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What's Inside? ook to Our ADVERTISERS for all your Shopping ‘Needs! SHOP LOCAL STAY LOCAL! PHOTOS Taken aaa a} VE Tt Od PA Dracetaacd Ce) Main Street Market Weekly Specials ss oyeCo let} Fyieten oy Chicken BySsteloe Portland 4th of July Celebration Page 4 Pen Argyl Summer Sounds i. _ Pageo Serving the Slate Belt in Pennsylvania and Warren, ‘Sussex and Hunterdon Counties in New Jersey Stephen DeFranco Sr. Honored by Legion By Maria Cascario pions witha record of Sutrday, Jane 30 was 2. Wer advanced, 0 a day of celebration at Regional and States” Rosco Ball Park! We Every year he encour: celebrated Steve Dee ages team members 10 Franca and his 30 years support each other of involument with “He proudly sad. “All American Legion Base those T ever coached re- tall consisting oF play: member meno mater es between the ages of how many yoare Iter | Tow 19. 180 people t= see them | ear the fa tered the even ‘liar Hi Coach om Steve has setved as allatthem.” Managet. Coach. and “Throughout the past 50 team representative, "years he made ifeong Hie. sarted when he fendships. The plays came home ffom Vite crs he ha coached nowy Sum, His fater said "were coaching thir You're coming (0 the own sons. Legion and getting ins Active’ in_ community volved There Was a service projets, in the ‘caney for tsam rep: ear fare e wil ake Fesentative and he filled eficessEastem Section the postin Mice Commander ofthe Htrecalled “1974 was Penseyfvana American curbiggestyearbecause Legion. Prscatly he is ‘we were League chame Adjutant ofthe Post and Class #64 of Northampton County Corrections Officers ‘County Executive Lamont McClure congratu- lates Class #64 of the Training Academy Tor the Northampton County Department of Corrections. ‘The eight graduates received thelr certitcates ‘and badges on Wednesday, July 3rd during a.cer- ‘mony at the County Government Center. Pre: Semters included Nathan Stahinecker, Training land ‘Accreditation Manager, County Executive Gamont Meclure, and James Kostura, Director of Corrections. ‘The new Corrections Oficers are: Luis A. Adames, Joshua D. Ferraro, Derrick Cinomas Jr, Amanda DeHart, Aaron J. Booth, Taralyn Taroni, Renee D. Font, and Eric Watson, Parent to Parent Supports Debi Natale and. Holon Cary, CosDicctors of Parent to Parent Addie tion Services, In. ($0Le3) Started "P2P" in Warren County in. 2015 and as a result of their growth, they recently opened an office in Washington beable to expand the ser vices they afer to help more people thoughout Waren County, These fice services include get ting individuals suffesng 2 substance use disorder into detox, rehabiiation, They also offer suport. 19 any loved oe oF ily tremor of poson suf Feng with dy dca of axon. Support groups anvofieed every Ist Man chy ofthe month 630, pm ot thir office Thy Bre avalae by phos, mil or apie cing STe. To comet oe reach them with questions or fo request hep. They cn te renced at (8) 238 19st ma peat 2parentwedr gmail com Theme office lost tdsoberlvingaswellas at 328 BW. Washington Providing eansporaon ishing (eX 19 {oes paces Hooded, Good Impressions) NO MONEY.DOWN* tas 04 fo, at payment, MLV tes president of the Home Associaton At the event vas ‘presented wih Congratlatory ita. tions fom. iat sen tor Mario Scavello and PA State Reprosenatve Joe Emrich. He was ako acknowledged by tnembere of NORCO Teague Speaking of his, tong tenure he Said. “Fifty Yeas ago | though try i for a couple ye and here He 30 years Inter snd I's tl dos it T would never be ale to dot without my en tte Family assisting me owe them a debt of ratiude “Congratulations Steve cn 80 years of dedca: Steve Photo by: Maria Cascari Northampton County Student Accepted to the U.S. Naval Academy Today, U'S Represent bright young man and a tive Mart Cartwright an-_ role model fr his pecs nounced tht Eason Area Tam so proud o is hard High "School student, work, perseverance, and Joseph Ozsar, has been accepiance no the Naval fccepted to the United Academy Stes