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Name : Yulius Caesar

Depirianus Lahagu

M. Rakes Harianto

Muhammad Iqbal

Fajrian Noves



1. What is database? organized collection of structured information, or data, typically stored

electronically in a computer system

2. Which task can be performed by using a database? a collection of information stored on a

computer systematically, so that it is easily accessed by computer programs to obtain data

3. Can you make a list of possible applications? MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM

4. What do these terms mean in your own languange, file, record and field?

A file is a collection of related records, such as a file of all records containing course codes and
title fields

A record is a collection of related data fields

A data field is the smallest unit of data representing the smallest amount of data that might be
retrieved from a computer at a given time

5. What are advantages of a database program over a manual filing system? No redundant data,
Redundancy removed by data normalization, No data duplication saves storage and improves
access time
A. Answer the following question!

1. Can you explain what a database is? organized collection of structured information, or data,
typically stored electronically in a computer system

2. What are basic features of databse programs? , file, record and field

3. What can you access from fields and records? record about an employee might consist of
several fields which give their name, address, telephone number, age, salary and length of
employment with the company.

4. What is another feature of database program? that you can automatically look up and find
records containing particular information

Using the information in the text, complete these statements.

5. A database is used to store, organize and retrieve a large collection of related information on

6. Information is entered on a database via Fields

7. Each field holds a separate piece of information, and the fields are collected together into

8. 'Updating' a file means you can always change fields, add new records or delete old ones

9. 5. The advantages of a database program over a manual filing system are much faster to
consult and update easier to store, receive, and take a large collection of information, find and
find records that contain certain information
10. Acces to a common database can be protected by using passwords

B. Complete the sentences by using a term from the list.

1. In order to personalize a standard letter you can use 'mail merging' (a techniques which
consists of combining a database with a document made with a wordprocessor)
2. Records can be automatically sorted into any order.
3. You can decide how many ields you want to have on a record.
4. Files can easily be updated by adding new information or deleting the old one.
5. A database program can be used to store, organize and retrive information of any kind.
6. The layout of the records can be designed by the user.
7. Each piece of information is given in a separate field.

Answer these questions!
1. Is it possible for a country to survive without any industries? impossible
2. Do you think that an industry is important for a country? yes. why is it so?
an important pillar for the development process of all fields
3. What is the main task of an industry? Determine the goods and services that will be produced
4. is it true that a country's development is quite dependent on its industrial development? yes

5. What does an industry produce? goods and services

Answer the following questions.

1. What does the term 'industry' cover? all the businesses and factories that convert raw materials

into goods or that provide useful services.

2. Does an industry produce goods and services? yes, a industry produce goods and services.

3. What does the word ' them' refer to? industry

4. What is a steel industry? steel making industry

5. What does a tourist industry consist of? hotels, travel agents, rental car companies, airlines,

railroads, and all the other companies

6. Does a hotel produce goods and services? services

7. What is the wealth of nation based on? the more productive the industry

8. How can the standard of living of a country be measured by? by the number, cost, and quality

of goods produced by its industry

9. Which Country is the most industrialized nation? United States

10. How can automobiles and washing machines be considered as necessities in the USA while

in other countries cannot? because USA produced automobiles and washing machines

11. What is the main idea of the first paragraph? industry cover all the businesses and factories
12. What is the main idea of the second paragraph? the wealth of a nation is largely based on its

13. Please mention the industries you know? Textile Industry, Cement Industry, Paper Industry,
Iron and Steel Industry

14. How is industry in Indonesia? is the biggest contributor to the national budget

15. Please find the synonym of 'cover' at the text! surrounds

Read the following statements and fill in the blanks with the appropriate words supplied


1. Industrial production has Brought the nature of work. One hundred and fifty years ago the

Majority of Americans lived and worked on farms. Goods were Change in small workshops or in

houses. The Factory system of Production Produced workers together to operate machines.

2. The skilled labour of the craftsman was replaced by the monotonous, repetitive work of a

machine. As the United States industrialized, more people left farms to live in cities and work in

factories. The character of industrial production continues to change as workers moves form

manufacturing to service industries.

3. Many of the great factories of the 19th century United States were abandoned. New methodes

of production, such as those resulting form automation, changed factory work, which is now less

strenuous and cleaner. The introduction of new products, and new methods of making them,

continues to alter the nature of work.