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My name is Dwi Ayu Hidayati.

I graduated from Bachelor Degree program of

State Polytechnic of Semarang. My sister, Vicky Ariyanti has inspired me towards
my pursuit in further studies. Her intelligence and diligence enabled her to score
excellent results in the examinations and she always received awards from the
university, scholarship, and international fellowship. After our first encountering, I
already knew that she would be my lifetime mentor and inspiration.

Is scholarship important for the students? Yes! It is only responsible for the
student. I will outline my own reason why I deserve the UBD Scholarship, as it
reduces my parents’ financial burden and achieves my dream to comes true. I
would also like to point out the importance of scholarship as my chance to obtain
it. But, as time goes by, time serves as a motivation to a less affluent student like
me to pursue my studies. My parents, my brother and my sister have been
supporting me in preparing of my documents and submitting them . Thus, if I
succeeded in obtaining the scholarship, this would ease their burden. Tuition fees
in private education institution for the pre-university course even degree course
are quite expensive because my parents have retired from their work. Thus,
scholarship have undeniably one of the biggest chance for me in to achieve higher
education after graduating from State Polytechnic of Semarang.
Islamic Finance that refers to corporations in the Muslim world, especially in
Indonesia, and Semarang in specific. The dissemination will include banks and other
lending institutions, also on how to raise capital following Sharia or Islamic law.
Islamic Finance is based on Qur’an and Hadith based on the number of religious
prohibitions that are not always illegal in the countries, such as paying or changing
interest, investing in a business based on prohibited activities, such as speculation
(known as maysir) or uncertainty and risk (known as gharar).
After I graduated from the master program with a scholarship from University of
Brunei Darussalam Government, I want to devote my knowledge I have gained by
becoming a lecturer in a university. To pursue my ambition, I want to explore the
field of Islamic finance in a country, which is implementing it as a model. So I could
use it to improve my knowledge that I had obtained from the academics and Islamic
Finance in Indonesia. As a country that is mostly Muslim in population and
implementing Islamic law in its country, I see that Brunei can be a good example for
the application of Islamic finance. One of my reasons to focus on Islamic Finance in
the University of Brunei Darussalam is so that the world of Islamic finance in
Indonesia can enhance the cooperation with other countries, especially in ASEAN,
and especially with Brunei Darussalam.