Naval Academy “Tn ord 0 attend one of at Amapols, MD. Rep. the miliary academics, Carwright proudly nom: Students must receive 3 foaled foph to send nomination fom thelr the seademy where he Member of Congress wilegin hisseraee a: Students may app to re the US. Nilay Acad Toscph isa graduate of my. (West Point), the Easton Area igh School AW Fores Academy, the fndvtho son of Grego- Naval Academy, and the ty Ozgar and. Michsle Merchant Marne Acad ‘Grgar: While atending cmy. Accepted stodens Easton Ara igh Schoo, il xoeive' fll schol Josep was a member of ship and upon grad the National Honor So- than mint complete the ‘ey andthe TheMt Mimi srvce requis Sie"Honor Society snd ment foreach school apt ofboth the tack "Rep. Cartightadd- Sndcroscounty teams. cd “Throwshout our Joseph also reeced the naions histor. US. Dwight D. Eisenhower Service Academics have ship Ava” sen ino np “Each year I bave the paring young people for dssinct honor of nom Hervise¥o ur Country 35 noting siden from our commissioned ofr Congressional” Distict Aza. Pemsylvanan, to" eur atlon’s miliary am proud of our patti ‘kadies"" said” Rep. Young men and women CCarwright, “To be nom: who are wiling Yo Sep fnaed stats must not Forward and-ansver th only excel academically, calf uty. tis am hom But aso exhibits pasion orto play role in prepar- forserviceand leadership. gout next generation of Josepha wellounded, leaders" Knights of Columbus Council Award Miracle League $1250 ee 6 ee § of the Miracle League ‘of Northampton County ‘members ofthe Knights of Columbus Father DeNiseo ‘Council 3862 made a’ presentation 0 ‘val pa] MENC fr 51250 which (Coe eam they raised in their eee Annual" fund drive in 3 ENsevEVANIA Bangor. The following members also served as Concession Volunteers during the games: Greg Findon. Grand’ Knight, ‘atk Kukla, Chris Koch Joe DeFranco, Mike ‘Gai and John Bunbar The mission of the Miracle League is to provide an opportunity for children and adults with disabilities to play baseball ata) faclity hat mosis dhe unique needs of the players and HK) |S ‘Sen, Scavello with citation he presented to Steve. frthe Free Weekly PRESS Senate Votes to Open Primary Elections to Independents Senaor Mano Seal a0 day joe Sete Site one tap rove lopsaon date force no a rege 2 iipeions Bae ih Rowyhana inary Stans Sine Bill 300 would he ov 100 To So ated, as the rit pci in th pany Sect Pre ss Oni yf he fry ekston hese ves woul fe ble to chose ‘east tc a ener the Rien or Domo. Cartel Voc who ae rested ir cir he eblean Pry Det ‘epne ary lcontc fer oqued ie or ot farepeme ts “tite i or yim vy eects a sito” ua Savin ‘Opening up be paar voll anhise moe vt Sioped hembra Soca hid on Election Days wil dency ind vito our dane tte roses I corned See Sona rs iGtehip in chmponns fame Acorn tthe National nsec ot Sate Lg ‘sre To sas use sce frm ofan pen pr may for unafied voe ‘heir families. The fields fre located ai the Chrin Community Cent “of Palmer Township, 4100 Groen Pond. Road in Palmer Township. The Free Weekly Press spr of the celeron of 10th fol me eng pled twee Pen SL Jou’s Cemetery angry betwee sckptiwmenorti dae, ATE} ad Bangor High Sins enn Som BS fe cemetery. Denton tthe Sate Bet Heritage Gemesery, CO Carol Hume Geter and retired history feo 150 Mexenge Sos, Bangor PA 1013 Relormed Cemicery of one Church Ace Memora Donato for the maintenance of the Cemetery Doron, fan boned b Retard Coneery CO Ror 8 Sor 10200 Rhona teacher from Pea Ars! High School, would tke to put together a history ofthe games Aone Wh fs scpbooks of aricles or newspaper clipings of gms through de years and ‘rod be wang wo Te hia bow dam, please contact him at G10S63-6472. Al ‘ems wl be sumed tthe Rew Bane PA, 18013. ‘of der "Familie Mil” Seanitandpleasesend the Hesizge Center a show fonietsom. Or senda por to th SBHC 30 North Ist Sweet, Bangor, PA Att Kar nBirover Think you ina ‘ance foecontbutng ots ‘owas ar scons posble ‘Caling all Slate Bat Restaurants! Would you We are Tooking 0 do this ven this July eh hough Sal Li Call 88 