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Philippine Normal University

The National Center for Teacher Education

Taft Avenue, Manila


Submitted by:

Maria Celina Angelica H. Robledo

OBTEC 1-18

Submitted to:

Prof. Adrian Somido

September 2018
I. Introduction

According to various articles, Physical Education is “A formally planned and taught

curriculum designed to increase knowledge and values through physical activity and
experience.” It is a necessary tool for developing and nurturing an individual. Philippine Normal
University (PNU) and the faculty of Institute of Physical Education Health Recreation Dance and
Sport (IPEHRDS) led an activity wherein the students will participate to different sports or clubs
and will take part in the culminating activity.

First is the immersion to sports/club, students are free to choose. They can join
volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton, arnis, and dancesport. Students can also
permanently join the sport/club if they want to. Second is the culminating activity. It is the way
to showcase and to assess what and how far they have learned.

Through this flex-folio, we will realize that PE will cater us one hundred and one unique
ways and opportunities to move our bodies, engage our minds and discover the bliss of
movement for a healthy and active living.

II. Rationale

This part aims to determine the significance and purposes of Flexible Learning Activity
(FLA) and the objectives are as follows:

 To completely understand the importance of fitness and health;

 To improve the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for creating and enjoying an
active and healthy lifestyle;
 To provide students with meaningful and enjoyable movement experiences;
 To promote the development of a life-long interest in sports participation; and
 To produce students who have a balance growth in various aspects of life such as
physical, emotional, intellectual and social.
III. Log experience
A. Immersion to Sports/Club

Time flies so fast, it seems like it was just yesterday when I was struggling to choose the
sport or club I wanted. It’s quite funny how I vividly remember that scene. I was so frustrated
that time because some of my classmates already started with their FLA, some decided to join
basketball, volleyball, dance sport while me, I’m still wandering in the midst of nowhere. During
our PE class, we were practicing outside, and I saw someone hitting a pile of tires with arnis
stick, and that’s it, I know where I should join.

I didn’t think twice, I together with Kat decided to join Arnis not as a student who’s after
the FLA but as a Varsity. On our first training, Captain taught the basic stance in Arnis, and she
briefly discussed the rules and regulations. So there, we were in a line, waiting for our turn to hit
the target. Right foot forward, then jump and must land with the left foot and hit the pile at the
middle and side. I kept that in mind, but at first, I can’t do it right, I can’t hit it with power, or the
position of my feet was wrong. I never gave up, until I executed the stance perfectly and
smoothly. Coach asked me if I already played Arnis before and said no. “You have potential,”
those were the words Coach Jen uttered to me, I was so overwhelmed, happy and encouraged
that time.

I attended the following training days, we practiced the basic stance again and added
something on that, and they taught us the basic step for Anyo. I didn’t see this one coming, but
my stay in Arnis was short live. I talked to Captain and Coach; I explained everything and asked
for their permission. It was heart-breaking, I didn’t want to quit, but I need to because it
concerns my health. Even though I am not part of the Arnis Varsity anymore, I will treasure and
value those meaningful experiences, those memories and the friendship with other members.

Aside from Arnis, I also had my FLA in basketball. To begin with, the coach instructed
us to jog around the court 10 times. After that, we had our warm up and dribbling exercises.
Then, the coach challenged us; we must shoot the ball for 10 times at every station. We had a
hard time shooting the ball, sometimes it was too close to the basketball ring, but most of the
time it was airball and because of that coach lowered it down to five. As the ball dropped
through the net loud cheers echoed in the court, we were jumping and celebrating our very first
point with our utmost happiness. We were able to finish the challenge, and it was a huge
achievement for each one of us. I was able to experience playing basketball at the same time I
was able to witness those priceless and memorable reactions of my friends.
B. Culminating Activity

Ahead of time, we were informed about the Opening of Intramurals 2018 which includes
the headdress parade and the search for Mr. and Ms. Intramurals. I was so excited during that
time because this would be a huge part of my positive and immense journey at the university.

It was August 14 when our section planned, designed and worked for our headdress. I
know that each one of us was already frustrated, but I can’t help to admire our section’s unity as
we worked, laughed and enjoyed together. Last August 15, all freshmen students gathered and
proudly represented their headdress. After the parade, we went straight to the gymnasium for the
opening program. The chosen candidate for Mr. and Ms. Intramurals represented their own
section’s headdress. The program ended with a Zumba dance wherein we participated and
enjoyed every moment.

