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MY RESUME ILA Vietnam / Vietnamese Teacher & Teaching Assistant

(10/2018 - Now):
• Participate in teaching students form 3 to 17 years old.
• Constantly contact and inform parents with their children’s
• Teaching soft skills for students during summer courses.

Hung Vuong Concert / Head of Business Development

(6/2018 - 2/2019):
• Provide ideas and strategies to develop the concert.
• Organize projects to raise funds.
• Responsible for finding sponsors.
IU ArTeam / Media
(9/2018 - Now):
• Responsible for the contents and fan page’s image.
PROFILE • Organize online and offline activities to reach more contact on
• I love facing new challenges and fan page.
acquiring knowledge through my • Contact sponsors for annual showcase of the team.
work. With my positive mindset, I
am ready to delicate all my strength
in working. • June 2015: Graduated from The Asian International School
• I am capable of solving problems so • January, February 2019: Received Best Employee Of The
I believe I can make up my mind Month for 2 months straight in ILA
and decide the best option to • January 2019: Achieved IELTS band 7.0 ( Listening: 7.5,
improve the situation. Reading: 6.5, Speaking: 7.0, Writing 6.5)
• June 2019: Graduated from The International University,
majoring in Business Administration
CONTACT • Participated in IU ArTeam Club as a member
• Participated in IU Coss ( Charity Office of Student Services)
• Date of birth: 06/11/2000 Vice Leader
• Address: Town 6, Linh Trung • Working at ILA Viet Nam as a Teaching assistant
Ward, HCM City
• Email:
• Phone number: (028) 37244270 • Taking time to share everyone’s story likely gossip but not.
I like to listen about their story and give them solutions to solve
SKILLS problems by my tarot decks. Taking time to make your soul ha
ppy and fix it. Because every story has many
• Leadership: (Good) lessons when looking at the problems in different ways.
• Teamwork: (Good) It make me and them grow up.
• Microsoft Office: (Advanced) • Looking at the sky, thinking about me and everybody with “5W
• Problem Solving: (Good) + 1H”. Then, I will set myself up in their actions and
circumstances to understand and try to look more different
• Time management: (Average)
ways to learn more experience for my life by every sharing
• Organization: (Good) story of people.