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IRR 3.


IRR 3.1 Documentary Requirements for Local Chapters. All Local
Chapters shall submit the following to the Regional Council:

1. LC Members Database. In filling out the LC

Members Database under Renewing Members sheet, you
will just have to encode the last federation year’s JPIA
Number under the “JPIA number” column. And all the
basic information like name, gender (you may change, if
encoded wrong or no entry recorded), a n d local chapter
name shall be ready available but the course, contact
number and email address must be updated on a regular
basis. Under New Members sheet, all the required
information must be encoded upon registration except the
JPIA Number. The JPIA Number to be used shall be given by
your respective RVP Membership. While under backup
file sheet, all those who cannot search their JPIA number
and/or those who has misspelled name, must be encoded
here. Under their name, kindly use lower case letters only and
following this format: Surname, Given Name, and Middle
Initial. (See the LC Members Database.xlsx)


Name Format Example: Manuel, Adrian H.

2. Local Chapter Requirements (See the NFJPIA1920_LC

Membership Requirements.xlsx)
Local Chapter Information and summary of members
Local Chapter Officers with ID Picture
Local Chapter General Plan of Activity (GPOA) or Calendar
of Activities (COA)
Membership report
LC Members Count

The filename to be used shall be School
Name_Requirements.xlsx. Use the given template for uniformity

Ex. Philippine School of Business Administration-Manila


3. List of enrollees or number of students enrolled in BSA,

BSMA, BSAT or ANY accounting related courses certified by
Registrar. Scanned copy must be sent to the council.

4. Certification Letter from the Office Students Affairs

(OSA) stating that the organization is duly recognized by the
school. Scanned copy must be sent to the Council.

5. For first time applicants: Constitution and By-Laws.

For renewing members: Amendments or Revisions of the
Local Chapter Constitution and By-Laws only (if any).

6. Annual Report of the previous federation.

7. Deposit slip of membership contribution.

8. Resume of Local Chapter Officers. Local chapters may

also include the resume of their graduating students. (5th year
students for 5-year program, while 4th year students for 4-
year program). Kindly use the prescribed format and
compile it in a separate folder for LC Officers and for the
Graduating students according to its course/degree. Use
this format in naming your resume:

For the officers: FullName_Position_School Name(Acronym)

Ex. Manuel, Adrian H._National Vice President for


For graduating students: Full Name_Resume

Ex. Manuel, Adrian H._Resume

IRR 3.2 All membership requirements shall be uploaded to the drive

folder sent by your respective regional council.
IRR 3.3 Documentation Requirements for Regional Councils. All
Regional Councils shall submit the following to the National

1. Annual Report of previous federation

2. Regional Council Requirements (Please see the

NFJPIA1920_RC Membership Form.xlsx)

• Regional Council Information

• Regional Council Officers
• Regional Council Calendar of Activities
• LC Membership Count and Membership Tracker
• Summary of LC Members Count

3. Regional Council Membership Contribution tracker

and the scanned copy of the deposit slip for the easy
monitoring of the payments of the Regional Council. (See
the Regional Council Membership Contribution Tracker.xlsx).

Note: At time of deposit, the Scanned copy of the deposit

slip for the payment of Regional Council Membership
Contribution shall be submitted immediately.

4. Non-member Schools Checklist – An excel file containing a

list of all the non-member accounting schools in the Region.
On the first column should be the name of the School, the
second column be the estimated number of members

(Estimate should be in multiples of 10. E.g. 10, 20, 30, 40 ….) the
third column should be the remarks/note/response of the
school upon inviting the school to join NFJPIA. The copy of the
new Non-member Schools Checklist.xls will be included in the
packet released by the National vice President for Membership
IRR 3.4 All regional council requirements shall be uploaded in a drive
folder sent by the national federation.
IRR 3.5 For the JPIA Number Code, this format shall be followed:

2019-WW– XX – YYYY

2019 Federation Code

WW Region Code
XX Local Chapter Code
YYYY Member Number

IMPORTANT NOTE: For federation year 2019-2020, renewing

members shall use their respective JPIA number last
federation year 2018-2019 but the federation code shall be
changed accordingly (ie., 2019). It means that, your registered
RC, LC Code and JPIA number this year will serve as
your permanent number on the next federation years, only the
federation code will be subject to change. For new local chapters,
a new LC Code shall be assigned by the Regional Vice President
for Membership provided that he/she will not use the LC Code
of existing LCs. And for new members, the Regional Vice
President for Membership shall have the discretion in providing
JPIA number for their respective local chapters in their regions.
The Regional Vice President for Membership will just inform the
local chapters regarding such.

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