The second part of the program started at 4:00 in the afternoon. Two fourth-year students
from IPHERDS served as the masters of the ceremony. Each candidate showed their overflowing
confidence as they present themselves wearing the PE uniform, sportswear, and casual wear. Our
section cheered for our representatives and used some banners to show our extreme support for
them. In the midst of the program, a sudden technical difficulty happened, and I was surprised on
how the freshmen handled the situation. They started doing the wave; they started to chant face
to face, vendetta, “hindi kasali” and such things. That was so lit and after a few minutes, the
program resumed. Unfortunately, the representatives of our section did not make it to the top 10
but we are so proud of them, and they really did well.

Aside from the activities stated above, we also prepared for The Wellness Dance
Showdown. The wellness dance 2014 was taught to us by our facilitators, in my case, it is
actually easy for me because we already performed it back in junior high school. To be honest,
we are incomplete in every practice, and that is one of the difficulties we experienced. Except for
our facilitators, our classmates Nicole and Joan did a huge and important role in this activity.
They polished the dance steps and created our formation. Last August 29, all freshmen students
performed inside the gymnasium. Each section did their best in executing the steps. We gave our
best shot; we added more energy and power to our moves. Unfortunately, our section did not
make it, but at least we tried, we gave our best, and it was an experience and lesson for all of us
to strive more.
IV. Reflection or Insights Gained

A. Immersion to Sports /Club

Throughout my experience in arnis and basketball, we can get various benefits and
lessons from these sports. First and foremost is on our health, it is a great way for people to
exercise and stay fit. As we all know, staying fit is a key to living a long and happy life. Sports
and exercise are also important for boosting one’s mood and preventing depression. It is a breath
of fresh air for each one of us, our stress reliever and our escape from the hectic and tiring life
from school or work. Indeed, Sports not only play an important role in our physical health but on
our mental health as well.

Second, sports make connection and teamwork. Based on my own experience, through
sports, you will be able to meet new people and will be able to establish a good relationship with
them. In addition, it also emphasizes the importance of cooperation and collaboration. Overall, it
suggests that you can’t do things on your own. Just like in our challenge; we cannot accomplish
it if we didn’t cooperate with each other.

Last but not least, sports aid us to build our confidence and skills. It provides people with
a sense of worth and accomplishment just like Coach Jemn’s word for me. Engaging in sports
also enhances student learning, discipline, critical thinking, creativity, and social skills, which
contribute to student achievement and well-being. Physical education, therefore, is an integral
part of the total education process for students.

I want to quote this line from the article that I’ve read “The pain you feel today is the
strength you will feel tomorrow.” For sure training and practice are exhausting, but those
hardships will serve as your inspiration to actually reach your goal. The term ends, yes it’s true,
but my fitness routine will not end here.

B. Culminating Activity

Intramural is the time of the year where students are free from their hectic schedules, tons
of paperwork and the pressure inside their classroom. Throughout the whole culminating activity
from headdress making to the wellness dance showdown, I realized a number of important
First is unity, we all know that unity is indispensable to any team. A collaborative effort
is important to complete the task efficiently and effectively. Just like our section, I-18, we got
each other’s back in making the headdress, and we work collaboratively in accomplishing the
wellness dance.

Second is the leadership, I’ve seen how our facilitators, Nicole and Joan led our section,
they were able to organize us, to motivate us and to maximize our capabilities. A leader is
important in every team they are the catalyst for unity and harmony, two important things for a
group to succeed.

Last but not least it also contributes to building our character. The wellness dance serves
as our constant reminder that in everything we do we must put our hearts on it. We should learn
to enjoy what you are doing. Moreover, builds our confidence and competence in facing
challenges as individuals and in groups or teams. Overall, this activity aids us to truly grasp the
importance of physical education and fitness and its application to our lives.

V. Documentation

The following are the photos taken during the culminating activity:




VI. Self-assessment

Through the Flexible Learning Activity I attained the following goals:

 I achieved a sound mind and sound body.

 I was able to engage in various sports.
 I fully understand the importance of fitness and health.
 In terms of food intake and exercise, I am proud to say that I become more aware and
 Of course my greatest achievement, my weight, body mass index and body fat index

VII. Fitness Advocacy and Promoting Fitness

L.E.T.S. GO!

L stands for Live; each of us must live in a healthy lifestyle and must practice the following; eat
healthy foods, get enough sleep, reduce or manage stress and engage your body in exercises and

E stands for Enjoy; doing and enjoying things that we love has a lot of benefits such as; you
will be more motivated, pro-active and productive, you will be happier in life, and most
importantly, your overall health will be better.
T stands for Time; to have an active lifestyle we must make time for exercise and sports. Once
we make time, we must not rush things always remember that results happen over time, not
overnight. Work hard, stay consistent and be patient.

S stands for Self; to promote your advocacy and to influence other people, you must start with
yourself. One must be equipped with courage, confidence, determination, and discipline to
fulfill that duty.

Let’s have a healthy living, let’s enjoy everything, let’s make time for progress and let ourselves
be the catalyst of change.