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Chapter 7

> Management of Subordinates

and Managers
> Management of subordinates
> Meeting management
> Firing and laying off
> How to resign?
> The power – Management of

Management for Engineers Barhan Özce
Management of subordinates
As a manager, while you are trying to increase
your efficiency, you shall guide / direct / coach
your subordinates to increase their efficiency.
> We shall teach our subordinates to be “time sensitive”.
> We shall ensure the time forecast (milestones,
deadlines) of our subordinates is realistic and accurate
> Our subordinates should learn to be proactive (foresee
and prevent the problem vs. solving the problem)
> We shall demand our subordinates to work based on
company’s priorities.
> Finally we shall respect “time management” of our
As a manager, you have to set the example;
* you have to be the “role model”.
Management for Engineers Barhan Özce
Management of subordinates
3 Major Mistakes: Solution:
- Unclear instructions - Cristal clear statement
- Expected outcome and
- Completion
- Waiting subordinates - Do respect the time of
- Interrupting subordinates - Do not interrupt often
while they are working
(scheduled meetings)
- Do not interrupt their
- Ensure your secretary to
behave accordingly

Management for Engineers Barhan Özce
“The rules of the game”
We shall capitalize on our knowledge,
experience and capabilities

> We shall not hesitate to use our authority in order to

overcome the barriers in fulfilling our duty.

> If we are unable to overcome the barriers, we have to


Management for Engineers Barhan Özce
“The rules of the game”
We shall listen and reflect on a message given
by an experienced person.

> Even though it is critical of us, we shall never be


> We have to always recall that we can learn from

anybody especially from experienced persons and our
> It is highly probable (and for your personal interest) that some of
your subordinates would be more experienced than you.

Management for Engineers Barhan Özce
“Recommendations to professionals”
In case of mistake by one of your subordinates,
> Do provide him with a net feedback A.S.A.P. without
presence of anybody else.
> Do express your expectations crystal clear with
adequate words.

“The rules of the game”

In case of evaluation, we shall evaluate
> The action,
> The outcome of the action or
> The behavior of the relevant person
but never the person.

Management for Engineers Barhan Özce
Meeting management
> Prepare in advance
> Define the purpose
> Prepare an agenda
> Determine who should attend
> Provide advance notice, including how attendees should prepare
> If necessary, get input on agenda from attendees
> Set a time limit
> Issue invitations selectively
> Prepare the meeting room

Management for Engineers Barhan Özce
Meeting management
> During the meeting
> Start on time
> Outlaw cell phones and laptops
> Establish ground rules
> Keep a record (MoM)
> State the purpose and review the agenda
> Dispense with every agenda item
> Use flip charts
> Encourage participation
> Stick to the purpose
> Conclude with a meeting evaluation
Minutes should be BRIEF!
> After the meeting > Attendees
> Issue the minutes > Topics discussed
> End with a call to action > Decisions made
> Follow-up > Action items (what, who, when)
Management for Engineers Barhan Özce
Firing and laying off
Firing for integrity violations
> Stealing, lying, cheating, or any other
form of ethical or legal breach
> Don’t hesitate, do it immediately and
> Make sure that organization knows

Layoff due to the economy

> Everybody in the organization should
know how the company is performing

Firing for non performance

> When an individual has to be let go
because of poor performance

Management for Engineers Barhan Özce
Firing and laying off
Best way does not exist.
Alternative policies for layoffs:
> First-in , first-out
> Rank-and-yank
> Last-in, first-out
> Lose a unit
> Same percentage headcount slash across-the-board
> X% across-the-board pay cut (only by renewal of contract)
> Unpaid leaves for a period, etc.
Tough Call –nobody will thank you
for your choice
Management for Engineers Barhan Özce
Firing and laying off
Do’s and Don’ts
> Be honest –use candor
> Do not move too fast
> Do not take it too long
> Do not surprise
> Minimize humiliation
> Remember, outside they will represent your company

> Don’t forget: The “finish” is, at least, as much

important as the “depart”.
> For you and
> For him/her

Management for Engineers Barhan Özce
How to resign?
Do’s and Don’ts
> Be objective and have a rational behind
> Do find a job before telling anybody
> Be honest and firm
> Timely inform your manager –not too early, not too late
> Do not threaten the organization
> Transfer your job to the person who will replace you
> Do not bad-mouth
> Don’t forget: The “finish” is, at least, as much important
as the “start”

Management for Engineers Barhan Özce
Power and bases of power

Bertrand Russell 1872-1970

British philosopher, mathematician, logician, historian

When a moderate degree of comfort is assured, both

individuals and communities will pursue power rather
than wealth: they may seek wealth as a means to power,
or they may forgo an increase of wealth in order to
secure an increase of power, but in the former case as in
the latter their fundamental motive is not economic.
… It is only by realizing that love of power is the cause of
activities that are important in social affairs that history,
whether ancient or modern, can be rightly interpreted.
…The fundamental concept in social science is Power, in
the same sense in which Energy is the fundamental
concept in physics.
Management for Engineers Power, A new Social Analysis, Bertrand Russell Barhan Özce
Power and bases of power
> Power refers to a capacity that A has to influence the
behavior of B so that B acts in accordance with A’s
> This definition implies a potential that need not to be
actualized to be effective, and a dependency
> Power is a function of dependency. The greater B’s
dependence on A, the greater is A’s power in the
> Formal Power is based on an individual’s position in an
organization: Coercive power, Reward power,
Legitimate power
> Personal Power comes from an individual’s unique
characteristics: Expert Power, Referent power

Management for Engineers Organizational Behavior, Robbins/Judge Barhan Özce
Management of managers


Expertise Reward Punishment Personality Relations Position

Building blocks of the power

Management for Engineers Barhan Özce
“The rules of the game”
Being aware of your weaknesses and your
> Determine in which areas you have to develop yourself
in order to achieve your long term goals.

When you are successful, there will be people

who are jealous and attack you.
> Those may be your closest friends or your manager.
This is normal and human.
> Do not consider them as enemy; just be prepared. Try
to learn to forget. Nobody is perfect.
Errare humanum est

Management for Engineers Barhan Özce