10 ce eon! infistaccke ingen pot ambetons More infor ‘ion ison curb sie at ‘wwwsdasbelghamberars The Slate Belt Heritage Center is in the process Star-Light Small Animal of calecting information Rescue 5 looking for vol ‘on all the textile and gar unteers to help wath trans. iment mils that existe in port and online tsk and the Slate Belt 1 ayooe Js a pic ofthe tice for fstervadopters. Vist strlghesev shes com ot onal. SurLiuht Rescue fot malcom fr more i feration “The Hardwick Seniors in Hardwick, NJ have been busy this year crocheting and kniting scarves and thats for United States Vets sho are in local Norsing Homes. The gis wil be TIMATES Perey ees eee oe TAs FRANK COMUNALE 610-588-6715 Schedule your Hearing évaluation. Miracle Ear Bango, PATSOL3 10-38-6697 Miracle Ear Center Stroudsburg, PA 18360 STOT6.999 July 11, 2019 The Free Weekly Press BLAERSTOW 4H e] Ol POLY Trinity United Church of Christ’s Annual Ice Cream Festival Saturday, July 13% Festival Celebrates Making Homemade lee Cream for More than 100 Years Every July, Trinity of whom were farmers toa festival ofits own, peanut butter, and ‘Tyler and Melissa Lameo are pleased to an- nounce the birth of thelr son, Tyler Jr. He ‘was born on June 25th at 10:24pm, weighing Bib 202 and was 20in. He is the grandson of United Church of Chat sblete donate in'Mount Bethel holds Teas, or mil its anal Tee Cream he years, the Festival.” According process of making ofthe to church “historical fee cream was overseen records, homemade ise by an” lee "Cream ‘ream was send atthe Commie, Azone the horch in SRT. More Specific records indicate aha an ee crea was purchased in This deision sar ‘what we know as ong Commitee’ long-time volunteers Thelma Ott Points out, the Tabor as fade a bit casier when large elect mixer was. purchased. inthe This year’s Ice Cream Festival is planned. for Saturday, July 13, from APM (0° SPM, rain or shine, The anual event has grown into aig party" atmosphere with mmuste, a old-fashioned cakewalk, Tricky” Tray, hot dous, hamburgers, barbecue” sandwiches, and of course our Pineapple." The lee Cream Committe works for houts the night before the Festivalsothattheice eam is fesh and great Planning. and far all the ce and ingredients stars in Advance of that weekend and preparing the church rounds for hundreds of Feseval-goers is 2 part of Trinity UCC's history, famous homemade ice history. of icecream making. Back inthe 900" the ice cream carly 1040's, Since that ream. We ate planning time, the homemade ice to'make 100 gallons of ream project evolved ice cream—that's more Come. join Trinity on July 13" at 632 South Delaware Drive (Route James and Sophia Trinkley of Bushkill town- ship, Thomas Devery of 'Stockertown, and ‘Scott and Trish Lameo of Easton, PA. He Is the great grandchild of Andrew and Ellen as produced with fesh from serving ice cream than 2.000 scoops! 611), Mount Bethel have Devery of Stockertown, andJoseph and Ger- insredicnts supplied by following our’ fund- Flavors inelude vanilla, Some fu, and celbrate trude Nicolos! of Easton, PA. church members, many raising chicken suppers chocolate, strawberry, the ie eream tradition! Welcome Back to the Remod OLD FASHIONED—— IBLAIRSTOWN DINER 53 NJ-94, Blairstown, NJ fA/A[N/C/oj HYDRAULICS Fiore Funeral Home ion Lee eralbocae Gstablished and focally Goned Snce (950°. Indivivai ed Pre-Need Planning By Appoinonent Compare My Prices And Series Great Only Ome Facility To Maintain Good ‘No Full Tine Salaried Employees Handicapped Accessible Courtesy Limousine PD Large Of Swet Packing Lot Mee 230 Market Stet Pennsylvania 18013, OLD FASHIONED 1949 STYLED DINER! SIMS SEY KO) NTRP [—OPEN DAILY 6AM-9PM— 908-362-6070 ‘Authorized Weatherhead Hydraulic Hose & Fitting Distributor aancofast@hotmail.com 68 Maple Lane, Blairstown, NJ 07825 821 Georgetown Road, Nazareth, PA C72 Boe a ce ne In Business for Over 100 Years! Industrial, Commercial, & Residential Cleaning + Pumping « Repairs « Installations "youll partcipating nce, Capitol ACE Hardware 610-863-2700