far how many times, Haryana was drawn under President’s rule?
1977 and 1991)
Where is Tajewala barrage located? Yamunanagar
In which district of Haryana Rajiv Gandhi Thermal Power Station
Where is Arjun stadium located in Haryana? Jind
Which city is also known as ‘education city’ of Haryana? Sonipat
Which place in Haryana is also known by names like “Boxing Cuba”;
“Little Cuba” or “Mini Cuba”?
Where did the first Saangi of Haryana, Krishan Lal Bhatt hail from? Meerut (UP).

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